youngjae and his cute self cams (2014 vs. 2016)
↳ let’s also appreciate the fact that the camera never focuses on his cute lil face and it’s always shaking

EXO Reaction to you catching them staring at your ass.

Hope you like it - Chloe xx 

Kai - I swear I wasn’t looking.

Sehun - Y/N - Shut your mouth you’re catching flies. 

Chen - *just smirks* 

Suho - woah jagi nice booty. 

Chanyeol - I wasn’t looking at annyythinngg. 

Lay - sorry babe *unleash pervy unicorn*

Luhan - Y/N - don’t look

Luhan - but I like it 

Kris - ah why you gotta do this to me

Tao - *ignore the idiot in the background*

I’m sorry babe, I will not do it again (yeah right) 

D.O - sorry jagi *creepy kyungsoo*

Baekhyun - *acts like he wasn’t looking*

Xiumin - you have a nice assssss