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Today: Centaur in a Can 3D Print Taxidermy Poseable Figure

This is a digitally sculpted, 3D printed and highly articulated Centaur skeleton. In a can!  The model consists of 38 parts, with 35 points of articulation, for a wide and realistic variety of poses. It stands approximately 7.5 inches tall when fully assembled in a standing pose. Each model also comes with assembly instructions, if you’re in a rush to get it together. The model includes 2 sets of hands, in open and closed poses.

(Via  MythicArticulations / etsy)

It hit me today that I have made headcanons for so many different things, but out of all of them, I have never made Reibert ones. I was really into Reibert like two years ago, so these are way overdue, but finally, here they are.

  • Reiner calls Bertholdt every pet name possible while Bertholdt tends to call him “love”. This kills Reiner every time.
  • They literally share an entire wardrobe. They still have their separate clothes, but after some time, everything got piled together. Bertholdt is wearing a shirt that’s loose around the shoulders? That’s because it’s Reiner’s. Reiner is wearing a pair of pants that are too long? They’re Bertholdt’s. 
  • Bertholdt never shops without Reiner. Reiner will happily go up to employees to ask for help or will make conversation with the cashier so Bertholdt doesn’t have to.
  • Since Reiner is an extrovert and Bertholdt is an introvert, it took Reiner a bit to understand that Bertholdt sometimes needs time to himself and only himself. Now, he doesn’t think too much of it when Bertholdt distances himself a bit or recluses himself to one room. 
  • Reiner has really nice photos of Bertholdt, such as the light hitting his face at a certain angle and what not, but Bertholdt mostly has really blurry selfies of Reiner. Of course, he does have good photos of him too, but the blurry ones always get him to laugh.
  • Bertholdt cuts Reiner’s hair.
  • Reiner gets really confused when people comment on how quiet Bertholdt is because Reiner knows how he actually is. Bertholdt will talk and joke around more when he’s only with Reiner compared to being in a group.
  • When they first moved in together, they decided to buy a new bed frame. This project took them almost five hours to complete because Reiner thought they would be able to assemble it without instructions and Bertholdt put some pieces together incorrectly due to not having said instructions. In the middle of putting it together, Reiner stopped and proclaimed it was getting late. It was 6:30 pm.
  • I headcanon that Reiner has glasses and Bertholdt thinks he looks so cute when he wears them.
  • Being childhood friends, they love going through photos of when they were little kids and reminiscing in general. 
  • Reiner: One time, my boyfriend and I were-wait, did I ever mention I have a boyfriend? His name is Bertholdt. Bertholdt is the best boyfriend ever. I love him. I really love him. I love my boyfriend, which if you didn’t catch it, his name is Bertholdt. Bertholdt is my boyfriend. He’s the best.
  • A lot of people don’t know they’re dating unless they say so. They don’t do too much PDA, so to strangers, they just seem like they have a really strong friendship. They just have one of those types of relationships.

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On the topic of AP's T8... I just ordered my first last week. In reviews, I keep hearing about sealant and having it dry overnight? I've tried navigating their website for something that explains what it is but all I can find is that assembly takes 15-20 minutes. Could you please explain what it is?

Assembly is easy, but sealant is definitely a thing.

So basically, if you go by AP instructions, you assemble the whole cage, but don’t fasten the top too well. Top is one of the first ones to have to be fastened by screws, so you have to back up and remove it before you seal.

If you are geometrically talented, you can change the order of assembly such that the top comes last and doesn’t have to be removed (not to brag, but after a cage or two, we figured out how to avoid the extra steps – we have five AP cages total, all bought new and assembled by us).

Then you get messy with the sealant. They provide an excellent sealant, and if you have thin silicone or nitrile gloves, use them. I used my bare hands, with lots of water to keep the sealant from sticking to my skin.

Should have taken how-to photos, in retrospect, but here’s how you do it.

1. Lay out a bead of sealant along the seam that you’d like to waterproof.
2. Moisten your finger or thumb generously with water (I had a sprayer handy for that) and drag it along the seam, pushing the sealant in as much as you can, and leaving it as smooth as you can.
3. If you want to add more, or to smooth out, just spray down with water and repeat.
4. If you mess up and smear the sealant onto something it shouldn’t be on (like I did with Slinky’s acrylic door!), Goo-gone removes it while it’s still fresh.

The sealant cures in 24 hours if you’re lucky. It uses air moisture to cure, so we used fine mist sprayer to accelerate curing. We still waited 3 days to move the snakes in, because you could still smell it after 24 hours.

We sealed along the bottom, and about 2 inches up along the walls. We did not seal the top, since if the water is up to above 2 inches inside the cage, we have bigger problems.

I hear there are other manufacturers who offer seamless cages (boaphile?), but I would imagine shipping will be killer on a non-flat-packed six-footer cage. We like our APs and will be soon buying two more from them.

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#94 or #109 :)))))

I’ll add 109 to my list and do it separately :)

94. You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.

“Rob?” Aaron shouted up the stairs on returning home and finding his husband nowhere to be seen.

“Robert?” he repeated.

“In Liv’s room,” he heard Robert call out from upstairs.

He shook of his shoes, flinging them back into the porch in the way that he knew would make Robert mad if he’d seen him, before running up the spiral staircase.

He found his husband kneeling on the floor, surrounded by plastic wrapping and cardboard, screws of different sizes lined up in rows, nuts and bolts in collected piles, and slabs of MDF in varying sizes arranged haphazardly around the room.

“What the hell?” Aaron asked, frowning.

Robert sighed, leaning back on his heels as he scanned over the items in front of him.

He glanced up at Aaron, reaching up for the kiss he placed against his lips as he leant down, joining his husband on the floor.

“I bought this dressing table for Liv’s room,” Robert explained in reply to Aaron’s questioning expression. “I’ve been at it all afternoon. I thought I’d put it together but then it just collapsed on me, and –”

“Did you follow the instructions?” Aaron interrupted, looking up at Robert with a raised eyebrow and a knowing smirk.

“No, but – ”

“Then what do you expect,” Aaron laughed. “You never think you need the instructions –”

“I never usually do!” Robert insisted.

Aaron scoffed. He could think of at least three occasions in the last week when Robert had leapt in – like his usual arrogant self – and refused to follow instructions when assembling things for The Mill, and Aaron was starting to realise a pattern.

“Give them here,” he said as he pointed towards the leaflet Robert had discarded behind him.

Aaron took a few minutes to read over them, glacing through the step-by-step guide and matching up the parts referred to in the instructions with those he had laid out in front of him.

“They don’t make sense, anyway,” Robert insisted, deflecting from the slight onset of embarrassment that he’d been defeated by flat-packed furniture.

Aaron’s brow furrowed further, and he started mumbling out letters and part numbers to himself, eyes glancing from the leaflet to the piles of things in front of him.

“Where’s this?” Aaron asked, pointing to a supporting section of the dressing table at step 5 of the instructions.

“Erm,” Robert looked to the planks of wood laid out in front of him. “What?” he questioned, glancing from the floor to the instructions. “Let me see,” he ordered, snatching the instructions back from Aaron.

Aaron shook his head, standing to his feet and making his way over to the cardboard packaging Robert had discarded carelessly.

“Bastards!” Robert called out, flinging the instructions leaflet half way across the room. “They’ve sold me this and it’s not even got all the right parts! They’ll have a piece of my mind in the morning, I promise you I’m gonna –”

Aaron coughed from behind him, breaking his tirade.

“Erm, Rob,” he uttered, smirking.

Robert glanced up at him, saw his husband stood holding two narrow planks of MDF, which looked a lot like the supporting beams he’d insisted were missing.

“What?” he questioned, confused. “Where did you find them?”

Aaron bit down on his lip, tried to suppress the temptation to laugh at his husband’s annoyed expression.

“Still inside the box, you moron,” he smirked.

“Oh,” Robert sighed, looking away with a hint of embarrassment.

“You’re an idiot. I married an idiot,” Aaron smiled warmly, leaning down to place a gentle kiss against Robert’s forehead.

“Shut up,” he sighed in return.

“I tell you what,” Aaron suggested; couldn’t help feeling sorry for his husband based on the defeated expression on his face. “Pass me that Allan key, you go and cook us tea. I’ll have this done in half an hour.”

Robert smiled, standing to his feet and placing a chaste kiss against Aaron’s lips.

“Fine. Deal,” he agreed with a hint of relief. “You always were best with your hands, anyway.”

Because I’m Roadrat trash

Here’s what I think Roadhog and Junkrat’s astro signs are, aka an excuse to talk about my two fav characters in the whole world in a more in-depth way because I’m utter indulgent garbage. 

Roadhog Astrological signs:

Taurus sun: It’s no secret that Hog is the epitome of gluttony. No, it’s not because he’s fat. He ripped off the side of an ice cream truck, booked it away from the scene of the crime with an armload of Pachimari plushies, and is wanted for extortion and theft. Tauruses tend to be very indulgent (trust me, I would know), and Roadhog’s “get what I want, whenever I want” attitude in life is the ultimate stereotype of one. But beneath the greedy exterior is also a responsible, considerate Taurus as well. He constantly puts his tough guy act aside to tell Junkrat to stay safe, remind him of their task at hand, and is generally the rock to Junkrat’s fiery personality. 
Aquarius moon: Hog’s a man of few words, and thus there isn’t much to his personality besides his actions. However, based on what’s given to us, we can tell that Roadhog is a lover of freedom, very observant, and a bit idealistic. These are all telltale traits of an Aquarius moon. His days in the Australian Liberation Front fighting for what he believed was right and absolutely not budging when the government told them to cements himself as an Aquarius moon in my eyes. That, and he also hides his emotions behind a literal mask, coming off as a stoic, emotionless, hard-to-read kind of person. He doesn’t express his emotions well, keeps his thoughts to himself. 
Cancer rising: Alright, I’m going to refer to Hog’s weight in this one, but I’m not going to talk about it in a derogatory manner. Roadhog is a beautiful man, okay? Cancer is a motherly sign that usually “rounds out” whatever placements the sign inhabits. Cancer and the moon rules the stomach and breasts, either giving the native bigger stomachs/breasts or giving them troubles in that area. While we don’t know what Hog’s face looks like, a lot of people interpret him to have a round, chubby face as well. Hog stands at an impressive 7′3″ (2.2m) with bulging biceps but no one can deny that he kind of has the charm of a soft chubby pig, his absolute favorite animal. Plus, he is also nurturing (as we see with Junkrat) and a bit of a goofball sometimes. 
Virgo Venus: Virgo Venuses aren’t very romantic. They’re patient, considerate, and not showy with their love at all. While we don’t exactly know what Hog’s “loving style” is, judging by how he treats his Rat, it’s safe to say that he isn’t one to just outwardly show affection whenever. Especially since he’s spent a good majority of his life living in a harsh irradiated wasteland where anyone and anything can kill you. He seems like the kind of person to reserve his feelings, especially romantic ones, since that’d be opening himself up for attacks.
Capricorn Mercury: Alongside Roadhog’s reserved Aqua moon and Virgo Venus, his Mercury comes along to really put the filter on. Hog’s quietness doesn’t seem to come from being shy, oh no. Like previously mentioned, living in a harsh irradiated wasteland amongst cutthroat societies calls for caution, and unless you’re ready to handle the package that comes with flapping your lips carelessly, it’s best to choose your words carefully and get to the point. Hog’s bluntness, concentration and observant nature are also traits of a Capricorn Mercury. 
Taurus Mars: Hog seems patient enough, especially with Junkrat, to not lose his cool and get angry very quickly. However, he’s still as destructive as a bull when he wants to be, especially when it comes to having things taken from him (such as in the Junkenstein comic, he goes off to destroy a whole village after deciding that he would be a slave to no authority, ever). Hog is straightforward, practical, and loyal. He sticks with Junkrat and never betrays him, even when he could easily just kill the Rat and take the money.

Junkrat astrological signs:

Sagittarius sun: Junkrat is as carefree and freedom-loving as a Sag can be. He’s enthusiastic, energetic, wild, and traveled all around the world, dragging his giant bodyguard in a crime spree across the globe. But despite his mischievous personality, he carries the burden of immense knowledge: the secret he found in the Omnium Core. Thus, he is the holder of very important information, as most Sags are due to their intellectual side. He’s passionate, always putting his heart into the work that he loves most, like blowing things up and destroying Omnics. He also never ever tries to put others in restraints either. In the Junkenstein comic, he lets Roadhog out into the world and never tries to stop the violent rampage that his creation goes into. He’s perfectly fine with letting Roadhog do whatever he wants and keep his autonomy. 
Aries moon: “Impulsive” is the word that best describes this sign’s weakness. However, “clever” is the word that describe’s this sign’s strengths, and both apply to Junkrat perfectly. While he is impatient and annoyingly energetic to the point where it seems he can never stand still, no one can put aside his eagerness to tackle any challenge that is presented to him. It’s strongly implied that he built basically everything that belongs to him, from his bombs to his prosthesis, to even Roadhog’s own scrap gun. Nothing stops Rat, not losing an arm and a leg, not a harsh irradiated wasteland, not a hefty bounty placed on him in at least 3 countries. 
Leo rising: Once I learned that Leo risings can have temper tantrums and jump to conclusions, I knew this sign was totally Junkrat. In the Junkers’ comic “Going Legit”, a cop refers to Roadhog as “the fat one” and Junkrat immediately flew into a fiery rage at hearing someone refer to his partner in such a derogatory manner. It’s known that Leos fiercely protect the ones they love. Leo risings are also funny, young at heart, and can be very animated characters, showing off their personality with grandiose gestures. Junkrat is very bouncy, friendly and gives off a warm aura. His “Wanna go to the beach?” line, anyone?
Libra Venus: I don’t want to go too into the fandom version of Junkrat on this one so I won’t delve too much into romance on this one. Libra Venuses are known to be happier when partnered with someone. Junkrat made the conscious effort of hiring Roadhog to join him in his crime spree, knowing fully well anyone could kill him or take advantage of him, but he risked it just so he wouldn’t be alone. Again, in “Going Legit”, Junkrat tries to reason with the cops about to arrest him, preferring to calmly talk a problem out rather than just jumping right into conflict despite his impulsiveness. On top of that, Libra Venuses can be a bit too trusting, friendly, and charming. This is especially shown when Junkrat tries to interact with anyone else in Overwatch, except it backfires on him when they shut his friendly advances down. 
Gemini Mercury: Gemini Mercuries are a bit scatterbrained, very adaptable, and quick-witted. While it does seem that Rat doesn’t plan things too well and just jumps into action, his assembly instructions and successful bank heist plans (in-game sprays) show that he is indeed very intelligent and puts his knowledge to good use. Again, he’s very adaptable because he doesn’t let anything get in his way, he solves the problem by himself and judging from his extensive knowledge of building a multitude of things at such a young age, he’s a fast learner. 
Scorpio Mars: While Rat does seem amiable and trusting, you should never ever betray or use him, because he will get back at you as soon as possible. He seems good-natured enough to let a nasty comment flung towards him just slide by, since he doesn’t seem to have a grudge towards any of the Overwatch members that were abrasive to him (he even goes so far as to brush off Mei’s rude comments towards him with an appropriate pun), but in “Going Legit”, he hangs the CEO by a chain around his neck on a crane and proceeds to blow up him and his company’s office block all because the CEO tricked them into destroying one of his buildings for insurance money. Junkrat doesn’t seem too vengeful… but don’t mess with the Rat. 

{Part 1} Master & Chef // Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by jypnior

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader (ft. Jackson)

Genre: Fluff, Suggestive

Summary//Request: You’re a top baker in Korea and today you’re hosting a show with Jinyoung and Jackson - teaching them how to bake a cake. But throughout the whole show, there’s no denying the ever growing sexual tension between you and Jinyoung.

A/N: Yes, there will be a part two - soon. Yes, it will contain smut ;)

{Part 1} {Part 2}

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The difference between qué and cuál.

We use qué for general questions. 
And we use cuál for specific questions. 


  • ¿Qué te gusta? - What do you like? (In general, whatever is fine). 
  • ¿Qué quieres? - What do you want? (In general, about anything).


  • ¿Cuál te gusta más? - Which one do you like the most? (Among these 5-10 objects).
  • ¿Cuál quieres? - Which one do you want? (Among these 3 options?)

* These questions are used with a previous context. 


  • ¿Qué película te gusta? - What movie do you like? (Any movie).
  • ¿Qué libro quieres leer? - What book do you want to read? (Any book).


  • ¿Cuál película te gusta? - Which movie do you like? (Among these 10 movies?)
  • ¿Cuál libro quieres leer? - Which book do you want to read? (Among these 15 books?

*In everyday conversations people prefer to use “qué” instead of “cuál” with nouns. You might hear people say “¿Qué canción te gusta más?” (What song do you like the most?) even if there are only 5 songs to choose from. 


A very common mistake that most Spanish students make is trying to translate questions as “What is your name?” literally. 

As I explained before, we use cuál for specific information, someone’s name is a specific info, so we should say:

¿Cuál es tu nombre? - What is your name?

and not ¿Qué es tu nombre? (X). This sentence doesn’t make sense, because “qué” is about general things, but a person’s name is very specific. 

So we use qué + ser + noun when we talk about general meanings and dictionary definitions. We can ask:

  • ¿Qué es nombre? - What is name? (the definition of the word “nombre”).
  • ¿Qué es el amor? - What is love? (baby, don’t hurt me x)
  • ¿Qué es la vida? - What is life?
  • ¿Qué son las estrellas? - What are stars?

Note: I’ve also heard questions as “What is “house” in Spanish?”. In Spanish this is translated as “¿Cómo se dice “house” en español? and not “¿Qué es “house” en español?”


Sentences with cuál, that people often mistranslate:

  • ¿Cuál es tu número de teléfono? - What is your phone number?
  • ¿Cuál es tu dirección?/¿Cuál es tu domicilio? - What is your address?
  • ¿Cuál es tu correo electrónico? - What is your email?
  • ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre “a” y “b”? - What is the difference between “a” and “b”?
  • ¿Cuál es el significado de esa palabra? - What is the meaning of that word?
  • ¿Cuáles son las instrucciones para armar esta mesa? - What are the instructions to assemble this table?
    *Yes, “cuál” has a plural: “cuáles” (:
  • ¿Cuál es la misión de la empresa? - What is the mission of the company?
  • ¿Cuál es tu sueño? - What is your dream?

That’s it for today. I hope this is useful for you! 
Feel free to ask me anything. (:

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pardon me for asking but i just saw this whole thing after i came back from the hospital and i'm confused about this martial law thing? can i ask you what is that?

Martial law is basically a suspension on ordinary laws. That gives the government, especially the president, imposition of direct military control of normally civilian functions— powers to violate our rights.

(Read: #NeverAgain: Martial Law stories)

Included were orders to transfer all powers to the president, authorizing the military to arrest individuals conspiring to take over the government, the enforcement of curfew hours, and the banning of group assemblies.

Letters of instruction were also released in the following days, ordering the closure and seizure of private media and public utilities, among others.

(Read: Macos’ martial law orders)

It was a terrifying period where no one was safe at all. Soldiers marched the streets, people couldn’t get out without fearing for their lives, even inside homes it was terrifying (some homes were broken in by military!). Political activists and media personnel were abducted, interrogated, and worse. Not even the ordinary civilians were safe because even the slightest connection or move could be held against them. People were being tortured. 75,730 have claimed of rights violations under Marcos mostly under martial law and this number doesn’t encompass everyone because this is just the reported number. What about those unreported? What about those who are still “missing” and those who were killed? The number is too high. No one should have gone through this.

Martial law can last for 60 days and we already so just how much could happen in one day based from yesterday’s events.

Tony/Rhodey Fic Recs

(because tony and rhodey make the absolute cutest couple and i rly wished more people shipped them too (i mean did u see civil war??? how can you not??) so in an effort to convert more people to this wonderful pairing, here is a list of some truly amazing tonyrhodey fics!)

A Date on the Moon by what_alchemy [NC-17, 13.2k]

Just because someone’s name is on your hand doesn’t mean it’s easy.

A Lonely, Lost Thing by PhoenixFalls [T, 9.5k]

James Rhodes just wanted a nice relaxing night out, drinking with some classmates, maybe a bit of dancing. Tony Stark probably wanted the same. Unfortunately, some people willfully misunderstand how consent works. James educates them (with his fists), and Tony makes a friend.

A Million Shades of Blue by Not Applicable [T, 8.5k]

“I just know that if I could get to wherever he is, I could find him. Dead or alive, I’d bring him back to us.”

James Rhodes will never stop searching for Tony Stark.

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Spinach Fettuccine with Grilled Shrimp

No real recipe for this one. Grilled some shrimp in sweet smoked paprika, garlic, granulated onion, kosher salt, pepper, and finished with lemon juice. Boiled the fettuccine to package instructions, and assembled together with a small amount of portobello mushroom (sugar free) pasta sauce from Whole Foods. Quick and easy. 15 minutes maximum. 

On The Run - Chapter Two

Summary: What would life be like if you fled the war with Draco Malfoy?

Warnings: Fleeing war, some fluff, heavy topics.

Chapter One  

(Chapter Three)  (Chapter Four)  (Chapter Five)  (Chapter Six)

A/n: If anyone wants to be tagged in this send me an ask. This is the edited version!

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Neither of you wanted to stop walking when it started to get dark. You were still too close to Malfoy Manor, Death Eaters would be looking for you two soon, if they weren’t already. But, your bodies were protesting against every step you two took and finding your way in complete darkness would be a problem. So, you sit down on a log and decide that the spot you found was good enough.

“We’re stopping here.” Draco sits down next to you as you talk.

“Alright.” He leans his head on your shoulder. You’re both beyond exhausted but there’s still much to do before you can sleep.

“Okay,” You groan and fall to your knees on the forest floor, opening the bag, “Accio tent.”

A tent, still in the box and covered in dust, flies from the bag and lands on the ground with a soft thump. You tear open the box and read the instructions to assemble it with magic.

“We never even went camping.” Draco says as he stands up. “We just bought it to have it.”

Draco gathers some logs and puts them on the ground haphazardly. You wave your wand like the instructions say and the ten assembles itself before your eyes. Draco starts the fire.

“We never had that luxury.” You sit down next to him by the fire, leaning onto him.

“My parents are muggles so magic stuff is kind of foreign to them.” Draco balances his head on top of yours.

“Well, muggle stuff is foreign to me.” Draco holds you hand in his as the fire crackles in front of you.

“Like, telerphonies.” You giggle at his mispronunciation.

“Telephone.” You correct genlty.

“And Eclecity.”

“Electricity.” You correct.

“Whatever. Point being, everything that you know about in the muggle world, I don’t know about.” You nod and put your hands out in front of you, trying to warm them. You could feel the temperature dropping and you knew that once night fell you would have to put out the fire but you were both so cold, and the fire was so warm.

“We have to put it out soon.” You draw out your words, heart sinking as you think about the cold.

“Why?” Draco says, his own knuckles were red from the already slowly dropping temperature.

“It’ll draw too much attention.” You reply with a disappointed voice. Draco hums in agreement.

“We’re both tired, we should just go to sleep anyways.” Draco stands up as he talks, offering you his hand. You groan as you stand up, body protesting against each movement.

“We’ll need our energy.” You walk towards the tent as Draco puts out the fire, dragging your feet with heavy eyes.

The tent is bigger on the inside, holding a queen sized bed, table and chairs, twin bed, and extra blankets in a box. You pull back the blankets on the left side of them bed and lay down, falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.


You wake up with Draco squished against your chest, holding you close to conserve warmth on this cold morning. You get out of his stronghold, waking him up in the process, but he doesn’t complain. You can tell he wants to but he won’t, probably for both of yours sakes. The tent is quickly packed up and put back in your bag.

“Y/n! Get down!” Draco falls to the ground behind a log, pulling you with him. You’re about to protest when you hear a car drive past you. You must be on the edge of the forest.

“Maybe there’s a town nearby.” You brush yourself off when you stand.

“We can follow the road, I doubt any Death Eater can drive a car.” You say, starting to walk towards where you heard the car. It’s not a paved road like you expected, it’s and old, dirt road with divots where countless cars had driven.

“What if there’s a town nearby? What then?” Draco asks as you start to walk up the road, still going north. You were going North for two reasons, it was away from Malfoy Manor, and The Order of The Phoenix had a base somewhere North, you heard Hermione Granger talking to Ron Weasley about it last year.

“Then we find an abandoned house to live in. There might even be place where we can work to get enough money to buy food.” Draco nods along to your words but soon enough you fall silent again. Neither of you talk as you walk, too afraid of the possibility that a Death Eater could be around any bend in the dirt road.

After walking for a few miles you reach a tiny village. It’s quaint, with a couple of kids running around and a market. It sits at the bottom of the valley, which is good luck for you because on the side of the valley are a few abandoned houses. They’re up for real estate but the signs are dirty and covered in vines, no one was going to be wanting this house.

“Okay, here we go.” You walk up the front porch and take out your wand, looking nervously around you. “Alohomora.”

The door unlocks and you open it, immediately greeted by an empty house. It smelled like old wood and dust, no one had been in here in quite some time. Luckily, you found no sounds of rodents, it seemed that whoever had put this up for sale had been very adamant on keeping them out, every tiny nook and cranny was sealed tight. Draco was working on getting a fire started in the fireplace while you looked around. You walked into the kitchen and tried the faucet, nothing came out.

“The water doesn’t work.” You lean against a wall, looking down at Draco who was looking in your bag for a change of clothes. He didn’t look like the well-kept boy you met in school; his hair was a white-blond mess, his silver eyes were tired, his clothes disheveled, he looked like an entirely different person.

“Did you expect it to?” Draco stands up, holding clothes that you never expect would be in a Malfoy’s storage. It was a dark jacket, tee shirt, and a pair of jeans.

“Not really.” You walk over to the small window at the front of the house, clear the dust with your shirt sleeve before staring down at the village below.

“There’s a market down there, maybe someone will have some work.” Draco hums as he disappears into a room to change.

“We need food, Draco. The stale bread in the storage room ran out this morning.” Draco comes back into the room, dressed normally.

“We can take a walk down now, but you should keep your hood up.” He secures a beanie over his white-blond hair, effectively hiding it from view.  You flip your hood up and walk out of the house, the bag bounces against your hip as you walk.

“Why do we keep going North?” Draco asks as you walk down the hill. He holds our cold hand in his own, giving the people on the pavement the impression that you were just a normal couple.

“It’s away from the manor, away from all of them.” You turn a corner, hand tightening on your wand for a second before relaxing, “And I heard about a base up North, I figure it’s our best bet at a safe house.”

You fall silent again but instead of the air being tense it feels relaxed. The people around you give you both a chance to blend in and with the new clothes you looked positively normal. The market was at the bottom of the valley, it had expands from each end of the street on each side, all selling different things. You try to pay in Galleons but the man at the stand wouldn’t accept them, not even when you told him they were made of gold.

“Is there a pawn shop here?” You ask him, stuffing the galleons back into the handbag. You could sell some of the stuff in the Malfoy’s storage, that would give you enough money for food.

“Two streets over.” The man points down the street and you take Draco’s hand again, walking with him towards the pawn shop.

It wasn’t hard to find, the only shop on the road. Draco and you had debated what you could sell to the muggles that wouldn’t kill them if they messed around with it, you agreed on some jewelry. Diamonds, it looked like, but they were covered in dust, along with some pearls, also covered in dust.  

“We’re breaking the law, you know.” You say as you fast-walk to the shop.

“What?” Draco asks, pulling his eyes from the buildings to your face.

“ ‘Wizards cannot sell any items possessed by a wizard to a muggle without punishment.’ .” You recite the book you read. Draco rolls his eyes and throws his arm over your shoulder as you near the shop.

“Yes, we’ll be giving Arthur Weasley one hell of a job when the war is over. Selling dusty diamonds and pearls to muggles, imagine the shame, the humiliation.” Draco taunts as you reach the shop.

“Okay, Mr. Bad-boy.” The bell hanging at the top of the door jingles when you open it.

The woman who ran the shop stood tall behind the counter, with soft eyes and bushy brown hair. You smile at her and she smiles right back, her smile just as soft as her eyes. You walk up to the counter.

“Are you selling or buying?” She asks, pulling out a logbook and uncapping a pen.

“Selling.” You place the jewelry on the counter and she lifts it up to examine it.

“So, what do you think they’re worth?” You ask her. Draco stands beside you, his hand is in his pocket, probably holding his wand.

“Together? Six hundred.” She sets them down and looks to you expectantly.

“Alright, that sounds good.” She picks up the necklaces and starts to write in her log book right after you speak.

“Does a check work?” She asks, pulling out a checkbook slowly. You nod and she writes down the check.

“And I’m making this out to..?”  

“Y/n Y/l/n.” You say quickly, spelling it out when she asks you to. You take the check and exit the shop quickly, walking towards the tall building next to the church that was the bank. They were the only tall buildings in the whole village, you were surprised they were even there at all.

With the check cashed you headed for the market, stomach grumbling loudly. Draco wasn’t far behind, walking as fast as he could without drawing suspicion. You buy over a hundred pounds worth of food but as you walk back towards the house, you can’t think about the money you just spent, all you can think about is that you’ll eat tonight.

Neither of you cook -you don’t even think Draco knows how-, you eat bread and apples until you aren’t hungry anymore. The house didn’t have any furniture so you had to eat on the floor but neither of you were complaining, as long as you ate you didn’t have a problem. Laying on a blanket in front of the fire with Draco, you were both completely relaxed for the first time in over a year. That was until you heard a voice.

“Hello?” It belonged to an old man. You both jump up and hold out your wands. An old man walks through the door of the house.

“STUPEFY!” Both of you cry the spell at the same time, effectively knocking the old man unconscious as well as backwards ten feet.

“That was close.” Draco sighs, running his hand down his face.

“It was just a muggle, Draco. We should wipe his memory, just to be safe.” Draco nods and helps you carry the man outside. You stand over him, with your wand pointed at his face.

“Obliviate.” You whisper, turning your wrist slowly. Draco bites down on his fingernails once you get inside again.

“We have to cast some protection spells.” You walk back outside and start to cast protective charms and spells around the house. When you get back inside, Draco is still biting his nails.

“Draco?” You ask, walking up to him. His eyes are closed but he’s shaking all over.

“It’s alright, it was just a muggle.” You try to calm him down. He opens his eyes, they looked scared.

“I thought it was- that they were-” He cuts himself off, too scared to talk. You nod and pull him into you, holding him tightly.

“I know, I get it.” He wraps his arms around you, hugging you just as tightly as you were hugging him.

“I’m a blood traitor, now.” He pulls out of the hug, looking down at you sadly.

“And I’m a mudblood-”

“You shouldn’t call yourself that.” Draco says quietly.

“Why not? I’m a mudblood and I’m proud of it!” he gives you a feeble smile, “My point is, Draco, titles that other people give you are not you, not really.”

“You can’t let others put you in a box, that’s just wrong.” You hold his hands in yours.

“Where did you learn that?” Draco asks. You give him a small smile.

“I learned that from Hermione Granger.” You let go of his hands and walk to the fire, sitting on the blanket in front of it. Draco sits next to you.

“They don’t care that we’re good, they don’t care that we have the capacity for love, they only want us dead.” Draco leans his head on yours as you talk.

“That’s why we fight, Draco,” you intertwine your fingers with his, “for what we love.”

Imagine Jane and Thor decide to share an apartment; Thor volunteers a reluctant Loki to help with the move. 

On move in day, all their belongings arrive at the new place, including the new furniture from Ikea.  Thor didn’t realize that the furniture didn’t come assembled, but says “How hard could it be?“  From flying in the Dark Elves ship, Loki already knows this won’t go well.  He volunteers to paint the living room instead.

For the next hour he hears groans and grunts coming from the room where Thor is assembling furniture.  When that turns into shouting and tool throwing, Jane runs to investigate.  The ground is littered in bolts and metal brackets which Thor couldn’t make fit.  He and Jane discuss hiring someone to build the furniture for them.  As they go back to the bedroom, Loki is sliding the last drawer into the second nightstand while sitting on the finished bed frame.  He grins as Thor’s jaw drops.

"I read the instructions.  You should try it sometime.”

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taegi. ikea assembly.


“Like fuck it’s done,” Yoongi challenges him, a metallic clinking sound punctuating his words. “I have 13 leftover screws in my hand.”

“Well, it’s assembled, so I don’t know what more you want,” Taehyung sighs, tossing away the assembly instructions, which he had been using as a sweat rag. 

“I want to be able to sit on that chair without busting my ass.”

“Well be my fucking guest,” Taehyung gestures to the chair.

“You first,” Yoongi insists. 

Taehyung hesitates for a moment, eyes darting nervously to the screws in Yoongi’s hand. “Fine!” he agrees after a moment. There is a tentative creaking sound as Taehyung slowly, carefully lowers his weight onto the chair. He pauses for a moment, making sure that he is steady before breaking out into a smile. “See? No problem.”

“Lift up your legs,” Yoongi challenges. 

“What?” Taehyung gawks, going pale.

“You’re supporting your weight with your legs. Lift them  up.”

Taehyung scoffs, eyes betraying his uncertainty. “Why would that fucking m-Arrhghhggfuck-”