asteroid formation

new moon banishing ritual

a ritual to banish negative people and influences from your life, using the energy of your favorite/dominant planet

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During a new moon, the Earth and the Sun are separated by our dusty little satellite. The Moon rises and sets with the Sun, bright face turned away from us, giving us time to reflect and rid ourselves of baggage before setting out on our new endeavors come the first sliver of the waxing crescent.

The new moon is a time of darkness and an excellent occasion for ridding yourself of those darker influences in your life. Using the energy of your dominant/favorite planet, this new moon ritual can help liberate you from the shackles of your fears, bad habits, or negative people in your life.

What You’ll Need:

  • A black candle for banishing
  • A candle, crystal, or some other token to represent your planet of choice
  • Time for visualization
  • Optional: planetary tea blend


  1. Beneath the night sky or in a dark room, light your black candle.
  2. If you’ve chosen a candle to represent your planet, light it. If you’ve chosen a crystal or something else, hold it in your hands. Say these words:

    Oh [planet], give me the power
    to clear my life of these troubles.
    Like you, I want to clear my orbital path
    And turn each obstacle to rubble.

  3. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as your planet of choice. It’s early in the solar system’s formation. Asteroids, planetoids, and other chunks of rock soar chaotically throughout the solar system. Some are orbiting in your path.
  4. Examine the obstacles in front of you. How many are there? How big are they? Most importantly, what do they represent? Picture each negative influence in your life as a chunk of rock floating along the orbital path of your planet.
  5. Feel your planetary body hurtling through space. You’re so much larger and stronger than these obstacles in front of you. As you approach each one, notice how you bring about its destruction. Does it collide with you and crumble into dust? Maybe your gravity flings it out of your path and out of the solar system, never to be seen again. Is it small enough to capture and become one of your satellites, benefitting you rather than harming you?  Does it surpass your Roche limit (the closest a satellite can approach without being pulled apart by the planet’s gravitational field) and explode? If you’re a ringed planet, maybe the little bits of dust begin to orbit you and create your ring.
  6. When all of your obstacles have been destroyed, take a journey around the Sun. Nothing stands in the way of your orbital path. Perhaps now you know how to banish your real-life obstacles, or at least you have the strength to face them head on.
  7. Blow out your candle(s). Drink a planetary tea blend or perform any other ritual that will help fill up the spaces where the banished negativity used to reside. The next time you’re forced to face those fears, remember those moments you spent as a giant of the sky, and that you have the power to conquer any negative obstacle in your life.

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Wander: you need to pick your ships more wisely my friend

Post S1 analysis

Aaaaaah, Wander. The Hero. The Legend. The Sunshine Banjo Face.

I already talked about how Wander’s actual character development happened before the show, and, well, given the revelations from “The Wanders” it seems I was correct. But he did have some character growth.

S1 wasn’t exactly plot driven (Wander&Sylvia travel through the galaxy and have their little adventures, and Wander also wants to turn Hater into a good guy – that was pretty much it). In S2 we had Hater falling down on a villain’s list thanks to his, err, ‘nemesis’ and Dominator entering the galaxy. And Wander pushes the plot forward by… making mistakes all the time. Let’s take a look at the four main episodes:

The Greater Hater: Wander enters Dominator’s ship with ♫ FRUIT BASKET! ♫ and has to be saved by everyone. First Sylvia tries to escape with him from the Dombots, then Hater frees him, then Hater distracts Dominator while Peepers slashes her console AND then Sylvia has to help Wander once more… while he’s busy talking with unresposive Dom (really dude, the whole ship was coming down on you and you were more worried about fruit basket than lava burning all your fur).

The Battle Royale: Do I. Do I even need to explain that one.Wander puts a ring pop at the top of the Blasteroid Asteroid Formation, making all villains in the galaxy believe it’s a Ring of Invincibility. Why? Because he wanted Hater and Dominator to meet and fall in love with each other! …Of course! He also makes sure every villain gets out of the way in indirectly violent manner. Which he actually comments on, sort of. (There is a reason why this episode is my least favourite of the four main ones after all).

My Fair Hatey: Ok, so Hater’s feeling are his own and the entire second arc is not only Wander’s fault… Bur out resident furry spoon did encourage Hatey in his advances, thus making our resident skeleton villian turn to him for help. I’m going to talk about this more in Wander&Hater section, but let’s be real here: Hater considered Wander 'love expert' mostly because he was the only one who cheered him on. The great musical numbers happen, Dominator reveals once and for all that she’s a Bad Guy and our hero decides near the end that he “really made a mess of things”.

The End of the Galaxy: After turning down almost every single thing that could help them defeat Dominator the galaxy is left with one (1) planet intact. Wander goes to her ship revealing planet’s existence and people hiding on it. Good job Wander.

So yeah, it doesn’t look great, does it. BUT.

The Greater Hater: Hater would visit Dom’s ship no matter what. If Wander hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t trigger Hater’s petiness. And Sylvia wouldn’t be there either. So in a weird kind of way while making a big mess he also get them out of it. Thanks to the influence he has on others.

The Battle Royale: …Ok, he did make a lot of mistakes in this one, but at the same time… He’s not entirely responsible for Hater’s feelings. And if you think about it everyone would learn Dom is a girl in way or another, so maybe it’s a good thing they’ve learned that back then rather than later? If Hater got his crush later then maybe it would end up in even bigger disaster? At least by the end of the next special they knew there was no reason in pursuing Dom. If the battle didn’t happen maybe Hater would refuse to fight his crush at the end of S2? Who knows? Adding to that Wander had good intentions here, but that’s Wander for ya. Also thanks to all this Peepers&Sylvia found a common ground and without it the rest of the season would be doomed.

My Fair Hatey: He admitted to his mistakes (“Realizing that is the first step to making things right.”), made sure Hater wasn’t left behind, and let’s not forget that his lesson was actually pretty good one. And, as I mentioned, thanks to him Peepers&Sylvia even considered teaming up and saving everyone back there (and giving Dom ice powers but that doesn’t matter here).

The End of the Galaxy: Thanks to Wander it didn’t end with Dominator’s death. He was a distraction for Dom (as Hater put it), and he brought here to the Secret Planet for the right moment, just for our favourite Evil Doer to fight bac- protect the planet. And there’s also a fact that Spoon influenced Sylvia on how to deal with doubtful Hater. He talked with Dom, revealing her insecurities, and at the end showed her a beauty of life.

Ok, I mentioned that most of Wander’s development happened before the show began. Well, there were few instances hinting at his past in S2! Let’s take a look:

Screwball – a figure from his past, a guy who believes is doing good, but is ultimately bad. Wander’s afraid of him, willing to fight back, and ultimately loses just for Syl to step in and save the day. Wander is so, so not okay with Banana Man’s actions he considers him irredeemable. Yikes.

The Hat – he tells a story of how he he saved a poor thing from the civil war. While it’s interesting and pretty important for Wander, I feel like at that point he got himself pretty much figured out.

The Hole…Lotta Nuthin’ deleted scene, The Legend, and that little moment in The Hot Shot – these episodes imply that Wander has no idea about his origins.
Major Threat – seems like Wander has some experience in turning villains to a good side. No wonder he’s so confident he’ll succeed with Hater.

The Wast of Time – how. How old are you, Wander? And we learned he got his name form Syl.

The Helpless!Wander – yeah, so that happened. We’ve all seen that, we’ve all cried. Or at least sobbed a little. That was a moment where influenced Wander, that made him want to help others all the time. No one knows what exactly happened, I’m not even sure if Wander knows that. All that matters here is that he was hurting and decided once and for all he didn’t want it to happen to anyone else.

So… in short Wander influences A LOT of people, driving it further home how much of a hero he is, while not being a protagonist. Sure, he made mistakes and learned from them (main episodes, “The Fremergency Fronfract”), learned that life isn’t a fairy tale, and he had few weird moments (like almost letting Hater destroy him and Sylvia in “The Big Day”), he has his faults (being ignored really irritates him ehehehe) but in the end he’s still Wander – good, helpful, nice, kind, full of energy, party-loving, Hat-addicted, banjo-playing, loving, stubborn, sometimes manipulative Wander. I wished that he would question his beliefs and… yeah, it kiiiiiiind of happened in the third arc, but ultimately S2 wasn’t about his development – it was mostly about Hater’s. Who I’m going to talk about in the next part. But S3 (that is going to happen, come on) is a fair game.

What could happen to him in the future? I’m hoping for some exploration of his past, for something that would challenge, made him question his morals, used his kindess against him big time. Yeah, I know I’m mean here but come on, imagine that character arc.

On a closing note: Hero Wander is the best thing that ever happened.

TL;DR: Wander made a lot of mess, but at the same time influenced other people to do good. Still a great guy. Still wishing for some great challenge for him.

This photo is a proven authentic crop formation that represents our solar system - minus the planet Earth, as it will be aligned on September 1, 2033 and on May 6, 2101. The design depicts the Sun, the planet Mercury, the planet Venus, Earth’s orbit minus the earth, the planet Mars, Jupiter’s orbit without Jupiter used as the outer ring of the solar system element of the formation, an expanse empty space, and then an asteroid belt. The crop formation was discovered on the morning of June 22, 1995, by a farmer on his land at Longwood Warren, near Winchester, Hampshire, England. the first thing this crop pattern does is call attention to Earth’s empty orbit. When we also consider that this celestial configuration is what the solar system will look like in approximately 30 years, and again in 100 years the question arises: Are we being sent a message? Is the universe telling us of our possible fate? Are we being warned that if we continue on the reckless, damaging path we are on, then the future of mankind is at risk?

Source: ‘Crop Circles: Signs of Contact,’ by Colin Andrews w/Stephen J. Spignesi. Pp 15-16