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I'm coping with your "surprise birthday party" theory because otherwise they're just doing an unnecessarily shitty thing to Kara and Alex "I planned my entire career around Kara and nearly broke up with Maggie half a dozen times" Danvers would never do this.

Alex would never drop Kara on her Earth birthday. So I’m calling missunderstanding here. Otherwise if they pull an “all my life revolved around you, can’t I just have one thing?” on a birthday day, I’m coming for their assssss

So this guy came in my shop mid me eating my “dark” chocolate Reece’s cup and he goes straight up to me and snaps at me saying not to eat chocolate that men like skinny women and I look at him & tell him “Ima eat 10 of these just bc you said that” goes on asking if I’m married 🙄 when I say no and express that I DONT GIVE A RATS ASSSSSS ABOUT WHAT A MAN WANTS he cuts me short and goes “aaaaaah your a lesbian” 🙄🙄 when I said no and simply say I’m going to eat chocolate and whatever I want I don’t care about being skinny for a man especiallllly he cuts me off and said he has a daughter my age as if that makes him relatable 🙄🙄 all I feel is sorry for his daughter… & I feel sorry for the women that hears that and actually stops eating, sometimes when I experience things like this or run into the usual closed minded sexist man I can’t fit in my mind how a man like that survives in this world anymore 🙄

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More King George X Samuel? c:

After Alex threw his prom king crown on the floor, Principal George found it while cleaning with the other faculty (and Sam) and decided it might as well belong to him. Samuel adores it. (This is more George X the crown than anything else lmfao)

(Whooooo also long time no post! Can u tell this was rushed? It was. I really felt guilty about leaving this blog alone for so long! I’ll try my best to post more, even if it’s shitty stuff like this.)