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Top 6 Chris Colfer and/or Kurt moments and Top 6 I-hate-Blaine/Darren Criss moments! :D

Top Chris Colfer moments:

  1. Golden Globe victory speech
  2. ‘How can you be so strong’ 'Thanks to people like you' 
  3. 'There is nothing wrong with you, there is a lot wrong with the world you live in’
  4. 'I never wanted to be famous, I dreamed of being respected’
  5. When asked about how it is to be a role model who manages to help so many kids he said ‘They are the ones who save themselves’
  6. 'It’s great being a voice for people who don’t have one’

I’m pretty sure I misquoted everything but I’m writing this by memory, sorry ;__;.

Top Kurt Hummel moments (not in order of preference):

  1. Rose’s turn
  2. 'I love you more than I love being a star’
  3. 'You are just a scared little boy who can’t handle how extraordinarily ordinary you are’
  4. 'I’m proud to be different, it’s the best thing about me. So go ahead, hit me’
  5. 'Your time isn’t up, Finn’ (that whole scene was just really heart-warming)
  6. 'I don’t believe in God, dad. But I believe in you, and I believe in us. You and me: that’s what’s sacred to me’
  7. The hospital scene with David Karofsky in On My Way

(Yes I know that’s 7 not 6, but it’s not my fault he is so amazing)

Hate Blaine moments:

  1. The entire The First Time episode, he was G-R-O-S-S
  2. 'I needed you around and you weren’t there’
  3. 'You looked like you were having gas pains’
  4. 'Next time don’t try so hard’
  5. It’s not right but it’s ok
  6. 'It’s cheap, it’s selling out’ a.k.a when he slut-shamed Sam even though Sam had gone into stripping to support his family

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Klaine. Because I love you, I want to see you suffer. <3

You are lucky you are hot, because you are the absolute worst as a person ç.ç

Oh boy this is going to be hard…

who cooks normally?: Kurt, he was shown cooking for his father when he was ill so I guess he is pretty good at it;
how often do they fight?: not as much as they should because they lack communication skills and they bottle everything up until they explode, that’s why they suck as a couple;
what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Blaine cheats with lighthouses and Kurt gets immersed in his work or has a kiki;
nicknames for each other?: Blaine called Kurt dummy once and everybody found it cute so I really don’t know, I don’t think Kurt likes pet names;
who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Blaine because he looks rich, he could afford going to Dalton…
who steals the covers at night?: Kurt because he is always cold, like me;
what would they get each other for gifts?: Kurt would give Blaine a beautiful bowtie to replace the ridiculous ones he burned while Blaine was at work and Blaine would probably give Kurt a pair of socks made of ice.cream wrapper (think of the fucking ring he wanted to give Kurt in the box scene…);
who kissed who first?: Blaine, that’s canon, ‘cause he was turned on by the death of a bird;
who made the first move?: Blaine;
who remembers things?: Kurt always remembers everything, Blaine only remembers what is convenient to him;
who started the relationship?: Blaine, it’s all his damn fault;
who cusses more?: Kurt, he grew up with Burt after all;
what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Kurt would start taking obsessive care of Blaine because that’s what he does usually (see Burt’s illness), Blaine would probably sing a song about it… 

Handwriting Meme

Day 14 - Hand write your favorite tumblr blogs.

Again, I prewrote these and like half of these guys decided to change their URL in that time soo. xD

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I believe that using the parts of killed animals (not as trophies, but in actual use) is honoring them and not having their death be a waste. Food/nourishment and clothing especially. Sure, I do believe some methods of obtaining those things are extreme, but I have been kept warmer and drier with my leather jacket over my cotton one when biking home during winter rains.

Agree. If an animal died for you, you would dishonor it if you did not make use of all that it was. 

Also, nice URL. Lol



“(You lied to me) ‘cos she said she’d never turn on me

(You lied to me) but you did, but you do
(You lied to me) all these pains you said I’d never feel
(You lied to me) but I do, but I do, do, do”

……oh god…..he knows my life. This song is about our fandoms. *sobs*