the guys over at BBC The Social (a digital content stream featuring creative people from all over Scotland) are doing a really cool job. or to be more specific Asten is! so far Asten has made several videos that all focus on living and managing your life with ADHD

Asten’s ADHD Survival Guide
- Alarms/Time Blindness
- Shops/Presents 
- Routines/Countdowns
- Timetables and Time Blindness
- Chill :)
(these are all holiday related)

- January top tips 
- The ADHD Gremlin
- Sound Therapy
- TV Channel Moments
- The Lost Girls
- Impulse Control
- Magic Eye
- How an ADHDer packs a bag
- Meds
- Millennials 
- Mental Health Awareness 
- Boredom
- Expectation v Reality

- > or as a playlist if you wanna watch them all in one go

these are the videos that are out there so far. and I really recommend watching them :) they are short and entertaining and I think they capture the ups and downs of this disorder pretty well 

Its like Hogwarts in here

Request -  Can you write one where Freya teaches you magic? Reader is a female and they’re best friends.

Im so sorry its so short but i couldn’t really think of anything else that i could add but anyway, i hope you like it! :) 

Word count - 638

Ever since Y/N was little, she had been close to the Mikaelsons. She had become homeless at a very young age and Elijah was the one the save her. He brought her back to his home and ever since then, she has been like their sister. 20 years after Y/N first encountered the Mikaelsons, a new sister came into the picture; Freya Mikaelson was their oldest sister who they all thought was dead and because she was in a sleeping curse with their Aunt Dahlia, she had never got turned into a vampire and was still a witch.

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What everyone in the family, including Y/N, didn’t know, was that Y/N was a witch. It all came to light one day when Klaus’s daughter was in danger, Y/N got angry and managed to snap a unknown vampires neck with the magic she didn’t know that she had. 

After this, Freya and Y/N became closer. Freya had started to teach Y/N magic and no matter how hard Y/N tried, she couldn’t control her magic. Some days she couldn’t even do a simple magic spell and other days she was burning the curtains across the room. 

Phasmatos Tribum Nas Ex Veras” Y/N started chanting. Klaus and Hope were somewhere in the city and Y/N was trying to find them using a locator spell. This was her first time doing a spell like this and it scared her. “ Sequita Saguines” She continued to chant. By each word, she was getting more confident and with every word the blood was moving closer and closer to the location of the father and daughter. “ Ementas Asten Mihan Ega Petous” And with the last word, the blood stopped moving and Y/N was able to see where Klaus and Hope were located. In the record shop. 

Freya then called Klaus to know he was no longer needed and that he could now come home. 

“Well done, your first successful spell” Freya screeched while running to Y/N, hugging her. “Now you know you can do a spell, you’ll be able to do more powerful spells and eventually be at the same level as me. Im so proud of you”

“Thank you Freya. I couldn’t have done it without your help” explained Y/N. Just as Y/N was going to ask Freya if they could try one more spell for that day, they were interupted by a loud, angry-like voice.

“Blood hell, it looks like Hogwarts in here!” Klaus announced. And sure enough, as Y/N and Freya looked around, it did. There were grimoire’s everywhere, broken glass and burnt down curtains. “Yeah okay i was expecting a mess, but not this bad. Please tell me either you two are going to clean this up or you have a spell that can do it in less that 1 second”

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“Klaus, don’t worry. All this will be over with in a few days” Freya explained, while slowly pushing Klaus out the room.

“Why a few days? I thought it would take weeks to teach Y/N magic”

“Hey! im not that bad” Y/N objected. She knew herself that she was lying but she didnt want to admit it. 

“No you’re amazing Y/N” Freya answered. “Any other witch in your position wouldn’t be able to do that locator spell so soon, so i can tell that, if you put a lot of effort and concentration into the next few days, you will be like me sooner than you think”

A few weeks later, Y/N was on the same level as Freya. They did most spells together to make them all quicker and a little more effective. Y/N was so happy that she was now a witch because now she could help protect her family and not just be kept at home like a child. She had a purpose and she loved it. 

Doodles I just had to exorcise.
Also trying to make postures less stiff eeeehh not sure it’s good but hey.

Shiny brother and sister; Asten on the left, paladin and a bit of a fanatical, and Adelas on the right, at the time he was still trying to become a mistweaver.
(spoiler: that ended really really badly).


BEST OF 2014 TRINIDAD SOCA - 180 Big Tunes

0:05 Bunji Garlin — Carnival Tabanca (Shot Master J Roadmix)
1:53 Bunji Garlin — Truck On D Road
3:20 Machel Montano — HMA (Happiest Man Alive)
4:45 Kerwin Du Bois — Too Real
6:10 Shurwayne Winchester — Carnivalian
7:10 Bunji Garlin — Soca Run Town
8:30 Destra — Just a Little Bit
9:42 Erphaan Alves — Ram and Full
10:53 Farmer Nappy — Big People Party
12:17 Erphaan Alves — Bumper Bounce — Addictive Riddim
12:53 Patrice Roberts — Pull Me Over — Addictive Riddim
13:40 Machel Montano — Bruck It — Addictive Riddim
14:46 Machel Montano — EPIC
16:23 Machel Montano — Haunted
18:16 GBM Nutron & Shal Marshall — Addicted
19:06 Erphaan Alves & Blaxx  — Contagious (We Drinkin)
20:11 Kerwin Du Bois & Lyrical — Lockdown
21:27 Benjai — Come Out to Play — Vintage Riddim
22:49 Kerwin Du Bois — Galavanting
24:09 Patrice Roberts — Somebody — Festive Riddim
25:12 Ronnie Homer — Bouncing Up
25:53 Machel Montano — Ministry of Road (M.O.R.)
27:23 Patrice Roberts — Turn It Up Loud
28:45 Destra — Mash Up — Emergency Riddim
30:23 KES The Band — Ram Jam
31:20 Shurwayne Winchester — Raise It Up
33:03 Machel Montano & Major Lazer — Sound Bang
33:58 Patrice Roberts — Di Most — Buggy Riddim
35:09 Fay Ann Lyons — Done D Party — Oil Stain Riddim
36:30 Noey — Thick Gyal Army
37:32 Giselle D Wassi One — Wassi
38:19 Farmer Nappy Ft Imani — Addiction
39:07 Patrice Roberts — Pong It
39:54 Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick — Monster Wine Remix
41:03 Machel Montano — Shameless
42:11 Timaya ft Machel Montano — Shake Up Your Bum Bum(remix)
43:11 Farmer Nappy — All Ah Dat
44:10 Kerwin Du Bois — Spoil Myself — Titans Riddim
45:20 Machel Montano — She Coming — Titans Riddim
46:01 KES The Band — True Masquerader — Titans Riddim
46:54 Destra — State Of Mind — Titans Riddim
47:48 Blaxx — Carnival Virgins
48:53 Patrice Roberts — Bomb Drop
50:12 Nia — No Body
51:06 Denise Belfon — Challenge
51:55 Ravi B — Gyal Wukkin
52:29 MR Famous — Play More Local
53:22 KES The Band — Never See Come See — Chuku Chuku Riddim
54:06 Denise Belfon — Chuku Chuku — Chuku Chuku Riddim
54:45 Farmer Nappy — Family — Sando Riddim
55:36 Isaac Blackman — Soca (Soul of Calypso) — Sando Riddim
56:22 Preedy — Wining Champion — Sando Riddim
57:10 GBM Nutron & Jaiga — Gyal Season — Sando Riddim
57:48 Machel Montano — Drop It Down — Sando Riddim
58:36 Patrice Roberts — Doh Rough Meh — Sando Riddim
59:09 Destra — First Time
1:00:19 Farmer Nappy — Down Low
1:01:13 Super Jigga TC — I Feel — Early Bird Riddim
1:01:44 Destra — Aye You! — Early Bird Riddim
1:02:48 Benjai — Give It All To Meh
1:03:27 Bunji Garlin — All O’ Dem — Soca Hero Riddim
1:04:30 Shurwayne Winchester — All Inclusive Jam — Soca Hero Riddim
1:05:34 Bunji Garlin — Red Light District
1:06:43 Kerwin Du Bois — Doh Beg
1:07:25 Kerwin Du Bois — Forget About It
1:08:16 5 Star Akil — To Meh Heart
1:09:58 Kerwin Du Bois — Press A Button — Coconut Shell Riddim
1:10:41 Fya Empress — Cool Scene — Coconut Shell Riddim
1:10:58 Shurwayne Winchester — My Team — Coconut Shell Riddim
1:11:48 Kerwin Dubois — Fight D Feeling — Old Thing Riddim
1:12:58 Blaxx — Ten To One — Old Thing Riddim
1:14:01 Rayzor & Leonce — Bess Fete
1:15:16 Cali — Push It Back
1:15:58 Lyrikal — Conquer Meh
1:16:55 KES The Band — Play De Music
1:18:04 5 Staz — Handle It
1:18:53 Jamesy P — Hit n Run
1:19:45 Juby & Chingee — Soca Fighter
1:20:12 Ravi B — Break Away
1:20:58 Bunji Garlin — Find Me In Trinidad
1:22:11 Benjai — Lick It In
1:23:39 GBM, Shal Marshal, Nutron & Reina — Come Over
1:24:45 Jungle Ft. Diamond — All Night
1:26:15 Fay Ann Lyons — Gimme That
1:26:58 Super Blue — Champion Daddy
1:27:59 MR Renzo — Take Control
1:29:16 Shurwayne Winchester ft Farmer Nappy — We Doh Sleep
1:30:09 Swappi 4D  — 4D Carnival
1:32:03 Avinash Maharaj — End Of The Day
1:32:47 Fay Ann Lyons — Whine Nah Boy — El Dorado Riddim
1:33:20 Swappi 4D — Don’t Let Go — El Dorado Riddim
1:33:55 Nutron — Bubblin
1:34:46 Orlando Octave — Keep Ya Body Movin
1:35:46 Destra — Road Call
1:36:36 Shal Marshal — Drink Something
1:37:23 Shyann Bailey — Feeling Good — Red Rum Riddim
1:38:17 Patrice Roberts — Carnival Spirit — Red Rum Riddim
1:39:13 KES The Band — Feel It
1:40:00 KES The Band — Siddung
1:41:04 Benjai Come Nah — Come Nah Riddim
1:41:57 Chucky — Take Your Time
1:42:50 Destra — Give It All To Me
1:43:35 KI — Professor Feter — Bad Influence Riddim
1:44:30 Lyrical — Part Ah Yuh Nature — Bad Influence Riddim
1:44:53 Nadia Batson — Bad Influence — Bad Influence Riddim
1:46:04 KI & 3Veni — Ranaway (Soca Chutney)
1:46:49 Nadia Batson & Lyrikal — Loose
1:47:35 Patrice Roberts — Make Me Out
1:48:41 Shal Marshal — Feel 2 Wuk
1:50:03 Cassi — Man In Yuh House
1:51:10 Drupatee — Dulahin
1:52:08 Darnella — Can’t Get Enough
1:52:51 5 Star Akil ft Nadia Batson — Never Done
1:54:08 Nutron — Just 1 Wine
1:54:41 Nadia Batson — Prisoner
1:55:30 Patrice Roberts — Hold On Tight (Madahouse Remix)
1:56:23 Dil E Nadan Ft Blaxx & Dr Seales — Carnival Nice
1:57:29 K Rich — Go Down
1:58:19 Kahblis — Don’t Disturb Mi
1:59:12 KES The Band — Country Gyal
2:00:03 MR Smooth — Ah Like Dat
2:01:19 Bunji Garlin — Gi Dem Dey — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:02:24 Jaiga ft Shal Marshall — Juice — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:03:24 Lyrical — Party Nuh Dun — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:04:00 Olatunji — Wa Yuh Drinkin —The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:04:45 Swappi 4D — Tek Wine — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:05:34 Christian Kalpee — Doh Wanna Go
2:06:24 Fay Ann Lyons — Catch Me
2:07:21 K Rich — Las Lap
2:08:21 KES The Band — Bad Habbit
2:09:37 Machel Montano — HMA Remix
2:10:28 Makamillion — Wuk — Soca Antidote Riddim
2:11:22 Pamputtae — Shake Um Bumper — Soca Antidote Riddim
2:11:55 Yankey Boy & Dev Gimie — Liquor — Soca Antidote Riddim
2:12:42 MR Renzo — Anywhere
2:13:24 Nadia Batson — The Anthem
2:14:28 Destra — Trailer Load — wildness Riddim
2:15:30 Jaiga — Hard Wuk — wildness Riddim
2:16:10 Lyrical — Soca Beast — wildness Riddim
2:16:47 Shal Marshal — Wining Partner — wildness Riddim
2:18:00 Bunji Garlin & Major Laser — It’s a Carnival
2:18:58 Syo — In the Air
2:19:44 Asten Isaac — Lean — Optimus Riddim
2:20:39 Benjai — Dance — Optimus Riddim
2:21:31 Collis Duranty — Pave The Road With Love — Optimus Riddim
2:22:07 Sexy Trisha — Duh Stop Meh — Optimus Riddim
2:22:54 Blaxx & Macka Diamond — Mash Up D Road — Stupse Riddim
2:23:44 Terri Lyons — What Will You Do — Stupse Riddim
2:24:15 Blaxx & Skinny Fabulous — Extra Bad Pon De Road
2:25:01 Jaiga — Keisha
2:25:42 Nadia Batson — Agressive
2:26:18 Swappi 4D — Last Forever
2:27:50 Blaxx — Fettin Away
2:28:53 KI & 3Ven —i No Conduct
2:29:21 KI & 3Veni  —Carnival Symptoms
2:30:15 Denise Belfon & K Rich — Jammin With You (King & Queen)
2:31:11 Lil Bitts — Roll It
2:31:37 MX Prime & Kerwin Du Bois — Welcome To Carnival
2:32:50 Denise Belfon & Prophet Benjamin — Ah Comin
2:33:38 Blaxx — Hooray — Carnival Riddim
2:34:38 JW & Blaxe — Somebody — Carnival Riddim
2:35:36 KES The Band — Spirit — Carnival Riddim
2:36:27 Nikita Browne — Solo — Carnival Riddim
2:37:25 Olatunji — What We Know — Carnival Riddim
2:38:32 Super Blue — Spankin
2:39:50 Olatunji — Fete Ram (Chutney soca)
2:41:20 Daddy Chinee & Gayatones ft Fya Empress — Tassa Jam
2:41:57 Lyrikal — Bumper Dystruction — Lava Lamp Riddim
2:42:50 Cassi — Hearing Ah Talk
2:44:02 Shal Marshal — Touch D Road
2:45:00 Fya Empress — Doh Linger — Faze Juan Riddim
2:45:55 Nadia Batson — Rated R
2:46:40 K Rich — Masquerade
2:47:52 Ronnie Mcintosh — We Bringing It
2:49:00 Olatunji — Mad Up In This — Jab Jab Riddim
2:49:58 Iwer George — Jab Jab — Jab Jab Riddim
2:50:43 Destra — Dutty D Road
2:51:45 JW & Blaxe — Going
2:52:35 Ms Alysha — On The Truck
2:53:45 Swappi 4D — Run To D Front

Story Time ...

So it’s 4 in the morning, I’m on snapchat, & I was viewing my stories right. So here I am just viewing them & I come across one of my ex’s homies story, & HES AT THE CLUB WITH DOMINIC DEANGELIS! Like they were taking snaps together. So I go look on Dominic’s snapchat & HE POSTED A STORY WITH MY EX’S FRIEND IN IT! HE WAS FLASHING MONEY & DANCING LIKE AS IF THEY’RE LEGIT FRIENDS! So now I’m curious. Ever since my ex & I broke up I never really paid attention to what his friends do, I mean I never paid attention to what they did when we were together tbh. So anyway back when me & my ex were dating, Apex (that’s his friend’s name. Well his real name is Asten but he goes by Apex) was around a lot because they were close so duh. Anyway back in high school my ex thought he was a rapper & Apex was always into making beats & stuff, so anyway they had this little group of friends that would always rap & bs like that. So being the curious bitch that I am, I log back into my FB & I went to his profile, & found his twitter. BITCH TELL ME WHY TF IS HE VERIFIED ON TWITTER?! APPARENTLY HES AN UPCOMING PRODUCER NOW WHO LIVES IN LA. HE FUCKING MADE A BEAT FOR ONE OF GUCCI MANE’S SONG! & NOT ONLY THAT HE FUCKING KNOWS JC CAYLEN! THEY FOLLOW EACH OTHER ON TWITTER! YALL I AM SHOOKETH TO THE FUCKING CORE!!! WHAT A SMALL ASS FUCKING WORLD OMG!! So like if he hangs out with Dominic & he’s friends with JC what if he knows who the twins are?! I STG IF HE DOES IM HITTING UP MY EX LIKE “HEY BIG HEAD”!!! Lmaooooo omg y'all seriously this is crazy! I’m fucking shook! Ok I’m done story time over, I’m going to bed!


I’m like 5 away from my next hundred so let’s be super cliché and do a post.

If you follow/ship these reblog/follow and I’ll probs follow you back. (Especially if your blog has a lot of Fitzsimmons/ Olicty/ Waige/ Densi/ Quintis/ Jeller - really just a lot of the first few things in the list below:)


  • Agents of SHIELD (FITZSIMMONS!!, Staticquake/Lincoln x Daisy, Huntingbird, just basically the entire AOS cast - fair warning though.. I’m really NOT happy with Ward right now)
  • Blindspot (Jeller; Jane/Taylor and Kurt)
  • Scorpion (Quintis, Melvester, Waige)
  • Arrow (Olicity)
  • The Flash (Barry x Patty? idk..?)
  • Mysteries of Laura (Jaura?)
  • NCIS LA (Densi)
  • NCIS (Tiva!)
  • Elementary (Joanlock)
  • Agent Carter (or just Hayley Atwell in general is good too)
  • Rizzoli & Isles (yes, I’m like 2 seasons behind but I still love it… I’m still torn on whether to ship Rizzles as an otp of a brotp..?)
  • Once Upon a Time (CAPTAIN SWAN!!, Outlaw Queen)
  • BBC Merlin (one of my original fandoms from the good old days. I don’t like to talk about the ending though tbh)
  • Forever (Jo x Henry? Who knows what could’ve happened if they hadn’t been cancelled?)
  • Supernatural (I’m a newbie to this fandom and I’m only up to like season 2 on Netflix but I LOVEE the characters and have a softspot for Destiel… To be fair I’ve only just finished classes for the year, so go easy, 11 seasons takes time to catch up on y’all)
  • The Blacklist (Keen2? Tom x Lizzie? Also love Red - James Spader is such a great actor with such a great character to play and I love it. The way his face moves when he talks is also weirdly fascinating..? Idk)
  • Sherlock
  • The 100 (Bellarke? Ish. Linctavia? I like Lexa too)
  • Pretty much anything Marvel or DC..


Anything by:

  • Cassandra Clare (Clace, Wessa/Jessa, Sizzy, Malec, etc, Herondales in general is good too ;) )
  • Collen Houck (Just all the guys - Ren, Kishan, Amon, Asten, Ahmose etc)
  • Rick Riordan (Anything - 
  • Matthew Rielly

I also like:

  • Eragon
  • Hunger Games Series
  • I Am Number Four Series
  • Jane Austen
  • Strange Angels Series (Lili St Crow)
  • Graceling Series

Of course I’ve read a lot more than just those but they’re the ones I’m most interested in

Ohne Dich - Rammstein

Ich werde in die Tannen gehndahin wo ich sie zuletzt gesehnDoch der Abend wirft ein Tuch aufs Landund auf die Wege hinterm WaldesrandUnd der Wald der steht so schwarz und leerweh mir oh weh, und die Vogel singen nicht mehr

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein, ohne dichmit dir bin ich auch allein, ohne dichOhne dich zahl ich die Stunden, ohne dichmit dir stehen die Sekunden, Lohnen nicht

Auf den Asten in den Grabenist es nun still und ohne LebenUnd das Atmen fallt mir ach so schwerweh mir oh weh, und die Vogel singen nicht mehr

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein, ohne dichmit dir bin ich auch allein, ohne dichOhne dich zahl ich die Stunden, ohne dichmit dir stehen die Sekunden, Lohnen nicht

Ohne dich [2x]

Und das Atmen fallt mir ach so schwerweh mir oh weh, und die Vogel singen nicht mehr

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein, ohne dichmit dir bin ich auch allein, ohne dichOhne dich zahl ich die Stunden, ohne dichmit dir stehen die Sekunden, Lohnen nicht

Ohne dich [5x]