Okay y'all, fvckyahlifting and I went to the kill shelter, and it was fairly busy. Really busy actually. We made our way into the back room (where they keep the older cats) where we found the newest member of our family, $ting. The back room was completely empty, so I told Aspyn to pick out the cat she wanted to bring home. She kept watch while I slipped the kitten into my back, and we got the fuxk out. $ting didn’t make any noise until we were walking out of the front office, where she started trying to poke her head out of the bag. I stuck my hand in there with her to keep her calm and we made our way to the car. As soon as we had her we were in love with her. We took her to petsmart and lifted around 300$ worth of shit to spoil her. Now she is home, happy, and safe.

This is the stolen cat. This is legit what someone posted. Apparently, the cat has respiratory problems and they stuffed $ting in a bag and walked out with her, then stole more things to feed her, despite admitting to having more than enough money to buy her legally because ?????????.

They apparently have also bought 200$ worth of medication for her.

Not blocking out her name because this cat was STOLEN from a shelter while she still had HEALTH PROBLEMS. If anyone working at the shelter or any shelters knows this cat and is worried about her, that girl stole them, and this cat could be seriously ill. All they know for sure is that she has respiratory problems, when, for all we know, she could have other health issues that the thieves don’t know about.

This animal’s life could be in danger. Fuck, if they have other animals and this cat has serious medical problems, or if $ting comes in contact with other animals, she could put other animals’ lives in serious danger.

This kid is not some animal rights activist that saved a sick animal, she’s an asshole that has screwed a shelter out of money they need to keep from euthanizing other animals, stuffed a sick cat in a fucking bag and unnecessarily stressed her out while she already has trouble breathing,stole from other businesses to feed it because fuck the police, and is probably sending the shelter into chaos looking for an animal that is potentially very sick and potentially has other illnesses she can spread to other animals.

Seriously, this needs to be spread around. The pound she stole this cat from needs to find out where its animal is and she and her accomplice need to face animal cruelty fines, not to mention jail time for stealing from other businesses.


North at the Wall and south in Braavos, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) both suffer devastating losses meted out by the fraternities they both hoped would replace their families, and that they both failed to fully commit to. Jon may have sworn his vows to the Night’s Watch, but he never quite stopped being like his father: His entire scheme to integrate the Wildlings into the community of humanity is the sort of noble, doomed scheme Ned Stark (Sean Bean) might have dreamed up. In the same way, Arya told Jaqen H’ghar (Tom Wlaschiha) over and over again that she wanted to become no one, but she couldn’t stop herself from hiding Needle and preserving the part of her that wants vengeance for her family. If Jon is a lot like Ned, Arya has her mother’s mix of calculation and sentimentality.Both of those qualities got Jon and Arya’s parents killed. And on tonight’s episode, they got Jon murdered by his brothers — each man declaring that the killing stroke they sunk into his body was “For the Watch” — and Arya blinded by her trainers (a moment that in Martin’s novels made me so angry I hurled a Kindle across the room). It’s not so easy to shake off your old family for a new one. But the costs of failing to break free can be dreadful. [x]


“Going on a date,” my ass; let’s not pretend for even one second that Sheriff Stilinski wasn’t already practically married to Melissa McCall. // In which Scott is totally the Sheriff’s favourite son

honestly the best people are the ones who try to make you feel better without invalidating your feelings. if you tell them “ugh everything sucks and i feel awful” they don’t say shit like “?!?! what are you talking about everything is just fine sweetie :)” or if you’re anxious they don’t go “well there’s no point in worrying!!”

idk about you but i’d much rather someone actually listen and acknowledge that things are fucked up than make me feel like i’m just incompetent or wrong.

I’m a psychology major so I can help psychopaths, haha. I just want to fix all those crazy motherfuckers.
—  Sophomore Psychology Major