assuming this is the timeline lol

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Hi, I've seen you say that in TLD it wasn't actually Sherlock's birthday, so I have a question about the timeline in S4. Assuming that the pardon scene happens soon after the tarmac (January?), do we know anything else about the other events? When does Mary die, how long do Sherlock and John not talk for... all that. Ijust don't understand

That makes two of us, Nonny, LOL. The timeline in S4, I think, is purposely meant to be ambiguous; I don’t think we’re supposed to really know the “when” of everything… There’s no clear indication of any sort of timeline even existing, aside from “Sherlock’s birthday” and of the tags they put in TLD of “2 weeks later” etc. Without John’s blog to kind of give us an indication of the timeline, it’s more difficult to pinpoint what happens when and for how long. I personally think this was an intentional thing; we’re supposed to be a bit confused by the timeline because I think most if not all of S4 is fakery and is being told as a false narrative to the true story that is being told.

However, @obotligtnyfiken made an infographic here about how they believe the timeline pans out in the entire series, so perhaps that will help you out a bit.

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Hey I was checking the promotional pics for Flash3x22 and (a) There is a really cute pic of Went smiling and barry next to him, but that's not why I'm writing lol. There is a photo of Savitar!Barry on his Flash costume and I got to think... what are the possibilities of Savitar telling Len the truth, since we know that Barry probably won't risk to change the Timeline again, and now Savitar can remember everything barry know (AGAIN) what forbids him from trying to lure Len to him or against Barry

I honestly don’t know the likelihood of Savitar telling Len the truth (I assume you mean the “truth” about the fact that he dies?).

I personally don’t suspect that Savitar will interact with Len, just given how much else is already going on with the episode (getting Len, ARGUS, King Shark, some stuff with Cisco and Caitlin? Savitar in that suit). I’ve been wrong before though?

I mean, it’s totally plausible that Savitar would try to lure Len to his team, or might try to turn Len against Barry. Though I doubt he’d be successful, given this is Len from Legends S1, and not a pre-Legends Len like the one the Legion recruited. And I sort feel like Savitar would be just as likely to kill Len for creating a problem for him if Len wasn’t amenable to being lured, anyway, or even if he was amenable because Savitar might not bother to actually ask? It’s hard to say if Savitar is “shoot first and ask questions later” but the guy has a temper.

Either way, I still don’t predict that anyone (Barry or Savitar) is going to tell Len the full story or deliberately tell him he dies. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see :)

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Okay, so a friend and I are planning a project and we tried to do a timeline of yoi to get the characters ages. Now our problem is: the fandom usually assumes that Viktor is at first 27 and at the end 28 BUT we realised that the first competition where Yuuri fails in Sotchi is from December 10 to 13 and they say Viktor is "now 27". So his birthday still is later this year where he'd turn 28, right? So wouldn't that make him 29 by the end of the series? We're just really confused right now :'D

Oh, alright we found a way. They say he’s still 27 in worlds the next year, so apparently Viktor was still 26 when he skated in Sotchi?

omg don’t even get me started on the timeline, it’s a mess and has driven me crazy so many times lmao

but yeah, i’m 99% certain victor was still 26 in sotchi! his birthday is only a few weeks away at that point, and the original japanese line can be translated as “already 27 years old”, which makes me think they’re probably rounding it up to make a point of him being Old™ to speculate about the retiring rumours, since they mention that right after his age!

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I wonder what it was about seeing Barry emerge from the Savitar suit that made Caitlin/Killer Frost align herself with him, and why he still saved her after she wasn't able to save Tracy? So Savitar Barry is from what, beyond 2024? To be honest I've kinda forgotten what his whole mission is, lol, like why he wants Barry to suffer and kills Iris.

The answer to this is snowbarry. At some level, at least.

The whole Savitar business is very confusing. Timelines are very confusing. But yes, Savitar is Barry sometime after 2024. But… The Barry we saw in 2024 didn’t find out who Savitar was. So the 2024 we saw doesn’t really… exist anymore.

As I said. Confusing.

I don’t know what Savitar!Barry is thinking. I can assume, I can theorize, but it’s all so very confusing.

Now, about Caitlin.

No matter if you ship it or not, Barry and Caitlin have always had a connection. A deep one, a strong one. Even if their evil altered minds, they still acknoledge that. They’re still drawn together. It’s why Caitlin alligned herself with Savitar, and it’s why Savitar saved Caitlin.

I have a feeling that’s not going to change anytime soon.

(Well, hopefully Caitlin will turn off the frost and betray Savitar, but she’ll be doing it for the Flash, so, still… snowbarry, to some extent.)

Or, if we look at it without shipper glasses. Caitlin went to Savitar’s side because she realized it was a Barry from the future, and that knowledge from the future was important in defeating the Flash. And Savitar saved Caitlin because he still needs her for something.

… It’s all very confusing. And heartbreaking. And mildly exciting.

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47 “No one needs to know.” halsinestro

Drabble Prompts

Hal took a deep breath, not stopping Sinestro’s hands as they roamed over his body. No one needed to know…but someone would find out, eventually.

“If I don’t tell anyone you’re back and they find out I knew….” But, really, wasn’t it there own fault if the others just assumed Sinestro would stay dead? Neither of them were very good at that.

Leaning back into Sinestro, Hal closed his eyes, allowing himself a few moments to just enjoy the closeness. He had thought Sinestro would come back, but he’d been worried he wouldn’t. And with every passing week, that worry had become something closer to despair.

“I can’t believe you weren’t even dead,” he finally muttered, turning in Sinestro’s hold and glaring up at him. “You got away in time and you made me think I’d killed you!” Again. 

Sinestro gave one of his normal self-assured smirks, removing one of his hands from Hal’s waist to cup his cheek instead. “You had to know I’d find my way back to you.”

“That’s not the point and you know it.”

“If you run off and warn the others I’m back, I won’t have the time to make it up to you.”

Hal snorted, leaning most of his weight against Sinestro and wrapping his arms around him. “You better make this proper begging for forgiveness sort of make up sex, Thaal. And you better not be using this as a distraction, because I’m still more than powerful enough to kick your ass.”

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meme. // brag about something to your muse. // NOT ACCEPTING !

    ❝    ❞  

An INCLINE of his crown was made to better view the girl that seized his attention.  He’d never met the girl  (  and she didn’t ASSUME the familiar uniform attire from his classmates  ), but there wasn’t any time to fill in the large gap between them – only to SPEAK.

       IT WAS JUST A QUICK MOMENT, but I saw her enjoying herself on a sidewalk. Smiling. Respecting all the creatures that drew close.   

Where DOZENS of people had not paid any mind to the world below their own eye level – it had only served to highlight the ONE person whom differed from the rest. To appreciate the beauty of life and give it a small glimmer of comfort shined BRIGHTER than any his knowing eye had seen.

      THAT SORT OF KINDNESS is a strength in itself.  It makes her stand out much more than any kind of fancy tricks one can illuminate, and that much more respectable of a person. ❞  

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I was wondering if you knew where to find templates for gifsets and how to download and use them? I wanted to try new ways of making graphics in my spare time and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Apart from the ones I make myself, I get all of my templates from here, it’s honestly the best resource imo:

The great thing about gifset templates is that you don’t really have to download them to use them (at least I don’t), lemme explain. 

When I first started making gifsets, this was hands-down the best video I came across. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in knowing how to use templates for gifs in Photoshop. I’m a visual learner so I was happy to come across a step-by-step tutorial that explains everything really well.

There’s one thing that isn’t covered in the video though and I think it’s really important (assuming you’re using Photoshop):

  1. Colour your individual gif
  2. Before you copy it onto your template, click the small arrow with the lines on your timeline and select flatten frames into layers.

I cannot stress enough how important this stage is lol. If you don’t do it, you’ll end up with a horrendously coloured final product and I wish I had known that when I was starting out tbh.

Here’s part of a gifset I made a few months ago and the template (full one here) I used to achieve it. You can see the dimensions for each gif and the overall image size for the set is 245 x 300. 

Another way I like to use templates is so that the gifs are kinda “centred” like this:

All you have to do is crop the gif to the dimension you want (in this case 300 x 165) and then go to image - canvas size - select pixels from the dropdown box - and then change the width to 500 px and there you have it!

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions just let me know. :)

Theory: What happened on July 4, 1982?

There are lots of questions that are left to be answered in Gravity Falls. But one mystery in particular that has captivated me for a while, that I feel kinda lost steam after AToTS, is the calendar in Ford’s room.

At first, lots of people assumed it was the date Ford (well, he was still “Lee” at the time, wasn’t he? Lol good times) was pushed through/fell through the portal. But we now know that the portal incident happened not in summer, but in winter of 1982.

Which begs the question: What happened on Independence Day, 1982? First of all, special thanks to @lightanddarklove for their comment on my Stan-twins timeline– it really got me thinking about this, and motivated me to take a more in-depth look.

Before we dive in, I want to make something clear. We don’t know the month of the portal incident, and there’s no way of knowing whether Ford fell through in January-February of 1982, or November-December of 1982. All we know is it was snowing outside.

However, we are also given this look at the Calendar in AToTS:

The image on the calendar is different than the one in “Carpet Diem”, meaning Stan must have turned the page to the July page after the portal incident. This definitely points towards the Portal Incident taking place in early 1982, and the July 4 date being marked by Stan later that year.

So why are some reasons Stan might have marked the date in the calendar?

Official opening of the Mystery Shack

So one idea we can throw out there is that July 4 was the official grand opening of the Mystery Shack. It would have been the Murder Hut for a while, and it makes sense that Stan would make the move to start rebranding for the summer, in tourism season.

A deadline to save his brother

Stan was desperate to get Ford back—I could see him making tiny stretch goals for himself. “I’ll get the portal up and running by March.” “Sixer will be here to call Ma by Mother’s Day.” “Ford will be here by 4th of July.” Maybe it’s just my thirst for angst talking, but I have this thought in my head of Stan never reaching his deadlines, and just giving up hope and until he stopped turning pages of the calendar.

Marking his last day in the room

More likely than not, Stanley hated that room. The memory of lying awake there after the incident, of the alcohol in the corner reminding him of his brother’s time in rock bottom, of sleepless nights where he stared at the ceiling with an inflamed burn on his shoulder until he mustered up the nerve to go back to the basement—it must have been a horrible place to rest.

That’s why I can imagine, once he gets the money to hire Manly Dan to add another bedroom to the house, Stanley might even mark the day of the renovations, eager to be free of the room, and anticipating locking the door for the next 30 years, to hide away reminders of what he lost.

The “death” of Stan Pines

It’s strange, but I feel like when Stanley mentioned his death in AToTS, he said it with such relish. Like faking the car crash was among the few things he feels he did right in life.

Stanley Pines was a broken man. He thought had messed up in too many ways to count, was on the run from Rico’s goons, and I could picture Stan being eager to kill Stanley off, and start anew as Ford Pines. Maybe even eager enough to mark the date down, and celebrate internally.

A visit to his family and/or or a big family event

With a new identity in tow, and an opportunity to reconnect with his brother Shermie, it’s very possible that Stanley would have been really excited to bond again with the family he lost over 10 years prior.

As to the specifics, we can think of a few reasons why he might be excited enough to mark the date on the calendar:

- Shermie’s wedding

- The birth of his nephew (definitely seems like an age for Dipper/Mabel’s dad)

- Filbrick’s funeral (may he rot in hell)

- A 4th of July barbecue where he would see his family for the first time in years

Other than that, I can’t really think of too many other possibilities— if anyone reads this and thinks of something feel free to expand. The possibilities are endless.

Fun fact: I looked up the historical relevance of the date and the only thing that stuck out to me was that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne got married on July 4, 1982, so I could always make the crack theory that Stan was a massive fan and just got hella excited about it. but that’s a theory for another time.

chezchuckles' stories *so far* (December 27, 2013 -> 1 e-book and 183 castlefics)

This is supposed to be posted on her bday, but i couldn’t finished it in time. haha o well. i think today timing is more fitting, anyway. :) Happy Belated Birthday, chezchuckles/Laura/writingwell! Thank you for all the stories you wrote (fic or no fic, everything <3)!

Let’s read, people! :D


Fences by Laura Bontrager




written by seilleanmor and chezchuckles

  • Flunitrazepam (“An argument between them causes Castle to give Beckett the silent treatment. References to Target/Hunt, Lives of Others, Squab, and Still. Watershed has not happened.”)
written by beautyofsorrow and chezchuckles
  • Hang Me Out To Dry (a post ep for 6x03- Need to Know. Warning: Some spoilers for the Frozen Heat and Deadly Heat books.)

written by by chezchuckles, FanficwriterGHC, International08, JeuxDeVagues, Sandiane Carter, and Topsy:

  • Mr Smith Goes to Washington (AU. “After Beckett is shot, Mr Smith enters the picture to ‘save the day.’ But who is Mr. Smith and what is he to Beckett and Castle?”)

written by Topsy & chezchuckles:

  • Acquainted With the Night (“While Beckett has been struggling with PTSD, with becoming more, Castle has been struggling as well.”)

written by Cora Clavia & Sandiane Carter & chezchuckles:

  • Bringing Sexy Back (Romance/Humor. “Fantasies become reality.”)

written by Kate Christie and chezchuckles

  • Zeroing In (5x10-Significant Others. “Beckett has dinner with Meredith.”)
written by Cartographical, chezchuckles, and muppet47:
  • So One Man (Angst/AU. Something of a post-ep for 5x13 Recoil. 'As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.’)

written by Sandiane Carter & chezchuckles:

  • Bucket List (Romance. Chapter 9b is Bucket List in Paris, posted separately, and to be read before Chapter 10. Bucket List in Paris by Cartographical, Sandiane Carter, and chezchuckles—> Bucket List Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 19 & 20
  • One Hundred Days of Summer (after 4x23.How Kate Beckett and Rick Castle spend their summer”)
    —> One Hundred Days of Summer Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chap. 11 & 12
  • John Doe (“The title says it all. Co-authored by Sandiane Carter and chezchuckles. Spoilers for season four, but as you will see, quite a lot of it is…missing.”) —> John Doe Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chp. 4
  • Convection (Romance. “Heat Rises Spoilers! Kate reads Castle’s latest novel and has some questions for him. "Heat, like work, is energy in transit.”“) —> Convection Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chp. 8 & 9
  • A Better Fate (and 2 chap M-rated interlude (after chapter10 and after chapter 13): A Better Fate: Interlude by Sandiane Carter”)
  • Love Boat (”Beckett and Castle are assigned to work a case undercover“)
  • Plus One (post-ep 4x11 "Till Death Do Us Part.”)
  • Lost in Translation (Romance. “Sometimes the words just get in the way.”)
  • The Siege (Romance/angst/romance. s4premiere. “Castle has a plan to take down that wall. After three days, love will rise again.

- Ghost on the Canvas (AU.SPOILERS for Boom! from Season Two. Beckett has a sister)
- Stop Haunting Me (Sequel to Ghost on the Canvas)
- Heartlines (Sequel to Stop Haunting Me)
- Winter Is Coming (A Beth Companion)



  • Little Lion Man (”A babyfic for Mother’s Day. The way Kate Beckett and Rick Castle have been tamed.“) —> Little Lion Man Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chap. 13 & 14
  • This Is the Dreamworld (AU. 6x02 - dreamworld. Content Warning for Corgis) —> This is the Dreamworld Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chap. 10



  • Wrecking Ball
  • Mad World (around s4. "The dreams in which I’m dying…”)



  • Vice (“Beckett is a uniform on the Vice squad at the 12th. It’s five years before the season one meeting”) —> Vice Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chp. 1-3
  • Ultimatum (From the video by yamakiluv. “Castle is given an ultimatum: the file for Beckett’s life. AU Future.”) -> the elephant pic



  • The Double Edged Sword (drama/hurt/comfort/friendship/romance/idk haha. After s3 finale. “Recovery Kate! discovers some interesting scenes on Castle’s laptop as she’s holed up in his guest room”)
  • Skip the Charades (Romance/Drama. Mid-season 4. “Kate has recovered, but Castle has not. Alexis plans for Stanford while Castle and Beckett still work on her mother’s case”)




  • Take Up Your Cross (6x09 - Disciple)
  • Stand Guard (6x07 - Like Father, Like Daughter)
  • The UnNatural Order (6x06 - Get a Clue)
  • Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (6x05 - Time Will Tell)
  • First Day Jitters (6x04 - Number One Fan)
  • Parallel Play (6x01/6x02 - Valkyrie/Dreamworld)
  • What’s In a Name? (6x01/6x02 - Valkyrie/Dreamworld)


  • Stubborn and Stupid (5x24 - Watershed)
  • An Answer (5x24 - Watershed)
  • All This Aggravation (5x24 - Watershed)
  • A Proposal (5x24 - Watershed)
  • When You Assume (Eps. 5x22 - Still)
  • Fixing It In Post (5x21 - The Squab and the Quail)
  • Ape and Essence (5x20 - The Fast and the Furriest)
  • When A Plan Comes Together (5x19 - The Lives of Others)
  • Lean Wide Out the Window (pre- 5x19 - The Lives of Others)
  • Will The Real Richard Castle Please Stand Up? (5x18 - The Wild Rover)
  • Compartmentalization Doesn’t Work (5x15/5x16 - Target/Hunt)
  • From Beginning to End (5x15/5x16 - Target/Hunt)
  • Loose Change (5x15/5x16 - Target/Hunt)
  • Valentine’s Day Re-Do (5x14 - Reality Star Struck)
  • Beyond the Storm (episode speculation. 5x13 - Recoil)
  • No Secrets (5x10 - Significant Others)
  • Piece Together (5x09 - Secret Santa)
  • Back For More (5x08 - After Hours)
  • Ewoks, Creavers, and Muppets, Oh My (5x06 - The Final Frontier)
  • Time Served (5x05 - Probable Cause)
  • What We Learned This Weekend (5x04 - Murder, He Wrote)
  • You Owe Me (5x03 - Secret’s Safe with Me)
  • Care Package (5x03 - Secret’s Safe with Me)
  • No Other Choice (5x02 - Cloudy with a Chance of Murder)
  • Another Round (5x01 - After The Storm)


  • Leaves of Night (4x23 - Always)
  • You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead (4x21 - Headhunter)
  • Protest (4x19 - 47seconds)
  • You’re Not Going to Like This (4x19 - 47seconds)
  • Uncomplicated (4x19/4x20 - 47seconds/The Limey)
  • Knock Me Down (4x19/4x20 - 47seconds/The Limey)
  • Happily Ever After (4x17 - Once Upon a Crime)
  • Separation of Church and State (4x15 - Pandora)
  • This Evil Can Be Undone (4x15/4x16 - Pandora/Linchpin)
  • Swimming (4x15/4x16 - Pandora/Linchpin)
  • Plus One (4x11 - Till Death Do Us Part. written by Sandiane Carter & chezchuckles)
  • Cuffed (4x10 - cuffed. ep-speculation)
  • Dare to Seize the Fire (4x10 - cuffed)
  • It’s A Start (4x09 - Kill Shot)
  • Stolen (4x07 - Cops&Robbers)
  • The Good Kind (4x06 - Demons)
  • Speak the Unspeakable (4x01/4x03 - Rise/Head Case. “Kate Beckett is confronted by Alexis about rejection”)


  • No Victory (3x24 - Knockout. Continuation of the scene in Knockout after Beckett runs back to the hangar)
  • Able to Stand (3x24 - Knockout.Eps insert. Some of the scenes they didn’t show us. Kate’s POV.)
  • The Next Moment (3x24 - Knockout. The moment after the fade to black on Knockout. Oneshot. Very short)
  • Terrible Love (3x24 - Knockout. In between scenes, before and after the hangar. ONESHOT)
  • Don’t Hold Back (3x22 - To Love and Die in L.A. based on sneak peek)
  • Catalyst (3x13 - Knockdown)
  • Cold Comfort (3x16/3x17 - Setup/Countdown. Rick Castle can’t get warm without a little help.)


  • It Doesn’t Make Sense (2x06 - Vampire Weekend)



  • The Spleen Is a Non-Vital Organ (romance/humor. “Kate gets sick.”)
  • A Significant Lime (one shot.a cat, woolly socks, and a significant lime. for international08”)
  • Real Live Haunted House (“A Halloween fic entry in which Castle drags Beckett to a real, live haunted house”)
  • Things To Do In a Boring Meeting


ROMANCE (Castle/Beckett) :

  • Scratch and Claw (Romance/Angst. Bridge fic between seasons 5 and 6. “It’s who you are. You don’t let people in. I’ve had to scratch and claw for every inch.”)
  • Just My Imagination
  • Not All the Songs (4x23 post Always timeline. “All the songs that don’t make sense. A series of stand-alone one-shots with a common theme - the lyrics to catchy if inane chart-topping songs. AKA - Castle figures out that romancing a woman with Usher is not the way to go”)
  • She’s Everything (4x21 - Headhunters. “She’s a little girl, she’s a tigress, and she’s a warrior. She’s insecure and she’s indomitable. She’s everything.” -Stana Katic on Kate Beckett, Parade Magazine March 16, 2012)
  • HimitsuBako (set after 4x21 - Headhunters. so goood)
  • Ink
  • Doomsday (“It’s the end of the world as we know it”)  —> Doomsday Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 21 & 22
  • So Little Time
  • You’re Mine (LOOOOOVE THIS. “A Valentine’s Day fic.”)
  • Plan B (“Since being his usual charming self isn’t working, Castle tries to come up with a Plan B. SPOILERS for the book, Heat Rises”)
  • Someday (“Someday in the future, this is what will happen between them”)
  • When Words Escape (“All the ways Beckett could say 'I love you too’ without saying a word”)
  • Step Out Into the Light (angst/romance.Kate runs away from Castle, but she can’t run for long.” around 3x24/4x01)
  • Momentary Troubles (Set in winter of season four. Spoilers for Rise. “All it takes is time, and patience. The wall inside won’t be there forever.”)
  • Written on the Skin (s3 finale/early s4. “It’s just a scar. It doesn’t mean anything”)
  • Used to Be (3x24 insert. friendship/romance.“Taking up in the middle of Knockout, Castle tries to find a way around Kate’s demand that they are over. Some backstory on Lanie and Kate”)
  • The Sweet Taste (A year after S3 Finale, “Kate Beckett and Richard Castle finally host the Johanna Beckett Memorial Fund”)
  • The Frog at the Bottom of the Well (a lil bit of angst a lil bit of drama) —> The Frog Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 5&6



  • Banni (Romance. “Castle’s surprise for their honeymoon.” Roughly season 7 timeline)
  • Reaching Forever (Romance. “A summer night. "I am wide open, reaching forever. I fly into the blue.” Assume spoilers for season 5.“)
  • He Touches Things (”Castle’s observation of Beckett, and hers of him" oblique reference to 5x10 Significant Others)
  • We Could Always Just Cuddle (romance. “The night life at Kate Beckett’s apartment”)
  • Writer Man Discovers His Super Powers (romance/humor. Castle is writing and forgets to call Beckett. (Spoilers through 5x10 Significant Others, spoilers for Frozen Heat))
  • Mayday (romance)
  • Can’t Sleep Together (4x09 “Set a month or so after Kill Shot”)
  • Glorious (romance. “Easter fic”)
  • Just a Feeling That I Had (friendship/romance)
  • My Mind Holds the Key (Romance. “'My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I love, but my mind holds the key.’ -Arcade Fire”)
  • Now in These (Romance. “For Julie, who needs Castle and Beckett to not miss their moment”)
  • Standing in Front of You (romance. “Kate finally sees what’s been standing in front of her this whole time”)
  • Happy Birthday, Kate (Romance/friendship. “November 17th is Kate Beckett’s birthday”)
  • Good Morning (Romance.“Taking liberties with the Nathan Fillion quote: "It’s like our morning kiss. One way to say, without actually saying it, 'Good morning, my heart, how are you doing’”“)
  • Bullets in Her Teeth (Hurt/Comfort/Friendship/romance/idk. s4. "What Castle can do for her when she lets him. Also known as, Second Unofficial Date to Remy’s.”)



  • Castle Christmas Special (A chapter by chapter look at the Christmas holidays of the various AUs. A post every day of December in which we dip into the universe of Castle and Beckett from my previous stories. Begins with Vice.) -> playlist songs here
  • Advent (“Castle tries to convince Beckett of the magic of the season. A chapter posted every day.”) -> all the songs can be found here: Castle’s Xmas Playlist /cover art
  • Advent Again (“A chapter a day. A holiday fic. Assume Season 5 spoilers.”) -> all the songs can be found here : playlist –> and the puzzle pics and and gifts, check this tag and scrollll and next/before page and scrollll and le repeat~
  • —> Advent/Advent Again Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 26




  • That Familiar Feeling (AU. “What if Kate’s mother was never murdered but her father was instead? This Kate Beckett never went to the police academy, grew up under the shadow of her mother’s ambition, and has her own wall to deal with”)
  • That Familiar Feeling: Old Fashioned (Sequel to That Familiar Feeling)

—> That Familiar Feeling Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 16 - 18



  • Inherited Traits (AU)
  • Inherited Traits II (Sequel to Inherited Traits)

—> Inherited Traits Xmas story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 15



  • Worst of Times (Angst/mystery/romance- Finale didn’t happen. Castle gets the nerve to ask Beckett on a first date, but bodies have a way of showing up at the worst of times)
  • Age of Wisdom (A companion to Worst of Times which takes place immediately after Worst of Times(WoT) but before Best of Times)
  • Best of Times (Worst of Times companion. Epilogue of sorts.)
  • Age of Foolishness (set after Age of Wisdom and Best of Times)



  • Go Out Fighting (post ep. 3x24 Knockout. Post-episode series. What happens after Beckett gets shot?)
  • Go Out Fighting 2: Serendipity (Sequel for Go Out Fighting)
  • Go Out Fighting 3: Never (After Go Out Fighting 2: Serendipity)
  • Go Out Fighting 4: We Don’t End



  • One and Done?
  • If At First (Set in the One and Done? universe. Post 3x19. romance/angst)
  • Try Again (After the events of One and Done? and If At First. drama/romance)
  • Federal Heat (A continuation of the If At First, Try Again universe. “Beckett takes Jordan Shaw’s offer”)



  • Unvanquished (Angst/AU. “What happens to Kate Beckett when the Dragon is slain - and she’s charged with his murder?”)

—> Unvanquished christmas story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 7

  • Unvanquished: Redux (An epilogue to the epilogue found in Unvanquished. “One year later”)
  • Unvanquished: Return (Third in the Unvanquished series)



  • Reverie (post 3x24. Castle waits for Kate to wake up and imagines all the things he wants to say)
  • Reverie 2 (Sequel to Reverie. “Kate wakes and reads his story”)



  • Close Encounters 1 (AU. “What if Richard Castle was a spy?”)
  • Close Encounters 2
  • Close Encounters 3
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  • Close Encounters 6
  • Close Encounters 7
  • Close Encounters 8
  • Close Encounters 9
  • Close Encounters 10
  • Close Encounters 11
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—> Future Close Encounters Xmas story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 24 & 25

** Extra M scenes



Dash Away

with companion:

  • No Light, No Light (A Dash Away Prequel. Chapters 95-99 should catch you up)
  • The Only Light (No Light, No Light continuation. A Dash Away prequel.)
  • Everlasting Light
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Dash It All

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  • Wonderful Life (concurrently, somewhere around chap 50 of Dash It All)
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Mad Dash

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  • Home, Sweet, Home
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  • Homeward
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Everything That Glitters ('Future/Adult Ellery’)

Everything That Glitters Part 2 (Sequel to Everything That Glitters)

Dash of Summer (“Set four/five months after the events of Mad Dash.”)

—> Dash (&Ellery) Xmas story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 23


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Re: Sophiam

I just wanted to expand on your Sophiam/bearding thoughts. I never really took notice of them apart from to blanket assume all of 1D were bearding anyway, at all times, lol. But I totally agree. The tabloid nonsense never addresses the depth of knowledge and timeline that fans -or- those that bother to look can see. I think Sophia was a quick fix and management looked after her well, just as they did/have with Eleanor. The girls got to travel the world, stay in top hotels/take first-class flights, gain attention/exposure, and it has been undoubtedly well paid. Look at Eleanor now. I like the girl, but what actually does she -do-? She seems a lovely person and quite harmless but it’s like she’s retired at 23 to run a fashion blog and sip coffee at Bistro’s all day? What happened to the politics degree and joining the rat race of society? Afaics, she’s always in LA/posh London suburbs or strolling with her dog/friends, day after day, like being on permanent holiday. This is post Louis, so either her family is incredibly rich, she’s been well paid off, or both. It’s just not normal for someone of that age to be able to afford what looks to me like a very easy, luxury London lifestyle like that without working a top job, hard, every day. Or coming into very good money.  

Sophia is interesting because her PR has taken a similar route without being quite so overexposed as Eleanor. But the bizarreness of tabloid talk that Liam couldn’t maintain his relationship with someone a. always on tour with him b. soon could be together full time, at home, and do what they want, is pure nonsense. A real couple would literally be counting the calendar days down with a smile at the thought that in a few months they’d be free. If that relationship meant anything he’d have waited for her/her for him, not breaking up and using that as a weak excuse.

I always feel like whoever writes 1D’s phoney narratives doesn’t understand young people at all. Or plausibility.

I wouldn’t put it past 1DHQ to ‘reconcile’ Sophiam, esp if Liam is seen within a sniff of Zayn or his property (Popbitch will let us know, lol!). Although I’d assume they’ll try and link Liam maybe with industry women and random girls in the press to keep his name ‘out there’ during hiatus. I know these girls have benefited from a wonderful life bearding or hanging out with the boys in lots of ways, but it’s still wrong.


I agree with you. Eleanor’s post Louis activity is pretty suspect. But also totally expected. Because the lifestyle is addictive and she’s gonna do what it takes to hold onto it. I don’t think she (or Sophia) come from a posh background. I think 1DHQ very intentionally sought out working class girls because the lifestyle would seem more appealing to someone who hasn’t experienced it before. Therefore, they’d be extra cooperative. There’s a science behind all this fakery.

Eleanor and Sophia’s public lives are carefully curated for fandom consumption. It looks glam and happy but there’s a not so nice underbelly to it. I don’t wanna even get into details but that kinda gig can come at a price. These aren’t nice people who respect women that they’re working for. They’re rich, entitled, chauvinistic dicks. Obviously I’m not talking about 1D, but 1DHQ. It’s predatory and intimidating. Neither of them was any match for 1DHQ.

Yes, the Sophiam break-up narrative is totally senseless. I’m guessing maybe 1DHQ had another story lined up but were negotiated with to drop it. So the fallback was some I-love-her-so-I-let-her-go crap. Sure. People who are in love and have the means to be together break-up all the time for vague illogical reasons that even E.L. James and Stephanie Meyer would reject. LOL

I don’t think there’s any getting back together for Sophiam because 1DHQ ended it because they needed to. Time is running out. But yep, I think they’ll keep no homo-ing it until the end.

I also agree that forced bearding is wrong and both Eleanor and Sophia were wrong for participating. But I’m sure the money and access and perks were hard to turn down. At the end of the day, they still benefited from someone else’s oppression and that’s not ok.

anonymous asked:

Before Texas and your rewatch did you ever supect Lucas liked Maya or vice versa ?

I had a few wtf moments but I dismissed them because I was sure I was just seeing things or they screwed up. That’s part of why I quit the show back in S1. I was so convinced about Riley and Lucas that I assumed they were just letting mistakes slip through and it made me think less of the show. They got me so good, gah! I really ought to have known better, but I fell into the trap of dismissing things because of the Disney of it all.

Ooooops. 😂😂😂

Game Night and 1961 were the big ones, tbh. I forget the precise timeline of my “awakening” (lol) but I watched Creativity after I came back to watch a few episodes for Eric (maybe a week or so before Texas?), and I was like “huh whaaaat? Lucas likes Maya?” When I went back after Texas though my brain CRUMBLED. They had me watching the birdie so intently, omfg.

asktheseventhhuman-archived  asked:

Chara appeared in the timeline all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere... their hair covered in dust and they looked hurt and sick. They looked around not recognizing the timeline... it was a new one... maybe they should get out before someone saw them and assumed the worst.

“Uh h-hi? Are you alright?”

Frisk got startled as someone fell nearby her. Noticing that they were hurt, Frisk immediately went to their aid. She checked her inventory for food, and found a cinnamon bunny. She took it and offered it to the person.

“H-Here eat this! This will make you feel better!”