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1. Associated Press Saigon staffer Huynh Cong “Nick” Ut works in the darkroom of the new AP bureau in the Eden Building in Saigon, circa 1966. Ut was about 15 at the time. 

2. South Vietnamese Marines rush to point where a descending U.S. Army helicopter will pick them up, after a sweep east of the Cambodian town of Prey Veng in June 1970

3. Thirteen-day-old Burton William Jenner couldn’t stay awake for this family portrait following his first television appearance on the talk show “America Alive,” but Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner and his wife, Chrystie, were the picture of proud parents at their Malibu, Calif., home, on Sept. 19, 1978. 

4. Comedian Chevy Chase gets a kiss on his ear from his co-star Benji at a press conference in Los Angeles, Sept. 6, 1979 

5. Los Angeles police form a line to prevent a crowd from going into a building on April 30, 1992, in a day of fires and looting. 

6. Six-year-old Raymond Robles, of Yucca Valley Calif., wears a gas mask and carries a gun and a flag as he waits to greet Marines returning to Twentynine Palms from the Persian Gulf, on March 11, 1991. Robles, whose father is a retired Marine, says he wants to enlist when he grows up. Nearly 1,000 people turned out to greet the 800 Marines who returned home to Twentynine Palms. 

7. A photo released during a news conference on March 27, 1997, by the San Diego Sheriff’s department, showing the inside of the Rancho Sante Fe, Calif., estate where 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult died in a mass suicide.

8. Antonio Lopez Chaj, a 43-year-old house painter, appears at a news conference in Los Angeles on July 1, 2013. Lopez Chaj is brain-damaged as a result of a beating in a bar that left him with half his skull permanently crushed. He is unable to speak. His lawyers announced he had been awarded a $58 million by a jury in Torrance Superior Court.

9. Steven Lerman, attorney for Rodney King, displays a photo of his client during a press conference at his office in Beverly Hills, Calif., on March 8, 1991.

10. Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Nick Ut is a guest at Suffolk University in Boston where he lectured and gave a master class in the Communication and Journalism Department, March 1, 2016.  (Photo: Kenneth Martin via ZUMA Wire)


Unacceptable: Donald Trump Removes Jorge Ramos From News Conference

As one of Trump’s security detail approached Ramos, the Univision anchor continued to speak, saying, “You cannot deport 11 million people.” Ramos was referring to Trump’s proposal to deport all people in the country illegally before allowing some of them to return. Ramos was later allowed back in.


“Every time I think about those kids it gets me mad – and, by the way, it happens on the streets of Chicago every day.”President Obama, on children who are innocent victims of gun violence while announcing executive action on gun control, January 5, 2016.


It’s always the images of children during times of conflict that stick with me the most. I don’t forget any of their faces, the looks in their eyes; they run over and over in my mind calling on me to wake up and fulfill my own duty towards those that are really going through the struggle.

I mean there is no life left in these countries and the world stood by as it all slowly unfolded.

“No one leaves home, unless home is the mouth of a shark” - Warsan Shire | Home

“All the way on the West Coast, never having seen a Broadway show, it was like, ‘They don’t want me. There’s nothing there for me.’ I’d come to New York a lot and never even tried to see a Broadway show. There was no reason for me to do that,” he said.

“I didn’t care because it didn’t seem like they cared about me,” he said. “That is one thing that feels like this group is working really hard to change by just moving the fence a little bit wider.”

Diggs is often asked what kind of advice he has to young artists and he is quick with an answer — “Don’t stress the timeline as much.” He explains that he had a definition of what making it was and assumed he’d reach it by 25.“Then 25 came and went and I hadn’t figured it out. Then it was like, ‘Well, 30. Thirty’s the time,’” he said. “Thirty came and went and it was still a struggle. But you could look back and see the gains.”(x)


People Are Mad About What A Respected News Agency Called Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney, née Alamuddin, is a human rights lawyer who has defended big names like Julian Assange and former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, as well as Al Jazeera English journalist Mohamed Fahmy. She’s been an appointee to numerous U.N. panels, including one that investigated America’s use of drones as counter-terrorism tools. She clerked for Justice Sonia Sotomayor in the U.S. Court of Appeals. She’s also co-authored four legal books. It’s quite a resumé.

But to the Associated Press, she’s just Mrs. George Clooney. The venerable news source sent out a tweet on Saturday in the very early morning, promoting a link to a story on the latest development in her case with Fahmy, in which they refer to her as “actor’s wife.”


In Minneapolis, East African girls level the playing field with culturally sensitive uniforms

Girls in stylish athletic wear walk the runway as the sounds of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry blare from speakers. The crowd claps and cheers as the young models strike poses with basketballs, lacrosse sticks and boxing gloves. Finally, the big reveal: the Lady Warriors community traveling basketball team takes the stage in their cardinal red uniforms.

This is no ordinary fashion show. The models are East African, primarily Muslim girls living in Minnesota who designed their own culturally sensitive sportswear that lets them move freely without worrying about tripping on a long, flowing dress or having a head scarf come undone at a crucial point.

“The girls for years have been telling us, ‘We would like clothing. We would like clothing,’” said Chelsey Thul, a lecturer in kinesiology at the University of Minnesota who helped lead the two-year project.

The girls quickly learned that traditional dress and basketball don’t mix well, said Thul, who was a volunteer research consultant to the program.

The answer, Thul said, was a functional yet modest uniform “so they could do that between-the-legs dribble, make that three-pointer, and not have clothing be a barrier.”

Sertac Sehlikoglu, a social anthropologist working on leisure, sports and the Muslim communities at the University of Cambridge, noted that Iran has been developing culturally appropriate female sportswear for years. She agreed with the Minnesota project’s organizers that the girls’ designs could catch on in other cities with large Muslim populations.

The girls came up with two designs. One teal-and-black uniform with stripes — good for all sports including swimming — features leggings and a knee-length tunic. Both the everyday active wear and the basketball team’s bright red outfit include a tight black headpiece. Arms, legs, hair and neck are all covered.

Style was important, said Amira Ali, 12, who helped with the design.

“I want to look good,” she said.


‘Hamilton’s’ Daveed Diggs Savors Tony Nomination

“Hamilton” star Daveed Diggs earned a Tony Award nomination for his work in the biggest Broadway show in a generation. That means endless appearances and events. The Ivy League-educated rapper and actor from California says his refuge is onstage.


Danai Gurira’s Regimen for Slaying Zombies


Danny DeVito Was Sought Out to Play Eponymous Plumber in Super Mario Movie

For hardcore Mario Movie fans (such as myself) this is old news. Blake Harris, author of the must-read Console Wars dug up an old Associated Press that spoke to this fact.

We all know DeVito has the chops to play a scrappy Brooklyn plumber, but I just can’t imagine anyone else but Bob Hoskins in the role. He’s one of the reasons I love the film so much. Would you have preferred to see DeVito in red overalls fighting Koopa over Hoskins? [❤]

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Helena Bonham Carter’s Interview with the Associated Press on the Red Queen.


Success, the G-Eazy Way  


Associated Press:  Hozier Can’t Wait to Start New Album