WE DID IT!!!!!!
omfg my friends are all amazing! We decided to do a small DA:I group and we all managed to get our costumes in time!!

We’ve checked out both the DA:I panel/demo at the Geek & Sundry, then over at the XBOX Lounge to take a photo-op of the cool chair prop they have for SDCC~

We took some more pictures of our short mini-shoot, so will share that once I get a copy ^^

We’ll be cosplaying again tomorrow (Frida) but I’m putting the outfit on later in the day, so if anyone wants to meet up lemme know! ;) we’ve gotten so many compliments on out costumes and I’m so glad we barely got them done in time D:

cosfeels = Cassandra
astelspirals = Solas
Me = Varric
Rachel = Morrigan (Sacred Ashes vers)