hi! I’m a big fan of your work but I don’t browse tumblr too often so I only just recently found out about Kin after you got that fan art. I couldn’t  resist taking a crack at it myself, but it ended up not quite as aquatic as it’s meant to be woops haha 

the noise I made when I saw this was a sort of strangled “WOW” because, well… look at this! this is amazing. it’s so detailed!! I’m amazed at how not one but TWO people have looked at my pixelated attempt at getting down a monster design from my head and got it so spot on. those heads, I love them!! I may be on your deviantart right now looking at everything with a “:O” face because it’s all just great - if you ever end up getting a tumblr for chucking sketches or whatever onto you’ll have to tell me so I can put little hearts next to everything.