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Domenico Soleri - Jawbreaker 

The first design concept of his superhero costume! let me know your thoughts guys! I’d love some feedback!

The glasses protect him from flash grenades and give him night vision as well as other special ops features.

The holographic mask serves no purpose other than to protect his identity and make him look badass.

Torso clothes is designed to protect his heart from bullets while allowing him to have torso mobility since his preferred combat style is hand to hand close combat. 

When dealing with multiple enemies he uses an assault riffle attacked to his back. 


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Breathtaking photos.

Odd pair, a monk and his brother.

Public bus passengers try to rescue a woman who tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrist. 

A Palestinian girl with a Kalashnikov, amid Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza City.

Girl that survived 11 days in Siberian forest.

Siberian family meal.

Alcoholic father with his son.

Waiter buys food and feeds disabled beggar with his own hands in Karachi, Pakistan

A child of a wheel chair showing his love to his Pet Dog.

Iowa couple of 72 years finally gets married.

A mother and her 3 year old daughter who were attacked with acid by their husband/father

3 weeks-old newborn with albinism happily sleeping with his cousin in Kinshasa, Congo.

A boy of the nomadic Suri tribe of Ethiopia in traditional face/body paint and attire.

A man giving his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro.

Yezidi girl carries an assault riffle to protect her family against ISIS.

A poor farmer’s son graduated.

2 year old offering food to her handicapped mom.


We read about the Holocaust about

Anne Frank in her little room and the millions who

burned, who choked, who were crushed 

under leather books and red arm bands 

buried without a prayer

We promise 

never again 

but can’t you see what’s happening? 

A man threatens to march assault riffles on his shoulder 

fire in his eyes 

and people call it free speech, call it anything 

but what it is 


In 2014 there were 36 reports of assault against people of faith 

and in 2015 that number rose by twenty counts 

377 incidents of vandalism  

of swastikas spray painted on synagogues 

of the intolerance of this world written out in startling black and white 

In Staten Island, New York a man threw a stone  

“Yeah motherf—–, we threw the rock at you… 

Let’s knock the yarmulke off his head. 

Let’s kill this motherf—–. Should we beat him?”

 in the year 2015 

The year is 2017 

and the papers do not call neo-nazis by their name 

we call them alt-right, we call them anything but villains 

People terrorize they use their bigoted mouths to threaten  

and they laugh because the world lets them where is our outrage, 

our terror for our brothers?

The year is 2017 and we promised 

never again

- this is not my faith, but they are my brothers and I am scared // d.c.j.



So, Halo has been a big part of my life and i’ve always adored the series and it’s lore, and i realized there are some parallels between Voltron and Halo?

both take place in space, both have to do with fighting alien bad guys, both have to do with wearing kick ass armor and having awesome futuristic weapons, so yeah.Here’s some things I thought of for this AU:

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petitepenpal  asked:

Hi I'm very sorry to have to ask this but I was wondering what has been happening in ferguson. I've seen some very intense and disturbing pictures and I was wondering if you could tell me the whole story, Thank you

I’m going to give you as much detail as I personally have. 

This is Michael Brown.

If you aren’t aware, on this past Saturday, around noon, Michael Brown and his friends were walking home, they were accosted by a (presently) unknown police officer. Per eye witness accounts (two who were Mike Brown’s friends are were with him either during the shooting -Dorian Johnson- or just before -name unknown) the police officer stopped them as they were walking home and told them to “GET THE FUCK ON THE SIDEWALK”

The eye witness accounts are best heard from their own mouths. Check out Dorian and his other friend’s account. 

(Dorian’s account) 

(2nd Friend’s account) 

There is a third account found here.

You’ll notice that all three accounts sound almost exact. Down to the police officers’ actions, how Mike tried to get away and how exact he was shot. 

MOMENTS after the cop killed Michael Brown, who was unarmed and surrendering, the streets began to fill with neighbors, distraught, as Michael’s body laid in the street for four hours before he was loaded into a (BLACK VAN THAT WAS NOT A CORNER’S VAN) and taken away.

That night, the family, friends and neighbors of Michael held a prayer candlelight vigil. Now, what we’ve learned through Anonymous release of the dispatch tapes is, that WHOEVER this cop is, reported the shooting and immediately requested to additional units in the area (from different precincts. The number had to be high, IMO, because she request a supervisor’s permission to request the additional units)  

This is pretty long but pay attention to the 8 minute mark, the 11th, and the 22nd. 

ANONYMOUS releases the dispatch tapes the day Michael Brown was killed. 

So, let’s go back to the prayer vigil. A peaceful demonstration. Now let’s also remember that the police presence in Ferguson is already high due to the request for additional units in the area. Put those two together. A candlelight vigil for your son who was murdered in cold blood by a police officer curtailed flocked with more police officers. 

Amongst things such as the police station refusing to give the mourners the police officers name and their presence, something snapped in Ferguson. They were angry and they were very hurt. Now, not everybody in Ferguson moved to violence, a small number in comparison to the other peaceful demonstrators. So the first night in Ferguson after Michael’s death was chaotic. 

By the next day, it had somewhat normalized. Residents moved to the vandalized stores and businesses and began to clean up.

External image

HOWEVER they were not done protesting. At this point, Anonymous has stepped in and have begun threatening the St. Louis/Ferguson police with their demands of releasing the officers name. The police department states they will release the name. Still peaceful protest for Michael.

As the protesters meet up at various places to …protest, the police force begins their tactics of dispersing the crowds.

Using tear gas. This is the first time we see this “militarized” police show up. 

Throughout the night, protestors are gassed. There are reports that wooden pellets are being used in addition to the tear gas canisters. 

At this point on social media we are seeing live account of what the protesters are going through. The police are pointing assault riffles at any and every one, they are teargasing left and right, and they are strolling through the streets in which many called “tanks.” 

 The next day the St. Louis County/Ferguson PD reneged. They state they will not be releasing the police officers name. 

Then it gets worse. 

REMEMBER, all of these are peaceful protest. However in this time, they have put a “No Fly zone” in place.

External image

Obama has indicated that the Department of Justice and the FBI will be conducting their own investigation into this matter. The Governor states he will be in talks, and a second full day of protesting is underway. 

By night fall, same thing. The militarized police wait for the sun to go down before they start to gas the residents. They have upped the ante by using rubber bullets.

External image

Now we are seeing media suppression as there are request that satellite vans be removed from the area. There are even reports that some media were denied access to Ferguson. 

 Now the police are using their full arsenal of weapons 

  • LRAD sonic weapon (emits a very very loud pitch sound)
  • tear gas canisters
  • rubber .60 caliber rubber bullets shot out of assault weapons
  • wooden pellets
  • flash grenades

Now we are on our third day

The mayor has told people they could only assembly during the day (which he flip flopped on when asked, stating it as a request rather than a demand). Death threats and demands are still flying in from Anonymous, people are calling the respective police stations for answers, none are given, and some people are hung up on. The third day or protest is now under way.

Remember the mayor has said that protesting only during the day was a request.

Before night has fallen, the police have arrested two journalist, one from the Washington Post and the other from Huffington Post, as well as Alderman Antonio French (who was giving the most up to date live coverage on the Ferguson Protest) along with 10-15+ people.

With the mayor’s promise that they could protest in peace, nighttime falls and the protesters stay put. The police begin to tell them they must disperse which they get a hearty Fuck You! and the protesters stay in place. The police say that someone threw a Molotov cocktail at their “tanks” which made them say that their peaceful protest was no longer peaceful, but we’ve seen enough video and have not seen any thing of the sort. 

Due to this perceived threat, they begin to warn the protesters to leave or they will be arrested. The protesters do not move. They begin firing off the tear gas, the rubber bullets, the LRAD’s all at once. It literally looked like a war-zone. 

External image

Young man in a shirt with the USA Flag on it, throws back a teargas canister

 (Ferguson Police Open Fire Into Peaceful Protest)

Protester move to the police station to demand Antonio French’s release but still in the midst of the police created war-zone. The police are successful, after some time, in clearing out the streets, after firing on protesters and into people’s front yards and personal property.

By 2am, Governor Jay Dixon has stated he is rerouting his plans to the state fair (OH ALL PLACES) to get to Ferguson. It is stated that President Obama spoke to Gov. Jay Dixon twice, once in the middle of the night and again first thing in the morning.

A number of people who were arrested (save for the two journalist. They were arrested and released 15 minutes later without an explanation) are let go (including Alderman French). Any police chief who held a press conference today sounded like a damn idiot, with no personal knowledge of what happened but with a stance of standing behind the police. 

President Obama makes a public statement and Governor Jay Dixon (or was it the police chief, not sure) states that all Ferguson/St. Louis County Police will be immediately removed from Ferguson and replaced with Missouri Highway Patrol will take over the policing.

Since then, there was a successful protest in Ferguson with demilitarized police force drawing mostly soft lines to keep the protesters on track. This was all led by Captain/Commander Ronald S. Johnson. 

All around the nation, the #NMOS14 are concluding with peaceful protest in honor of Mike Brown and any other who was killed unjustly by police violence.

External image

UPDATE: Ferguson Police will release the name of Michael Brown’s killer tomorrow. This is probably because the ACLU threatened to sue them. 


Some of this may be out of order because I’ve literally been running on fumes and emotions for the last four days, you all are more than welcome to fact check me on this. I want THE MOST ACCURATE story to get out. Plus there is a plethora of information in the #Ferguson tag.

(See I said accurate, not any propaganda you heard from Fox News or something like that. Not when there are ground zero on location accounts of what is really going on.)

Here is also a list of articles that will give you more information.

Images from Ferguson via VOX

Military Vets See Major Flaws in Ferguson Police via Washington Post

Social Media and Ferguson via Mashable 

Hope this helped! 

cerebralzero  asked:

Assualt Rifles are banned in the US since 1986 under the Hughes amendment. While Kinder Eggs are widely available and sold in stores all around the US. You should do research before making yourself look like a moron.

No, I think you are the one who needs to do research before you make yourself look like an moron. Kinder Eggs are still banned in the United States and assault riffles are not. The ban on them was allowed to expire in 2004 and they have been used in mass shootings across the country ever since. 

anonymous asked:

Your white so why do you care about what is going on in ferguson? I mean it is black people acting dumb and burning shit down it has nothing to do with you.

First of all, what is happening in Ferguson is not a Black only issue, I care because I am sick of seeing young people, especially Black and Latino, killed and abused by power hungry or under trained police officers. I am a huge supporter of law enforcement, and I understand that most do an outstanding job and put their lives on the line to help others, but that is not the case with Darren Wilson and many other police in this country.

Second, as a citizen who is supposed to be in the ‘land of the free,’ I am deeply concerned by the state of police departments who now have camouflage, military grade weapons, and tanks. The militarization of our police forces is disgusting, when I lived in College Park (A ghetto to many) as a kid, police always showed up at the school to try and befriend the students, they wanted to be seen as someone you could come to when you were in danger or needed help, they wanted you to see a police car and feel safer, but in a lot of places, police don’t care about that anymore. They aren’t there to be your friend, they want to intimidate and control you. That needs to stop.  It is especially bad in poor, predominately Black and Latino areas. Even I feel uneasy when police are around, I cannot imagine how it feels to be a young Black or Latino guy or girl.

Lastly, I am not sure if you have been paying attention or not, but the reason this started was because a Black teenager with his hands up was shot by a police officer who unloaded his gun, 6 bullets struck Michael Brown including 1 in the head, then his body was left in the street for hours. Then, those peacefully protesting the death and calling for charges to be filed against the police officer who lied about his injuries, were surrounded by police with no names, no badges, wearing camouflage, finger on the trigger of an assault riffle, blocking the roads with armoured vehicles while yelling “bring it you fucking animals.” They then began beating protestors, firing tear gas into crowds containing children, and attacking reporters. You tell me who was acting dumb. If the police were there to protect the people instead of intimidate and molest them, these things wouldn’t be happening. According to Amnesty International, the Ferguson police repeatedly violated human rights during their operations in the weeks after Michael Brown’s death. Also, many reports reflect that it was out of town White people trying to turn peaceful demonstrations into riots by throwing bricks and such while Black people begged them not to… Again, you tell me who was/is acting dumb.

I came out to my parents two years ago last week. We are Catholic and from Texas, the odds were not in my favor that me being gay wasn’t going to be a big deal.

But my parents were pretty damn amazing. They have shown unwavering love and support. My life long Republican father voted Democrat in the primaries and embraced the “love thy neighbor as thyself” policy of his religion instead of using it to alienate me like so many have.

However, when I came out, my parents expressed concern for my safety. They told me they loved me no matter what and that they wouldn’t want me to change, but they were worried that I would be subject to persecution, discrimination, and violence that they had both witnessed as commonplace growing up in the south.

I told them don’t worry. I’m living in the most progressive time in history in a very progressive country, there was nothing to be afraid of anymore.

I was wrong. There is clearly still so much hate in this country and so few laws protecting us from that hatred. My parents have to worry everyday that something will happen to me for who I am. Parents have enough to worry about already, the thought that some person with an assault riffle could end their child’s life for no good reason shouldn’t have to cross their minds.

America needs gun control. And America needs to end this culture of hatred towards the Queer community.