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Formatted Tumblr AU - Sometimes good things come from the worst things.

warnings: cyber harassment, homophobia - if you’ve had bad anon hate, you know the deal here

Anonymous asked you: 
2012-09-17 20:13
youre fucking useless

Anonymous asked you:
2012-09-17 20:22
no one would care if you died

Anonymous asked you:
2012-09-17 20:42
Hey, Blaine… I don’t really know you, and all I did was look at your readmores, but please don’t let some assholes do this to you.

Anonymous asked you:
2012-09-17 20:43
You matter.

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4x14 spoiler-based, speculative fun, pretty much

“Can I turn on the radio?” Kurt asked, leaning back in the passenger seat to stretch, careful not to wrinkle his tuxedo. Blaine nodded as he checked the mirror before switching lanes, glancing at Kurt out of the corner of his eye and internally questioning the decision to ask Kurt to be his date to the wedding, as a friend.

Even if it was Kurt that had brought the subject up in the first place, dropping hints and picking out tuxedos for both of them before Blaine had even started to think about the event. Kurt’s fashion direction was as spot-on as always, and that was the problem. He looked way too good for Blaine to be comfortable just being friends at a wedding, of all places.

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“still holding out hope that the moulin rouge tribute episode will be blaine’s nyada audition so he can sing your song ◕ヮ◕” [x]

“Dude, you got this. How many times have you practiced this song?”

“Twenty-one,” Blaine muttered, staring out at the empty floor. He couldn’t see her, but he knew that Carmen Tibideaux was sitting in the audience, as unrelentingly passive as ever.

“Yeah, that’s twenty-one times I’ve watched you sing this, and you did great every time. Don’t worry about it. You’re Nightbird, remember?” Sam struck a heroic pose, which Blaine couldn’t help but chuckle softly at.

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A/N: You know those Blaine appreciation photosets that have been floating around? Yeah, this is inspired by those.

Why I Think

Why Blaine Anders

Reasons That Bl

Kurt sighed. He wasn’t sure why he was actually doing this - all he knew was that he had to do something to organize his thoughts, especially after the confusing jumble of emotions that was Christmas with his dad and Blaine. Once they were gone and Rachel was back, she had been quick to pick up on his subsequent moodiness. She didn’t say anything, though, not until New Year’s Eve.

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A Tug, A Pull (1/?)

Soulmate AU - In a world where soulmates exist but often never find each other, two teenage boys in Ohio soon give up on finding theirs. But when circumstances draw them too far apart for either of them to ignore, it’s only a matter of time, impulse, and a little bit of luck.

A/N: Happy birthday, Reneh *u*

“I can’t believe we have to do this,” Kurt grumbled to himself, eyeing the other freshmen around him warily. The gym was packed and he was sitting in the second row of the bleachers, right on the edge of the aisle. The student to his left - an admittedly cute, tall boy talking excitedly about the upcoming football tryouts - had given Kurt a wide berth.

“Well, I think it’s important,” a too-loud voice said from the row behind him. Kurt turned to see a girl who looked as though the children’s section at Kohl’s had exploded all over her. He raised an eyebrow, hoping she got the hint to continue. With an exaggerated huff, she did. “We should be educated about soulmates because it’s a huge part of our culture and without knowing what the concept means we could make serious mistakes that define our entire existence.”

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A/N: shh, I’m having daddies!klaine feelings

“Daddy?” Blaine turned from the TV to see Elizabeth standing there, looking sad and scared. “Can you hold me?”

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” he asked, immediately gathering her up in his arms and settling back in the couch, using the remote with his free hand to turn the volume down.

“I had a bad dream,” she said quietly. She hid her face in his chest, grabbing at his shirt. “I don’t like monsters. They’re scary and they take my Daddy and Papa away.” A sniffle told Blaine that she had started to cry, and he hurriedly tried to think of something to cheer her up.

“Do you want to watch a movie with me?”

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Early relationship bowling date. *u*

“So, Blaine, have you ever gone bowling?”

“No, sir- I mean, Burt,” Blaine corrected himself hastily, his eyes wide. “Maybe when I was little, but I don’t remember anything.”

Burt nodded, then chuckled. “Kurt’s been only a few times, but I’m pretty sure he’s got some kinda special talent for it. Kicks my ass every time. Of course, I might just be horrible at bowling.”

“You’re just horrible,” Kurt called as he walked into the room, pulling on a light jacket. “Puck killed me last summer when we all went bowling that one time. Hi Blaine,” he added with a shy smile.

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some experimental kurtana in the new york apartment just because (PG-13? i think, i’m not good at this)

They were both slightly buzzed, the sting of the alcohol still burning, strangely pleasant, in their throats. Kurt was stretched out on the couch, completely relaxed and extremely relieved that Rachel wouldn’t be home until later. He loved her, but she was incredibly wearing on the nerves.

Santana, on the other hand, was leaning against the wall across from Kurt, watching him with a calculating expression.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she hummed, shrugging. “I’m just trying to figure out how you managed to go from a prepubescent Pinocchio to vaguely Disney prince-esque in the span of four years.”

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Sebklaine friendship + a traveling amusement park in summer of 2013.

“So, you guys are just friends now?” Sebastian asked, glancing at Kurt, who’s driving, and Blaine, who appeared to be almost asleep in the backseat.

“Yeah,” Blaine said, his eyes still closed. “We have been for months.”

“Wow, I’m impressed,” Sebastian said. “You both seemed destined to ride into the sunset in a unicorn-drawn carriage last year.”

“But we’re not, so please stop talking about it before I kick you out of my car,” Kurt said, turning to glare at Sebastian for a moment. “It was Blaine’s idea to invite you, not mine.”


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Kurt slammed the door behind them, gently urging Sebastian towards the bed as he continued to nip and suck at his neck. Sebastian’s legs hit the edge of the mattress and he let himself drop onto the recently-washed-and-oh-so-warm comforter, smirking when Kurt followed to straddle his hips.

“In a hurry, babe?”

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