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Woah hey look at all the moths I attracted! WELL HI. 

You hear a knock in the door, but when you open it there was no one around. However, when you look around, you find a small nome sticked to your door, in an unknown caligraphy, that reads:

“Look in your room”

Confused, you think twice before going back in, but whatever was in your room had to get the hell out of there. 

When you open the door to there though, you are surprised by a shirtless spaniard laying in your bed with a bottle of whipped cream in hands and a silly smirk on his face, that says:

“Oh what took you so long, Mi amor?”

You have watched too many horror films to know where this is going. Nonetheless, you decide to go to your bedroom. Whatever happens in horror films will not happen to you. 

Slowly, you make your way downstairs, to where your bedroom is sited, all your defences up. If you need to beat somebody then you will beat somebody.

So when your eyes catch the sight of your friend Roberto, on your bed, shirtless and with that bottle of whipped cream in his hands there’s nothing else you can do.

First, it starts as a snort and before you can control it, you are already bursting into laughs. 

[Text] Do you really? Because I have this impression you don’t. Never blamed you for taking the decision of cutting your leg off to save yourself. But do you realize I have the right to be worried and angry for you losing a leg? Not at you, again. But at the situation? At how poorly you were treated?  Am I allowed to do that or not? Because, if not, I am sorry I was not informed.

[Text] And the way you talk makes it sound like I would stop being your friend and kicked you out of my life because of it. Thanks for the image you have of me, it’s appreciated. And as for the day you came here, sorry for not, I don’t know, treating you the way you were expecting. I was making the first no royal party to a child and I didn’t even know if I was doing it right, so yeah, I had my head full other things. Sorry.

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When I was there we never went over like.. 15k yen?? But maybe its because it was a very tiny apartment and I am not sure if we had to pay for heating. Idk.. Some places there they dont charge heating but idk if they do that anymore

Ahh, interesting! Hopefully I won’t end up with a ginormous bill either– But yeah, I just went back to look at the places we were looking at some ask you to pay utilities and some don’t welp. Even if we do, it’s a split bill thing so it hopefully won’t be that bad! Still haven’t decided where we’ll stay so we’ll see how it goes uvu;;;