assignment for lit

You can be whatever you want to be
Just don’t be that
Or that
Or that

We’ll love you no matter what
But gays are going to hell

You can do anything you dream
As long as it pays

Our generation is entitled
As we work 3 jobs
Just to have a dream

We’re selfish and narcissistic
As we fight for change

We’re lazy and soft
As we fight wars in our own minds

We want everything free
As we pay more than ever before

We’re too sensitive
As we watch each other die

Our hearts ache
With every new headline

Love wins
But does it?

We’re all equal
But are we?


11.16. 2016 • 16 / 100 Days of Productivity

Today has been such an awesome productive day!! I finished a really important Brit Lit assignment and a Psychology essay. Plus I got to run with one of my friends (we’re training for a big race). Now I’m home and getting ready to finish up some homework, as well as going to bed early.

My bujo theme for this week is Hillary Clinton. Naturally.

One week ago, I got my hair cut as well!! Before it was probably down to my mid back, but it has finally returned to its favorite state of short. (I had a similar cut freshman year.) Having my hair this short feels like such a natural transition and I’m incredibly happy with it. 😁

Thanks to my friend @writtenrain for reblogging my introduction post. 💙

Have a fantastic evening !! 💙💙



i return to school tomorrow and i have mixed feelings about it. i mostly just want to see my friends and nothing else. today i’m finishing the little bits and pieces of my lit assignment, although i have one question i need to ask my teacher thats causing me to finish one last thing. Then, I still need to finish my calculus take home quiz. these are the next 2 books I’ll be reading for school. any reviews on these? if so, send them to my ask box :)

20 June 2016 | Sorry about the terrible photo quality, but this is my setup right now - power’s out but I’m still planning for summer assignments, and color coding! Bought some cheap Papermate Inkjoy 1.0M pens in like 8 colors and they go with my staedtlers so well!

(Also 4 AP classes for senior year wooooo)
(Also also, was watching @nehrdist ’s YouTube videos when the power went out and I’m very upset)

                “ look at this, what part of this is supposed to be our english lit assignment? it just says flip. “ the petite blonde gestured as she held the sheet of paper in front of the person she was talking to. “ flip on one side, and flip on the other, she replied after a good five minutes of flipping the piece of paper over and over. “ i think mr. gray made a mistake when he handed these out in YOUR class. try asking him about it okay? “ she happily explained as a sigh slipped her lips. “ maybe that’s the point… he’s testing you all. you know teacher’s like tests…. but what’s, hey what’s funny? come on clue me in on the joke pal, do i need to find it? is it on the paper? 

Year 11 English Lit assignment: User a poem as the basis for a short story

Me: Uses Tolkien and writes a story about two dwarves taking watch and braiding hair and lots of sexual dwarven tension that I didn’t notice at the time I wrote it…