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Starrick/Jacob Modren AU

For extraordinary reasons such as needing to eat and pay bills, Jacob Frye decided to apply for a job as assistant,-not secretary, he won’t use that word. Nothing bad with it, but he likes to think that assistant has a better ring to it, even if he will be answering the phone and fetching coffee. Evie rolls her eyes. He ignores her- answering to a job vacant that opened just days ago in Abstergo, the multi-billionaire corporation with big glass buildings and posh businessmen and women. He snorts. Fucking place would pass as a modeling company any day.

What Jacob Frye didn’t expect was to find so few people applying for the job.

Turns out everyone was scared of the boss, Crawford Starrick.

Who looked like a prick with a stick up their arse that had fired four people in the last week.

Repeating to himself he needs the money, think of the money, you don’t even need to like this job god fucking dammit, Jacob manages to pass the week trial. So far so good. He had managed to do better than the others and that had to count as something, right?

His relationship with his boss, though…Well, that’s why we’re here, hmm? It started rocky but it improved as soon as he learnt to have the tea on time - any time, and coffee was a big no-no.- and keep timetables and telephone calls organized. He wouldn’t lie, flirting with that guy at Management -Roth, was it?- helped a lot to secure his position and learn all the little tips he needed to know quickly.

Which brought the attention of Crawford Starrick himself. That, and the fact that he didn’t wear a suit for work like everyone else. (Rich people, everyone. Can you believe them?)

Him seducing his boss wasn’t the plan. It wasn’t his work ethics to flirt with the man when he was doing extra hours at night via taking his reading glasses and smirking at the perplexed but curious cat like look the older man delivered him. It wasn’t his idea of sex to find himself straddling his boss’ lap after getting dumped by his (ex) boyfriend Freddy -“It’s not you, it’s me” being the worst bullshit in the history of mankind- and getting this as some sort of petty revenge.

It wasn’t his idea for it to happen again, or become an almost usual occurrence, or for it to start to mean something. But y'know, shit happens.

And that was the reason he woke up the day of his birthday, almost a year from that stupid stupid job interview to which he arrived five minutes late and almost got kicked out of, to find a barking puppy with a blue ribbon on his bed and Crawford Starrick, all wrinkled clothes and messy mustache, waving his happy exclamations off and saying he needed something to invest his energies on anyways.

It doesn’t matter. Jacob can see the pleased tilt in the corner of his lover-also-boss lips from here anyways.

Story was written by the wonderful @skeptical-free-spirit


Arno Victor Dorian Aesthetic

“La justice est une rivière rouge. Je te cherche, où es-tu?”

Note: I chose the Eastern Imperial eagle here, a native animal to France. I thought it fit Arno :) Also, the quote is a link.

@giraffedragon-universe​, @soliloquy-of-nemo, since both of you requested this :D

AC aesthetic: x x

Dear Ubisoft, there are some things that are perfectly appropriate things to do to characters. THIS was NOT one of them.
Sincerely, somebody who is absolutely still not over this, no matter how many years it has been. You douchebags.

Sometimes my brain goes “holy fuck Giovanni Auditore is such a good character” out of nowhere and then I usually fuck off to cry over some LiveJournal post from 2009 because that’s how much new content there is with this guy.