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Spanish made rifle chambered in 5.56x45mm, it replaced the original CETME which was a precursor to the HK G3. Hill & Mac Gunworks did a limited production run of 100 of these rifles assembled from demilled kits. Unlike the HK 93, another 5.56x45mm design, the CETME-L uses standard STANAG magazines like the AR-15. Whether or not these become collectable depends on if some other company will do a production run of their own. (GRH)

Dolls for 300$ or less

This list compiles BJD under 300$ (and some SDs a little over that)

Please leave it under the Read More, seen as I’ll have to edit it multiple times

We have a HUGE diversity of sizes and styles to pick from, even under a budget. So support the original product.

And remember children, do your homework! Research the company/website reviews and owner pictures. Shoot me a message if you have something to correct/include. Do let me know if you find a doll in this price range that isn’t listed. 

UPDATE: Google Docs List with links that work hopefully

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anonymous asked:

Ok but like I need a fluffy AF fix where the entire team celebrates the birthday of the Macklena baby. Based on all the insta pics from baby Benny's birthday

AN ~ *shows up 50 years late with starbucks and copious amounts of fluff* seriously the fluff. i needed it!! thanks for the prompt :D

thanks to @mocking-point for the name suggestion, although I went with Francesca instead of Frances, it’s in honour of Elena’s cousin Francisco. also thanks to @marvelthismarvelthat for help with the Spanish and the food! even though I didn’t use anywhere near the amount of it you gave me, I hope you like it

MackeElena + family + the team. Also lowkey set in the Bobbi Ann verse, but it’s basically just fluff, don’t overthink it. Rated G.

Read on AO3.


“Aiya!” Elena cried, dodging out of the way and trying to keep a large and brimming salad bowl upright as her daughter shot past in the narrow kitchen. “Slow down, mi niña!”

“Slow down?” Mack turned away from the stove to look at her with a fondly critical eyebrow. “From you?”

Elena snorted.

“If you hadn’t got her the shoes with the wheelies on it, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“If we hadn’t got her the shoes with the wheels,” Mack remarked, “she would have cut holes in the soles of hers and put wheels in them all by herself.”

Elena rolled her eyes as she set the salad down on the bench.

“At least Uncle Fitz isn’t making her a flying skateboard or something.”

“Never say never,” Mack remarked, “he did promise me he’s been working on something.”

“Unless it’s a self-emptying dishwasher, I don’t want to know.” Elena raised her palms to face the roof, washing her hands of the thought of it before returning to the meal preparations. They had enough food for a small army, but as her eyes ran over it, something was missing.

“Los tostones!” She darted from her spot, to the fruit basket, and back. In an instant, the giant bananas were sliced and the stove was on, oil boiling.

“You know,” Mack assured her, “I don’t think they’re going to be here that soon.”

Of course, the universe couldn’t let him have that one, and the doorbell rang a moment later. Elena poked her tongue out for a moment, but just a moment, before their little girl came running – not wheeling, fortunately – back through the already crowded kitchen.

“Kika, answer the door!” Elena encouraged, and leaned over the counter to watch as with considerable effort, the girl, whose head was still a few inches shy of the handle, hauled the door open.

“Hola, Francesca!” Coulson greeted with a wide smile, as May reached over him to help the little girl keep the door open. As Coulson bumped and shoved his way through it, surrounded in a colourful myriad of gift bags, Mack came around the corner to greet them teatowel flung over his shoulder.

“Wow!” Francesca cried, her attention torn between her father and the packages. “Are they all for me, papi?”

“In a minute, Tiny Toucan,” Mack assured her. “We’ve got to wait until everyone gets here, alright? Now how ‘bout a proper hello for May and Coulson, hm?”

Begrudgingly – but only so begrudgingly as any child presented with delayed gratification on such a large pile of gifts, Francesca greeted the newcomers and danced around May, walking curious circles around her as they filed through the tight foyer space into the larger living area. A little bewildered by the questions already beginning to flow from Francesca’s lips, May was glad for Elena’s smile and the escape to the kitchen. She’d never been asked to keep an eye on deep fried bananas before. She certainly hadn’t been to a kitchen with this much variety in it before - not for a long time.

“We should’ve put you on cooking more often,” May remarked. Elena shrugged.

“We make a lot of food for parties. I couldn’t do this every day!” And then, re-evaluating with a laugh, she added – “Well I could, but the Turtle Man would be exhausted.”

May snorted, and Elena grinned.

“Mamaaa,” Francesca interrupted. “Who’s coming again?”

“Your Uncle Fitz and Aunty Jemma, and Aunty Daisy.”

“Is Bobbi-Ann coming?”


“YESSSSS!” Throwing her fist in the air victoriously, Francesca ran out of it, out of the room, chasing it in a Superman-style pose. May shook her head, smiling good naturedly. Elena chuckled, and muttered almost to herself -

“I certainly hope little Bobbita’s had a haircut recently.”

“What for?” May wondered. “Oh these look, uh, done I think.” She stepped back, and Elena began plucking the bananas from the oil with a set of tongs and dropping them onto the paper towel.

“It’s nothing,” Elena said with a shrug, and gestured to a bowl of what appeared to be caramel sauce, sitting on the bench. “We just have some very sticky food. Arequipe. It’s a nightmare, and poor Daisy will be cleaning her child and then cleaning the bathroom for months.”

“And this doesn’t have anything to do with last year’s crayon incident?” May speculated.

Elena shrugged cryptically, and almost managed to deadpan it, but for a mischevious sparkle in her eyes that gave the game away.

“It’s not my fault the food of my people needs its own brand of shampoo.”

She took a plate of empanadas and the salad bowl, and gestured for May to grab something too – she reached for the nearest, a dish of some sort of soup? – and they returned to the dining room just as the doorbell rang again. Mack helped Francesca open the door this time and Jemma, Fitz, Daisy and Bobbi-Ann poured in. After some brief greetings, Francesca and Bobbi-Ann shot to the table with the promise that Francesca was about to receive a huge pile of presents, now that everyone was here. She promised – very loudly, so that her parents and Daisy could definitely hear – to share.

“They’re adorable!” Daisy remarked, as the aunties and uncles settled themselves around the dining table in the face of two bolt-upright, crisp-mannered, but increasingly fidgety and impatient young girls. “Ah, when did we get so grown up?”

“Never!” Fitz declared, and slapped his gift down on the table in front of Francesca with gusto. Elena groaned.

“Please don’t be a hoverboard,” she whispered.

“A what?”

It was too late to pretend she’d said nothing, but fortunately, while Fitz spiralled off this way and that with ideas, Elena’s attention was drawn back to Francesca, who was ripping open a solar panel circuit assembly kit.

“It comes with a fan,” Jemma explained since Fitz was distracted. “But Fitz thought that was a little dry, so he made a little – “

“Aw!” Francesca squealed. “Mummy! Look!”

She held a tiny dog, just a little too big to comfortably fit in her hand. It appeared to be made all of moving pieces, like a little clockwork machine.

“COOL!” Bobbi-Ann cried. “What are you gonna call it? Does it move? Does it bark?”

“I’m sure Uncle Fitz would be happy to show you, right?” Mack suggested. “But do you want to finish opening your presents first?”


Francesca squirmed in her seat, her wide eyes hungry as the family ferried Coulson’s copious pile of gifts onto and around the table.

“Now, some of those aren’t as cool as a robot dog,” Coulson admitted. “There’s some pyjamas and socks in there. But! Also! A train set, huh? And there’s a kit in there for making bottle rockets and you can even put a little message inside and shoot it up into the sky!”


Francesca couldn’t decide which bag to look at first. Bobbi-Ann got in on the action eventually, and the two of them picked through the pile under the amused eyes of the family that loved them. A feeling of warmth settled over the table, unbeknownst to the girls lost in conversation of their own, as between the adults the disarrayed beginning settled into contentment. They didn’t all get together as much anymore, but it was hard to think of a better occasion than this.


How to Survive in a Post Apocalyptic World

A series of natural disasters (or perhaps a zombie invasion) have led to the loss of electrical power, food, water, and shelter. See how well you would survive in this post apocalyptic world by trying out these DIY challenges in four categories: 


Food and Water 




SD Legend BB - Gilded Knight Gundam

Woo! I finally got around to fully painting some gunpla! 

I wanted this guy to have a regal appearance, so the main colors I chose were gold and purple, with blue and silver for the trim. The jewel on the sword’s hilt that came with the kit was red, so I got some blue rhinestones and glued them to either side of a plastic rod that I slotted through the hole in the hilt. 

I also can’t stand the plastic capes that come with Legend BB kits, so instead of just recoloring the cape that it came with, I made a fabric one out of an old shirt that was filled with holes anyway. It has the same blue rhinestones on the front as the ones I used on the sword. 

Overall, I’m super happy with how this kit turned out! This has been one of my favorite builds I’ve ever done, and I can’t wait to keep improving.

And if anyone has any critiques, please feel free to offer it, and I’ll take the advice to heart.

The entire build process will be below the break.

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You’re bleeding

(A/N): I love caring Bucky so so much

Request:I feel like death and could use something to cheer me up. Could you do an imagine where the reader has a lose that bleeds easily and Bucky notices this while they are watching a movie together as their nose starts bleeding on the food? Fluff pleaseee

Warnings: some mentions of blood, swearing

Originally posted by caps-bucky

   You did have a tendency to uh- well, to bleed at completely random times. Your doctors assured you that everything was fine, you just had a really sensitive nose and that anything could set off the blood. It could be a light touch, temperature, even certain smells would set your nose off. Luckily you had been prescribed a medicine which should have helped stop the flow of random blood and for a bit it had worked but it was slowly starting to lose it’s efficiency. You told yourself you’d go in and get some medicine on Monday, considering the doctors office was closed on the weekends so for now you just had to deal with the bloody noses as they came. 

   Today the incidents had been minimal and you’d been able to stop them before they got too bad, one time while training Nat punched you in the face rather hard, hard enough to make the average person bleed and damn near immediately the blood began to flow. Luckily you had raised you hand just in time to catch the red rivulets of liquid. The second time you’d just gotten out of the shower and the humidity of the bathroom got to you, causing your nose to run blood profusely. But since those two incidents nothing had happened, yet. You just hoped and prayed that the blood had been out to a stop for today but you soon realized how wrong you were, and in the most unpleasant fashion too. 

   You and Bucky had hunkered down to watch some classic movies, just some quality time between the two of you when it hit. You felt the telltale dribble of blood seeping down your nose and you freaked, squirming out of Bucky’s grasp as you reach up to wipe away at your nose but it had already seeped down, staining your pants, the food bowl, and coating a good portion of the snack you’d been eating.

   "Shit,“ you curse as you rush to the bathroom, your head tilted back as you tried to stop the flow of blood.

    ”(Y/N)? What’s going on doll?“ Bucky asked as he quickly caught up to you, standing beside the doorway of the bathroom as you attempted to wash the blood from your hand. "Dammit, I thought your medicine had been working,” you inhale a bit too deeply, causing the blood to get caught in your throat. You cough, only spurring on more blood. 

    “It was,” you hang your head over the sink, allowing the blood to drip against the porcelain. “It’s not anymore," 

    ”(Y/N),“ Bucky sighs gently, his tone more sympathetic than anything else. "Here,” Bucky waltzed into the bathroom, grabbing a little kit you’d assembled for yourself a few months ago. It was full of all sorts of stuff to clog up your nose, stuff that actually worked. “Look at me,” You hesitantly pull your face from the sink, instead looking to Bucky as you sniffled, trying to keep the blood within your nose. 

    With a wet rag and the gentlest of touches Bucky wiped away at the blood on your nose, lips, and chin, afterwards pressing the bloodied rag to your nose as he grabbed some paper towel to clog your nose with, then a bandage over that to ensure that it’d stay in for however long you needed. You however can’t help but stare at the droplets of blood you’d gotten all over the tile and sink, the usually white and pristine bathroom soiled by your blood.

    “I’m sorry Buck,” your voice comes nasally, almost stuffy. 

    “For what?” Bucky asks as he wipes off a bit of some blood he hadn’t seen before, his finger grazing along your lip as he gently wipes away.

    “I kinda got blood everywhere,” Buck merely smiles, shaking his head in almost amusement. 

    “There’s barely anything here doll, I’m sure your hand took most of it anyways.” His smile is soft and genuine as he looks at you, his hand dropping the bloodied rag into the sink. “I’ll clean up whatever blood you got in here and you’re gonna go lay in bed, okay?" 

    "But Bucky-” you begin, going to pout when Bucky leaned in, silencing you with a gentle kiss to the corner of your lips. “Go lay in bed, I’ll be out in ten minutes to watch a show with you and eat icecream, sound good?” You can’t help But nod, smiling at Bucky. He gives you a gentle peck of your forehead edits ushering you to the warm bed in the middle of your room. 

   You curl up on the sheets, closing your eyes as you take in the scent of Bucky, well, as well as you could given the circumstances. Sure, you may have felt like shit and most likely look like it too but it wasn’t too bad when you had such a great guy like Bucky to keep you company.



Looks like an AK, fires the same 7.62x39mm cartridge but isn’t an AK. There are several versions on the U.S market; a mix of Czech built imports and U.S made rifles assembled from old parts kits. Generally you see the vz.58′s with a set of wood furniture but there are some companies that make aftermarket parts for the rifle. (GRH)

Headcanon: On Cain’s Modern AU!

  • Alexei was born in Russia in one of the Roma camps, so he grew up in poverty like in the default verse and was still put through the same prolonged sexual abuse.
  • He did enlist in the army but dropped out quickly when the army agreed his personality wasn’t very stable. After being discharged from the army he started working in the porn industry until he got enough money to immigrate to America.
  • There in America he auditioned to be a Playgirl model which was a success and he became a popular model until he started being a self-employed camboy and eventually got fame on Instagram. He no longer works for Playgirl.
  • At some point living in USA he eventually met Abel and started dating him and now living with Abel.
  • Though he is popular by many young people on Instagram, he has a fair following from the veterans and former veterans due to his interest in assembling scale model kits.
  • He owns a grey kitten named Smokes whom he rescued.

Polish Underfolder

Parts kit assembled rifle comprised of a U.S receiver and Polish AK components. Although underfolders are popular for their compact size and appearance, they offer little to no proper cheek weld. There are some ways to counter this; some people use paracord to add a little more surface area, but there is an aftermarket cheek riser. Not sure how well it works though. Another downside is the eventuality that the underfolding mechanism will loosen and begin to wobble around. (GRH)

The Professor Blomberg Vampire Killing Kit

  1.  An efficient pistol with its usual accoutrements
  2.  Silver Bullets
  3.  An Ivory crucifix
  4.  Powdered flowers of garlic
  5. A wooden stake
  6.  Professor Blomberg’s new serum

The kit is assembled from the following:

  1. Good quality Victorian Walnut Box
  2. Unnamed box lock pocket pistol with Liege proof marks
  3. Silver Bullets. These were difficult to produce due to the higher melting point of silver when compared to lead
  4. Powdered flowers of garlic in an original Victorian medicine bottle
  5. A wooden stake with a silver point
  6. Professor Blomberg’s Serum: produced in Harley Street, London, made from mainly fluorescing salts. In an original Victorian medicine bottle
  7. An original ivory crucifix
  8. The pistol accessories, including a solid silver gunpowder flask, an original bullet mould, box of percussion caps, etc.

The first of these kits was made by Michael de Winter in 1970 as a ‘one off’ novelty. He priced the first kit at one thousand pounds to attract interest, but discourage buyers (it was a show piece). The kit eventually sold, and copies soon appeared. The original most recently sold at Sotheby’s for over $21,000. Despite what Ripley’s Odditorium would have you believe, the kit is a hoax… which is a little disappointing.

Ripley’s Odditorium
Ocean City, Md.








Sorry about the delay, i’ve been caught up with work and other things.

This is part 2 of my trip to the Lost World of Wonders back in the Spring of 2011 which also included the HG 00 Seven Swords.

Ah, my first actual Universal Century gunpla kit. No, I don’t count the GP-01fb that I completely butchered as a kid. THIS was my first HGUC kit that I properly assembled. And i’m damn mighty proud of it.

This is somewhat of an older kit than the 00 models I made prior, so there was a little more work to do (My 00 kits were from ‘09-'10, the Zeta was an '03 model.) I painted the red stripes on the wings with red acrylic paint, colored the beam saber hand and the tail-end of the wings with a sharpie, and the blade was painted with a pink acrylic. Forgive me if that offends anyone, I wish I was more of a professional builder. Oh well.

I still love this Zeta though. The Zeta Gundam itself is in my Top 5 of All-Time favorite Gundam suits. I was actually getting around wrapping up watching Zeta as I was working on this one. You know, when shit really escalated in the show.

After the Zeta, I took another several month break from gunpla, where I went back to the Train/Hobby Store in Pewaukee and got myself another HG kit.

Next Time on Jesse’s Gunpla Showcase:

HGver.G30th RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver.G30th


Finally got around to assembling my damn trunk kit! Now I can stop for roadkill whenever I see it without having to improvise tools. It includes:

▲ Cooler
▲ Knife Set
▲ Trash Bags
▲ Gloves
▲ Skewer
▲ Bucket

Don’t ask about the skewer it just comes in handy sometimes, I swear. The cooler can be filled with wet or dry ice if I’m a good distance from the house coz I love my Prizm and don’t want anyone rotting in the trunk. I also keep a first aide kit in the glovebox with some other general tools, otherwise I’d carry some manner of disinfectant in the kit. Might anyway!

Welcome Kit

Resurrecting as a zombie can be a difficult, often disorienting experience. To ease the transition, we have begun assembling a kit to assist the newly undead.

A sample of the included items:

  • A pillow embroidered with “You are dead, now you can sleep”
  • A cozy blanket (typically black, occasionally lime green)
  • A ghost guide to help navigate the ensuing paperwork
  • Uncooked spaghetti (for some reason it is a frequent request)
  • Breath mints
  • A map detailing the locations of the nearest necromancers (for repairs and general advice) and hero outposts (to avoid and/or when they need a midnight snack)

I made a retro dresser based on plans from The Dolls House Magazine.  I made mine double wide and with non functional drawers. Caladium plant kit assembled by me.  All other minis made by me too!

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