asterisk photography


Hedera helix ‘Asterisk’, Araliaceae

Little over a year ago I collected some ivy cuttings with an interesting leaf shape which I found in the very old grounds surrounding a religious building in the hills north of Glasgow. If you look at the old leaves at the base of the plant you’ll see they are deeply divided and almost star shaped, which makes me believe this to be the cultivar aptly called ‘Asterisk’. I then found the same plant another couple of times, always in large, old parks. At the time I potted it in half a plastic bottle and put it on a windowsill. Ivy is generally a very resilient and vigorous plant, and I had a chance to experiment with it a lot in the past, but I wanted to see if I could just keep growing it vertically, as opposed to how ivy is normally grown -I also have a variegated one trailing out on a piece of furniture. 

The plant has grown quickly, initially producing leaves which looked more like the usual shape you would expect from juvenile ivy leaves, but then reverted to the deeply cut form. It has actually grown longer than it looks, but at one point I folded it over itself to make it look fuller and I will probably repeat the process soon. Eventually, with time, I hope to end up with a structurally solid, vertical plant which will look pretty good for being the ever so common ivy.