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Three-Scoop Assortment - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon asks: “Can I request something with Jason being an cute smol bean about ice cream like your last story?”

Warnings: swearing, cuteness overload

a/n: Thank you for requesting more of ice cream lover Jason anon, I really loved writing this, and I’m sorry that it took me so long to get this out! I know it’s a bit shorter than my other stuff, but I hope you’ll still like it!

It was a Tuesday afternoon, nothing was on television, you had already watched everything on Netflix, and you were very, very bored. Your boyfriend Jason shared your struggle. “Why. Is. Nothing. On.” You deadpan, as you go through the entire tv guide again. “I don’t know, what do we do baby?” Jason groans in boredom, as he drops his head to rest on the couch. “We could play a board game. Get it, caused we’re bored and playing a board game-“ “Yes, I get it. Very punny Y/N. And yeah, we could play a board game, but all we have is Monopoly, and Monopoly never ends well.” Jason points out. He was right, Monopoly either ended in a fake fight, which actually resulted in slight bitterness, or really high sexual tension, and while you were usually all for the latter, today you just wanted to relax.

After going through the entire tv guide again, a lightbulb lit up in your brain. “Jason, you wanna go get ice cream from Baskin Robins?” You offer, looking over to see that your adorkable boyfriend immediately was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. Frantically nodding his head, he grabbed your arm, pulling you up off the couch and out your apartment door. “Jason wait! I’m going to fall if you keep pulling me along!” You exclaim, as you near the 5 flights of stairs that you had to travel down. “Well then, jump up!” Jason says frantically, as he pulls you on to his back, giving you a piggy back ride while he bounds down the steps like there was an emergency. Well, there was to Jason, an ice cream emergency to be specific. There was ice cream waiting desperately to be annihilated and he was going to give the ice cream scoops their wish.

You hadn’t even completely parked the car before Jason opened the door, running up to Baskin Robins’ entrance and looking back for you like you were moving at sloth speed or something. “C’mon baby! Hurry, I wanna get my ice cream.” Jay whines, as you finally shut off the car. “Jay, baby there’s no rush, it’s not like they’re closing. And please don’t get out of the car like that again, it’s dangerous.” You tell your lover, as you take his hand to make sure that he doesn’t run off without you. Really, being around Jason when Jason is around ice cream is like watching to make sure a toddler doesn’t get hurt. One time you remember he had literally been stabbed in the leg and made you take him to get ice cream before you were allowed to patch him up. He literally put the medical supplies on a shelf you couldn’t reach on that occasion.

“How is jumping from a moving car for our lord and savior ice cream, any more dangerous than me being around psychotic criminals with guns?” He asks you, cocking his head to the side as he does. “Well when you put it like that…” You trail off, not even knowing how to respond to that. “Exactly! Let’s go, let’s go.” Jason chants, while pulling you into the Baskin Robins. Once inside, the overwhelming smell of sweet ice cream filled your senses. Looking over the flavors, you saw Jason heavily concentrating on the different options.

“Baby, I’m conflicted. Rocky Road looks fucking delicious, but so does strawberry, pistachio also looks really good too…” Jason mutters, trailing off as the options shuffle around in his brain. “You know, you could get one scoop of each, it’d just be a three-scoop cone.” You suggest, smirking a bit as you see the gears beginning to turn in your dorky boyfriend’s head. “You can get different assortments with the three scoops?” Jay asks you, his voice in disbelief. “Mmhmm. You can get any assortment you want.” You reply, failing to suppress a smile when you see the giant one that lights up Jason’s face. Jason ends up ordering the three-scoop assortment on a flat cone, and you can swear that he’s bouncing up and down a bit as he does so. Your order is a bit tamer, you got one scoop of Rainbow Sherbet on a pointy cone.

Sitting in the corner, you can’t help but have a perpetual smile on your face as you see Jason happily licking away at the first scoop, which was pistachio, in case you were wondering. “Like your ice cream Jay?” You ask, giggling when he nods his head extremely fast as a response. “God, you’re such a cute little bean.” You comment, as you lick off a larger portion of ice cream into your mouth using excessive force. “I’m a what now?” Jason chuckles, a bit of confusion on his face. “It’s a term of endearment Jay, I can’t really explain it. It basically just means you’re adorable.” You try to explain, before nibbling at the now exposed top of your ice cream cone. “Well, I’m okay with being a cute little bean.” He says, as he goes to finish the strawberry scoop, getting ready to move on to Rocky Road. You loved situations like this, because Jason never dropped his guard around anyone else, you were honored he felt comfortable enough to do it around you.

“I love you so much Jason.”

“And I love ice cream so much.”

“Really? I’ve been replaced by a softly frozen dairy product?”
“No, you know I love you most.”

“But ice cream’s a close second, right?”