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A lot of people seem to be having trouble finding jobs that are age appropriate, make sense with their characters degree (or lack of), etc. So here is my list of 150+ jobs by education.  I did my best to keep things 100% accurate, but politely correct me with some type of source link! Also, I don’t know how much of a difference it’d make, but almost all of the sites I went to were American sites. Feel free to suggest your own for me to add (put what section)! 

I should be clear that some of them will have their own little exceptions to the rules, may require some other training, trade school, age requirements, etc. I just went by degree. I highly recommend googling the job for a bit to make sure!

So lets stop using the same 15 jobs! I’ll add more when I find them, but please suggest more.

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DAY 3224

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Jan 25,  2017                    Wed 11:23 pm

Birthday Ef - Miten Lapsia 

January 26 .. and on the Republic Day of the country, Ef Miten celebrates his birthday .. our prayers and wishes for a lovely year and years ahead ..

On the eve of the Republic Day a greeting to all for wishes and good fortune and love and affection and all the ‘goodies’ that come your way form the Ef that have travelled miles and miles to be at a wedding at Poonam’s in Kolkata, but stop by to visit, talk, do selfi’s, give abundance of gifts to all .. and their love for me .. these are overwhelming moments that we as an Ef idealise and most effectively execute ..

So to mad Punjaban, Jaishree and Saikarun thank for all that you bring and do for me .. indeed all that come over the weekend - AG, Dipal and Sigali from Israel and all the other regulars at each meeting .. thank you for all that you do and make for me .. I have never encouraged it and never shall .. so with great humility and folded hands please .. please do NOT, bring these bundle of gifts that you so kindly present to me ..

And there is a sense of receiving from all at this juncture, opening packets with delight and appreciation .. it is TOO much dear Ef .. I understand your sentiments, but they have other ways of being expressed .. no ..??

Off thereafter to the meeting of the Council that is working for the development of villages, an initiative of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, to bring the rural close to what many may observe is obtainable in the large metros .. eminent dignitaries attend and its formal nature is often broken by smart repartee .. but the outcome is really quite remarkable. One often associates such programmes as a one off formal gathering of minds where grandiose designs are made, but nothing happens beyond that .. NO .. not here .. what we discussed many months ago, has actually been implemented and now further ideas and thinkings have encourages us all that that mission and success shall reach fruition ..

Good night .. dear ones .. early nights is a must these days .. else ..

Amitabh Bachchan