Thermodynamic Equilibrium V.2

(rewritten because I have no inspiration but still want to write. Also, this story is very sweet and soothing.)

Part One:

Harry woke with a startled gasp, sitting up as the last vestiges of his nightmare faded into the darkness. His breathing filled the quiet room as he tried to catch his breath and stifle the heaving gasps into something that could pass for normal breathing.  He pushed the thin sheet off himself, kicking at them when it clung to his legs with a muted snarl of frustration. His tee shirt clung him like a second skin and he tugged it free, flapping it absently to dry the sweat and shivering faintly with the short-lived chill it afforded.

He used to wake screaming. Harry spent the summer at the Burrow and Molly would always rush to his side when his dreams would inevitably wake the whole house. Month after month of Molly’s worry, Ron’s concern, Hermione’s hugs and Ginny’s growing distance, he somehow trained himself to wake silently. He screamed in his dreams and awoke with only labored gasps and a faint coppery taste on his tongue from biting the inside of his cheek.

Harry swung his legs over the side of the bed and slipped out of the small dorm he shared with Ron and Neville. He kept his hand on the wall of the narrow hallway as he made his way to the eighth years shared common room in the third-floor corridor. The air only grew colder as he went, cooling his overheated skin. He hungrily sucked in a deep breath and enjoyed another brief shiver.

Ever since Harry had died in the forest, he constantly felt like he was too warm. The heat prickled beneath his skin like a mild sunburn that never healed. It was as if coming back from the dead had changed him, putting his body constantly into overdrive. He sometimes had dreams where the heat grew and grew until he burst into flames like a phoenix. He always woke up before he could find out what arose from the ashes.

Harry paused at the entrance to the common room, his eyes picking out the silhouette of someone sitting on a couch pulled so close to the blazing fireplace they were at serious risk of catching fire themselves. The orange and red light from the flame reflected off distinctly white-blond hair.

Harry edged further into the room, taking the opportunity to observe Draco without him knowing.  His expression was gentle without the typical sneer or frown creasing his features. There was something else though, an almost painful level of weariness reflected in the deep shadows lurking under his eyes and the blank unfocused way he watched the flames. Harry had never seen such obvious signs of exhaustion on Draco before and he supposed that the vain prat must have used glamours or potions to hide them during the day.

Harry felt a prickle go down his spine at the sight, feeling both curious and concerned. Draco had seemed like he had recovered from the war better most would have in his position. He was quiet and careful, he made amends with stiff, awkwardly worded letters and apologies- Harry knew from personal experience- so difficult for him to say that the words choked in his throat like a devil’s snare. Then he came back to help with the rebuilding and finish his Newts with the rest of them. He seemed fine, a little too pale, a little too thin, but fine.

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Dorkerella || Peter Parker x Reader ||

Characters: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Fandom: MCU/ SM: HC

Request: Yes bless from my honey b @toms-spidey [a peter parker imagine where it’s time for another school dance and he wants to ask reader and vice versa but peter’s too afraid he’ll have to ditch her like he ditched liz so he doesn’t, but then he goes to the dance and sees the reader there alone and asks her to dance n yeah all that jazz :-)]

Prompt: You and Peter often find yourselves in a dilemma, this time around it was because of an upcoming dance. You’ve been a friend of Peter’s for quite some time and developed a crush on him, so naturally, everyone knew about it except for Peter and you so desperately wanted him to take you to the dance. Only he struggled to find it within himself to do so. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @deans-angel-of-thursdays

Word Count: 2,424

A/N: THIS IS HECKIN CUTE ASSSSSS, i changed it slightly toward the end but it still hella cute <3 omgggg

The school hallways filled with posters promoting the school’s fundraising dance this upcoming Friday, it was always a fun event for everyone, hosted by the senior students before their farewell early next year. Y/N had gone last year with Peter and Ned and they had the time of their lives, now times had changed. 

People changed.

Not negatively of course, over the year Y/N developed feelings toward Peter. He tended to stand out for her more, it was as if she woke up one morning and her dearest friend Peter Parker was suddenly the most attractive person she knew. That wasn’t quite the case at all actually, over time these feelings accumulated but it did feel as though it happened all at once. 

Here she was a year later, hopelessly crushing on her best friend. It had been quite the hard year for her, having to watch Peter change from the lovable nerd she fell in love with to super hero extraordinaire. She also had to guide him through the period of which he was completely infatuated with Liz Allan. Long before Y/N had a crush on him, Peter had a crush on Liz so while it hurt to see him pawn after another girl, Y/N always remembered Peter was a friend first. 

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anonymous asked:

pool day w/ RFA +V&Saeran?? group HC??? orrrrr

Hey Hi Anon!~ Sorry for the late responses! We’ve got a lot haha

This is such a fun request! I’m glad we get the chance to write this out!

The style of writing will be a little different so bear with me!


  • Saeyoung is definitely the one bringing all the pool floaties. He can’t help it, the unicorn one is his favorite.
  • Yoosung is in the corner under and umbrella, slathering on sunscreen. 
  • You look around and notice Saeran, standing behind his older twin, getting ready to push him into the pool. You do nothing, as you know this is about to get hilarious.
  • The twins are now chasing each other, and Jumin yells at them not to run at the poolside. 
  • While you’re setting up your little area, Jaehee is handing out water and a few snacks for later. V is such a diligent helper, he distributes the towels and sunblock.
  • The pool is reserved just for you guys because Jumin knows how to pull some strings.
  • “Wow, you are so ripped! Teach me your secrets!” You hear Yoosung say.
  • Zen, proudly, of course: “Well, it’s simple haha, I ju-”
  • “No not you! Him!” Yoosung cuts off Zen, pointing straight at Jumin.
  • Zen is offended and hurt. “HOW?? YOU NEVER LEAVE YOUR OFFICE!”
  • Zen yells at Jumin, while Jumin calmly explains about his personal trainer and nutritionist, saying how he needs to have the utmost health.
  • You laugh at them, and proceed to take off your coverup, to reveal your swimsuit, as you’ve been so eager to swim!
  • Yoosung’s nose bleeds, Zen must turn away bc the beast, Jumin studies you, and Saeyoung+Saeran both kinda just… combust.
  • V is calm and collected, offering you his hand as you both enter the perfectly temperatured pool.
  • Jaehee set up camp with her umbrella, sunblock on, reading a magazine. 
  • The RFA Boys+Saeran all just stare at V, wondering how he’s so calm around you. 
  • You’re just? So? Hot?
  • You go underwater a bit, to wet your hair and when you resurface, you get sprayed with water in the face!
  • He runs.
  • You equip yourself with two water guns, and chase him.
  • Somehow, he manages to make you the target, after a while of you spraying him.
  • He’s about to shoot. 
  • “NOOOOOO” Yoosung yells, jumping across you and taking the spray, falling right into the pool.
  • His head resurfaces, saying “kiiicckkkk hiiissss assssss”
  • And you do 
  • God Seven doesn’t make it 
  • Meanwhile, Zen has started up a barbecue. 
  • Jaehee, Jumin, and V are all sitting at the table, smiling and laughing and having a great time, which relieves you. 
  • Zen talks about how he’s glad they’re at a pool, bc no cats. Cats hate water.
  • Jumin gets some weird idea about life jackets for cats. New Project
  • Rip Jaehee       
  • You sit at the edge of the pool, kicking in the water. Saeran comes and sits next to you. His guard is down.
  • He thanks you for inviting him to the pool day with everyone, despite what he did.
  • No bad blood~
  • He says he’s having fun! 
  • “You’re amazing for setting all this up. Everyone’s enjoying themselves. You’re the best.” I love sweet, vulnerable Saeran
  • You two hug, and he asks you to join him in pranking Saeyoung.
  • Saeyoung is knocked out on a pool floatie on the grass. You two slide him into the pool, and towards the little waterfall. Once he goes under the waterfall, he flails around, and falls into the water. 
  • A violent pranking war has begun! And EVERYONE is in on it.
  • After hours of poolside fun, you all decide to head back home.
  • Everyone was smiling. 
  • From the cat projects, to the water gun fight, to the prank war, you all have memories to share. 
  • RFA really is family~

Hey hi hello, it’s jd back at it again~

I hope this is something you’ll like anon, and thank you again for requesting such an adorable hc! 

Within literally about 3 weeks, this blog has gone from 0 followers to almost 100! I am so glad you guys are liking our content! Keep being awesome lovelies! And we will be posting a whole lot more!! Ty for your support! Love you guys!

Honestly, the only reason I’ll harp on about “Kylo Ren did nothing wrong” is because people seem so fucking concerned with making sure we know he’s bad and that we should never, ever excuse his bad behavior.

They’ll talk about this as if Kylo Ren was a real person whose real actions can have real overarching effects on other real people. As if by exploring and explaining and providing thoughtful background for his decisions and choices through metas, we’re now in support of real life murderers and real life patricide.

It’s like we’re being reprimanded–or shamed, even, into seeking forgiveness for loving a tormented, complex, beautiful character. Like loving someone–or a character like–Kylo Ren requires a disclaimer. As if to say we ourselves must atone for the “sins” of Kylo Ren.

And, truly, that’s complete bullshit. I need no excuse or justification or footnote to love a fictional character. So in defiance, I’ll say it–and mean it

Kylo Ren did nothing wrong.

seiya-starsniper  asked:

I'm coping with your "surprise birthday party" theory because otherwise they're just doing an unnecessarily shitty thing to Kara and Alex "I planned my entire career around Kara and nearly broke up with Maggie half a dozen times" Danvers would never do this.

Alex would never drop Kara on her Earth birthday. So I’m calling missunderstanding here. Otherwise if they pull an “all my life revolved around you, can’t I just have one thing?” on a birthday day, I’m coming for their assssss

So this guy came in my shop mid me eating my “dark” chocolate Reece’s cup and he goes straight up to me and snaps at me saying not to eat chocolate that men like skinny women and I look at him & tell him “Ima eat 10 of these just bc you said that” goes on asking if I’m married 🙄 when I say no and express that I DONT GIVE A RATS ASSSSSS ABOUT WHAT A MAN WANTS he cuts me short and goes “aaaaaah your a lesbian” 🙄🙄 when I said no and simply say I’m going to eat chocolate and whatever I want I don’t care about being skinny for a man especiallllly he cuts me off and said he has a daughter my age as if that makes him relatable 🙄🙄 all I feel is sorry for his daughter… & I feel sorry for the women that hears that and actually stops eating, sometimes when I experience things like this or run into the usual closed minded sexist man I can’t fit in my mind how a man like that survives in this world anymore 🙄