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I just find it so odd that a kid is kicked out of his house, leaving him homeless and squatting in an abandoned house, and this is somehow not a main plot? This somehow was not deemed interesting enough to be the focus of an A plot and somehow the overplayed “love triangle” stuff was. This is the same kid who was absent from most of the current season and this is the same kid who showed up with a bold new makeover (and personality transplant?) with no explanations given. 

Regardless of whether you like Zig or not, you have to admit that this is pretty damn weird!
I’m Shane Kippel, aka ‘Spinner’ from Degrassi: The Next Generation. AMA! : IAmA

Hey, Reddit! I’m Shane Kippel, a Canadian actor/musician best known for my nine-season role as Gavin ‘Spinner’ Mason on the television series “Degrass…

AHHHH I can’t believe I missed my chance to interrogate Shane Kippel!