27 October 2016, 11:30PM.
Hidup ini bukan hanya sekadar berapa lama nafas ini keluar masuk dari tubuh
Dan bukan pula berapa banyak jumlah angka umur kita,
Tetapi sejauh mana “kepuasan rohani” yang dapat kita rasakan.
Terasa sempit hidup ini, jika kita berfikir bahawa hidup hanya bagi diri sendiri.
Astaghfirullah halaziim.
Tuhan, jagakanlah.
Tiada keraguan padaMu dalam mengatur kisah hidup yang terbaik buat si hamba.
Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal.
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di perjalanan sepulang kuliah tadi, tiba-tiba ada 2 anak kecil cewek cowok bergandengan tangan. sepertinya mereka saudara, si cowok yang terlihat sebagai kakak dan ceweknya merupakan adeknya. si kakak terlihat menggenggam erat tangan adeknya dan berjalan menuju sebuah toko untuk membeli sesuatu karna kulihat si adek menggenggam selembar uang kertas dan mereka membicarakan sesuatu. aku begitu mengamati mereka tersirat sedikit rasa iri kepada si adek kecil, karena ia mempunyai kakak cowok yang berada disisinya.
—  astaghfirullah, iri itu dosa sebenarnya. tapi aku masih bersyukur karena aku menjadi kakak yang selalu berusaha ada jika adek membutuhkan :’)

I’ve been mulling over and ruminating in my thoughts these past couple weeks, desperately attempting to make sense of the senseless. Feverishly trying to patch and weave the pieces of history together to really understand and grapple with the calamities that have bestowed us today.

Reality has begun to satirize itself. By the time we update the list of murdered Palestinians, the list is outdated. Four children are killed on the beach and Hamas is the culprit, despite being nowhere in sight. Israeli leaders can sign off hundreds of missiles into Gaza everyday and go on record to accuse Gazans of self inflicted genocide. 66 years after nakba, Israel has become the most funded and equipped nation in all of Asia per capita, as an individual country receive more aid by America than all of Africa, wage war and occupy illegal territory in most surrounding regions and claim to be in a precarious situation at the hands of those who it has massacred and laid cruel siege to.

DIME bombs unearth entire societies, released on rehabilitation clinics and centers for the disabled and they are labelled human shields who were unfortunate and unintended, but an inevitable sacrifice and collateral damage. White phosphorous is abundantly and indiscriminately used in some of the most densely populated neighborhoods on Earth, while Israeli politicians gain interviews and are globally heralded as crusaders of a noble cause. Palestinian life has proven so cheap to many. More Palestinians have died in this week than Israelis have been injured in the past several years.

Fact has become fiction and fiction becomes fact. 441 miles of apartheid wall that jeopardize agriculture and irrigation is security. Homes inhabited by several generations of families are obliterated in minutes to erect illegal Jewish settlements and is touted as a means of self determination. Billions of dollars continue to be funneled into a genocidal campaign touted around as a settler nation state’s right to self defense against a colonized populace that overwhelmingly relies on foreign aid and has been under heightened blockades with food and drink being counted to the individual calorie. Body count, political leverage and extensive history of settler brutality exemplify one reality. Media exemplifies another.

Israel is the most transparent example of what settler colonial violence is in the age of neoliberalism. How it can deliberately target areas that are unanimously civilian populations and gets off with complete impunity. It distorts truth and history until it becomes eroded from public consciousness altogether. Palestinians are an illegitimate people and their indigenous villages were barren because in Zionist mythology, it was a land without a people for a people without a land. Colonial fabrications dominate public discourse, tangle themselves in media circuits and mock any and every intelligible and dignified approach to account for demolished villages, vibrant humans turned unidentifiable carnage and a military siege on what’s regularly referred to as the largest open air prison on Earth.

The truth is this world failed Palestine. In every conceivable way. Refusing to divest was a failure on every student body member who voted otherwise. Providing arms and military aid was a failure and an obscene act of violence. Using revolutionary language and utilizing one genocide to lay the road for another was a tremendous failure. Invoking racist and Islamophobic rhetoric in a post 9/11 age to justify unjustifiable violence was a failure. Not holding one’s own government accountable for its enabling and apologist stances is a failure. These varied failures allowed this to take place and one day, perhaps not tomorrow or in a year or even in a decade, but the day will indeed arrive where we reminisce on this ongoing bloodshed and realize the ways in which both action and inaction was the catalyst in which this nightmare occurred.

“Astaghfirullah” means “I seek Allah’s forgiveness”.

Our beloved Prophet used to do Istighfar 70 or more times during the day, so did he wait to see something he highly disagrees with and finds extremely wrong to say it? No. Repeating this word calms you, takes away all anxiety and stress. May Allah forgive us!

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I swear by Him in whose hand is my soul, if you were a people who did not commit sin, Allah would take you away and replace you with a people who would sin and then seek Allah’s forgiveness so He could forgive them.
—  Prophet Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa ssalaam) [Sahih Bukhari 2687]
Saying astaghfirullah is not only after we do something sinful. We also seek His forgiveness for not fulfilling His rights of worship. The benefits of saying astaghfirullah while feeling remorse for our shortcomings are many. Amongst them: increase in wealth, increase in offspring, increase blessing on one’s children, and a nice abode in this life and in the next.
—  Dr. Shadee Elmasry