Phew! Two cons in a row! This weekend I shared a table with @gravitydoll at GaymerX (GX3) in San Jose. It was my first time attending and I actually really enjoyed it! The people I met were great and it was a really chill con. Also great times to hang out with my friends and finally meeting @inquisitor-xalk for the first time!

What really made my day was bringing back our Dragon Age Inquisition cosplay with @astelspirals, @cosfeels, and @spiritofrevelry and attended a panel that David Gaider was a guest and pretty much all the talk involved about Dragon Age XDD. After the panel, all of us actually got a chance to take photos with David himself and did some epic poses!!! Still waiting for the photos, but I was able to snatch a selfie (and a autograph) from him ^^. Then it gets really good when I spotted him in the Expo floor, and I muster my courage to give him my Dorian charm I made as a gift to him, and he complimented on my Varric cosplay and said I should have entered my outfit in the cosplay contest ;A; I’m not worthy of such praisesssssss aaaaaaahhhhh

Met some amazing cosplayers at the con and able to snatch some photos! If you see yourself please feel free to tag yourself so I can add! Also I wanted to thank everyone who visited our table!

Next stop - SacAnime Winter!

astelspirals replied to your post: Bioware turned me into a grave-robbing…

…do it after you get the clan’s approval and the agent >_> *cough*

HAHA oh yeah I read that on the wiki

on the same wiki it says you can take advantage of a glitch and basically ride your mount INTO the gate, dismount into the cave, exit via fast travel LMAO

I hope that works cuz that is EXACTLY what I’m going to do

astelspirals  asked:

it's ok to sell stuff in DAI. (yeah, it took me 2.5 playthrus to get to that point, but it's ok to sell things :D )

hahaha I know I know, I’ve already pawned off a few starter level weapons and armor XD I kinda wish there was still gifting in DA:I cuz I’ve picked up a few valuables which I feel like could be nice gifts??? oh well I guess I’ll just… keep em for myself… in my backpack… u_u