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Wanna know a lot abt a person? Check on how they spell the Boss’s name whether if it’s Touichirou, Toichiro, or Toitsuro

my hearts are with all the other people like me who have shitty dads. whether they’re assholes, whether they’re abusive, whether they refuse to listen to you, whether they bailed on you, or whatever other shitty things they might have done, you don’t need them. you are strong and wonderful and perfect, so don’t let anyone tell you that you owe your father anything. you don’t. he’s a sperm donor and nothing more.

Being Rick's daughter and Negan having a crush on you would include:


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• Negan using every single possibility he gets to flirt heavily with you no matter if your dads around or not

• Rick having real problems to control himself so it often ends up in Negan admonishing him for his reactions

• Rick hoping that Negans whole behavior towards you would stop by time but having to realize that instead of stoping, his interest and feelings towards you would keep growing and growing

• Negan being to everybody else than you the typical asshole, especially to your dad 

• Negan mentioning to you that you shouldn’t let yourself get influenced by your dads opinion of him because he secretly fears that you would turn your back on him then

• Negan making, with big grin on his lips, sure that Rick and also you know why your mattress is the only one that the Saviors didn’t take out of your house 

•  Negan wrapping his arms around you everytime he gets the chance to and showing Rick straightforward that his daughter belongs to him now 

• Negan mentioning everytime he’s talking to Rick no matter how inappropriate it is how hot you are and how much he would love to fuck your brains out

• Negans words having the expected effect on Rick and after Negan leaves Alexandria again its you who has to calm down the anger that breaks out of your dad 

• Rick being extremely afraid of losing you to Negan

• Rick urging you one time to stay in the house while Negan is visiting just to see how Negan immediately gets what’s going on and just walking over to the house hitting there on you

• Negan afterwards threatening Rick that if he keeps you away from him he’s gonna prove a point again  

• Rick having nightmares and problems to sleep through the night because his fear of Negan taking you away keeps growing

• Even when Negan likes to see the annoyed reaction of the others while he’s flirting with you, he’s taking you on “dates” outside of Alexandria to just have you undisturbed for himself

• Negan enjoying to provoke Rick with his comments about you

• Negan ordering his men to leave things in Alexandria he knows from that they mean a lot to you but making sure that Rick knows that this applies only for you and nobody else, especially not for him

•  Negan telling your dad to calm the fuck down and stop giving him that annoying side eye while telling him to rather thank him for being the perfect match for his daughter 

• Negan visiting Alexandira pretty often to see you, to the annoyance of your dad, your brother and the others

• Negan driving your dad insane with just his constant presence and especially  the glance he has in his eyes when he’s looking at you

• Negan being really protective over you and threatening his men that if they’re just harming a hair on your head, they’re having a date with Lucille 

• Negan taking care of you and always checking if you have enough medicine, food and everything else you need

• Rick realizing that Negans protectiveness over you had the advantage that he won’t hurt you and won’t let someone else do it

• Only under the circumstance that you are safe it somehow being manageable for Rick to see Negans relationship to you growing close and intimate