assault breaching vehicle

Warrior Wednesday: Lance Crpl. Chase Welch yells to his team between firing burst from his M-249 during a firefight with suspected Taliban in Marjah, Saturday. United States Marines and Afghan forces continued Operation Moshtarak, meaning “joint operation,” to retake the city of Marja from Taliban forces. The operation is largest of war since the invasion, and Marja — long outside of Afghan Government control — is the Taliban’s las major stronghold in Helmand Province. Assault Breaching Vehicles crossed the heavily IED’s outskirts of the city, using Mine Clearing Line Charges (MICLIC), 150m 1750 lbs cables of C4 explosive that detonate, and clear a path of IED’s and other obstacles in the process. Marines of Charlie Company 1 Infantry, 6th Marine Regiment will follow, clearing the city of Taliban insurgents. 

Photo courtesy of: Bryan Denton