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With everything going on in the news right now, I just want all of the survivors of sexual assault and/or rape to know that I am with them. As a survivor myself, I know how hard it can be to speak out about your experiences when we live in a society that tends to shame and blame us instead of the perpetrator. What happened to you is not your fault and although the recovery journey is a long and difficult road, you are never alone in this. You always have people who believe you, and who will support you through the tough times. ♡

PSA: I’m not an avid supporter or avid hater of Trump. I am indifferent. I agree and disagree with things he has done/said. Not that it would be bad to support/hate him, I just dont want MY political belief be a distraction from the point.

All of you monsters supporting violence against trump supporters [such as beating them with METAL FUCKING RODS, hitting them with CARS, spraying then with FUCKING MACE, and telling them to commit SUICIDE] are an embarrassment to this country. You are threatening, and inflicting, violence onto others for exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to FREE SPEECH AND THE RIGHT TO VOTE. You know what you don’t have a right to do in this country? Physically assault people who say/support things that you don’t. You are attacking people for the very things you hold so dear.
Once again, you are an embarrassment.
We all knew you’d get to this point. You can’t say things like “Minorities are in danger!! Violence is not okay!! You need to have tolerance! Stop judging others” and then cheer on people getting fucking brutalizing for walking down the street in a trump hat.

You’re all in such heavy denial to your gross hypocrasy. Grow up.

sexual assault support?

When I was 13, I was stupid enough to date an older guy (17) thinking he was just misunderstood and that he loved me. Of course he didn’t, I was a severely depressed and lonely little girl, I’d only just gotten over my anorexia meaning I was weak and I had basically no self esteem. I was the easiest target going, I would’ve done a lot for him, he wanted me and all I wanted was to be wanted.
I should’ve left the first time he hit me but I just convinced myself I deserved it and that he was trying to protect me. He hit me because I was wearing a provocative top, he told me he didn’t want anyone assaulting me which is why he got mad. He knew I had been sexually assaulted before, he knew that I trusted him.
He hit me three times after that, each time around the face, one time a punch, the other two a slap. I got angry at him of course, but eventually became to scared to ever say anything about it to anyone. He was insulting the way I looked, shoving me around and groping me only 12 weeks into the “relationship” but I stayed with him because every time I cut myself or made myself sick he’d be there to pick up the pieces. I told him I didn’t like being groped, I didn’t want to give him a blowjob, I didn’t want to be fingered but he still did it. I was so stupid. One night i stayed at his house and we had a huge argument after he tried to convince me to have sex with him, he beat me up until I was covered in bruises and sobbing in the corner of his room but when he calmed down ten minutes later and told me he loved me I fucking forgave him.
I was so stupid, I should’ve ran out of the house, I should’ve left him the second he hit me the first time, I should’ve told someone, but I stayed.
He woke me up at 2am demanding sex after we’d both been smoking a lot of dope. I said no but he wouldn’t stop.
Sometimes I can still feel him on me and hear his voice in my ear. Whenever someone touches me and I’m off guard I usually have panic attacks, I haven’t been with anyone since in fear of what they could do to me. When he finished raping me, he fell asleep and asked me to go home the next morning because his parents were coming home. I still feel so fucking worthless, we haven’t even spoken in person since, we’ve had fights over texts but I know I can’t tell the police due to the drugs I was/still am taking at the time. I am so scared of men because of him and I don’t know what the fuck to do. Does anyone know any free online support systems/numbers to call because it’s getting too hard to deal with? 😔 I really wish men didn’t think this was okay, and that they were as disgusted at this as they are with periods. Not all men of course, just the majority. I just hate the fact that this happens to so many girls, even younger than me.

freedom (just another word...) p2?

Okay apparently I have more to write about the darkest timeline, aka: the au where the Galra find the CoL and Allura before Shiro escapes and the road to victory is long and bloody and paved with bodies. (WARNINGS FOR: violence and threats of torture/abuse/sexual abuse).


The spark of hope can’t last. This isn’t the place for it, especially not when Zarkon makes a sharp sound, drawing the attention of Shiro and everyone else in the arena. His expression is hard to read—their faces are so different—but Shiro knows anger when he sees it.

The druid at Zarkon’s shoulder leans towards him and whispers something, too quietly for Shiro to hear. Whatever it is… it makes Zarkon smile, the thin corners of his mouth curling upward, revealing teeth that look a lot like fangs.

“It seems,” Zarkon says, the woman still unmoving where the stunners took her down, “that Alfor’s daughter has found her rightful place. Leave her to the slaves,” he orders the guards, suddenly dismissive, “and perhaps she will be more… forthcoming with us in the morning.”

And with that, he turns, stalking from his position above them all, the druid following in his wake.

For a moment, no one moves. And then one of the head guards nods, waving a hand to the others. “You heard him,” she says, “open the gates.”

Shiro shifts, thoughts darting. His sword is out there by the woman. That’s reason enough to go to her. There are more pressing reasons, clamoring near the gates as sound creeps back into the crowd, raucous and horrible.

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I see you Hilarie and I love&support you. You are valid.♥️

This news about what Ben Affleck did to Hilarie Burton really hit far too close to home for me and I don’t know…I suppose I felt the need to share my own experience. To show that this shit happens, it’s real and it’s sure as fuck not right. So here it is.

When I was 14/15yrs old, I was hanging out with whom I thought was my friend as we waited to hear from the rest of our group about seeing the Corpse Bride in theaters. She had mentioned something about going to see this guy from our grade that lived nearby, saying that it wouldn’t be long and all that. We get to the guys house and it wasn’t long before I started feeling uncomfortable. He just really put me off for some reason. So finally getting fed up with the uneasy feeling, I decided to leave, told my ‘friend’ that’s what I was doing and then proceeded to walk to the front door. Dude out of nowhere blocks the door, I’m confused and irritated like “can you please move? I want to go.” He wouldn’t move so I made the stupid mistake of turning my back on him to look at my friend who was just sitting on his staircase like “whatthefuck?” When he suddenly grabs me from behind. I start freaking out screaming “NO!” “Get off of me!” “Let me go!” “Don’t fucking touch me!” As he started to grope my body. Making thrusting motions against me. Now he was on the football team so he was a lot stronger and a lot taller than my 5’2” stature. All the while this chick who I thought was my friend…just…sat there as I screamed and fought my way to get free of his hold. I screamed why she wasn’t doing anything to help me. All she said was “he’s a a football player! He’s a lot stronger!” As if that was a valid excuse. I never felt so hurt and angry. I finally managed to break free and zoom past wrenching open the front door with shaky as fuck hands and bolt it towards my house. The last thing I remember from that day was avoiding going inside my home for the longest time, laying on the grass in my backyard trying to process what had just happened. I didn’t know what assault was. For the longest time I convinced myself that what happened wasn’t bad enough for it to be considered as such. That I was fine. That I was being a baby, being overdramtic about it. But every time I saw that guy in the hallway at school or around the neighborhood, I would start to hyperventilate and hightail it in the opposite direction. It was hell. I still have issues with being touched and having people stand behind me. When I finally did get the courage to confide in someone about what happened…I wasn’t taken seriously. That broke my goddamn heart. And because of that I didn’t take it seriously either for quite some time.

So like Hilarie, I didn’t forget either. Because that’s not something someone (as hard as they might try to) can easily forget.

Okay but I’m rlly over all u white feminists feeling bad for Ivanka and Melania Trump

For those of you who have never protested or opposed the state, consider this:

1. The “fake arrest” is a common tactic used by police to extract fascists from protests. They’ll “arrest” someone throwing Nazi salutes and literally beating an old woman (happened in Philly yesterday) then release them without ever booking or charging them. Pigs provide armed material support for Nazi terrorism.

2. Recently pigs in Philly have been trying to keep protesters being arrested from shouting their jail support details to comrades by covering their mouths or pushing everyone so far back they can’t hear. (Why should never be without an affinity group with an outside support person who has those details ahead of time, but still.) In Portland, their approach instead has been to stage full riot pig assaults on JAIL SUPPORTERS for doing nothing but sitting on the steps waiting to assist comrades being released from jail.

3. Pigs in Portland of course recently went the Gitmo route and put full sensory deprivation gear on protesters as a form of psychological torture and intimidation. They’ve also targeted and snatched the children of protesters from crowds so they could intimidate them and psychologically assault them in prison, telling them “they could never protest again”.

4. Your pig partner or your brother or whoever are directly and indirectly involved in the suppression of Leftwing “free” speech AND the promotion of white supremacist and white nationalist hate speech. And they are doing nothing to stop even what they don’t agree with, if anything, because they like having a job more than being a decent person and not being a class traitor.

5. Your partner or your brother are on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the barricade, and you need to get them out now, no excuses. It’s a fucking career choice. The rest of us can’t choose to stop existing or stop fighting for our rights. Get them out before society melts down, and trust, it is rapidly doing so. A heavy, heavy comeuppance is coming and they better not be hiding behind a badge when it comes down.

julie andem has previously and often stated that SKAM is supposed to be a show that relates to teens ans shows them that the world is alot more forgiving than teen media makes it out to be.

when eva was dealing with bullying and boyfriend drama, she found comfort in a new group of friends. when noora was torn over a boy and dealt with the aftermath of an assault, she found support from her friends. when isak struggled with his sexuality and an uncertain relationship, he found support and help from his friends and roomate.

yet sana has not found comfort, support, love or help anywhere right now. a d the show isn’t even letting her find comfort in her faith. it keeps showing a hard and bleak existence for MENA/muslims rn.

safe to say julie andem really dropped the fucking ball on this season.

anonymous asked:

If you'd look into half the hate crimes committed by white people that you call "hoaxes" you'd see they were true. You didn't even provide a source to refute any of the 9 in that post. Just accept the fact that people from the same race as you-minority or not- can be evil and move on.

Remember the 18-year-old Muslim girl who was assaulted and called a terrorist on the subway by Trump supporters and they tried to rip her hijab off and all of the social justice warriors had a complete meltdown? It was a lie that she made up to cover her parents finding out she was out fucking a Christian dude and getting drunk. It gets funnier, her Muslim father has forced her to shave her head completely for bringing shame on the family and she was arrested for making false accusations. Could you imagine the reaction from the left if a white dad forced his daughter to shave her hair off for having sex with someone from another religion? 

Remember the Muslim student who was robbed, beaten and had her hijab ripped off and stolen by Trump supporters? It was a lie. She is now being charged for filing a false report.

Remember when racist white guys beat a Muslim woman to death in California and left a note behind saying “go back to your own country, you terrorist.” Yeah it was a lie, really her Muslim husband beat her to death in an honor killing because she wanted a divorce. Leftists went mental over this “hate crime” but again, silence when the truth came out.

Remember when those white supremacist, anti-Muslim Trump supporters burned down the mosque in Houston? It was a lie. While the mosque did get burned down, it was done by a black Muslim who had attended the mosque for years.

Remember when a group of white men killed a Muslim woman and called her a terrorist while she was walking with her husband and child? It was a lie. The husband planned for his mistress to murder his wife after “black magic spells” didn’t make her disappear…

Remember the Ohio student who was racially abused and assaulted by Trump supporters? It was a lie. She made it up the day after the election and after she made a post that she wants all Trump supporters to die of AIDS.

Remember when that racist horrible teacher choked, assaulted and bullied a 5 year old Muslim kid? Of course it was a fucking lie

Remember the Michigan Muslim student who was harassed and threatened to be burned alive by the Trump supporter if she didn’t remove her hijab? It was a lie. Surveillance cameras show that she wasn’t even in the location where she claimed the attack took place.

Remember the Muslim woman who had her hijab ripped and forced off by police when they took her in for questioning? It was another lie.

Remember when that Muslim guy had Islamophobic messages graffitied over his locker, telling him to go back to where he came from. It was a lie, he graffitied it himself and filed a hate crime. He’s been charged for lying.

Remember the Muslim kid who was beaten up on the school bus by five white kids and it forced the family to leave the country? Yes, another fucking lie.

Remember the student who had her face slashed and was called a terrorist in Lower Manhattan? Yet another lie.

Remember when that student in Arlington was followed by a group of white men and held her at gunpoint because she’s Muslim? It was a lie

Remember when the Muslim taxi driver was shot by a racist white guy and the left were demanding the arrest of a white guy for this hate crime against a Muslim? Well it stopped being called a hate crime the moment they found out the shooter was a black Muslim and he was let go.

Remember when that Islamophobic white guy threatened to kill a whole pile of Muslims and said there’s no place in America for Muslims? Yeah, it was another black Muslim

Remember when the viral video of a Muslim student defending herself against a white guy who was trying to pull her hijab off? It was a hoax

Remember when recently some white racist Trump supporters in Canada threatened to blow up Muslim university students? It was a Muslim

These anti-Islamic hate-crimes even reached the UK with an 18-year-old Muslim student from Birmingham being punched in the face for wearing a hijab. It was a lie. She’s been charged for lying to the police. I’d be here all day if I even brushed the surface of hate crime hoaxes across the rest of the UK and Europe.

These are just some of the false claims made mostly within the past year and they have all received nation-wide coverage and left-wing outrage and hysteria, all pushing the agenda that America is a racist hellhole and nobody except white people are safe. Then it came out they lied and what did we get? Silence but of course the anti-America and anti-white delusion from the left remained.

All of these were hoaxes created by Muslims or crimes committed not by racist white guys but by other Muslims. They create these hoaxes mostly so they can justify protesting against counter-terror efforts and to stop police investigating crimes committed by refugees. The sad part is it actually works and the authorities fall for this virtually every time. Police have become afraid to do their jobs properly and the media are afraid to report the truth in the fear of sounding “Islamophobic”.

You think I’m talking bullshit? Let’s look at the police who are scared to investigate Muslim human trafficking and child abuse rings in the UK, being afraid to make public the mass sexual and violent attacks committed by Muslim refugees across Europe, being afraid to report their fellow officers who expressed radical Muslim beliefs or the teachers being afraid to alert authorities when their Muslim students show warning signs of becoming radicalized. This is the direct result of hoaxes like these enforcing the fear of being called Islamophobic for being honest. 

It’s about time we start calling out the lies and false claims made by leftist Muslims, feminists and black lives matter supporters, they all do it on a daily basis in an attempt to demonize the West and white people while they’re the ones doing the attacking against innocent white people, Trump supporters of any race or gender and just about anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example.

I know what you’re thinking anon, “oh shit, I wasn’t expecting to be made to look like a total fucking idiot today”. Come back when you have something useful to say.