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Yuzu speaking in Korean is the most adorable thing in 2017


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I think the ISU wants to kill the figure skating. It can only be this.

I rarely read a proposal containing so much bullshit, and I read almost all Hersh’s articles, so I’m used to bullshit.

But let’s break the article.

A top official at the International Skating Union said the organization is looking at “radical change” in figure skating in order to achieve a better balance between the athletic and artistic sides of the sport.

Please meet Fabio Bianchetti, son of Sonia Bianchetti, chairman of Technical Commitee (like his mother before him). 

Doctor by the day, he has been elected in the office last year when he was the only name listed to be elected for the role.
The fact that no-one else was proposed by anyone else to fill the role should already tell you everything you need to know about ISU and all National Federations ruling this sport.

The first question anyone would ask herself reading the opening paragraph is what does exactly mean “in order to achieve a  better balance between the athletic and artistic sides of the sport”?

Let’s see how Mr. Bianchetti answers us.

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I feel personally attacked by this video (but I’m also not a World Champion figure skater and it’s not wrong about Evgenia).