assemble the legion

The fall of Marius

Marius At Minturnae, Jean Germain Drouais

At the end of the Social War Sulla was elected Consul for 88 BC just as war with Mithradates was breaking out. Mithradates took control of Asia Minor, slaughtering Roman citizens by the thousands. Sulla, in his senior Consular position was appointed to command the campaign, but the aged Gaius Marius desperately sought the command for himself. Opposed by the Senate, Marius was unsuccessful through traditional methods, and Sulla assembled his legions and began the march to the east.

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Commander’s Toolkit

Good Cards for Token Decks                                  

1. Rhys the Redeemed 

One of the very few one drop legendary creatures. Able to produce 1/1 elf tokens for three mana and make copies of all tokens you control for six mana. If you can find a way to keep him in play for that long he can get stupidly out of control.

2. Thragtusk/Armada Wurm

Because who doesn’t want five life and/or an army of tokens whenever these guys blink out and re-enter. Combine these two with a Flickerform or Conjurer’s Closet and you’re in business.

3. Doubling Season

Of course the infamous Doubling Season, For obvious reasons.

4. Nomad’s Assembly

This puts a 1/1 Kor soldier token into play for each creature you control, A great way to increase your board presence

5. Assemble the Legion

This card can get ridiculous, especially with Doubling Season. Watch as your soldiers spread like bacteria and eradicate any hope of defense.

6. Growing Ranks

Allows you to copy any token you already have every turn, oh look at this 8/8 Godsire token, I think i’ll have another one of those, and maybe another one next turn.

7. Mycoloth

This guy is a must have in any token deck, mainly because he has both the ability to act as an outlet and to produce tokens proportional to twice the number of creatures sacrificed upon entry.

8. Hero of Bladehold

The hero is especially good if you combine it with multiple attack steps or doubling abilities. It also has battle cry which powers up your tokens when they attack.

9. Dragon Broodmother

Great because it produces baby dragons on each player’s turn. They also have devour 2 which means they can eat some of your other tokens upon entry so you can have bigger dragons if need be

10. Awakening Zone/From Beyond

Why not have tokens that can produce mana as well as providing some form of defense. Well with these cards you can.