Help Ashley Buy "A Ticket To Hope" And Say Goodbye To Abuse
Hey Youcaring. My name is Ashley*. I'm 21 years old and currently live in Florida, and I need your help to escape an abusive situation. The past years have not been kind to me. I was in a car accident in 2014, and am still recuperating from the damage I've sustained. Before my accident, I was...

Hey guys! I need out of an abusive situation ASAP. You can read about my story on Youcaring, but the gist of it is that I was in a car accident last year and am still recovering – which is hard to do in my abusive household. A friend in another state offered to take me in, but I’m going to need funds for living essentials.

If you see this, PLEASE reblog it. I’ve always dealt with various kinds of abuses and this could be my way out.

Thank you!

Please help!

I’m running out of options here, so I’m going to tell you my story and hope that you will pass it on to others. Please do not feel any obligation to donate anything to me; simply reblogging this post will mean the world.

Here’s what I’m currently facing:

Back in November, my boyfriend’s ex-roommate abruptly moved to Florida when he found out that his dad had cancer. Because my boyfriend could not afford to pay the entire rent on his own, and because this was so sudden with no way to find someone to move in and take the ex-roommate’s place, my boyfriend was going to be homeless.

None of his friends were willing to let him stay with them, even temporarily, and his family is abusive, so he couldn’t stay with them. So, naturally, I took him in. We moved his belongings into my apartment and everything was pretty great for about a month. That’s when some maintenance guys came in to look at the bathtub in my bathroom. They saw his stuff, decided that 2 people were living there, and they reported it to the main office. They served us with a notice that said my boyfriend had to be out within 24 hours or they would evict me.

A good friend of ours took my boyfriend’s belongings back to their apartment for storage. I began frantically looking for another apartment, one where we could live together peacefully. I shelled out $500 to keep my boyfriend in a hotel and, luckily, we found an apartment and signed a new lease. That is where we live now.

However, I’m still under the lease for the old apartment and have been trying to get rid of the place for 3 months now. I have had several dozen inquires about the place, about 10 people come look at it, and 3 people apply. All 3 people have been turned down by the main office for whatever reason. I am at the end of my rope.

Together, he and I make about $850 per month. Both rents together total $875. This does not account for utilities, food, cell phone bills, medication, and miscellaneous expenses. We both take multiple medications for various conditions, both mental and physical.

My savings is almost gone and I don’t know what to do. We only have enough money to feed us and pay both of these rents for 1 more month. None of his relatives will help and none of mine are able to. This is why I am asking for your help, tumblrites. If you are able to donate, even $1, it will help us so much.

I will be graduating with a Master’s degree in May, and I plan on immediately finding a full time job. When that happens, I will gleefully pay back each and every one of you, and probably write you a letter, and possibly kiss your beautiful faces a lot. I would be happy to write you smutty fanfiction, or make you origami flowers, or do whatever you want as a thank you for doing this for us.

He means the world to me and I need to keep him in a safe place. That’s all I want.

We have to be willing to give of ourselves wholeheartedly if we are looking to experience life and the abundance it offers, fully. Many thanks to @secrets2success for their wonderfully motivational posts from which this gem was collected and shared 💜
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Summer is coming. Many people don’t realize the dangers of leaving your animals in the car, even for a few minutes. A lot of people are more than willing to break a window to save a pup, but for those of you who don’t want to do that. Here is an alternative.

Before I go on, yes, I do believe in witchcraft , magic, charms, etc.

Now, does anybody know any reliable protection charms or spells? I feel a dark entity around me, and I have a gem, and I clense it twice a week, but it gets tainted faster and faster. I need some sort of charm or spell of protection to save me from it.


Must Read! It all tides to both sides. We have to fight for #equality & and we have to put this information into our #youth that we have to be more than the norm. According to the #AmericanBarAssociation, 88% of all #lawyers are white and only 4.8% are #black, so for each of the 60,864 black lawyers, there are 686 black citizens needing #assistance (compared with only 282 #white citizens for each of the 1,117,118 white lawyers).
Help me pay to transition?

Hey everyone! I know it’s the holiday season, so money is a little tight. I’m not asking for donations left and right, but for maybe a dollar or two. If 100 people saw and donated, that’s $100 to $200!

I’m currently going to use the money from the fundraiser to pay for laser hair removal for my face and neck, as that is one of the main things preventing me from presenting female, and the rest will go towards saving up for the future, which means my eventual SRS.

Please share this where ever you can, I would very much appreciate it.

Take care, happy holidays!

Love you all,
Ï¡÷¡Ï Jessie Williams Ï¡÷¡Ï

Missouri Reps Might Ban Steak and Seafood for Food Stamp Recipients

Last week, the Washington Post published an essay describing first-hand the stigmatization suffered by those who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, or “food stamps.” The article, “The poor are treated like criminals everywhere, even at the grocery store,” explains yet another example of how we criminalize those who need government assistance.

“Want to see a look of pure hatred?” writer Jeanine Grant Lister begins. “Pull out an EBT card at the grocery store.”


It isn’t always easy to ask for help, but every call is an act of courage.

An institution for over 25 years, Kids Help Phone is an invaluable Canadian resource that continues to help generation after generation.

Kids will keep calling, so let’s make sure someone is there to answer. Here’s all the info about donating and supporting this wonderful organization:  

Trans woman + sibling in a bit of housing trouble

Hey everyone!

I’ve never done this kinda thing before, so I don’t know exactly how it works.

My brother and I live together in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  We’re losing our third roommate at the end of August.  The apartment’s a little grimy, we smoke hookah on a fairly regular basis, I’m trans and unemployed, he’s diabetic, and there’s cat hair everywhere (though the cats are leaving with roommate #3), so it’s a little difficult finding someone to live with us who’s chill and understanding.

All that being said, we mostly just like having a simple home, a quiet place we can chill and watch TV.  We’re in need of either someone cool who needs a place to live that’s reasonably-ish priced, who works at least a little bit so that they can present a paystub to our housing office (~$600/monthly).

Rent per person is roughly 280, and then utilities account for another 200ish.

I know this is like a huge weird thing and the chances of finding someone are so slim.  But if you guys could signal boost the fuck out of this, I would appreciate it so much!
My car accident

Hi everyone,

The reason why I have been offline for these last few months is because I was involved in car accident in February. The car accident has really shaken my world and it has been tough to try and smile through it. However, now it has gotten to the point of do or die. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up by myself and even asking for this is already hurting my pride. But if you could take a few moments to read and see if you can help. I would be forever grateful to you.

Thank you,

Please help!

I’m trying to put together a collection to help fund reuniting with littleherosyd this summer, and could use your help.

My resources right now are sparse, and her and I are working to prepare ourselves for this summer coming, when we plan to embark on a trip together, and potentially prepare for some changes coming thereafter.

Anything you can do to help would be amazing, even if it’s just reblogging to your followers.

I love you all. Come here and gimme a hug, mmmm yes, just like that.