Squashing Vibes, an open submission book curated by Emergency Meeting and published by us—launching Thursday 29th September at Peckham Pelican with an exhibition on occasion of the Art Licks Weekend.

Featuring work from 12—B, Adam Griffiths, Adriana Gallo, Alexandra Davenport, Alice Astbury, Amy Leung, Benjamin Craven, Callum Leo Hughes, Cathrine Bowitz, Charles Verni, Christian Johnstone, Eme de Paula, Hannah Ryan & Robert Orr, Greg McCarron Shipman, Harry Brereton, Holly St Clair, Jack Sachs, Jamey Hoag, Jess Johnson, Joe Evans, Joe Melhuish, Jose Porroche, Lark Foord, Lauren Allen, Libby Ireland, Luke Overin, Marija Nemcenko, Matthew Jacques and Dexter George, Matt Taylor, Max Pietro Hoffman, Nick Greenbank, Pat Macdonald, Raphael Michael Panayi, Richard de Courcy, Rosie Kennedy, TJ Tambellini, Tom Pounder

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“The 1987 Goths are a brazen bunch who openly admit to liking Free, Bad Company, Alice Cooper and Jimi Hendrix. The modern Goth bands are primarily The Cult and The Mission (whose lead singer Wayne Hussey is even a sex symbol). For boys and girls long hair is essential - as are tassles, leather, jewellery, henna, ribbon and studs. Dippy Hippy nonsense is eschewed, but so is the androgenous sexual flaunting of the early 1980s. The 1987 Goths frequent The Crypt, Kit Kat (again under new management), Alice in Wonderland, Sacrilege and Clash City. This is rock ‘n’ roll with no strings attached; just hair.” | i-D Magazine, April 1987


“Fire Woman” by The Cult

Sonic Temple (1989)

I have some friends who aren’t with us anymore who were Bowie devotees, and I feel like going to the grave and sharing the news with them, because I know even in the grave they would weep. It’s that profound. I’m sure you’ve observed some of the UK media that’s like, “Well, we can’t have this. That’s enough blubbering, now. It’s getting childish.” No, motherfucker, the sky fell. The sun went out. Feel the weight of this. He was a sentinel, exploring the human condition — the spirit.