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the progression of this gay look: when u got your sister’s middle school graduation at 2 but u got trans pride at 5
by PinsecureButtons
Buttons made by Bryn and Sarah, with tender love and care!

[Image description: an assortment of buttons from my shop. They include pride flags, astrology signs, pronouns, “DUMP HIM!”, “WWMLD”, and “I heart Disability Studies”.]

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah and I, along with my good friend Bryn, have a small button shop on Etsy. We sell buttons related to our college, pride flags, quotes, and more! You’re also welcome to request custom buttons. We’re both queer/trans disabled college students who could really use the economic help as we suffer through our expensive undergraduate education!!

Please share widely and check our shop out!

my personal oregon coast lesbian dream is the be the weird owner of a small local grocery store. i always work the cash register and always wear my vest with an assortment of obnoxious buttons you get from hot topic along with my nametag. i use a lot of california surfer slang despite being 50 and having lived in oregon my entire life. my wife also helps out at the grocery store but also has a job inland that creates some strain but it makes her happy. in our free time we make soap and sell it at the farmers market on saturday and eat crepes that get all over our faces and even though its balls ass freezing i still go wading in the water while we looks out at me snickering and saying that im being ridiculous. we’ve constructed an entire boat made out of driftwood and placed it in our front lawn


are u sick of my car stims yet lol

[image description:

gif 1: a white hand with a black ace spinner ring opens and closes a small cover that reads ‘aux’ on a car dashboard

gif 2: a white hand with a black ace spinner ring rolls a textured dial that controls the heat of the driver’s seat on a car dashboard

gif 3: a white hand with a black spinner ring presses assorted climate control buttons on a car dashboard on a car dashboard]


Assorted buttons the Misfits gave away or sold via the Fiend Club in the late ‘70s. Clockwise from top left: Glenn Danzig’s original hand drawn logo; the Crimson Ghost in a rare display of his namesake (it was the character’s cloak that was crimson in the 1946 serials, though you could only tell from posters as the films themselves were black and white); TCG in profile w/ Plan 9 Records logo; a pin celebrating the Misfits’ fourth single. Photos by unknown private collector. 

CONVERGENT - Chapter 24 (MagCon/Divergent Cross Over)

“(y/n)?” Mahogany’s voice drifted into the hallway again.

Your body went into autopilot as it straightened up. You nodded, as if to conclude the argument you just had with Matt—and Shawn. Everyone’s eyes were wide, but you couldn’t feel them on you. Shawn was squeezing your hand over and over, but you couldn’t reply.

“Alright,” you breathed. You could do this, you won the capture the flag game, you went through the first stage of initiation. You could do the second. “Okay.”

“Be dauntless, Soldier.” you could hear Shawn whisper in your ear with hesitance, a hint of guilt in his voice as he wrapped his arms around you. You were too frozen to react to the nickname you chose earlier. The only thing you could do was dig deeper into his hoodie when he kissed your temple, your cold nose ring causing your nose to twitch as it squished against your skin.

Your eyebrows creased as you walked towards the door at the end of the hallway. You could hear the fight echoing in your head.

“I’m inlove with you, okay?”

“Matt,” you frowned, stepping back.

“No, I know.” Matt sighed in defeat. I know this is the worst time to tell you but to be fair, you didn’t exactly give me a heads up either,” his eyes averted to Shawn for a split second. “Suddenly, out of no where, someone else took the position of being yours. You cant’e expect me to get over it overnight.”

“I don’t expect you to,” your voice was small as you took a few steps back, grabbing Shawn’s hand. “Look, Matt, I’m sorry it didn’t work out with us. And to be fair, you never told me about how you felt.”

“Oh please, (y/n). It was pretty obvious.” Matt’s tone was now angrier than before.

“Well, I’m sorry that I’m not a mind reader.” you snapped. Although, instead of getting angry, Matt looked even more defeated and you had to refrain from giving him a hug. Instead, you stood your ground, your hand only tightening around Shawn’s.

“Yeah.” Matt clenched his jaw. “I’m sorry, too.”

After that, shockingly, Shawn stepped up.

“I couldn’t keep my promise.” Shawn stepped forward. “It’s my fault, Matt. I’m sorry.”

“What promise?” you snatched your hand out of Shawn’s grip. What the hell was he talking about?

“I-“ Shawn hesitated.

All the other boys’ eyes were wide, waiting for Shawn’s decision and Matt’s reaction. Obviously, you and Marlene were the only ones who didn’t know what was going on.

“Before we met,” Shawn turned to you. “B-before the fight that training day, I already liked you, like I told you last night. That was all true, (y/n), you have to know that I wasn’t lying.”

Your eyes were wide, your body frozen.

“Okay? So?”

Matt sighed deeply, half-annoyed and half-defeated. “He knew I liked you, and so did Cameron, Gilinsky, Johnson, Cameron, Nash, Uriah, Taylor, Aaron, Shawn, Al, Will, Carter,” his voice wavered upon saying Carter’s name. Your heart jolted. “That’s why I won during that fight against Cameron. He made a comment about me liking you and I snapped. Y-you made me a better fighter.” he shifted his weight from foot to foot.

“And what was your promise?” you crossed your arms, turning to Shawn.

“I-I mean, you were off limits, so,” Shawn hesitated, looking at you like you were a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up.

“Off limits? So, what, you called dibs on me?” you turned to Matt. “Like I’m a piece of property? Like I’m some object you had to own?”

It was tense now, you could hear everyone’s rather loud breathing.

“N-no.” Matt frowned, his eyes fluttering weakly. “It wasn’t like that, (y/n). I liked you, like, really really like you.”

“I-I dont,” you stuttered, taking a few steps away from both Matt and Shawn blindly.

“(y/n), please,”  Shawn grabbed your hand to try and stop you in your tracks. “I’m the jerk here, not Matt. I didn’t mean it like he-”

“(y/n)?” You froze in your position, your cold hand turning limp in Shawn’s. You could still hear Matt’s ragged breaths and everyone’s slight pants.


You jumped, realizing that you were already in the room and the door automatically closed on itself. You tried to control your thoughts, like a person with no knowledge of driving desperately stomping on the breaks.

Maybe Shawn was right. Maybe he was the jerk. Matt has always been polite, his dad was a faction leader, for God’s sake. Having no manners wasn’t an option. You knew he would never treat you like his property. But if he was being honest, then Shawn was the bad guy. You weren’t a guy, but you knew that when another guy likes a girl, you’re not supposed to come close to her.

“Take a seat, (y/n).” Mahogany’s voice was monotonous, tired. You understood, though. You felt the same way.

You nodded, numbly walking to the chair. Your sweaty hand grabbed the cold armrest, the temperature instantly making you more aware. The small cubic room you were in was as blank and as blindingly white as the waiting hall. The big metal chair you sat on was in the middle of the room, and on the side, there was a metal tray with multiple levels. On the top level, there was a screen with a bunch of translucent wires connected to it. On the second level, there was the white box one of the Erudite men was carrying. It was open, and you could see needles syringes sticking out of it.

“Don’t get freaked out,” Mahogany’s voice pulled you back to earth. “They’re not as painful as they seem.”

“You’ve used them before?” your voice came out strained as you tried to relax in your cold seat.

“Of course,” Mahogany talked with ease as she took out a syringe from the box and cleaned it with a freshly opened antiseptic wipe. You watched the blue serum in the syringe splash back and forth in its little container. “Every Dauntless has gone through it.”

“Why is it blue?” the questions left your mouth without you noticing as you eyed the metal box on the third level. There was an assortment of buttons; blue, red, green, yellow. You wondered what they all meant.

“All factions play. Amities,” Mahogany gave you a look from under her blonde lashes. “Play with natural resources, Candors play with truth, Abnegations play with care, Dauntless play with lethal weapons, and Erudites play with chemicals.” she gathered the translucent wires in her hands and wheeled her chair to you like a doctor. “It just so happens that when it comes to these things, we’re in an Erudite’s playground.”

“That’s an interesting analogy.” you tensed as she stuck the rubber ends of the wires to your skin. “I’m scared.”

“It helps when you think of it as a game.” Mahogany shrugged calmly as she wheeled back to the tray, this time taking the syringe in her hands. “And don’t worry, this is nothing yet. This is just training for the final stage.”

“Will you be at the final stage?” you stalled.

“No,” she bit her lip. “That’s Tris’s job.”

“Oh.” you whispered, running out of distracting questions.

Mahogany sensed the conversation dying down. “So, let’s get down to business,”

You straightened in your seat.

“This is the second stage of initiation. In the first stage, your physicality was put to the test. Now, we will test your mentality. This serum,” she held up the syringe. “Will take you to a few places that you have hidden in the back of your mind. Your task is to figure out how to get back to reality. Those wires are connected to that screen over there,” she pointed to the screen on top of the tray. “Which will record and allow me to see everything that happens in that pretty little head of yours.” she gave you a small smile. “Ready?”

You blew out a breath. “Ready.”

Mahogany gave you an encouraging smile before sticking the ends of the translucent wires to your head.

“Oh, and (y/n),” she hesitated before digging the needle into the skin of your neck, causing you to hiss from the stabbing pain. “Remember,” she whispered. “Seeing is deceiving, but dreaming is believing.”

And with that, your eyes closed shut.

Light came into your eyes through different images coming at you at once; like a montage. It was just you, nothing else, no one else.

Different emotions came zooming at you all at once; happiness, sadness, pride, love, jealousy, pain, and power. It was like the blue serum in the syringe somehow injected emotions into you.

You felt like you were falling—falling through the different images. For a while, you drifted down the invisible chasm with confusion. You only saw images that you weren’t familiar with; an unknown house, unknown middle aged couple, unknown people, unknown places, until you saw a little boy that looked like a younger Carter. You weren’t sure, but he had the same naive mischevious glint in his eyes. A little girl was running beside him, her hair floating in the wind as they ran across an empty green field.

It only took you a second to realize that it was what you saw in the flash of images you got during the capture the flag game. Before you could even comprehend it, it changed to another image. Now it was things you knew; your parents, Amity, Dauntless, Shawn, Matt. You were too distracted to notice the chasm ending, causing you to fall to the hard ground.

Everything was dark and cold as you waited for something to happen. Nothing did. You let out a little hiss as the pain shot through your muscles when you tried to stand up.

“Hello?” your voice rang through the darkness. It was lightweight and unfamiliar, like your voice was coming out of a younger body.

“W-we had no choice, Piper.” a man’s voice was coming closer and closer. He sounded strained and distressed.

“We always have a choice.” a woman replied, her voice slightly muffled as if she had been crying.

“Not this time.” the man said sadly.

Suddenly, there was a knock and the cold darkness you were in transformed into a small gray room with a black metal door in the corner.

You stood frozen in your spot, not knowing what to do.

“(y/n). Open the door.” the man ordered from the other side of the door.

“He knows my name.” you whispered under your breath.

You breathed before walking towards the door. You noticed that your steps sounded softer, and that your body felt lighter. Something glimmering in the corner of your eye caught your attention. You turned.

Your eyes widened once you saw what—who—was staring back at you. You thought it was a picture on the wall, it had to be. But you were proven wrong when the person on the wall copied your exact movements. It wasn’t you, it was a young little girl that looked awfully a lot like you, with your eyes, your hair, your mouth, your everything. Except, she didn’t look any older than 10 years old.

“(y/n)?” this time it was the woman who knocked on the door.

You held in your heavy breathing as you opened the metal door. Your eyebrows furrowed once you saw that it was the middle-aged couple from the flashing images earlier.

“Oh, (y/n).” the woman’s eyes watered the second she laid her eyes on you. “Are you okay?”

“My Little Flower,” the man took a step forward, his hand outstretched to reach for your small body.

“Who are you?” you staggered back in confusion, your unfamiliar voice ringing in your ear.

The couple gasped as the woman held on to the man. “She doesn’t remember us. She doesn’t remember us.” she whispered over and over against the man’s shoulder. The man’s arm encircled around who seemed to be his wife.

“Flower, it’s okay. We’re not going to hurt you,” the man tried to come closer with caution, but it only caused you to move even further into the room.

“Who’s Flower?” the furrow between your brows deepened.

“Honey, listen to me.” the woman kneeled on her knees to get down to your level, her hands gripping yours tightly. You struggled against her grip, her tear stricken cheeks and bloodshot eyes frightening this small version of you. “We’re your parents.”

“Get off of me! I don’t even know who you are!” you managed to twist out of her hold just before she tried to force a hug on you.

“Flower-“ the man choked on his tears as he tried to come close to you. You didn’t know what to do, you were cared of these strangers. You backed away, tripping on something on the ground. You looked at the object and realized it was a gun. Was that there before?

“Flower, p-please—“ his words were cut off by two gunshots. Your small trembling hands moved away from your eyes, revealing the now dead couple on the floor, laying in a growing pool of blood.

“No!” your normal voice was back. You looked at your hand to see that it was back in its normal size, gripping the gun until your knuckles turned white. A sob raked your body threw the gun away.

Almost instantly, the dire gray room changed into the training room. You gasped at the sudden change. Everything was muted, you could only hear a small ringing in your ear and the sound of your own breaths.

“Get your head in the game, (y/n)!” Bart’s harsh tone snapped you out of your trance. You realized that you were in the middle of the ring, the other initiates watching you.

The air was tense and heavy as the other initiates watched nervously. You looked back at the ring to see that Shawn was in his fighting stance, and so were you. You realized that this was the first time you met Shawn.

You stalled, readying your defense stance while trying to figure out what the objective of this simulation was. You decided to go with what you did the first time you were in this situation—charge at Shawn at full speed. Like you suspected, he didn’t budge and punched your stomach, which caused you to hit the ground with a loud thud.

“Ow! Shawn!” you groaned as you tried to stand up. Instead, Shawn kicked your side, which didn’t happen in real life as far as you remembered.

“Get up, (y/n).” Shawn spat. He didn’t sound like the Shawn you knew. This Shawn sounded harsher, scarier, deadlier.

You huffed and stood up, despite the fact that it felt like your midriff was shouting at you for moving. You sucked in a breath before trying to charge at Shawn again. But instead, he took you in his arms and threw you to the other side of the ring. You let out an animalistic scream.

“What the hell, Shawn?!” your brows furrowed angrily at him once he came in to your view. You were pretty sure that you couldn’t even move anymore. The pulsing pain was spreading through your body.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Shawn’s voice had an edge that you weren’t comfortable with. “Did you expect me to go easy on you? God, (y/n).” he chuckled darkly. “Could you be any more naive and weak?”

Your eyes darkened at the word weak. You could no longer hear anyone else, you could no longer see the training room. All that was on your mind was that Shawn had to pay for what he said.

Your mind overtook your body as your leg kicked Shawn’s ankle, causing him to fall on his back with a grunt. You ignored the pain as you jumped on his stomach, all of your strength going into your hands as you cupped his neck, your thumbs pressing on his windpipe. Shawn tried to fight back, but you knew that you had the advantage. Just as you felt him about to give out, a dark smile grew on your boyfriend’s lips.

“You’re a killer, (y/n).” Shawn managed to whisper before his whole body went limp, his chocolate brown eyes turning dead, the haunting dark smile stuck on his lips.

Your body jolted into consciousness with a loud gasp. Your eyes opened to see that you were back in the pristine white room. Your heavy breathing subsided once you noticed Mahogany’s frozen state.

“Incredible,” she whispered. “One fear landscape and it didn’t even take two minutes.”

“One?” you spoke up. Your voice was hoarse and raspy, as if all the yelling you did in your ‘fear landscape’s were real. “I-I went through two.”

“I—” she laughed breathily, her eyes distant. “It’s time. They were right.”

“Mahogany, what are you talking about?” you sank in your chair, the fear taking over. What the hell was she going on about?

“Oh my God. Okay. You know what to do—focus, Mahogany,” she whispered to herself before walking up to you. “You just broke the record, and you will get a lot of attention. Don’t tell them what you really saw, it can be dangerous. Make up generic fear landscapes; like bugs, or heights. You need to be as under the radar as you can possibly be with a two minute record, understand?”

“N-no.” you stuttered. Everything was happening so fast and no one was explaining anything to you.

“It will all make sense very, very soon. Your job is just to be patient. Can you do that, (y/n)?” she hurried back to the monitor. You watched with wide eyes as she picked it up, smashed it on the ground and began stepping on it. You gasped as you watched a bunch of glass shards scatter across the floor violently.

“Yes, I-I think so.” you couldn’t even focus. All that was going through your mind was the ridiculous things Mahogany was saying and the images of the people you’ve killed in your fear landscapes.

“Remember,” a somewhat manic smile grew on Mahogany’s lips. “Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing.”

Your eyebrows furrowed. “Wha-“

“Jacob! Help!” Mahogany shouted quickly before holding you from behind, pretending to restrain your arms. You felt a sharp pain shooting down your arm. You saw that Mahogany cut you with a shard glass.

You gasped. “What are you-“

“Pretend to look like Taylor after his test.” Mahogany whispered in your ear just as Jacob and Brent barged in the small room, Shawn trailing behind them.

“Mahogany! Are you okay?” Jacob instantly hurried to Mahogany’s side, taking you in his arms. You pretended to fight against them, your body flailing in different directions.

“(y/n)?!” Shawn quickly ran to you, engulfing his arms around you. “She’s bleeding!” he panicked, holding your arm that was almost covered in your own blood.

Instantly, you pretended to calm down upon his touch, your body melting against his side as he held you upright.

“Matt?” you croaked.

You could hear small gasps.

You stood your ground. You wanted to know what the hell was going on. Plus, Matt was your best friend. Shawn had to understand.  

You felt Shawn’s grip on you become tense, and he backed away. You lifted your gaze to see Matt’s wide stare on you and Shawn.

“My head hurts.” you groaned, making sure that people believed you.

The whole hallway and room was silent as everybody else looked at you through the wide open door.

“She asked for you, dude.” Shawn reluctantly backed away, turning to Matt.

Through your slightly squinted eyes, you saw Matt hurrying to your side, holding your arm to look at the cut. “It’s not that deep.”

“I’m fine.” you covered your voice with a groggy tone. You took a few steps, but pretended to almost fall, causing Matt to hold you in his arms. You closed your eyes, pretending to be half unconscious.

“No, you’re not.” Matt said in his usual worried tone. It was so familiar that you almost forgot about everything that’s happened the past week.

“Just-“ Jacob paused to look at Shawn. Shawn shrugged, a sad look on his face. You could see him calculating in his head, his cold demeanour up as a defensive guard. To others, he would look angry, but you knew that he was worried about your anger. “Go and bandage her up.”

Matt nodded at Jacob.

“(y/n)?” he gently shook you.

“Hmm?” you moved your arm gently, only to hiss in pain. Mahogany cut a little deeper than you thought.

“I’m going to carry you, okay?” Matt asked softly.

“I can walk on my own.” you mumbled in protest.

“No you can’t,” you could hear him roll his eyes through the tone of his voice. “Come on,” he sighed before picking you up, walking out of the room and into the hallway.

Matt’s grip on you was softer than Shawn’s—strong, but hesitant. Once you were both out of the long hallway, you laid your head on his chest, thinking about what the hell you just went through.

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