what i associate w the signs

aries: running across hot coals, self-promo, complimenting people, pure confidence, sarcasm, over-exaggeration

taurus: lazy days, indie style, the belief that music taste makes people better than others, curly hair, casual friendships

gemini: ridiculous conversations, mood swings af, angry induced punching walls, pda, innuendos, friends you dont know why youre friends with but are

cancer: the beach, soft spoken word, hugs around the clock, wanting to do something meaningful but not knowing how, the friends you like but always choose second (maybe not on purpose)

leo: everything goals, soft hair, fake confidence, stress breakdowns at 2am, summer adventures, competitive swimming

virgo: a good nights sleep, being prepared, the actual term “dork”, making the right choice, resisting peer pressure, pounds of homework

libra: when you hold your tongue to avoid a fight, small giggles, white lies, generosity, when youre taken advantage of, self awareness, turtles, cuddling

scorpio: superiority complexes, knowing peoples’ secrets, glaring at people across the room, wearing the same outfit for more than one consecutive day, responsibilities piling up on you until you feel you could burst

sagittarius: high school bands, going out of your comfort zone, skydiving, falling madly in love super quickly, witty thinkers, road trips across the country

capricorn: preparing a meal and having it turn out really well, the feeling you get after you finally clean everything, having a pet of your own that adores only you

aquarius: the way you feel when you’re lying down facing the sky, the pride when everyone laughs at your joke, dizziness

pisces: daydreaming, when you’re in a surreal situation and you feel like you’re floating, blowing bubbles and ignoring the wind, cloud watching, art


Song/Band: “Never My Love” - The Association

Album: Insight Out (1967)

“J'ai toujours habité ici. Depuis ma naissance. Je suis très attachée à ce quartier. Je me suis fait plein de bons souvenirs : l'école, les amitiés, la gentillesse des gens. Avec mes amis, on a tous grandi ensemble. On est une grande famille. Et puis, il n'y a pas de compartiments entre les âges. Dans le quartier, on côtoie des jeunes comme des plus vieux que nous. On est attentifs aux plus petits. Ici, c'est comme un village. Tout se sait. Si tu ne veux pas que les gens soient au courant de ta vie, il faut être très discret dans ce que tu fais. Même si les personnes âgées se méfient parfois un peu de nous, on peut quand même dialoguer avec les voisins. Le Club Tournesol est un lieu de partage entre les personnes du quartier. Cet endroit représente beaucoup pour moi. J'y ai appris à faire du roller. Mes frères et sœurs y venaient souvent pour faire leurs devoirs. Il y a toujours du thé et du gâteau si tu veux passer. On y rencontre des personnes plus âgées qui font de la couture… Mais moi, en général, le soir, je travaille. Je garde deux enfants de 3 et 6 ans. Je suis tellement attachée à ces petites filles ! Je n'arrive pas à imaginer qu'un jour, elles grandiront et que je ne serai plus leur nounou…” Zoubida, 20 ans

J'ai rencontré Zoubida, grâce au Club Tournesol, une structure de proximité qui propose aux enfants du quartier du soutien scolaire, permet aux jeunes d'avoir un accès à l'outil informatique et leur propose des activités culturelles et sportives et travaille également avec les habitants sur le lien social et des activités intergénérationnelles.

nebulous theorem XI. el mirage, ca. 2014. by eyetwist
Via Flickr:
the southern california timing association (SCTA) has been hosting land speed racing meets at el mirage dry lake in the mojave desert since 1937. racers come from all over california to test their skills, to see who can go the fastest in 1.3 miles from a standing start. the event is full of colorful cars, bikes and characters. nikon D7000 + nikkor 18-200mm, photoshop CS6 + nik color efex pro.

Todays featured artist & work: “on the one hand..and the other” by Valerie Fuchs, video projection installation with dye sublimation on metal, two channel video projection onto open hands, wood frame, two projectors, two dvd players, 30x12in, 2014, $3500

“For this week’s Artebella, former Hite Institute Professor of Curatorial Studies John Begley examines the impact of the Artebella forum in Louisville Visual Art’s role as a community arts organization:

Part One: Making art in 2015 is a diverse and quandary-producing proposition. Traditional media and methods are all viable options for the artist. Simultaneously new media – video, computer generated images, performance art and other hybrids are demanding serious consideration by the contemporary artists. In addition, hierarchies between fine arts, crafts, folk or outsider art, fashion and design are crumbling, all while text, concept, and relational aesthetics jostle for primacy…” Continue reading by clicking the following link:

Image from page 145 of "Minutes of the ... annual session of the Atlantic Baptist Association .." (1884)

Image from page 145 of “Minutes of the … annual session of the Atlantic Baptist Association ..” (1884)

A couple of remarkable annuities photos I positioned: Image from websites 145 of “Minutes of the … annual session of the Atlantic Baptist Organization.” (1884) Picture by Web Archive E-book Images Identifier: minutesofannuals7680atla Title: Minutes of the … yearly session of the Atlantic Baptist Business. Year: 1884 (1880s) Writers: Atlantic Baptist Company (N.C.) Subjects: Atlantic Baptist…

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