assault ship

“USS Pruitt leads landing craft from USS Heywood toward their landing beaches in Massacre Bay, Attu, on the first day of the May 11, 1943 invasion of Attu. Pruitt used her radar and searchlight to guide the boats nine miles through the fog. The searchlight beam is faintly visible pointing aft from atop her pilothouse. Some 15,000 American and Canadian troops successfully landed on the island.”

(US Navy)

"This will be different, Honey Lemon"
Tadashi Hamada / Daniel Henney
"This will be different, Honey Lemon"

“It will be unlike any love you had before. You think you’re ready for that?”

Tadashi’s and Honey Lemon’s Eternal Pursuit For Love

Anger swells within Tadashi’s chest as he sees Honey Lemon wipe tears from her face. How many times has he watched this scene before? HoneyLemon always chasing for that elusive thing, starved for love; HoneyLemon always catching a glimmer of it, just beyond her fingertips;Honey Lemon always ending up heartbroken.

You don’t deserve this, he wants to say. This girl, this girl with stars for eyes, doesn’t know. You already have what you have been yearning for all along—in you.

(in me.)

“I will help you,” he finds himself saying, his hands trembling from the effort now, wanting to pull her to him but not trusting himself if he can let go.

An AV-8B Harrier attached to Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM) 163 (Reinforced) launches across the flight deck of amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8).

Character Meme: Kate

Full Name: Kate Emilio Rodriguez 
Gender and Sexuality: trans woman, lesbian
Pronouns: She/her
Ethnicity/Species: Mexican 
Birthplace and Birthdate: california, november 11th
Guilty Pleasures: Chinese food and reality tv 
Phobias: losing her mom
What They Would Be Famous For: crushing watermelons between her thighs
What They Would Get Arrested For: assault 
OC You Ship Them With: :) 
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: just try and see
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: non-fiction/historical
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: gross historical inaccuracies 
Talents and/or Powers: an extremely good writer 
Why Someone Might Love Them: tells you the truth when you need it
Why Someone Might Hate Them: a little too real
How They Change: by allowing themself to be vulnerable
Why You Love Them: she can and will fight for her friends. lots of love


UNSC Spirit of Fire (CFV-88), a Phoenix-class colony/assault ship. Built in 2473, she was refit sometime after 2525 for military service. The last known world she colonized was the planet of Verent, in 2520. In 2531, she took part in the Harvest Campaign, after which she went to Arcadia where she participated in the Battle for Arcadia. In the middle of the battle, she entered slip-space after a Covenant Phantom and was never seen again. On February 10, 2534, she was declared Lost With All Hands.

Character Meme: Eli

Full Name: Eli Abraham Rose
Gender and Sexuality: Cis Male, Bisexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Jewish Romanian
Birthplace and Birthdate: california, august 8th
Guilty Pleasures: yelling
Phobias: his loved ones getting hurt
What They Would Be Famous For: Leading Mission control
What They Would Get Arrested For: rage induced assault 
OC You Ship Them With: Isaiah 
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Alex
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Mystery/thriller
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: he hates it when its overly formulaic 
Talents and/or Powers: juggling a million things at once
Why Someone Might Love Them: he cares oh so very much 
Why Someone Might Hate Them: he cares to the point of breakdown
How They Change: by trusting others and allowing himself to be vulnerable
Why You Love Them: he’s a loving sweetheart


oh my god, amara, you can’t just start kissing people. especially if they already have a profound bond with someone else


PALPATINE, JAR JAR, BAIL ORGANA and the OTHER SENATORS, with TWO ROYAL GUARDS, stand looking down at the square below. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CLONE TROOPS are drawn up in a strict formation or move forwards in near files to climb the ramps of the Military Assault Ships. On the balcony, PALPATINE’S expression is deeply sad. Everyone watches somberly as, in the square, loaded Assault Ships take off. Other land immediately in their place. The sky above is thick with transports. CLONE TROOPS march and board the Ships. The Great Clone War has begun…