Some pictures from the dragon age gathering~ 

I know one of the Varrics is naiku-haru

and a Cassandra is cosfeels

Solas is astelspirals

The Varric with Bianca is riceroni85

The Brunette Varric is vincentvangodot

Blonde Inquisitor Lavellan is salmiakkivodka

Cullen is harrowingwhisperer and the Dorian next to him is shepherdpie

Halamshiral trio Left to right: sleepytimesatandragon-ulf, and pillowymanbosoms

So if you see yourself in here gimme a shout so I can add your name!


Finally got some time to wind down from Fanime! This was the first time in years that I’m not tabling at the Artist Alley, so it was very liberating heading out to the con and not being tied down to it! Met a lot of old faces I’ve haven’t seen in years, as well as new ones!

On Friday, wore my Kenma cosplay and helped out around the Dealer’s Room and sold at Swap Met with kawaiiaya, sihaya47 and jeywo ! Was able to sell most of my Lolita stuff so that definitely help paying off for this con @_@ ran into pureterrorist and mhikaru in their awesome Gintama Shinsengumi cosplay there too~

Saturday was all Dragon Age! Got my Varric & Bianca and Met up with astelspirals (Solas), cosfeels (Cassandra) and spiritofrevelry (Morrigan) to the Dragon Age Gathering and it was much bigger than than I thought it would be! I’m so glad to met so many awesome people and so many cool cosplay! Also ran into shepherdpie and also met foetal who met at SacAnime last year! Went around Dealers Room (found an ayonoi!) and Artist Alley and spent all my monies @_@). Afterwards it’s dinner at the AFK Gaming Lounge with astelspirals, cosfeels, spiritofrevelry, etherelle, luckyblackcatxiii, jeywo, irishmoo, Diana, and a few others ^^. The place wasn’t too bad (service was a bit slow due to being a weekend) and we got a cute Mikasa cosplayer as our waitress :).

Sunday got into my Ryuji for our small Persona 5 shoot with Stella! Afterwards it’s back to helping out at the Dealer’s Room, then back to my place for amazing BBQ and Sihaya forcing us to watch Food Wars (still doesn’t make sense).

Monday was a chill day since I had to go to a Memorial Day service at the cemetery with my family. Then chilled out the rest of the day at the con and finally found mynameiseyyyyyy! Then had a really nice dinner with the rest of the folks at Japantown before everyone had to split up ^^

Wanted to thank every that I got a chance to meet and for the awesome times!

astelspirals replied to your post: Bioware turned me into a grave-robbing…

…do it after you get the clan’s approval and the agent >_> *cough*

HAHA oh yeah I read that on the wiki

on the same wiki it says you can take advantage of a glitch and basically ride your mount INTO the gate, dismount into the cave, exit via fast travel LMAO

I hope that works cuz that is EXACTLY what I’m going to do

astelspirals asked:

it's ok to sell stuff in DAI. (yeah, it took me 2.5 playthrus to get to that point, but it's ok to sell things :D )

hahaha I know I know, I’ve already pawned off a few starter level weapons and armor XD I kinda wish there was still gifting in DA:I cuz I’ve picked up a few valuables which I feel like could be nice gifts??? oh well I guess I’ll just… keep em for myself… in my backpack… u_u


Fanime Dragon Age gathering and some hella cool people I took pictures of. Part 2.

Those clickers were really chill peeps and their cosplay was so convincing I remembered why I hate clickers so much.

The Dorian and Cullen I saw today were also hella cool. Loved the staff, and their facial hair.

TELL ME IF YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE (I apologize for the REALLY late credits, but my wifi has not been kind enough on my laptop I’m really sorry!)

 Cullen is Harrowingwhisper 

Dorian (with staff) is Shepherdpie

Lavellan Inquisitor (with staff) is SalmiakkiVodka

Halamshiral Dorian is Sleepytimesatan

Varric (I’m sorry i don’t know which!) is Pillowymanbosoms

Halamshiral Lavellan is dragon-ulf

Trevelyan Inquisitor is tascosplay

Noble Hawke is crownofbone

Varric (with Bianca) is riceroni85

Brunette Varric is vincentvangodot

Hawke (with the glow) is foetal

Solas is astelspirals

Cassandra (I don’t know which one I’m sorry!) cosfeels

Varric (I don’t know which one I’m sorry!) is naiku-haru 

And I am Hawke with the staff (Currently improving the armor oh god)

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>_> i totally watched some of them last night. He’s super adorable.

aaaaaaaaa thank you <333 ;__; haha I wish there were more *SWEATS ANXIOUSLY* and *NERVOUS LAUGHTER* dialogue options cuz Oisin sounds waaay too sure of himself. tbh he is secretly shaking in his boots and intimidated by all his comrades

oh god I took so many more videos yesterday orz

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OUT OF JOSIE SERA BLACKWALL AND BULL IDK Josie is somewhat compelling rn but the others idk idk (I don’t want a both-qunari romance is my only issue w/ Bull)

maybe I’ll just focus all my unspent affections on Cole 

/fix you plays in background

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i’m so ridiculously irritated at another straight character.. that is race gated for STORY REASONS. they say that and everyone thinks ELF BABIES *barf* it better be a different story reason. i’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt right now.

I just think it’s so weird how it feels almost like the writers are making these characters in a vacuum/completely apart from the designs?? Like, Cass, total hardass, basically commanding officer of a military force, looks and feels like someone that is asexual, or bi -> is neither. Solas, free-spirited nomadic sage type, looks and feels like someone totally open to all kinds of lovin’, or none -> neither. The fuck???? Plus the elf-only race gating feels really arbitrary. If anything I would’ve preferred Solas, being Dalish, to date any race except humans. Hell, that makes more “story sense” than whatever the hell I can think of right now that they might be planning for him. 

silentstephi replied to your post “breaking news (belated cuz I was at Sac Anime this weekend): Bioware…”

I thought I saw someone post tweets of his? That Sandal’s VA couldn’t confirm/deny Sandal? Not sure! Don’t lose hope yet!

Augh yeah I’m just preemptively raging against the possibility I mean on one hand his lines would probably go very fast (hell he could call it in) but on the other hand it's 2 months before the game drops and they should be wrapping up/doing QA by now……. Bioware wuter u doin