assault is not

so robinho (brazil nt / ex- real madrid & ac milan) was just found guilty by the italian courts of participating in a 2013 gang rape of a woman and was sentenced to 9 years in jail. the catch is… he flocked to brazil before the sentence was declared and brazil doesn’t extradicate its citizens so he gets away with it scot-free. this isn’t the first time robinho was accused of raping a woman either. i’m going to throw up now.

looks i’ve found in Assaulting Reality

two models somehow snuck into the episode

fanfiction hair, fanfiction eyes, fanfiction lips, he is a walking amalgamation of every ‘describing a love interest’ trope in fanfiction


Rafael somehow being seductive to me when he’s literally not even doing anything, AND wearing a godawful shade of mustard yellow. Olivia is also featured, being stressed.


Fin being a curious lil pup, Olivia being incredulous, Sonny looking troubled and Amanda being resigned. someone who doesn’t know the context needs to explain this picture

a hot fucker



ē̸̔͜ ̷̤̲̙͒m̴̡̖̜̼̙̌́̉͑̓ ̸͎̬̺͓̈́͗ǫ̷̝̰̱̥̀́̊̌͝ ̶̲͚̜͌t̴̪̗͓̅͠ ̷̧̛̰̗̖͔͑̽i̵̧̡̘͉͌̓͂̕͠ ̸̟̪̬̺̏͆́ọ̶̻̳̙͂͐̀͝͝ ̶̧̪̔̄n̴̥̭̗̏͜ͅ


Sonny lowkey biting/licking his bottom lip @ Rafael, also featuring Olivia looking gayly at Amanda. Fin being sick of these gays and their sexual tension.

A MODEL. And Amanda being 100% done.

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I was throwing a party and at some point i found a guy trying to fuck a girl who had passed out. I threw him out and took care of the girl, but she doesn't know about what happened and I'm really conflicted.. Should i tell her or not?

Personally I feel like you should. I know that it could upset her, but I feel like she’s owed the truth especially then because she can decide about if she wants to try and get justice.

Mod Bethany

Sorry, but

5/7 of the mods on here are minors.

Mod Bo and I aren’t, but I’m the oldest.

I deleted my answer to the ask about being married and trans and the mention of divorce. Because I don’t want or need to be triggered by those types of asks.

None of us are married, as I said. So we can’t give you advice in that. And depending on the context, genital preference can be transphobic (e.g. I have screenshots where my ex and I argued over me wanting sex reassignment surgery and him telling me specifically that he’s not into dick, seeing me as a walking vagina, also him telling me that if I did get that surgery, we wouldn’t work as a couple.) My ex is also my abuser.

So maybe I have a slight problem with straight couples. But then again, anon wasn’t telling me if they were ftm, mtf, nb, or any other. So I wasn’t sure how to respond to their ask.

This isn’t a self-crit. This is so y'all will stop sending me asks about my answer.

Also, because @trans-united is mostly minors, there will be no answers to asks about marriage or sex. Those will be deleted.

If you have anyone to be pissed at, come to my tumblr @susan-none-of-them-are-cishet and we can take it from there.

~Mod Dalton


I saw my former landlord today. well, he saw me and my boyfriend walking around in the christmas market - he has a stand there, because he has several businesses - and told us to come over. he was standing there with another man, his friend, who I’d never met but who just happens to be one of the most successful businessmen in the entire province (I’d have been a little starstuck in any other circumstances)

one of my biggest regrets in life in not telling anyone about what he did to me. for a little while I was in shock and complete disbelief. I just felt so betrayed and heartbroken - still am, but the digust and  just - I don’t know how to describe it, that feeling of having been so violated finally settled in. it’s weird. it took a while to register. so I never said anything, except to my close friends, and I still regret it - because has he hurt others? he probably has. I’m just too chicken to come forward. I feel so absolutely rotten and guilty and like a terible person about it, but also - how can I do anything? I’m no one. he might not be famous, but it just means he has no fragile reputation I could dent. but he has a lot of money. and very rich and powerful friends. there’s nothing I can do, and today’s encounter with his impressive friend just proved it even more.

I think I handled myself pretty damn well. I don’t think it showed how nauseous I felt having to let him kiss my cheeks and talk to me like old friends.

i’m going to take a shower and go to bed. and maybe cry a little.

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I'm considering starting to read Berserk, I know in general about what happens during the Eclipse, is there anything else I should take into consideration? Like, is rape as prevalent in the series as it is in Game of Thrones? How do they treat their female characters? I highly value your opinion and I'd like to know what I'm getting into ♥

It’s way more prevalent, graphic and disturbing, I would not recommend if the level of assualt of GOT makes you uncomfortable.

some dude: *makes a rape joke*

people: you’re awful

some dude: tumblr dot com overreacting again. sending me death threats. i’m fearing for my life right now. i can’t believe nobody knows how to take a joke. anyway, i’m so sorry i said that, it was really bad. and i can’t believe you all can’t take a joke

  • famous guy: *is accused of sexual harassment/assault*
  • famous guy: *literally ADMITS to it*
  • famous guy: *faces actual consequences*
  • men everywhere, everytime: wow :/ what happened to innocent until proven guilty??? what is this, the salem witch trials?!! false allegations destroy people! i happen to know this, because i always assume the victims are guilty of lying when other men tell me they've been accused of sexual harassment/assault
Why few women of color in wave of accusers? 'Stakes higher'
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — In the weeks since dozens of women have accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of rape or sexual harassment, unleashing an avalanche of similar charges against other prominent men across American life, women and men of color have been largely absent from the national furor.

I just thought this was a very important article to share around.