This be my Follow Friday|Forever. Most of these people have been my tumblr crush since ever. And some of them are my best friends in the hole fucking world. What i’m trying to say is that my dashboard wouldn't be the same without them… And if you’re not following them, YOU’RE JUST A FUCKING HUGE LOSER (and your life sucks). Oh btw sorry for the crap FF, i really tried to make a pretty photo ahhajkshjkas.

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Asylum 8: all the awesome Tumblr folk I met:

Bear with me. I’ve tried to remember everyone I met. Incredibly sorry if I missed you. 

I just wanted to make a huge master post about all these wonderful people who I spoke to (whether a brief “hello” or a 6 hour conversation ‘til the wee hours - *ahem* Laura *ahem*). Half the reason these conventions are so much fun is down to meeting brilliant people like you lot. Knowing that there are people out there who share the same sort of mindset as myself is a really encouraging thought, so thank you all. Hope to see you at Asylum 10!

And here’s the list of all you beautiful people:

Abbie (I don’t know your URL, sorry!) | Alicia | Amie | Arrie | Cara | Caryn | Cat | Duca | Effy | Eleanor | Ellie | Emelie | Frazer | Geii | GeorgieGrant | Izzy | Jessica | Kelly | Laura | Maddy | Nicole | Parris | Shannon | Sophie | Sophie  

I had met some of you already at Asylum 7, but that doesn’t make it any less special to see you all again :)