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Polish Underfolder

Parts kit assembled rifle comprised of a U.S receiver and Polish AK components. Although underfolders are popular for their compact size and appearance, they offer little to no proper cheek weld. There are some ways to counter this; some people use paracord to add a little more surface area, but there is an aftermarket cheek riser. Not sure how well it works though. Another downside is the eventuality that the underfolding mechanism will loosen and begin to wobble around. (GRH)


How to Survive in a Post Apocalyptic World

A series of natural disasters (or perhaps a zombie invasion) have led to the loss of electrical power, food, water, and shelter. See how well you would survive in this post apocalyptic world by trying out these DIY challenges in four categories: 


Food and Water 



Century Arms CETME

A rifle that is descended from Nazi Germany’s StG44, the CETME would in turn be the originator of the G3 series of rifles since the same designers were all involved. Century Arms sold CETME’s assembled from demilled parts kits when Spain transitioned to 5.56x45 caliber rifles. The CETME in the photo has a cast stainless steel receiver; evident due to the lack of weld marks near the trunnion and the fact that the rear sight is integrated with the receiver. Generally if you see a cast receiver CETME from Century Arms, they’re usually better quality due to the excellent condition of the parts kits used, but still out of spec from a true CETME. (GRH)

Welcome Kit

Resurrecting as a zombie can be a difficult, often disorienting experience. To ease the transition, we have begun assembling a kit to assist the newly undead.

A sample of the included items:

  • A pillow embroidered with “You are dead, now you can sleep”
  • A cozy blanket (typically black, occasionally lime green)
  • A ghost guide to help navigate the ensuing paperwork
  • Uncooked spaghetti (for some reason it is a frequent request)
  • Breath mints
  • A map detailing the locations of the nearest necromancers (for repairs and general advice) and hero outposts (to avoid and/or when they need a midnight snack)

I made a retro dresser based on plans from The Dolls House Magazine.  I made mine double wide and with non functional drawers. Caladium plant kit assembled by me.  All other minis made by me too!

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Playlist: How to Be a Student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Did you wait for your Hogwarts acceptance letter the July after your 11th birthday, but were disappointed when you realized you would not be learning the art of magic? Hope is not lost for all muggles! Try out these DIY skills from some of the classes you’re missing. 

Defense Against the Dark Arts





History of Magic



Izhmash AKM

The generalization of the AK platform being simple and reliable firearms goes hand in hand with the notion they are all sand encrusted and worn out arms used in the Middle East. However a pristine parts kit professionally assembled into a rifle is as much a piece of machining art as any new gun. As much as I love an old dirty gun with trench art, a well built and refinished parts gun is worth owning as well. (GRH)


FAL Friday and the one in the photo is a unique example that could easily get overlooked. It is a British BSA L1A1 Law Enforcement Only model in semi-automatic. These were imported as complete rifles and sold only to U.S law enforcement agencies back in the day. Not many were purchased and the few that were bought have either been sold off or destroyed. What throws people off is that they are marked Century Arms on the barrel. However, while a parts kit assembled L1A1 averages around $800, the BSA marked L1A1, if proven to be one of the LEO models, have sold for $2,500+. (GRH)