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So I got a Saskia deck for my birthday and I’m gonna turning it into a token deck that I can go wide with instead of just using Saskia as a beatstick like I have been for the past week. I’m so far thinking Aurelia the Warleader, Assemble the Legion, Boros Battleshaper, Dictate of Heliod, and Gratuitous Violence. Anyone have any suggestions?


I finished painting my brother’s Raven Guard army this week. Overall they took about a week and a half, the bulk of the work being done while waiting for my various Alpha Legion orders to arrive. By the time that stuff got here, these guys were being based and having transfers applied, so those steps and the varnishing were happening alongside the assembly of the Alpha Legion.

It’s basically another Betrayal at Calth with a couple of additions and conversions. The Chaplain was given a minor conversion and acts as a generic stand in for whatever Consul he feels like fielding on any given day. Being Raven Guard, he doesn’t tend to field the Terminators very often but they were given lightning claws to fit the theme anyway, and will serve as the Deliverers described in the background. Veteran Tacticals are pretty standard, a few MkVI heads scattered in there.

In terms of additions, we have the Praetor converted from Geigor Fell-hand, the jump pack from a Sanguinary Guard and some leftover Dark Fury claws. He is an absolute close combat monster. The Dark Furies were a christmas present from me, built as standard from that kit. The unit of snipers were cobbled together from MkVI bits we had lying around in our ever-present stash of spare marine kits, and sniper rifles from Anvil Industry.

We’re pretty casual with our games, and operate on a limited budget. Proxies are common. To the point where now pretty much all of these act as stand-ins for something else. My brother’s recent preference has been to run lots of Assault Marines and Destroyers with Jump Packs for an utterly brutal alpha strike (Raven Guard Jump Infantry get Furious Charge, Destroyers’ Rad Grenades reduce enemy Toughness by 1 in close combat… that hurts). Lacking the hundreds of pounds needed for 30+ Forge World Assault Marines, mass proxying is the order of the day. Doesn’t bother me any though, I get a more fun and challenging game out of it.

EDH Deck Tech: Zedruu the Greathearted

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Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week we’ll be talking about a really fun and unique EDH deck: Zedruu the Greathearted.

The ones of you who’ve been following my blog for some time might know that I only have a Phelddagrif deck, and that if I were to make a 1v1 commander deck it would easily be the Gitrog Monster; but I don’t play 1v1 commander, and I don’t plan on doing so, because to me EDH is supposed to be just fun, not competitive. Keeping that in mind, if I’d have to make a second EDH deck which was not intended for 1v1, I would play Zedruu, without hesitation. This deck is so unique and has such a weird & fun playstyle. You’ll see during this deck tech that it’s quite special. Let’s get into it!

Sharing is Caring

This is the heart of the deck. Your main plan is to donate some cards, either with Zedruu’s ability or with cards like this. The more cards you give away, the more life you’ll gain & the more cards you’ll draw. You have access to quite a few cards like Harmless Offering, Donate, Bazaar Trader, Vedalken Plotter, Puca’s Mischief, Perplexing Chimera, Humble Defector, Djinn of Infinite Deceits, Gilded Drake, Daring Thief, Cultural Exchange, Conjured Currency & Rainbow Vale. Your plan is to give away some cards or exchange control of other stuff. Spice up the board a little and give to the ones in need!

Poisoned Gifts

Okay, so this is not exactly a Group Hug deck…so you’re not really giving stuff just to be nice; most of the things you’ll give away is either useless, or a very bad gift. Cards like Illusions of Grandeur, Delusions of Mediocrity, Akroan Horse, Goldnight Castigator, Bronze Bombshell, Crown of Doom, Jinxed Idol, Jinxed Chocker, Pyromancer’s Swath & Form of the Dragon are good example of cards that make life harder for an opponent receiving them as gifts. Grind them out with those cards and you’ll end up drawing tons of cards & gaining tons of life, getting you way ahead.

the Gift of Closing a Game

The last gifts were annoying and kind of painful for your opponent, but here’s some gifts that will essentially lock them out of the game. Cards like Steel Golem, Statecraft, Grid Monitor, Aggressive Mining, Celestial Dawn (which can completely shutdown an opponent if you then play an Iona and name White) & Transcendence (which can straight up kill an opponent on the spot, but you have to be at less than 20 life to play it in the first place). All those cards are SUPER mean and can win you the game fairly easily, so make sure to use them efficiently.

Making a Pillow-Fort

Nothing says “birthday party” like building a pillow-fort (you get it? gifts? party? whatever…)! Okay, granted, no one is invited in your pillow-fort, but you could technically move the cards around to include some friends in it! Cards like Propaganda, Ghostly Prison, Collective Restraint, Sphere of Safety, Windborn Muse, Kazuul Tyrant of the Cliffs, Norn’s Annex, Crawlspace, Lightmine Field & Solitary Confinement. With a nice an comfy pillow-fort you can by yourself enough turns to draw a metric ton of cards & gain as much life, at which point you’ll start grasping the win.

Very Giving Removal

So there’s something pretty cool you can do in this deck; you can run a whole bunch of removal that stays on the field like Grasp of Fate, Oblivion Ring, Detention Sphere, Darksteel Mutation, Banishing Light, Journey to Nowhere, Nevermore, Consulate Crackdown, Imprisoned in the Moon, Rest in Peace & Stasis Snare; then just give them to your opponent as they don’t do anything anymore and it’ll make you draw more cards & gain more life, it’s a win-win! Also, you can run regular removal like Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, Chaos Warp, Oblation, Pongify, Rapid Hybridization, Aura of Silence, Karmic Justice & such; as well as counterspells like Render Silent, Counterflux, Spell Crumble, Swan Song, or whatever counterspell you wish.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Boards tend to get messy, with all those creatures & whatnot; as you might have noticed, there’s not a lot of creatures in this deck, relying a lot on enchantments to do some stuff (be wary of enchantment removal though, that hurts you a lot) so you’ll want to clean the boar every now & then with cards like Blasphemous Act, Day of Judgment, Wrath of God, Cyclonic Rift, Supreme Verdict, Austere Command & Terminus. Keep the board clean & keep doing your thing!

Reusing Old Gifts

People might end up throwing your gifts in the graveyard, or just deal with your stuff in general, so you need a few options to bring your stuff back; cards like Replenish, Sun Titan, Starfield of Nyx, Open the Vaults or even Second Sunrise. You just need to be able to bring back your stuff if you have to.

Definitely Not Gifts

You don’t want to give EVERYTHING away, there’s a few cards that you’ll want to keep on your side of the field; they also happen to win you the game, so that’s nice as well. For starters there is Alhammarret’s Archive & Paradox Haze which goes SO WELL with Zedruu’s passive ability, you’ll get so much value from it. Also, you have different angles to use, but cards like Assemble the Legion, Aetherflux Reservoir, Felidar Sovereign, Psychosis Crawler, Niv-Mizzet the Firemind, Laboratory Maniac, Sphinx’s Revelation (okay, this just gives you tons of cards & life…), Storm Herd, Mechanized Production & Luminarch Ascension. With those you have tons of ways to grab the win once you’ve hindered your opponents and pillow-fort’ed enough.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed the deck tech as much as I did; if I missed anything let me know! The deck is really unique, as you saw, and very fun! If you’re looking for something “outside the box” this might be something good for you! In any case, I’ll see you guys next week for a Standard deck tech!

Barry Allen owns the Hall of Justice

that is all

(Edit) he got it from the Reverse Flash, the person currently assembling the Legion of Doom, Eobard Thawne has owned both the Legion of Doom and the Hall of Justice

Building 4 color tokens. With one goal, and one goal only. Angel. Tokens.

It should honestly just be G/W but that’s what everyone does. And I wanted Assemble the Legion and tutors. :P

a7xjoker33  asked:

Not sure if it has come up in the past and I missed it Shivam, but I'm curious how your soldier deck with Tajic got started? It's one of the coolest concepts I've heard of with all of the unique soldier tokens, and I'm just curious if the soldier archetype or the lore of Tajic or anything in particular got it all started for you.

I really wanted to make a deck with my favorite card ever, kjeldoran outpost. I also wanted to use assemble the legion, because I love that card. Tajic fit the color need and was a soldier, so there it goes! He’s actually a terrible token commander, being far better for voltron, but he fits flavor.

Commander’s Toolkit

Good Cards for Token Decks                                  

1. Rhys the Redeemed 

One of the very few one drop legendary creatures. Able to produce 1/1 elf tokens for three mana and make copies of all tokens you control for six mana. If you can find a way to keep him in play for that long he can get stupidly out of control.

2. Thragtusk/Armada Wurm

Because who doesn’t want five life and/or an army of tokens whenever these guys blink out and re-enter. Combine these two with a Flickerform or Conjurer’s Closet and you’re in business.

3. Doubling Season

Of course the infamous Doubling Season, For obvious reasons.

4. Nomad’s Assembly

This puts a 1/1 Kor soldier token into play for each creature you control, A great way to increase your board presence

5. Assemble the Legion

This card can get ridiculous, especially with Doubling Season. Watch as your soldiers spread like bacteria and eradicate any hope of defense.

6. Growing Ranks

Allows you to copy any token you already have every turn, oh look at this 8/8 Godsire token, I think i’ll have another one of those, and maybe another one next turn.

7. Mycoloth

This guy is a must have in any token deck, mainly because he has both the ability to act as an outlet and to produce tokens proportional to twice the number of creatures sacrificed upon entry.

8. Hero of Bladehold

The hero is especially good if you combine it with multiple attack steps or doubling abilities. It also has battle cry which powers up your tokens when they attack.

9. Dragon Broodmother

Great because it produces baby dragons on each player’s turn. They also have devour 2 which means they can eat some of your other tokens upon entry so you can have bigger dragons if need be

10. Awakening Zone/From Beyond

Why not have tokens that can produce mana as well as providing some form of defense. Well with these cards you can.

ellipsis666  asked:

What are you grabbing with academy rector in Gisela?

Whatever circumstances demand.

The most common plan that I see myself following is Assemble the Legion. Grab it, wipe the board when things get too crazy, and when the opportunity presents itself, throw down Gisela the turn after a board wipe and start swinging to end the game.

It also depends on what I already have in hand/on field. Like if I already have Assemble the Legion out or if I have Elspeth and its looks like I’m going to be able to keep her for a while: Purphoros.

Or I can grab Vicious Shadows and make everyone wary of not playing anything until they can get rid of it for fear of another eventual board wipe, which will give me the time I need to come up with something else.

The fall of Marius

Marius At Minturnae, Jean Germain Drouais

At the end of the Social War Sulla was elected Consul for 88 BC just as war with Mithradates was breaking out. Mithradates took control of Asia Minor, slaughtering Roman citizens by the thousands. Sulla, in his senior Consular position was appointed to command the campaign, but the aged Gaius Marius desperately sought the command for himself. Opposed by the Senate, Marius was unsuccessful through traditional methods, and Sulla assembled his legions and began the march to the east.

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Magic: the Gathering - Combo Corner

This cute standard format legal interaction has both Akroan Horse and Purphoros, God of the Forge on the field to essentially ping your opponent for 2 each turn while dropping a 1/1 white soldier to chump block or wreak havoc on your next turn.  Extrapolate this with an ‘Assemble the Legion’.