assata leone


Mommy Marsha P Johnson won with over 95% of the vote. Even if Mommy butler started fighting back after a while, it didn’t do enough spelling victory for mommy Davis at 74% of the vote. Daddy Kropotkin and Daddy Malcolm X were going neck and neck, but then Daddy Malcolm X pulled into a significant lead securing his victory.

but that’s not all folks! there’s even more competitors today!

Mommy Emma Goldman vs Mommy Yuri Kochiyama

Daddy Ho Chi Mihn vs Daddy Leon Trotsky

Mommy Assata Shakur vs Mommy Leslie Fienberg

Daddy Alexander Berkman vs Daddy Leslie Fienberg

Mommy “the hill” Clinton vs Mommy Sylvia Rivera

Daddy Jeb! Bush vs Daddy Leon Czolgosz