Of course Colin and Josh match. 

Just like last year.

You know this is planned-ish.

“Soooooo what are you gonna wear?”

“I dunno, what are you thinking?”


“Blue it is. Casual or dressy?”

“Eh, we did the dressy last year, let’s kill ‘em with the short sleeves this time.”

“Done and done.”


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Florida judge Matthew Destry is being called out for handing down a bizarrely harsh sentence to a young man who stood before him for a crime as minor as driving with a suspended license.

A petition to remove Judge Destry from the bench has been launched by the victim’s family.

They explain that Herbert Smith was sentenced to 60 years in prison for nothing more than a violation of probation due to a drivers license suspension charge.

The sentencing judge, Matthew Destry, presides over the Broward County Clerk of Courts.

Now, there is a Change.org petition against the judge for his clearly extreme sentencing. Read the following excerpt from the petition below:

On Tuesday November 24, 2015 a young man by the name of Herbert Smith was sentenced to 60yrs in prison for a simple violation of probation due to a drivers license suspension charge, by Judge Matthew Destry of the Broward County Clerk of Courts. This judge has been known for over sentencing people of color I’ve read several articles and several people have spoken about this judge as far as to how they were unfairly treated. We will not sit around and allow these types of injustices to go on we want justice. Minimum mandatory sentencing guidelines are a violation of our constitutional rights it gives the judge the right to lock  people away and throw away the key, I’ve seen murderers and rapist get less harsher sentences, This judge is unfair and needs to be removed from the bench because he doesn’t have the best interest for people of color. Please sign this petition if you fully understand why it’s important to stand up against inequality and injustice in the courts.

According to Smith’s family, the judge has been known for over sentencing African Americans to the absolute maximum penalties allowed under the law.

Now, friends, family and supporters of Smith are calling for the judge to be removed from the bench, due to what they consider discriminatory sentences practices.

If you agree, sign the petition and help SPREAD THE WORD!

I am disgusted!! Seriously? Even after this 

And this

And especially this

You guys still had your poor goddamn feelings hurt.

He’s a human being. And what do human beings do? They make fucking mistakes. But what do decent human beings do? They own up to that shit. Which Frank Grillo did. And you all decided that it wasn’t enough. Because God forbid someone screws up once in a while. I bet there are 9,000 memories that you have, that you hate to think about because you cringe at yourself. It’s completely normal. Does that make you a bad person? No. Just because one of those moments, for Frank, was caught on camera, now he’s worse than Donald Trump, right? 

He said something wrong. He learned a lesson. He apologized. But that wasn’t enough. You people were out for blood, which led to this.

I am thoroughly sick.

Does anyone remember those two columbine-obsessed girls that were on here who would make fun of all the other columbiners for being “groupies”, even though they also were groupies? And they sent a bunch of hate to shallow-existences, making fun of the way he looked and telling him to kill himself? And then he actually did? And then they talked about how they didn’t feel bad about it because he was going to kill people …even though he didn’t kill anyone but himself?
That’s pretty much happening again (different girls making fun of a different guy- same community)and these stupid girls are talking shit about how this guy looks and sending him hate. And it’s really fucking pathetic. How do any of you people have an interest in columbine and Eric and Dylan and think it’s okay to go around being bullies? I really don’t want to see that shit on my dash so if any of you are involved in that foolishness, please unfollow me.
And you’re all petty as hell for talking about how the kid looks anyway. He’s not bad looking and who gives a fuck if he gets attention from girls on here, why the fuck would that bother you?