assume the fetal position!

Are You Okay?!

 summary: Pastel Dan is bullied and beaten up but his knight in shining armor, punk Phil is there to help him out.

wc: 1.6k (i’m really proud, i enjoy writing and then i write a lot yay!)

tw: bullying, homophobia, violence, blood, hospitals and a smidge of homophobic parents/abusive parents 

genre: pastelxpunk

a/n: okay so i love pastelxpunk and homophobia and bullying fics so that might be most of my fics lmao but whatever (if you guys want I might make a part 2 which will include more of a backstory to the homophobic parents?!) also apologies for me being incapable of thinking of titles. (hopefully will be posting a fic every monday?!)

Dan walked into school dressed in a pastel pink jumper and white skinny jeans, outfit complete with a pastel pink and blue flower crown. Dan walked into school head down low and already ready for the day to be over. Even though Dan hated high school and the only part he looked forward to was seeing Phil. 

Phil was his black leather clad boyfriend that was his complete opposite. Phil was a punk, extremely popular boy who had girls, and boys, swooning at him all the time. But Phil loved Dan even if all the boys, and girls, swooning at Phil hated Dan. 

Dan was harassed daily when he was without Phil. People called him faggot or gay (which he still did not understand why people considered that an insult) or weak. They would smash his favorite flowers crowns and call him a fairy. They tripped him on the way to class and stole his sketchbook from time to time. Though it all stopped when Phil took his hand.

Everyone was intimidated by Phil, even the teachers, but they all had good reason. His body was covered in illegal tattoos and a surplus of piercings. Not to mention Phil was not scared to hurt anyone who touched Dan. Even though Phil’s exterior emanated a bad boy persona Phil was a softie at heart. 

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Don’t Let Me Go

Request: A Bucky x Reader fic based on the song Don’t Let Me Go by Harry Styles. 

Word Count: 1,190

Warnings: Slight angst. But mostly fluff.

A/N: Hope you all like!! 

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Bucky looked around the room he had just finished trashing. The adrenaline was seeping out of him, leaving behind the pain and grief of having lost you. His hand rose to clutch at his chest as each breath became more painful than the last one. Running to the bathroom, he dry heaved into the toilet, knowing very well nothing would come out. All he’s had the past few hours was alcohol.

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Imagine Sammy being all cute and taking care of you on your period

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“Ugh,” you groaned, doubling over and assuming the fetal position on your and Sam’s bed “Sammy it hurts,” you whined as he made his way over to you with a shopping bag and sat near your head.

You scooted over and wrapped your arms around his waist resting your head on his lap. He smiled smoothing out your messy hair. “I know babe, which is why I bought a couple extra things form the store,” he said opening the bag and pulling out a big bar of chocolate, followed by a tub of your favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, along with other snacks that he would never eat himself. Finally he pulled out the pain medication and a couple instant heating pads.

“Oh Sam you’re a life saver!” you exclaimed grabbing one of the heating pads bending it until you heard the little crunch signalling it was activated before stuffing it directly under your shirt.

Sam chuckled filling the stuff back in the bags and resting it to the side before leaning back against the headboard “Did I ever tell you that you’re the best boyfriend ever?” you mumbled burying your face in shirt, your arms still wrapped around his waist 

“I don’t believe you have,” he teased leaning his head back, 

“Hm, well you are.”


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So for your link!au for ml, I think there's something that's being ignored: that time of the month. Just totally imagine that moment when Chat/Adrien realizes what it is and is horrified at how it actually feels (because lets be honest, dudes ALWAYS underestimate period pains). So he has to deal with constantly craving something but never being able to eat it because of the nausea. The bent-in-half cramps, the bloating, the feeling like youre LEAKING and that EVERYONE KNOWS.

Oh for sure! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a couple of other people mention that bit too :P

The funnier thing is that the first time it happens, Adrien has no freakin’ idea what’s going on and just assumes he’s dying. Like he’s on his bed in the fetal position, his lower back is killing him, he’s bloated and constipated, the pain killers he’s taking aren’t helping, and he feels like he’s going to throw up and he’s like “that’s it I’m done for this is the end I’ve had a good life.”

He goes to the doctor and they’re like “um, hon, you’re fit as a fiddle” so Adrien’s just then what????? is????? happening to me?!?!?!?! And it’s not like anyone online is helping because they’re all saying those are period symptoms but he’s all “no that can’t be I don’t have the right parts, my organs must be failing.”

And then Ladybug apologizes to him later for being sluggish during patrols because her cramps are bothering her and then he’s just like O H ! !

And he simultaneously realizes two things: one that he is #fucked every month for the rest of his life, and two that people with vaginas are rockstars like how do they handle this every month, much respect, wow. 


Title: Credulous (or the four times Phil forced Dan to believe in superstition, and one time Dan does)

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: crude language

Genre: fluff, crack 

Pairing/s: [spoiler under the strikethrough] ambiguously-married, domestic Phan

Characters: danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, mentions of a fan, mentions of Martyn Lester, mentions of Cornelia, mentions of Mrs Lester

Summary: The following is an account of purely-British white boy Dan Howell living with part-Filipino Phil Lester, who is always shoving his beliefs at him like the Jesus Guy in their streets of Manchester.

A/N: Phil is racebent here! He is ¼ Filipino because I am Filipino and all I know are Filipino superstitions. 

A/N 2: the Filipino superstitions here are all of Cebuano origin because I am Cebuano.

A/N 3: in relation to both A/Ns 1 and 2 – the racebending and the ethnic origin of the superstitions are all for the convenience of writing and are not true facts of Phil Lester. Phil Lester is an absolute white boy. 

A/N 4: this is kind of inspired by the Filipino-speaking!Dan smut fic that my friend constipatedhowell​ wrote that was nominated for a Phanfic Award (the thought of it still makes me laugh and cringe at the same time I’m glad I have not exploded yet) hey Alice

A/N 5: this was greatly fun to write omg today is a good writing week for me.

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mi casa es su casa 

Fandom: Voltron (Legendary Defender) 

Pairing: Klance 

Summary: "Do you wanna do something fun?“

The room’s dark save for the faint glow of the panels that line Keith’s walls, and with its help he spots Lance kneeling beside his bed, eyes shimmering like the millions of stars that wink at them as they travel to universes they never knew existed.

Keith massages his temple, trying to will away the Lance induced headache. “Please, please tell me you didn’t just wake me up at ass o'clock in the morning to go on a play date with you.”

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Glee finale part two: 50 Shades of Crying

Part one.

Will’s Glee Club teacher gives the iconic “glee” definition.

New Directions wins Nationals and Will becomes Principal.

McKinley is now an art school.


So many people in the choir room.

Mr. Schue’s song and the characters actors crying.

Sam’s first task to the Glee Club.

Thinking that Finn and Sam could’ve been co-captains.

Mercedes’ speech and final solo. “She’s left the building”.

Sue and Becky. Thanks Glee for not ruining that relationship.

Sue and Schue’s duet.

That last look on Sue.

Brad the piano man.

“Five years later”.

Vice President Sue.

Klaine singing with kids and doing the “Amazing” circle.

Hearing those piano notes and knowing that’s Rachel and her last solo.

After watching her performance.

Rachel pregnant…

… with Klaine’s baby…

… just like Shelby did…

… and she’s married to Jesse.

Jesse telling her what to say in her speech.

Wemma’s bunch of children.

Rachel’s actual acceptance speech. I thought she was gonna break her water.

Terri’s back.

Sue’s speech and the “Finn Hudson” auditorium.

“I lived”. I was expecting some flashbacks but it’s ok.

Emma looking at Will hugging Terri.


That final quote on the plaque.

THE END. *assumes fetal position*

“Hux puts his hand over his mouth, eyes still closed, and laughs into his palm. Ren thinks they’ll have a next time. Of course he does. Incomparable fool that he is, Ren wants this hell they’ve made for each other to continue.”

(Guess who finally caught up with the Children, Wake Up series. Scene is from the end of Chapter 3 of Under the Ruins of a Walled City, by the indescribable @hollyhark, our lord and savior.)

(Arggghhhhh I’m ruining the scene!)

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Ok but Enjolras misspelling Pink during a meeting

Nah but hear me out : Enjolras’ brain going blank and forgetting how to spell “democracy”

And there he is, standing on a table, giving the most rousing speech you’ve ever heard, patriotising the ABC’s socks off, then suddenly, he decides to spell “democracy” (cause he’s been listening to “My Shot” way too much) and :



“I am not worthy to lead you, Citizens.”

Do What You Have To...

I’m exhausted! I’ve been on twitter with @sherrigamblin talking to Terry since yesterday. I’m a small account and a small blog but I added my voice to support both of them after initially having made up my mind to say nothing. Then Terry told me “to get back here Missy” I knew she was right burying my head or voice in this case does not help. 

I’m a nurse and by default we like to help people heal. But we tend to wear our emotions on our sleeve as well. After yesterday I again engaged with non shippers today and I still believe that Terry and @sherrigamblin are right that we need to help each other move past this. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t be angry, hurt and disgusted. In the past I have defended Mr. Shatner, that will never happen again. He tried to destroy our community and pit fans against each other. He involved his own fans to go after shippers and some individuals specifically that is unforgivable.

I know there are more articulate people in this fandom and professionals that can discuss the pathology and strategies so all I can offer is my from personal experience. Having been a victim in another fandom and in RL I don’t believe in the word closure. You don’t forget and forgive the abuse, sorry but at least I couldn’t forgive. But instead I became a survivor I did not let being a victim define who I am. 

However with the abuse that was being dished out yesterday to people in our branch of the fandom I wanted to assume the fetal position and cover my eyes. But I didn’t I decided to try and help. We each have to chose our own path and work through things in the way that works for us. I love this community and I am so sorry for those that have left or have withdrawn I feel better for having known them and diminished now that they have left. It will take time and work but hopefully we can find our sweet spots again.

When you sense that your dark night is one of pregnancy and oceanic return, you could react accordingly and be still. Watch and wonder. Take the human embryo as your model. Assume the fetal position, emotionally and intellectually. Be silent. Float in your darkness as if it were the waters of the womb, and give up trying to fight your way out or make sense of it.
—  Thomas Moore
Forever Grateful

Since the battle of Sokovia, many things had changed. People had changed. The Avengers changed.
Fast forward almost a year after the battle had occurred. You had joined the Avengers team and fought alongside them with pride. You were recruited for your abilities in combat, which were somewhat parallel to Black Widow’s. An assassin since birth, you followed a path that had seemed unpaved and unclear. You had no clear motives, that is, until you met Tony Stark. He offered you a home, something you hadn’t had since you were conceived. You quickly made friends with Steve and the others, as well as developing a liking to Bucky. Of course, you had never met him until later that year when he had tried to kill you. But he was still attractive.
You had trained your entire life for moments like these. To be fighting one-on-one with the famous Winter Soldier. His skills were no doubt excelled, but the man behind the mask was chilling as well. After Steve had ordered you to retreat in fear of you getting injured, that was the only time you had seen Bucky. You fell asleep dreaming about his piercing eyes and accentuated jawline. High cheekbones and his long eyelashes. Steve had promised to save his best friend, and indeed had he kept his promise.
Now, a year later, the three of you had paired with Wanda to fight a rogue killer and his followers near Tokyo.
Explosions went off left and right. You were fighting with a middle aged man, one of the villian’s followers. You practically had to chase him up a 12 story building, seeing he was carrying an intimidating bag you were sure had bombs in it.
The killer had called himself Montag Vondú, and his followers all wore masks and black clothes so their identities were anonymous. Each one of them had special abilities, and the one that you were fighting fought with a taser. Grabbing his arm and twisting it a full 180°, you rested another hand on his shoulder and brought your legs toward his face, pushing all of you weight into his body. He stumbled backward, losing his balance. Just as you felt your feet go back toward the ground, a bomb went off. Shocked, you spun around. The impact knocked you backward, sending the two of you flying through the large floor to ceiling window. You looked at the man underneath you, appalled at how the bombs had gone off. You had stopped him, right?
Flashing a smile, he showed you a pin he held between his teeth. A grenade.
Bracing yourself for impact, you tucked in all of your limbs, assuming a fetal position. Bucky was closest to you, but he was easily a block away.
Hitting the hard concrete with a deafening sound, your eyes instinctively shut. You had lost your breath for a few moments, and it felt like you were suffocating. The man had gotten up and left, seeming perfectly fine. He must have assumed you were dead and went to go kill anyone else he could find.
Bucky. He would go after Bucky.
As if on cue, Bucky rounded the corner cautiously, aiming his gun in front of his face to assume danger.
When he saw you, his face fell. He wasn’t one to cry, but his eyes glassed over and he dropped to his knees, throwing his gun to the side and starting CPR just as your eyes started rolling into the back of your head.
“No, no. You will not die. You won’t.” He huffed as he applied pressure near your diaphragm, to which you didn’t move. Assuming the worst, he planted his lips onto yours and began forcing air down into your lungs. Your eyes fluttered open slowly, and you sucked in a deep breath of air. Bucky pulled away, giving you space to cough and a minute to regain your senses.
You looked around weakly, unable to move more than an inch on either side. Bucky noticed and saw the cuts all over from the glass. You had pieces sticking out of the flesh on your arm, a sharp shard of glass near your knee, and an injury to the head. Being the most important part of your body, Bucky examined your head first. Your hair was wet, and he gently took off his jacket and placed it under your head to examine you further. He gingerly carded through your tangled hair, stopping whenever you winced.
“Can I help you up?” He asked after a minute. You closed your eyes, and nodded slightly. “I want to get you out of there before anyone else comes back.” He muttered, sliding his arms underneath your knees and slowly lifting you off the ground. You groaned when you felt your body leave the concrete, and Bucky shushed you in a patient voice, all the while muttering ‘I’m sorry’ under his breath. He carried you over to the quintet, getting Steve on the coms to tell him that you were almost compromised. Bucky sat with you until Steve and Wanda returned. He held your hand as the doctors treated your wounds, and calmed you when you screamed out in pain. It hurt him to see you like this. At one point, you mustered up the strength to ask him what had been on your mind.
“Why’d you come back?” You whispered, barely audible.
“What do you mean?” He looked up, responding to the sound of your voice.
“How’d you know I was hurt?” You reiterated, turning your head to look at him.
“I heard a loud bang. Then I saw the other guy run down the street. I was worried. I thought you died.” His voice shook with fear. You grasped his hand harder.
“Me too.” You whispered.
“Why weren’t you more careful up there?” He questioned, to which a smile broke out on your face.
“I thought I would practice my superhero landing.”
Bucky chuckled, “Well, don’t practice that anymore. You’re pretty awful at it.”

Watching OUAT tonight:
  • Emma: If you're afraid of losing your happy ending, that means you found it. What is it?
  • Killian: Don't you know, Emma?
  • Killian: It's you.
  • Captain Swan: *kisses beautifully*
  • So, how was your night?