I did this on my other blog, so I might as well do it here…


/// astates is a blog maintained by Brandon Acree (me). It started out as a joint venture between my brother, sister, and myself, but I kept the fires burning after they started their own tumblrs ( thecranewife and zombiegumby)

The content follows no obvious pattern, but there’s a lot of star wars, scifi, illustration, graphic design, typography, and dumb jokes.

I’m a webmaster/graphic artist by trade, which means that I can’t fix your computer problem, but I can tell you why you are using the wrong font.

/// My avatar refers to 3 states that begin with the letter A. It is based on the random observation that we each owned a t-shirt for one of those states.

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/// figuretime – All the photos of action figures you could ever want to see.

I’m reasonably certain i stole this idea and format from bigredrobot, which is another blog you should check out.