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rainy days au is a mix of timetravel+modern day universe, where ed gets sent back in time and assumes the name Kouki Sato (yves and yuki know its him lol) unfortunately, being in this new timeline has adverse effects towards kouki’s health and the chipper ed we all know and love slowly becomes a sad bean… :y


Theory: What happened on July 4, 1982?

There are lots of questions that are left to be answered in Gravity Falls. But one mystery in particular that has captivated me for a while, that I feel kinda lost steam after AToTS, is the calendar in Ford’s room.

At first, lots of people assumed it was the date Ford (well, he was still “Lee” at the time, wasn’t he? Lol good times) was pushed through/fell through the portal. But we now know that the portal incident happened not in summer, but in winter of 1982.

Which begs the question: What happened on Independence Day, 1982? First of all, special thanks to @lightanddarklove for their comment on my Stan-twins timeline– it really got me thinking about this, and motivated me to take a more in-depth look.

Before we dive in, I want to make something clear. We don’t know the month of the portal incident, and there’s no way of knowing whether Ford fell through in January-February of 1982, or November-December of 1982. All we know is it was snowing outside.

However, we are also given this look at the Calendar in AToTS:

The image on the calendar is different than the one in “Carpet Diem”, meaning Stan must have turned the page to the July page after the portal incident. This definitely points towards the Portal Incident taking place in early 1982, and the July 4 date being marked by Stan later that year.

So why are some reasons Stan might have marked the date in the calendar?

Official opening of the Mystery Shack

So one idea we can throw out there is that July 4 was the official grand opening of the Mystery Shack. It would have been the Murder Hut for a while, and it makes sense that Stan would make the move to start rebranding for the summer, in tourism season.

A deadline to save his brother

Stan was desperate to get Ford back—I could see him making tiny stretch goals for himself. “I’ll get the portal up and running by March.” “Sixer will be here to call Ma by Mother’s Day.” “Ford will be here by 4th of July.” Maybe it’s just my thirst for angst talking, but I have this thought in my head of Stan never reaching his deadlines, and just giving up hope and until he stopped turning pages of the calendar.

Marking his last day in the room

More likely than not, Stanley hated that room. The memory of lying awake there after the incident, of the alcohol in the corner reminding him of his brother’s time in rock bottom, of sleepless nights where he stared at the ceiling with an inflamed burn on his shoulder until he mustered up the nerve to go back to the basement—it must have been a horrible place to rest.

That’s why I can imagine, once he gets the money to hire Manly Dan to add another bedroom to the house, Stanley might even mark the day of the renovations, eager to be free of the room, and anticipating locking the door for the next 30 years, to hide away reminders of what he lost.

The “death” of Stan Pines

It’s strange, but I feel like when Stanley mentioned his death in AToTS, he said it with such relish. Like faking the car crash was among the few things he feels he did right in life.

Stanley Pines was a broken man. He thought had messed up in too many ways to count, was on the run from Rico’s goons, and I could picture Stan being eager to kill Stanley off, and start anew as Ford Pines. Maybe even eager enough to mark the date down, and celebrate internally.

A visit to his family and/or or a big family event

With a new identity in tow, and an opportunity to reconnect with his brother Shermie, it’s very possible that Stanley would have been really excited to bond again with the family he lost over 10 years prior.

As to the specifics, we can think of a few reasons why he might be excited enough to mark the date on the calendar:

- Shermie’s wedding

- The birth of his nephew (definitely seems like an age for Dipper/Mabel’s dad)

- Filbrick’s funeral (may he rot in hell)

- A 4th of July barbecue where he would see his family for the first time in years

Other than that, I can’t really think of too many other possibilities— if anyone reads this and thinks of something feel free to expand. The possibilities are endless.

Fun fact: I looked up the historical relevance of the date and the only thing that stuck out to me was that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne got married on July 4, 1982, so I could always make the crack theory that Stan was a massive fan and just got hella excited about it. but that’s a theory for another time.