Marvel Adventures: Super heroes vol.2 #004

Everyone should take dating and living advise from Tony Stark!

People shouldn’t get a bunch of shit when they don’t like a character. Yeah, if they’re being an asshole about it and flooding tags with hate and tagging reblogs with hate… that’s an issue. But if a person just doesn’t like a character and thus, doesn’t post much about them or just quietly likes posts they agree with and otherwise keeps their salt to themselves, I don’t see the issue, and it doesn’t make them scum because you’re favorite isn’t their favorite. 

tbh this extends to ships too.


We’ve slowly seen a friendship. They’re such different kinds of characters. Big personalities, huge flaws, big secrets… And so I battle two instincts: one is that it’s really fun to see two people who kind of hated each other and become allies and you know the other instinct, which is it would be fun to kiss Chris Messina. -Mindy Kaling//PaleyFest 2014

the only Ally Week I’m interested in is “alienate and ostracize all allies who feel entitled to our time, energy, and spaces” week

and let’s not limit ourselves to just a 7 days. let’s make it a year. let’s make it a lifetime. 



Hello everyone! I’m here to tell you (warn you) about this person. They joined handsomekingdom‘s Tales stream earlier and spammed the chat with annoying messages, and went on to refer to Sasha with the n-slur. We muted them and reported them, but I want you to know their name and report them if possible. Thank you!

Here Is the chatlog if the person being a total asshole. I also made pictures on my phone of the text stream which they also was happily chatting along stupid shit. Making stupid jokes, demanding MILLIONS of times (not even joking here) for handsomekingdom to change fiona’s outfit cause and i quote “Im enoughly pissed to see hats” and “I HATE THAT CLASSYS SHIT HAT!!!!!!”. Calling a char sexist and then right after make a sex joke about them, making fap jokes that are not even funny and basicly being a childish and rude person ruining the fun for other people.

If you see them on steam in a stream please MUTE them to not see their messages, do NOT accept their friend invites and please report this person.