Asteorra and Her Lines

I browsed my facebook account and found a Note titled: ‘A Long Time Ago Message from Ma. Astrid Larrisa Bullanday.’ I believe it was once a text message during those crazy heartbreak/stalker days. HAHA and she said:

“It is the irony of life. The person you love may not love you at all. Love is not of equivalence theory or reciprocity.

Poor fellow failed to recognize the goodness and beauty in you.

But one day, 
someone will come, take your hand and bring you to that place you’ve never been. Someone who will appreciate you amidst your shortcomings and difficulties. Someone who will just love you for who you simply are.

Life is not a fairy tale but at one point or another, you will come to find your happily ever after.”

Oooh. I just can’t hold back the tears. I was crying real hard. HAHA so I messaged Ted. It’s 1:43 am in the clock, and yea, hearts all over the world, Teddy. :) And we both cried.


AND We RIOT! at Keg, Fort Strip

THE paololausin and THE asteorra

*kiligs* Jolo and I got look alike shoes. Of course, his is from F21! HAHA

Fish and Chips/French fries + Keg Meida Cocktail!! Sulit!

Say Hi! to asteorra’s Mr. Snooze! HAHA

THE #Hindi mapigilang ngiti literally. :))

THE akoysicha and THE Mhazy

Definitely one great Meiday! RIOT!

AWESOME SATURDAY! | 25-June-2011