assembly fest

Prince Charming

Response to this prompt, because I am obsessed with Disneyland and this wouldn’t leave me alone. 

The costume was hot. Not that Steve hadn’t expected that going into the job, because this was California in June, and anything that wasn’t cotton and short sleeves was hot. But damn, today was worse than usual, and maybe that’s why he’d done what he had. Lord knew he wasn’t the type to approach random adult strangers – kids sure, he approached kids all the time – but never the adults. And didn’t that make his job sound creepy?

But really, working as the daring Prince Philip for Disneyland wasn’t as awful as Steve had thought it’d be. It was actually a lot of fun. He spent his days in the happiest place on Earth, taking pictures with tourists and making small children smile. So what if the polyester of the nondescript, royal military uniform chafed in uncomfortable places, that he had sweat pooling beneath his arm pits and in the small of his back, or that his hair was thickly matted with spray and gel? He fought animatronic dragons and made people happy. He got to carry around a medieval shield.

Steve told himself to focus on that thought, on the happiness and the cotton candy and the diminutive Jedi running around him screaming at the top of their lungs. Focus on the fun, not the heat or the sun.  Smile, focus on the people.

And that was when he saw him.

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