Hold Me Tight Pt. 3

Catch Up: Prologue, Part 1, Part 2

Group & Member(s): BTS’ Jungkook

Genre: Bodyguard!/College!au, fluff/angst

Word Count: 5.3k

Summary: After a frightening experience for the both of you(oc), Jungkook vows to make himself your unofficial protector. When his job suddenly becomes much more permanent, he finds the lines between professional and personal feelings blurring.

“How did this even happen?”

You thought aloud, looking at yourself in the mirror. The memories of first meeting Jungkook were with you, clear as day. He was small and shy, unable to even utter a sentence to you for the first couple of weeks.

One day you saw him outside playing with a soccer ball. You wanted to play with him too, but still you hadn’t even talked to him. You went anyway, hoping that he wouldn’t turn you down. You were too eager though, and he was too focused and somehow he kicked the ball up and it landed square on the top of your head.

You were down not even 5 seconds of stepping foot outside and although it didn’t hurt too badly, you couldn’t help but cry from the sheer surprise of it all.

Jungkook was at your side in an instant, muttering apology after apology until your tears dried up. He was so worried that you’d be mad and that you’d tell your parents but you assured him you wouldn’t do that.

After that you couldn’t get him to stop talking to you, and time just seemed to drift on.

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Rogue Fantasy: an anaysis and overview

So for my second term of high school (I do clonlara school, basically an online high school) I decided to give in to nerdery and do a summary on the Rogue Fantasy subgenre. I know, I know, it’s crazy. But here it is.

*Deep breath*

~Rogue fantasy~

Introduction and general overview

Fantasy is an incredibly rich genre, but since it’s birth, it has grown enormously, new subgenres evolving seemingly endlessly. Fantasy as we know is fiction whith otherworldly, unnatural and/or magic elements incorporated to the story and world.

To name a few genres;

There’s High Fantasy & Epic Fantasy – great stories that take place in entirely fictional universes, often letting the reader follow several protagonists’ points of view.

There’s Urban Fantasy, which is fantasy themes applied to an urban, often steampunk setting.

There’s ‘Grimdark’ where the name almost speaks for itself, dark worlds filled with evil and disaster, where the morality of the characters are in most cases questionable.

I’ve recently been reading a lot of Rogue fantasy. Like the name suggests, it’s subgenre about thieves and rogues, where the criminal aspects are key to the story.

However, I’ve had a hard time defining the genre. The books I’ve read during my work with this genre have all fit into different subgenres according to other readers, and because of that, I’ve been able to see connections between different subgenres.

For example, I read a series called the Gentlemen Bastards Sequence – a story of thieves and conmen in a world which is not entirely dissimilar from our own rennaisance world. Someone classified those books as Grimdark fantasy. I read another book, a classic, the Princess Bride, just to realize that this book is more of a 'Swashbuckler’ fantasy novel. Swashbuckler fantasy is mainly about heroism in a world full of adventure, with swordfighting and pirates and whatnot. And then I realized that I could absolutely fit the Gentlemen Bastards books into the Swashbuckler genre as well as the Grimdark genre. And so on.

I think that this particular genre, although it’s a very popular one – with thieves more or less dominating the Young Adult section of fantasy – is rather 'unclassified’. Or maybe that’s the wrong word. Rather that the books can fit into several genres, which would make more sense.

For example, I could see the book 'The Princess Bride’ as a rogue fantasy book because it shares the Swashbuckling action and adventure that many other 'rogue’ fantasy books I’ve read have. I think it’s very important to realize that when talking about different Fantasy genres, it’s often a personal case of classifying it.

1: The Rogue

If I had to name one thing that makes Rogue fantasy Rogue fantasy – it would of course be the rogue herself. But there isn’t just one rogue – there are different kinds. Especially in this genre, the types of rogues are many. I’ve made a list where I describe the different kinds of rogues I’ve found in fantasy fiction.

First off, the word 'Rogue’ means 'An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal’.

This means that a rogue doesn’t have to be a thief although most of us probably think of an assassin when we hear the word rogue (courtesy of World of Warcraft) but that’s only one of the many things a rogue can be.

The different kinds of Rogues

The first thing that springs to mind when we think of Rogues is probably the Thief.

The Thief

There are many kinds of thieves just as there are many kinds of rogues, but a thief is always a person who steals, if not, they’d be called something else. The thief could be anything from a professional housebreaking burglar to a lowly orphan pickpocket to a corrupt politician working to fill his coffers on the work of others, But in the end, it’s still a thief we talk about. The fantasy thief we get to follow is often an orphan, either working alone, a miserable soul alone in a dangerous adult world, or they could be a member of a gang, where the orphan works together with others. Often, these gangs have distinct hierarchies where the bigger, tougher orphans keep the younger ones at bay with violence and threats, with the younger ones doing the hard work just to have their stolen goods confiscated by the ones higher up in the ladder. But a Thief can also be adult, of course. Then we’re looking at burglars and pickpockets who could either have grown up doing their job, or have become thieves as a result of for example poverty or bankrupcy. In the end, anyone could be a thief, if there are no other choices.

The Assassin

Another of the most well-known types of Rogues is the Assassin. Just like the case with thieves, there are numerous forms of Assassins; From the lowlife cutthroat waiting in the alley for someone to kill and rob to the professional hired killer that hunts down people in exchange for payment. The typical fantasy Assassin doesn’t usually hold any personal grudge against her target – she simply kills because whoever paid her told her to. For this, the assassin has to be cynical and resistant to emotion. The idea of killing anyone – young or old, king or peasant – has to be acceptable for the ideal assassin. The Assassin is known to work alone. She rarely have friends or close contacts, maybe because she has a habit of not trusting anyone she’s not threatening with a dagger. However, assassin guilds are not entirely uncommon in the world of organized crime. An important thing to remember is that not every assassin is a specialist trained to kill kings and politicians, quite the opposite actually. Being a professional assassin takes a lot of practise and a good pinch of skill, so simple cutthroats and stranglers are common in gangs, working along with burglars or other thieves to achieve a common goal: money.

The Bandit

A disclaimer: When I say bandit, I don’t mean the same kind of criminal as the Thief. The bandit, to me, is a criminal with an adventurous spirit. Think Robin hood, or Captain Jack Sparrow, for example. The Bandit usually has slightly better morals than the thief or the assassin, but that doesn’t mean they are kind members of society. Bandits steal and pillage too. But the bandit is in some occassions almost a folk hero. He steals from the rich and (sometimes) gives to the poor. There are many kinds of bandits. There’s the forest bandit, working in gangs together, robbing kings and dukes and then withdrawing to the safety of the deep forest, there’s the heroic but scumbag-ish pirate, who is the most 'evil’ kind of bandit, there’s the highwayman – an almost ghostlike bandit who appears out of thin air on the roadside to rob you of your belongings. There’s the steampunk freebooter, much like a pirate, often a member of an often dysfunctional criminal gang dedicated to adventure and treasure-seeking.

To summarize the bandit;

Where the thief does it because she has no other choice, the Bandit does it just because she can.

The Trickster

This is a tricky one. See what I did there? No, but seriously, this is where the lines start to get blurry. From the corrupt aristocrat to the orphan street actor, the Trickster is a thief who swindles others. Also often called a conman, this is one of the more interesting types of thieves according to me because it involves so much play. The Trickster carefully plans his jobs, wether they involve the swindling of a wealthy aristocrat or a simple street con. The Trickster is often a richer kind of thief, who can afford costumes and disguises which he or she can use in their jobs. Example: The Gentlemen Bastards book series is about a gang of tricksters. The first book involves them playing a heist against a rich nobleman, seamlessly weaving a totally fake story to get his attention, and then, spinning the web even wider, they begin hauling off bags of money right in front of their eyes. The Trickster often enjoys his job. A personality trait common to many tricksters is good charisma. The Trickster can convince and bluff anyone with a little time and perhaps just a little bit of luck, wether it be that rich, influental lady down in the Ballroom or the paranoid duke in his well-guarded office.

The Bruiser

This is another kind of weird type of rogue because the Bruiser is often not just a bruiser. A Bruiser is a strong person who has experience with weapons and can handle themselves well in a fight. For example, the Bruiser might be a war veteran or ex-guardsman. The Bruiser is a teamplayer, definitely. She is very important in a gang of Rogues. A Bruiser can rough people up while the Thieves empty their treasury, or if something goes wrong in a job, one can always rely on the Bruiser to be there with either her fist, swords, or in Jean Tannen’s case – his two hatchets. But as I said, the Bruiser must not be limited to just fighting and brawling, in many cases, a Bruiser is skilled in the arts of stealth and pickpocking as well

~The Rogue Character~

In Rogue fantasy, the main ”element” is the character, without doubt. What I mean with this is, in for example, Epic fantasy or High fantasy, the world is the focus. Worldbuilding is key. But Rogue Fantasy involves getting personal with the characters. Very personal.

The rogue is a lawless person, who steals money or valuable property from others for their own gain. The morals of a rogue are always a relevant topic in Rogue Fantasy. What separates a heroic ”steal from the rich – give to the poor”-bandit from a lowly murder? Both are criminals, right?

For a rogue fantasy story to be interesting and enjoyable to read, the rogue character has to have some human side that can be understood by the reader. This can and will of course vary from reader to reader. I’ve seen reviews of books with ”evil” characters where I really don’t agree at all – and vice versa. It’s a tricky thing to know who’s going to enjoy the book and who’s going to disagree with the mission of the main characters. Sometimes one can both enjoy the book and also disagree with the characters mission, as I said, it’s a very personal thing.

Gender equality

This is also something that varies from author to author. But the Rogue fantasy books that I have read have actually surprised me. I would have loved to see even more female main/important characters but I will have to give this genre a pass on the gender equality test. Sexism was actually very sparse in the books I read, even Goldman’s 'The Princess Bride’ from the 1970’s, which did include some sexism, but that was in the 70’s and from what I’ve seen and read, Rogue fantasy and Fantasy in general has more or less grown past sexism. But again, this varies. Not all authors are the same of have the same views on society, but I’m very happy to see that the authors I picked for this analysis haven’t dissapointed me.

The Female Rogue

I’m only doing this paragraph because even though the sexism I found while reading was sparse, it existed. I’m writing this to sum up all the positive depictions of female rogues I got while reading.

The female rogue is every bit as skilled as the male one. There is no difference between the sexes. I’ve met tall, brutal killers and short sneaky assassins among the women in Rogue Fantasy stories. Just like their male counterparts. Badass female rogues are very common in todays Rogue Fantasy, which I think is epic.

One of the main characters in Scott Lynch’s 'Republic of Thieves’ is Sabetha Belacoros, a total criminal expert and con artist mastermind.

In 'Red Seas over Red Skies’, in the same book series, we meet the ruthless and widely feared pirate Drakasha, ruler of the Sea of Brass, and her swashbuckling sidekick Ezri.

In Brandon Sanderson’s 'The Final Empire’ (Mistborn series), there’s Vin, the assassin/crook who uses ancient metallurgic magic to gain superhuman powers as she helps ignite the flames of revolution in an autocratic country.

In 'Retribution Falls’ by Chris Wooding, we meet all sorts of steampunk pirate women. There’s the navigator Jez who is hiding a secret which has kept her running across the country for many many years. Most notable character in this entire book: Trinicka Dracken. Bounty hunter. Captain of a huge airship. Cold-blooded traitor and killer. Former lover of the main character. A great character!

Another character, this one from a non-Rogue Fantasy novel is the debt collector Devi from The Name of the Wind. She’s definitely malicious and tricky enough to earn an honorable mention in this list.

2: The Goal

Crooks want money. That’s common knowledge. Often, the goal of the Rogues in a story is a pile of gold, but like most fantasy heroes through ages of epic stories, many Rogues seek adventure. This is especially seen in Swashbuckler fantasy, closely related to Rogue fantasy.

But that adventure is often achieved on the road to that big pile of gold.

Most thieves become thieves because of two reasons: 1), They have no choice, or 2), they have a great greed for wealth and power, and achieving it the lawful way is too hard and takes too much time. To complete this goal of wealth and/or power (the two often come together), some things are essential. Brains are the number one components in the plan, second come nimble fingers for picking locks and cutting purses, muscles for breaking open doors and immobilizing guards and also, very important, cunning. The rogue must be able to think quickly, and act quicker. She needs to be able to make important decisions quickly and under pressure if the situation comes to that.

That’s why it’s important to the rogue to either be all of this things herself if she works alone, or assemble a trustworthy and qualified gang where everyone is assigned their role. Both work. Both have their pros and cons.

Back to the goal.

In many rogue fantasy books, the goal is achieved and the rogues live happily ever after (until someone catches them and they meet a swift end at the edge of an axe or a not so swift one at the end of a noose) but sometimes that goal can be quite nasty to reach. It may take a few books (or seven, as Scott Lynch allegedly plans for his Gentlemen Bastards) but at least in most completed Rogue Fantasy book that I have read, the main characters reach their goal and all is well. It takes a lot to write a story where the main characters fail their goal and still have readers praising the book.

3: The World

Just because I stated above that Rogue fantasy is built on character development doesn’t mean that the world is less important. For the story to be interesting and believable, the world has to be as well.

Rogue fantasy is incredibly adaptive. It can take place in an urban setting. It can be set in High Fantasy worlds like for example ”The Way of Shadows” by Brent Weeks. It can be set in a world historically similar to ours, like in ”The Lies of Locke Lamora” by Scott Lynch, where the world is similar to our own Rennaisance Venice.

I like to think that while High Fantasy worlds are vast and with many different countries and provinces, Rogue fantasy worlds are often smaller and more focused on a few places, usually. Of course, there are exceptions but the Rogue fantasy books that have really stood out to me and been the most enjoyable have been that way.

The rogue fantasy world is often somewhat evil. I don’t know if that’s the right word, but it certainly often has a dark undertone. I think it is there to amplify the dark theme of Rogues and crime, and Victorian Steampunk is a classic theme for these stories.

For example, not that the Sherlock Holmes stories are thief stories – it’s the other way around, but they’re criminal stories set in a kind of dark Victorian england. That kind of world is perfect for rogue fantasy, as seen in the video game Dishonored, where one plays an assassin in a huge steampunk city.

But as I said, High Fantasy worlds suit Rogue Fantasy perfectly. This is seen in Swashbuckler fantasy stories for example, like ”The Princess Bride” and even sometimes, although the world is darker and grimier, in Brandon Sanderson’s ”The Final Empire”.

The world plays a great role in Rogue Fantasy. The character is the main element, while in High Fantasy, the worldbuilding is key, more often than not. But for the story to be alive and functioning, emulating a living society where the Rogues do their play, the world has to be seamless. Who lives in that huge city where the thieves roam at night? Who’s that baker and what’s he hiding in his basement? That rich aristocrat in the fancier neighbourhood, I heard he’s got a stash of gems that could easily be lifted with a little tricking. People play huge roles in fantasy stories. Where they would usually be more ”good” in stories like ”The Hobbit”, they might be more cynical, ”evil” or otherwise wicked in some way. This is especially seen in the High Fantasy series ”A world of Ice and Fire”. That kind of world, like in Martin’s novels, fit Rogue Fantasy extremely well.

A hostile world is a perfect environment for Rogues.

The world has to be functioning like our own in order to achieve as good a story as possible. I’m not saying everyone has to do that, I’ve read stories where the world isn’t really that well-crafted and unique but the story hasn’t suffered from it at all.

Other than those few points like darker undertone and ”strange” people, a Rogue Fantasy world could be just like any other fantasy world.

Summary: Rogues are awesome and Rogue fantasy is the best thing for rainy days, best enjoyed with chocolate and a cup of tea. (based on personal experience)

Headcanon on how Reborn, Xanxus, and Tsuna would treat their daughter


  • Reborn’s daughter probably wouldn’t even know that Reborn was her father.
  •  Reborn to keep this secret would treat her how he treats the rest, maybe even more spartan like then he does Tsuna.
  • But when she was having a bad day/week he would discreetly be a bit softer on her. Expensive chocolate would randomly show up in her mailbox addressed to her.
  • If any boys showed interest in her at all in her class they would be gone the next day for an unknown reason. Normally the teacher would say it was because of family matters.
  • He would also at night stake out her house in case any assassins would come for her.
  • After a battle, if she had gotten injured she would always get the best care out of all others, thanks to his influence
  • In his baby form, he would always insist on being carried by her if she refused he would sit on her head or shoulder anyways.
  • He would insist that he gave her extra lessons on gun handling under the excuse that her aim was terrible.
  • But in truth, she would be the best shot out of them all and secretly he just wanted a reason to spend time with her.
  • In the end after the curse battle, it would be revealed that he was her father and they would have a very very long talk, and she would not refuse to carry him, and probably wouldn’t let him go until the next day.


  • Xanxus and his daughter would have a very reversed relationship
  • They would also be the exact opposite of each other in personality
  • Xanxus’s daughter would be the one taking care of him instead of him taking care of her
  • She would be the one who was called to take care of him when he passed out after drinking too much when he was injured and needed healing.
  • But when it comes down to if Xanxus would be very protective of her. Anyone that even dared to look at her wrong would end up brutally murdered the moment she turned her back.
  • She would not agree with the way things were run in the Varia and it would lead to loud arguments, with many things thrown on both sides seeing as she would pick up on his habit of throwing things at others.
  • But in the end of the argument she would make up by making his favorite meal and he would in his own strange way of saying sorry by giving her expensive gifts like clothes and jewelry.
  • Xanxus would force her to train with the others despite her protests. Which lead to her to often be injured because she would refuse to fight back.
  • Xanxus would absolutely deny her the opportunity to drink any kind of alcohol or liquor even if she was of age
  • He would probably force her to get married to Squalo because he knows Squalo would treat her right if he didn’t want to end up dead of coarse.


  • Because of Tsuna being so busy with being the boss of Vongola, his daughter would end up being placed under the care of Reborn
  • She would pick up Reborn’s torture methods and spartan ways and be very violent
  • The results being his daughter would often pick on him. Calling him a loser and a deadbeat dad.
  • Tsuna would try his best of keeping her as far as possible from anything mafia and violence but it would be a vain effort seeing as her favorite people to hang out with would be Hibari, Mukuro, and Reborn
  • When she was kidnapped from their garden Tsuna did not sleep until they found her.
  • The family that kidnapped her was shown no mercy at all
  • After being returned to her home Tsuna’s daughter would refuse to leave Tsuna’s side, and would often end in the adorable scenes of Tsuna and her cuddling in his work chair. (Gokudera took and kept pictures of these moments under his bed)
  • But eventually she would go back to bullying her father but she would a less mean and would often make sure to give Tsuna a hug every day to show her love and support
  • As she grows older she would demand to take part on some missions and demand to start training for becoming the future boss of Vongola.
  • Though Tsuna does not want to, he gets a bit of encouragement via Reborn, leading to long training sessions into the night of hand to hand combat and other things
  • The results of these sessions would be many scraps and burns that Tsuna would later take care of himself by hand after his daughter had passed out from exhaustion.

thatbellagaze  asked:

Just followed :) I would love some headcanons of Altair, Ezio, Connor, Arno, and Jacob as high school students. Favorite subjects, clubs, athletics, and so on. Please and thank you:)

Thank you for following :) and thank you for the request! I’m sorry it took so long, but I wanted to think this one over carefully. It’s 7 years since I graduated, so I had to think it over a fair bit. I hope it’s to your liking :)

Originally posted by sweetdreamsqueen


He would probably be the type to skip school a lot - much to the annoyance of his twin. He’d have the worst attendance record out of all of them. Jacob likes doing his own thing and he hates being told what to do, so I see him as the rebellious student. It’s not as likely that he would be very engaged in school activities such as clubs or sports and there’s not likely to be any subjects he takes any particular interest in unless it’s a school specifically for the next generation of Assassins. In which case, he’d be interested in combat training. However, he’s the type to do his own thing. He’d most likely be out causing trouble rather than bothering with school.


Out of all of them, Connor would be the closest candidate for a model student - not that he necessarily is one. He can be impatient at times, wanting the rewards before he’s put in the work to deserve them. He also has a bit of a temper, but only when heavily provoked, so this may have been an issue at times. Overall though, he keeps to himself and is probably the peacemaker out of all the guys. He’d be part of the archery club and would partake in other sports too - particularly something like weight training. He’s the most likely to be a Jock. He’s also the most likely to get dragged into helping out in other clubs as a volunteer. As for subjects, Connor would love any classes that allow him to be outside. He’d also be interested in American History and Astronomy.


This charming Italian would be very popular with the female students - and maybe even some of the teachers. Whatever mischief and trouble he gets up to, he could easily charm his way right out of it. Similar to Jacob, Ezio probably doesn’t take school too seriously, but he does show up to hang out with his friends and have fun with girls. He’d get reasonably good grades in most of his subjects, without having to put much effort in.


He’d have a fairly good reputation for excelling in just about everything he does. Altaïr would be quite popular simply due to his successes in a vast amount of activities. However, his arrogance would also make him fairly unpopular and get him into trouble at times - not that he would care. He’s fairly anti-social with anyone who isn’t in his close-knit group. If it was a school specifically for Assassins, Altaïr would be top of the class in combat when it comes to mastering a widely ranged skill-set.


He’s known for being a bit of a smartass. He’s not afraid to challenge his teachers and he can get easily bored. However, when he decides to really put in the effort to his subjects, the results are in his favour. He’d be a little more intellectually inclined than some of the others, enjoying subjects like World Politics and Philosophy (specifically Philosophy of Human Nature). Arno is exceptional with blades, so if it was a school specifically for Assassins, he would excel at combat that involved blades of any kind, outshining all of the others in this particular area.

As a Group:

If they were all attending the same school, at the same time, they would be in the same friend group (whether they are friends or merely acquaintances). There would be a little bit of healthy competition between them all as well as friendly bickering.

Viewer Mind Palace (VMP): How All of Series 4 takes place in the month after John’s wedding

This sounds crazy, but hear me out because this would make for a great fix-it fic even if none of this is real and I’d love to read it. 

So. Remember the beginning of His Last Vow? We see John dreaming and Sherlock doping again? These two ideas hold a lot of weight in the narrative of series 4 and TAB. I believe we’re seeing alternate realities converge into one to create a mind palace sequence that doesn’t belong to any character, but belongs instead to the viewer. 

Remember when Molly said “Forward or Backward?” as Sherlock got shot? The answer was backward. I think everything shown from that moment on has been something either Sherlock or John has fantasized before that moment – in the month of their separation. We saw the narrative as going forward, when really we were being filled in as to what happened “backward”. 

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anonymous asked:

what exactly is "character assassination"?

In the case of Derek, I think it’s the show attempting to undermine everything we know about his character for the sake of shoehorning in a cheer squad moment for Scott. 

I wouldn’t call it character assassination as much as an attempt by the show to retcon Derek and Scott’s relationship, but YMMV on whatever temninology you want to use. 

clean slate
warm weather
they should tie our ankles both together
seagulls calling to one another
if a stranger should ask you you can tell him i’m your brother
lean into me, press real hard
i’ve got no good reasons left not to let down my guard
i love your kiss
but it’s going to come down to this:
you and me
and a high balcony
and professional wrestling on pay per view
windows and lights
and the radio blaring all night
and the truth slowly dawning
on me and then on you
let’s pretend we’re all alone
let’s unplug the telephone
don’t blink, don’t try too hard not to
just rehearse the alibis your father taught you
see the plastic coating on the windows blister
anybody asks you, tell them you’re my sister
yeah you and me
and a table set for three
just in case our assassin should finally come through
anhydrous and matches
why don’t we cook up two more batches
with the time closing in
on me and then on you


So, I saw this lovely post and got inspired? so… um… yeah?

She hesitates before entering without a knock. Even though he said it was okay, it still went against… all the old habits. Always knock, because he might be busy. Always knock, because he might mistake you for an assassin. Always knock in case someone else was there. That last one had always left her stomach in knots, growing up. Gods, had she ever been jealous when he took a girl as a subordinate. Not that she hated her, far from it. Psychotic tendencies aside, Pieri was a delight, and always had some sort of new dish for her to try. But it had made her heart ACHE at the thought of someone else besides her being at his side.

Except… it’s not the case anymore. The ring hiding underneath her gauntlet proved that.

She steps inside the room and closes the door behind her, smiling as the scent of frankincense drifted through the air. Expensive and a luxury, it was perhaps the only one he ever indulged in. She loves it too. It always reminds her of him.
She looks around the room, checking if anyone else is there, but sees it’s only him, writing at his desk, frowning over some sort of report. No doubt she’d see a summary of it all delivered later today. He always was one to make things easier on everyone.

“Something wrong?” She almost squeaks at his words, pouting at his back. He hasn’t even turned around, but somehow, he knows its her.

“No, nothing.” She answers easily, lightly, half skipping to his side. She stops to stare as the sunlight streams in from the window, making his hair even golder, the circlet holding it back glitter like the finest silver. He’s handsome, and she marvels at how he’s HERS. Forever. “Hey.” He turns to look at her and smiles ever so slightly, just enough to soften his face from the stern mask everyone saw. She adores his smile, and adores how he’ll give her special ones, ones that she hoards in her memory like a dragon guarding treasure.

So, without thinking, she leans down and presses her mouth to his, gentle and slow, lips catching on his as she pulls away. But then his hand is on the back of her head, the metal gauntlet cold on her neck, and he’s tugged her into his lap, kissing her hard and intensely, as if she broke a dam by accident. Her eyes flutter shut as his arms encase her, almost hard enough to bruise, though she doesn’t care. She cares about the scent of frankincense that’s right there instead of wafting about, hidden under the smell of polished metal and cured leather. She cares about how ragged his breath is when he pulls briefly away before kissing her again, cares about how he tastes like the cinnamon candies Elise liked to give them. She cares on how when she breaks away to breathe, his lips slide to her jaw, kissing lightly, fleetingly, making her squeak and sigh, smile wide enough to make her face ache sweetly. Her hands scramble over his shoulder, threading through his hair as she tries to somehow get CLOSER.

He solves the ‘problem’ by pulling away and tucking her against his chest, his cheek on her hair, his pants ghosting her ear and making her shiver and smile even wider. Her hands brush his neck and she feels his pulse beating as rapidly as hers and she giggles, pleased by that little knowledge. She LIKES that she has the same effect on him as he does on her.

“Hello to you too, by the way.” His voice is shaky, and she likes it. She likes he lets his guard down that much around her. “Was there something?”

“No, I just wanted to be near you.” She cuddles a little closer and he shifts to work around her. “What are you working on?”

“Just summarizing scouting reports.” Of course he is. “Lets take a nap together when I’m done.”

“Sounds good to me.” Though, truthfully, she might end up nodding off before then. She always just feels so SAFE, and with all the fighting, safety is all too rare. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” The words are like music to her ears, far more beautiful than Azura’s ever could be. “I love you too, Kamui.”

Things I like from Hibari-san's Story

This could count as trivia too!

It’s shown Hibari-san’s work!

  • He patrols around the school, overseeing the preparation of the festival. Despite the crowd and the noise, he tolerates everything and he’s NOT irritated.
  • At one point, a student was “HEY! YOU! PLEASE HELP ME RETURN THE BALL—- HIBARI-SAN!! I’M SORRY!” and Hibari was like “You don’t have to be so surprised. I don’t mind doing it”
  • Another students mistakenly yelled at him, in which he simply said, “it’s fine since it’s for the festival, but try to keep your voice down,” without getting angry.
  • Some students barged into his office without knocking since they were in rush, asking for his permission for their festival plan. He didn’t ask things or anything and just simply signed them and said “you better make it successful and don’t forget to knock next time.” This proves he’s also taking student council’s job and he doesn’t ask what the students want to do since it’s for his school and best for the class’ interest.
  • Even though he only read them briefly, he remembers which class doing which project, since he remembers what class 2-A is doing just by costume.
  • He remembers every members of his committee (this was proven when the oc disguised as his subordinates and he quickly found it out)
  • Nearing the end, his mood was worsen because of the case of assassin and mukuro, this got him into the bad mood. Instead of the calm him like I said above, he just began to bite everyone to death. After meeting the oc and while tsuna and co watched the oc getting beaten to pulp, Tsuna did say “well, with this, it helps Hibari-san relieved his stress. At least, the school peace would be back”
  • He simply loved biting Tsuna to death or Tsuna is simply unlucky? In each of his event, when he was in calm mood and then moved to “I want to bite someone” mood, Tsuna appeared and LOL
Baekhyunsbabe's Fanfics ~Masterlist~

Hello lovely peeps! I posted this a while ago but I lost it. But I made up a new one and edited it for you guys! Some fics are WIP, and I’ll check them for you so you know which are WIP, in planning, or almost done. Also, I’ll post when they’re done or updated on my account on AFF!
Enjoy!~~~~~~~~~ link to all fics; past, present and future:

✏️- In planning
✒️- WIP
✔️-Working on now
❤- Pfft! Not even close
💛- Eh
💚- Halfway
💙- So close

✒️💚1) Xiuhan- Sweet Fascination~. Xiumin is the head honcho of a wealthy company who is married to Yuri of SNSD. Who is expecting their first child. The pregnancy has been more than difficult on Xiumin, and a coworker helps him through his time of “need” and soon enough, little kisses in the hall turn into more than Xiumin knew what to do with. PLOT TWIST THOUGH.
Rated: R for language and sexual content. One shot.

✒️✔️💚/💖2) ChenKai-Heart of The Wolf.
Wolf!au!!!! Jongdae is an Omega. Jongin is an Alpha, newly recruited to the pack. He’s the strong, silent type. Until Jongdae goes into heat. Love blossoms between these two misfits. Jongin would do anything to make Jongdae happy. But Jongin’s past catches up with him… Little do they know, their troubles have just started. Contains past!JonginxTaemin
Rated: R for language, sexual content, a/b/o verse, and Mpreg. Multi-chaptered, ongoing~
You can find the link to the fic below. Also, it has both a 💚and 💖 because there are chapters up.

✏️❤️3) Baekyeol- untitled- paranormal!au~
Chanyeol and Baekhyun are husbands, moving to a new house for Chanyeol’s work. Baekhyun is a few months pregnant since he is a carrier. Able to become pregnant for survival reasons, it runs in his family. But their new house is haunted. The spirit is angered by Baekhyun, angered by his pregnancy and their marriage. It does anything to hurt Baekhyun and their unborn child. What happens why Chanyeol doesn’t believe his husband?
Rated R for sexual content and language, Mpreg, with a ghostly visitor. Multi-chaptered.

✏️❤️4) ChenBaekYeol- untitled
Chen and Chanyeol are happily married. Have been for 5 years. Chen is a work at home “wife” while Chanyeol works with his uncle at a multi-billion dollar company. The perfect couple who couldn’t be happier. Till one night Chen suggests going to a market for a pet/slave to spice things up for them. They Both agree and a few days later, Baekhyun is introduced. Though, these two are very different from Baekhyun’s past masters. They’re kind, fun, interesting and they treat him as an equal. He’s told he is their boyfriend. Till Baekhyun’s past catches up with him. If Chen and Chanyeol claim to love him, will they fight for him?
Rated M for sexual content, mentions of abuse, language and threesomes. multi-chaptered.

✒️💚5) Baekyeol- untitled
Baekhyun wakes up dead, with no memory or knowledge of how he met his untimely demise. He is but a ghost, silent, and invisible. But when he finds that his husband, Chanyeol, and their 9 month old daughter are in trouble he does anything he can to save them. Can he?
Rated M for language, character death, dark themes, sexual content(?) and feels. One shot.

✒️💜 6) Baekyeol- Eye Spy
Request by chen-ah 💗💗💗💗
Chanyeol is but a normal boyfriend. Or so that’s how his boyfriend, Baekhyun, sees him. He’s actually the best agent in his company, dealing with stealing, collecting information and in most cases, assassinations. When Chanyeol is sent on a mission to retrieve top secret information, his mission goes astray thanks to a mysterious, skilled enemy. The stranger foils his mission. But that’s not the only nor last time they meet. Who this stranger is, Chanyeol wishes he never found out.
Rated M for language, sexual content.

✏️❤️7) Kaibaekyeol- untitled~ zombie/apocalypse!au. They were always together. Since day one, it had always been the three of them. Even before the outbreak and the virus that spread across the globe, causing reanimated, cannibalistic corpses to roam the earth. Chanyeol is the scavenger, Jongin is the tracker and healer, and Baekhyun is looking pale. Rated R for language, gore, blood, past spousal and domestic abuse/rape, violence, romance, dark themes and zombies. Polyamory relationship. Length undecided.

✨✨If you guys have ANY questions, comments or concerns, my ask box is always open~ xoxo enjoy babies!

Serenity had to admit, Ionia had its qualities.

For starters, it was a peaceful land, with a calming aura to it. The minute she stepped off of the boat, she felt her spirits rise gradually, her dark and sinking mood fading into the back of her mind. It was so strange and breathtaking that she stood there, breathing deeply, filling her lungs with the fresh air.

Then she snapped back to reality, and her elated bubble burst.

The first few days were spent in an inn, looking at the books on Ionian cultures and lifestyle, which differed based on the different provinces. Ionian dialect was something she did not bother with - she had no time, nor would it prove useful to her once she left the Islands. 

One night, she lay there, staring at the map of Ionia blankly. Formulating a plan of what to do over the long year and a bit she had was more important; once that time was up, she could either risk staying and possibly being hunted down by assassins (or, worst case scenario, another bout of fighting breaks out in her location), or go back home to whatever fate her parents would choose for her.

I better make use of my time here.

For a couple of months, she spent her time travelling through the different provinces. She wasn’t entirely sure when she crossed the borders, or what purpose this held for her, but it was nice. By sating her wanderlust, she would at least be more concentrated in her purpose by coming to Ionia in the first place. Which she was still wary about.

Now, she walked through what seemed like a forest, shielded from the sun by the towering trees. It would be something which normally calmed her, but her mind was preoccupied. She needed to do something worthwhile, something useful. Travelling was great and all, but she was so tired of always doing just that. 

Sitting against a nearby tree trunk, she heaved out a sigh, taking out her hair ties and raking a hand through her turquoise locks. She was getting tired of wandering around and doing nothing. She needed to sit and think, and that’s what she did.


Sherlock’s Sister 2

Part 1

“Sister” John said as he choked on his coffee “You and Mycroft have a sister”

“Yes” Said a voice from the doorway. Everyone turned to see Mycroft standing in the doorway with his umbrella.

“Diet not going well then, brother of mine” Edythe remarked

“That is none of your concern” Mycroft snapped back

“I have friends in high places, brother, i know these things” She smiled

“What kind of friends?” John cut in

“Oh you really don’t want to know, John, she’s an assassin, she has all kinds of friends” Sherlock said as he looked through what Edythe had been working on at the desk.

“Assassin! she’s an assassin! Is everyone in your family a psychopath?!” John shouted

“We’re not psychopaths, John, we’re high functioning sociopaths, do your research” the siblings said in unison

John paced backwards and forwards trying to make sense of the scene unfolding in front of him. It was at this point he realised something even worse.

“Edythe, where are you going to be sleeping” he asked

“On the floor, i spent some time in Japan and found i quite like sleeping on a futon” she replied

“So i’m going to be sharing a flat with two of you”

“well yes”

“ok, i’m going out, too much Holmes in one room” and he marched out the doorway, almost forgetting to pick up the credit card he’d came home for in the first place.

“Well” said Mycroft as he went to leave to“That could’ve gone worse, contact me when you find out anything”

When he’d left Sherlock held up a piece of paper Edythe had been working on.

“Why didn’t I think of this” he asked

“Because you think like a killer, not an assassin. This case is clearly the work of an assassin”

“I think we should see if Lestrade has any more records of killings like this”

“Lestrade? oh the incompetent police officer, sure why not, it might be more amusing than hacking the system”

“You could do that?” Sherlock asked, impressed

“Of course I can Brother” she sighed as she walked to the door “Now come along we have work to do”

anonymous asked:

Every single female character in Dishonored, the DLCs and Dishonored 2 is much more interesting than Emily.

Spoilers for Dishonored 2! Also, this is a very long post.

The thing about Dishonored 2 is that the details are good, but the overall plot falls flat. I’d like to make it clear that I still like Emily a great deal as a character, but I agree with Anon, that she is not particularly interesting as a character.

[This post] is a much better explanation of the whole thing (also contains spoilers) but in short, Dishonored 2 doesn’t have a sharp focus to make Emily’s motivations really personal, and that doesn’t help Emily’s character or character development. The whole premise of Emily being driven to reclaim her throne is weak, because we hear so much about how Emily prefers to spend her nights on the rooftops or with Wyman instead of doing her duties as an Empress.

This is linked to the voice acting. Other characters, including every single female character in Dishonored, the DLCs and Dishonored 2, have their appearance, speech and actions to provide depth to their characterisation. You can talk to characters, you can find books and audiographs about them, and you can interact with them; and then often both dialogue and actions change according to chaos level, which is one way of incorporating the effects of the player on the world. However, you can’t physically interact with Emily. You do control her actions, but you can’t see her appearance, and you can’t explicitly control her speech. (For example, when leaving an area, you can either tell Meagan you want to stay or leave. But that is it. Talking to main characters happens much through cutscenes; when exploring the world, your speech changes according to chaos level, but again you otherwise have little control over it.) The point is that the dialogue for Emily is fairly preset, and so provides little variety for her character. This is a problem, as her characterisation relies so much upon her dialogue.

Harvey Smith (and others at Arkane) mentioned, while discussing the choice to switch from voiceless-Corvo, to voice-acted Emily/Corvo, that in the first game they were conscious of wanting to allow the player to project themselves onto Corvo, which they achieved by not having Corvo voice-acted. (I am unsure if this is the only motivation as I sort of recall someone mentioning Stephen Russell being unavailable for the first game, but I may be mistaken.) People from Arkane went on to say that they experimented with voice-acting and the voice-over intro’s in Daud’s two DLCs and that they think they perfected the balance of voicing the player character, but also allowing the player to feel like it was still them who was in control of the game, in Dishonored 2. Particuarly, they said that adding voice-acting added ‘warmth’ to the game.

(Unlike in “The Knife of Dunwall” and “The Brigmore Witches”, where you only have three missions in order to create a coherent half-arc for Daud, and establish that other crucial events are occurring in Dunwall outside of Corvo’s sphere of events, and Daud’s voice-over/grey-blue-comic scenes are highly necessary, Dishonored 2 has 10 missions, and listening to exposition by Emily or Corvo before each one gets kinda tiring, especially since neither the script nor the voice acting is particularly interesting.) 

Stephen Russell and Erica Luttrell are experienced and talented voice actors, but unfortunately, the consensus seems to be that their performance was rather lacklustre, with Emily flatly delivering exposition, and Corvo wearily growling through his lines. Obviously we can only credit this in part to the voice actors as the game writers were responsible for coming up with the actual lines, but in this case I think neither actors nor writers did a spectacular job. Again, this wouldn’t be such a problem except that we read and hear so much about the characterisation of Emily and Corvo (and Emily was excellent in the first game) before the time of Dishonored, during the first game, and in the span of years in between the two games (if you’ve read The Wyrmwood Deceit or The Corroded Man) but when it comes down to it in Dishonored 2 when Emily is an adult PLUS an Empress, and Corvo has been protecting her PLUS training her as well as being publicly acknowledged as her father, there seems to be something lacking. The two games should be the primary source for in-depth, canon characterisation, but instead Dishonored 2 seems rather weak in this regard.

What happened from Dishonored 1 to Dishonored 2 is somewhat similar to what happened between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. In Fallout 3 the player character is unvoiced and the player communicates through written dialogue choices. It is up to the player to give nuance, timing, timbre etc. to these lines, but the quality and consistency of writing is such that tone can be usually inferred from the words. Special dialogue choices conditionally available upon having perks such as Black Widow, skill checks such as Science, or stat checks for Luck, Persuasion etc. are indicated by the inclusion of [Science, 75] at the start of a phrase. On the other hand, Fallout 4 moved to a more Mass Effect-style of dialogue, with four choices (at most) of dialogue in response to an NPC line, fewer than the up to ten or so choices of dialogue in Fallout 3. (Of course, two or three of choices of dialogue in Fallout 3 were often just there to allow NPCs to repeat information for the convenience of the player.) Also, like Mass Effect, the on-screen text was representative of the dialogue, but not a verbatim transcript. This actually hindered, not streamlined, the dialogue system in Fallout 4, a game in a series of RPGs where the player’s dialogue choice is extremely important (especially since skill or stat checks can entirely bypass having to fight enemies or hack computers). In Dishonored, even if you have only a binary choice at times such as asking/not asking Piero for upgrades, or choosing the lethal/non-lethal upgraded Arc Pylon effect, because Corvo is not voiced, it is implicit that the words you read are what Corvo says, in-game. You do not get to do this in Dishonored 2. You effectively have less choice.

For all the talk of the voice-acting, however, I definitely agree that Emily’s characterisation is not as interesting as the other female characters. (I thought I was going to write about how her characterisation is less interesting and can be excused somewhat because of the way the game is made but in fact it looks like I’ve written about how her weak characterisation is especially apparent, due to the way the game is made.) Emily has a few key points: she is an Empress and has been trained in the Royal arts; she has Corvo as her remaining parent; and she has been trained by Corvo to defend herself in case of assassination attempts. (The official phrase is that she has three pillars: Dunwall, Empress, and Assassin.)

We then learn that she sometimes pays little attention to her duties, thinking of her lover; and she yearns to have a different life, one in which she is free to roam the rooftops at night (which she actually does anyway). Progressing further into the game it seems like she has been paying insufficient attention to the Duke of Serkonos and the goings-on in Karnaca. And… that’s it. She should have motivations beyond this, but she doesn’t. Does she want to rule peacefully or with an iron fist? Well, YOU as the player actually get to decide that. I think it’s a failure of the game premise, of the chaos system, that you end up with the ending cinematic explaining how she retakes the throne, be it through blood or not; but that you can’t perceive her character whilst playing her. It’s a conundrum to be sure, that her motivations are yours and therefore opaque in the game, until you reach the end of the game and it counts up all the chaos you have and produces an ending cutscene. Somewhere in here, there is a good discussion about Power and Those Who Wield It – to use the phrase from Harvey, “power and the abuse of power”. This theme is one of the themes that Harvey Smith has stated that they are interested in exploring in the Dishonored series, exemplified by monologue when Emily/Corvo arrives back in Dunwall for the last mission, with Corvo saying something along the lines of “I don’t think I’ll ever know the truth of Delilah being Euhorn Kaldwin’s daughter… but what I do know is that the right to rule is not given by birth, but something you earn from serving your people, every day.” I find that statement to be… sort of weak, in that context, but I’m also not particularly sure what it’s supposed to mean, because the world of Dishonored, specifically the Empire of the Isles, does seem to have both a monarch and a parliament (at least, a House of Lords) but doesn’t seem to elect rulers on the basis of merit. (To expand on this point – what I mean is that I understand that Corvo, at least, rails against the idea of right-to-rule, which is understandable as he comes from a working-class family in Serkonos, but I’m not sure what alternatives to the heir to the Empire he’s suggesting, or even what alternatives he’s suggesting would be suitable. I.e. if an emperor is weak as a ruler, then should a Spymaster or other member of the court or the royal family or the nobility or Parliament seize control of the throne? Or at least take charge by advising strongly on all state matters?)

Another reason why Emily doesn’t seem to be that interesting is because her character works so well in the first game, and just doesn’t in the second. She acts as a moral thermostat for Corvo, conveying the effects of chaos through her speech and drawings; but also has a childish curiosity, asking some great questions of Admiral Havelock and the other characters, running off and playing hide-and-seek instead of attending to her studies, and displaying great interest in her world. Perhaps the thing is that Emily doesn’t seem to have grown up since the first game. She doesn’t have the depth that other characters – in D1 or D2 – have. Compare: Corvo survives poisoning – and then can still choose to non-lethally eliminate (some) of the remaining Loyalists. Samuel evades the executions of Lydia (and Callista) but faithfully returns to aid Corvo in once again saving Emily. Billie Lurk tangibly responds to your chaos level in the Knife of Dunwall but later returns to attempt to make up for her actions. Even Cecelia, a character who survives the purge by being unnoticed, is inspired by Corvo to escape in the chaos surrounding the Hound Pits Pub and make a go of her life on her own.

Compare Emily’s character to, for example, the female shopkeeper in the Royal Conservatory mission (for convenience, let’s call her Stripes, for the striped vest she wears). Firstly, she greets Emily sympathetically – but we must discount this, as all of the shopkeepers have to do this – they operate as the upgrading and restocking mechanic so they can’t just go alerting the guards whenever you need to upgrade your gear. Secondly, however, Stripes will immediately tell the player that you have to hide, because Paolo and his gang are coming around and if they see you, they’ll attack you. That action tells you about Stripes – she wants to keep the peace, she’s actually protecting you at this point – you, the player, who is effectively invincible with your “reload last save” button. She even says “yes, that’s good, stay there” once you are safely hidden under a table. If you’ve been robbing Black Market shops, Stripes will mention it, implying a sort of network or trade between different Black Market shops, and displaying concern for other citizens. Hang around long enough, and Stripes will tell you that she used to own a café out near the docks, but that the smell of fish blood overwhelmed the smell of coffee. This adds depth to her, specifically her ambitions and motivations. We do not learn of similar motivations for Emily.

There are other reasons why Dishonored 2 is, overall, not as interesting as the first game. (1) The Dreadful Wale is smaller than the Hound Pits Pub and contains fewer characters. (2) There is no equivalent to the first game’s Flooded District mission (a mission which really made the game work for me). (3) There is no plot twist in the main story. None whatsoever. You get chucked off the throne, you eliminate ppl, you get back your throne. This also relates to (4) A trend nowadays in movies and video games where so much of the plot is revealed in trailers/previews/publicity material, e.g. the Giant Man form of Ant-Man in Captain America: Civil War leaked through figurine sales; or the true nature of the new John Connor in Terminator: Genisys revealed early in a poster for that movie. Long before the game was released, Harvey Smith stated that Dishonored 2 was mostly set in Karnaca, but began and ended in Dunwall (to be fair, in response to repeated questioning). With a moment’s thought, that reveals to the player that the final boss fight will be in Dunwall. It was fully expected and publicised that Karnaca was the location for the main portion of the game, and I don’t think anyone was surprised that the first mission ended up with you getting on a ship and sailing for Karnaca, but revealing that you would be returning to Dunwall at the end removes all dramatic tension from that stage of the plot. The culture has changed perceptibly even since 2012 (when Dishonored was released). Imagine if Harvey Smith stated, 2 months before Dishonored came out, that your ultimate destination was Kingsparrow Isle? Then you would be on the lookout, whether aware of it or not, of when that location was namedropped in-game. You would know that Return To The Tower was not, could not be the final mission, as it wasn’t set on Kingsparrow Isle, and this would ruin the twist of being poisoned by the Loyalists and going to the Flooded District.

In summary, it would just seem to be that Emily is not as interesting a character as the other female characters in Dishonored 2, because the writers ultimately didn’t know what to do with her. This however should not impact the way you play Emily in Dishonored 2; and hopefully Arkane hear about this from fans, including us, and learn how to do better in the future.

Six Flying Dragons Timeline

(Updated up to ep. 50 / March 28, 2016)

Queen Seondeok (2009, MBC) / Six Flying Dragons (2015, SBS)  / Tree with Deep Roots (2011, SBS) are all connected in the same dramatic universe, according to the writers’ interview.

Queen Seondeok (2009, MBC)

AD 647



  • Goguryeo kingdom was conquered by Silla’s General Kim Yu-Shin.
  • Silla’s unification of the three kingdoms.  


  • Balhae kingdom was founded in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Balhae was a successor state to Goguryeo.
  • The coexistence of Balhae (North) and Unified Silla (South) lasted for about 300 years. It is called North-South States Period (698~926).




  • Balhae kingdom was destroyed by the Kitans. Goryeo accepted the refugees from Balhae.


  • Silla kingdom surrendered to Goryeo. The last king of Shilla became Goryeo’s noble.



  • A group of military officers launched a coup against civil offiers and succeeded to seize the power.
  • The military rule of Goryeo had begun. The age of warriors lasted for one hundred years. (1170~1270)


  • The first invasion of Mongols.
  • The Mongol’s Great Kahns had sent their troops to Goryeo over 9 times for about 30 years (1231~1259), but failed to conquer it.  


  • The military regime of Goryeo escaped Gaegyung with King Gojong and nobility and moved the capital to Ganghwa island.
  • While the fierce battles between Goryeo commoners and Mongol armies continued in the mainland, the nobility was enjoying their parties in the safe island. (ep. 16, Bang-Won’s comment)


  • Yi Seong-Gye’s ancestor, Yi An-Sa, gave up fighting and surrendered to Mongols. He was appointed as a Darugachi, the high officer for the Mongol empire.


  • King Gojong of Goryeo voluntarily sent his crown prince to Mongol's  Kublai Khan to negotiate a peace treaty. A truce between Goryeo and Mongols was concluded in 30 years.
  • Kublai welcomed Goryeo’s crown prince because he was fighting with his younger brother over who should be the next Mongol emperor. The peace treaty with Goryeo helped him beat his brother and rise to the throne.


  • As the last leader of Goryeo’s military regime died, the war against Mongols was officially over.
  • Goryeo could keep autonomy, but every king of Goryeo had to marry a Mongolian princess and be subordinate to the Mongolian Khans. It lasted for about 80 years.



  • A Goryeo noble woman became the empress of the Yuan Dynasty of China (the Mongol Empire). She is known as Empress Ki.
  • As a result, her brothers also seized power in Goryeo court. But they had a bad reputaion for being corrupt officials.


  • Jung Do-Jeon was born. (King Taejo’s adviser, the first prime minister of the Joseon dynasty)



  • In December, Yi Seong-Gye and his father Yi Ja-Choon met King Gongmin in Gaegyung (the capital city of Goryeo) and swore their loyalty to the king.


  • In May, King Gongmin killed Empress Ki’s brothers and tried to remove the Mongolian influences from the Goryeo court.
  • In July, the king ordered Goryeo armies to recapture the northeast fortress occupied by Pro-Mongol forces. Yi Seong-Gye and his father secretly opened the fortress’ gate and helped Goryeo armies. (ep. 1)
  • The supreme commander of the fortress, Jo So-Saeng, fled away to the north. (In the drama, he was killed by his sworn brother Yi Seong-Gye, but it is a fiction. ep. 1)



  • In February, The defeated Red Turbans fled away to the north.
  • In October, Jung Mong-Joo passed the state exam and became a government official.


  • Instead of his dead father, Yi Seong-Gye became the commander of the Northeast region.
  • In November, the second invasion of Red Turban Army broke out.
  • About 5 days after King Gongmin’s escape from Gaegyung, the Red Turbans occupied the capital city and set fire to the streets. Thousands of citizens were killed. (ep. 12, Bang-Won’s comment)


  • In January, Goryeo armies led by 3 generals under supreme commander Jung Se-Woon defeated the Red Turbans and recaptured the capital.
  • But 3 days after the victory, the four war heroes got to be killed by the fake royal command forged by traitor Kim Yong. (ep. 10 and 27, Jung Do-Jeon’s flashbacks)


  • In January, King Gongmin returned to the capital. He stayed in Heungwangsa temple which was used as a temporary palace in the capital.
  • In March, the rebellion of Heungwangsa temple broke out. Traitor Kim Yong sent about 50 assassins to kill the king, but Eunuch An Do-Chi, Princess Noguk, and General Choi Young stopped the assassination attempt.
  • Kim Yong tried to hide the truth that he was the mastermind of the assassins, but his plot was brought to light. He ended up being executed 20 days after the incidents.  (ep. 10, Jung Do-Jeon’s comment) 
  • In May, Yuan China (the Mongol empire ruled by Empress Ki) declared Prince Deokheung as the new Goryeo king. 
  • In December, Yuan troops were sent to Goyeo to depose King Gongmin.
  • Meanwhile, Jung Do-Jeon passed the state exam and became a government official.


  • In January, General Choi Young and Yi Seong-Gye defeated the Yuan troops sent by Empress Ki.
  • During the battle against Yuan troops, Jurchen army attacked Hamju which was Yi Seong-Gye’s base camp. In February, Yi Seong-Gye returned to Hamju and defeated the Jurchens.
  • In September, Yuan China officially gave up deposing King Gongmin.
  • Jung Do-Jeon got promoted to the king’s secretary.


  • In February, Princess Noguk died during her childbirth. 
  • King Gongmin almost went insane, being totally depressed about his beloved queen’s death.
  • In May, the king lost interests in politics and entrusted the state affairs to a mysterious Buddhist monk by the name of Shin Don. (* Shin Don was the last reformist politician in the Goryeo Dynasty.)
  • Jung Do-Jeon objected to the king’s order and resigned from the government.
  • General Choi Young was relegated to a local government office.
  • July 25, King Gongmin’s only son Monino (King U of Goryeo) was born by Prime Minister Shin Don’s slave girl Ban-Ya.
  • July 29, Lady Min (Yi Bang-Won’s wife, Queen Wongyeong) was born as Min Je’s second daughter.


  • In April, Prime minister Shin Don’s reform policies on land and slave system were hugely welcomed by the people.
  • Meanwhile, Jung Do-Jeon’s parents died. During his 3-year mourning for dead parents, Jung Do-Jeon intensively read the works of Mencius which became the foundation of his revolutionary thoughts.  


  • May 16, Yi Bang-Won was born as General Yi Seong-Gye’s 5th son. (King Taejong, the 3rd king of the Joseon Dynasty)
  • In September, based on Shin Don’s reform policy for Confucian revival, Sungkyunkwan was restored as the highest educational institution of Confucianism.


  • In September, Yuan Dynasty finally fled from the Chinese mainland to the northern region. (called “Northern Yuan” from then on).
  • Instead, Ming Dynasty of China was founded in the Chinese mainland by the leader of Red Turban army, Zhu Yuanzhang. (* Hongwu Emperor, the founder of Ming Dynasty)


  • Empress Ki died.


  • Jung Do-Jeon made his comeback to politics as a professor of Sungkyunkwan.


  • In July, Shin Don was executed for treason by false charges.  
  • Jung Do-Jeon got promoted to a central government official.


  • In October, King Gongmin established his royal bodyguards called Jajewi (자제위, 子弟衛) comprised of young and beautiful aristocrat warriors. (Hong Ryun in ep. 2, The plum blossom warrior in ep. 5)


  • When the Northen Yuan sent their envoy to Goryeo, King Gongmin threatened to kill them, but Goryeo officials barely stopped the king.

Six Flying Dragons (2015~2016, SBS)


  • In September, King Gongmin was assassinated.
  • After losing his beloved wife Princess Noguk, the king’s madness had been aggravated. He forced his other consorts to sleep with his royal guards (Jajewi).
  • When he learned from Eunuch Choi Man-Saeng that Lady Han (one of his 4 consorts) was pregnant with Hong Ryun, he decided to kill Hong Ryun as well as those who knew the truth. He wanted to make the baby his own child, so he talked about his plan to seal their lips under the influence of alcohol and fell asleep.
  • Eunuch Choi Man-Saeng was afraid of being killed, so he let the royal guards know about it. As a result, Hong Ryun and Choi Man-Saeng killed the king sleeping in the bedroom, and gave false testimony that an assassin from outside killed the king.
  • Yi In-Im (the historical figure that Yi In-Gyeom is based on) investigated the assassination case and found out the real culprits. Hong Ryun and Eunuch Choi Man-Saeng were executed. (ep. 2, Yi In-Gyeom’s flashback)
  • In October, Yi In-Im enthroned the late king’s 11-year-old son Monino (King U) despite of the queen dowager’s objection. Three years ago, the little boy had been officially declared by King Gongmin as his son from palace maid Lady Han, not from Shin Don’s slave girl Ban-Ya. In fact, it is one of the biggest mystery of Korean history whether he was a real son of King Gongmin or not.
  • By crowning the boy as a puppet king, Dodang trio including Yi In-Im took over the reigns of the court.
  • In November, a Ming Chinese envoy was killed in Goryeo. The conflict between Ming China and Goryeo was turning ugly.


  • As a result, the Dodang trio wanted to reestablish the ties with Northern Yuan (Mongols). They appointed Jung Do-Jeon as a greeter for the Mongol envoy.
  • Jung Do-Jeon rejected their order, claiming “It is against the late king’s will. If you appoint me as a greeter, I will either kill the Mongol envoy or sent him away to Ming China!” Therefore, Jung Do-Jeon was arrested by the raged nobles. (ep. 2, Jung Do-Jeon’s Jangpyeong Gate Uprising)
  • He spent 4 years in exile in Naju, Jeolla province, where he learned a lot about the impoverished conditions of Goryeo commoners and designed the concrete revolution plan.


  • In March, Ban-Ya claimed in front of the Queen dowager’s palace that she was the current king’s real mother.
  • Yi In-Im ordered to kill her by throwing her away to the Imjin river.
  • In December, Dodang decided to kill the baby girl born from Lady Han with Hong Ryun, the cause of King Gongmin’s assasination.


  • In April, Japanese pirates attacked the capital. General Choi Young and Yi Seong-Gye defeated them.


  • In August, The naval battle of Jinpo against Japanese pirates. It was Goryeo’s first military use of gunpowder which was created by General Choi Mu-Seon. (ep 16, Yi Bang-Woo’s comment)
  • In September, in the battle of Hwangsan, General Yi Seong-Gye’s armies defeated Japanese pirates in Woonbong, Jeolla province. At that time, Jung Mong-Joo accompanied General Yi’s army as a civil offier. (ep. 8, Jung Do-Jeon’s flashback of fake Japanese pirates)


  • Yi Bang-Won entered Sungkyunkwan.
  • Professor Min Je of Sungkyunkwan decided to make him his son-in-law.
  • Yi Bang-Won married Min Je’s second daughter. She was 2 years older than him. (ep. 15)
  • Hobaldo, the poweful Jurchen chief in alliance with Ming China, invaded the northeast region of Goryeo. (ep. 11)


  • Jung Do-Jeon went to Hamju and met General Yi Seong-Gye for the first time. They became close friends. (ep. 7~8)
  • In April, Yi Bang-Won passed the civil service exam and became a government official.
  • In August, Yi Seong-Gye defeated Hobaldo and submitted the border stabilization plan to Dodang. (ep. 9~12)
  • In September, Yi Seong-Gye returned to Gaegyung and entered into politics. (ep. 12)


  • Jung Do-Jeon made his comeback to politics by the help of Yi Seong-Gye. (ep. 17)
  • In July, Jung Mong-Joo and Jung Do-Jeon were sent to Ming China as envoys.


  • In August, Yi In-Im (“Yi In-Gyeom” in SFD) resigned from politics because of his old age. (ep. 13)


  • In January, Jo Ban’s rebellion broke out. It was fabricated by Yeom Heung-Bang (”Hong In-Bang” in SFD). (ep 15~16)
  • General Choi Young joined forces with Yi Seong-Gye and drove out the corrupt Dodang trio.
  • Yeom Heung-Bang (Hong In-Bang) and Yim Gyeon-Mi (Gil Tae-Mi) were arrested and executed. Thousands of their relatives were killed, too.
  • Yi In-Im (Yi In-Gyeom) was not killed. He was exiled to his hometown because he was good friends with Choi Young. (ep. 19)
  • As a result, Choi Young and Yi Seong-Gye became the top 2 leaders of the Goryeo court.
  • In March, King U married Choi Young’s daughter to maintain his power. (ep. 19)
  • Around the same time, Ming China demanded the return of Goryeo‘s Northern territory.  It was the land that the former king (King Gongmin) had ordered General Choi Young to retrieve from pro-Mongol forces in 1356. Yi Seong-Gye and his father also had helped it. (ep. 1) 
  • It had been a national project for Goryeo to retrieve the lost territory of ancient Goguryeo kingdom. Therefore, Ming’s demand made the diplomatic ties between the two countries significantly damaged. (ep 19~20)
  • In April, King U and General Choi Young drafted soldiers in the name of a hunt. They ordered General Yi Seong-Gye to carry out a preemptive strike against the Ming Chinese base in the Liaodong peninsula. (ep 19)
  • Yi Seong-Gye suggested 4 reasons why they should not go to war, but his opinion was dismissed by Choi Young. (ep 20)
  • In April, Yi Seong-Gye and Jo Min-Soo were sent to the Liaodong Conquest. Choi Young was supposed to lead the expedition, but King U’s desperate request made his mind weaken and he decided to stay with the king at the last moment.
  • In May, Yi Seong-Gye’s army was stranded on Wihwa island, the northern border on the Apnok river between Goryeo and Ming China, due to increased water from heavy rain. Hundreds of soldiers dying in the process of driving a stake in the river to put a floating bridge.
  • Despite of Yi Seong-Gye’s desperate messages, Choi Young constantly urged them to cross the river.
  • Yi Seong-Gye arrested Choi Young’s messenger Kim Wan, and finally decided to stage a military coup.
  • May 22, Yi Seong-Gye and Jo Min-Soo started to retreat from Wihwa island. (* Wihwa island Retreat.  ep. 20)
  • Yi Seong-Gye’s eldest sons, Yi Bang-Woo and Yi Bang-Gwa, escaped the king’s camp and moved to his father. His 5th son Yi Bang-Won evacuated the general’s family to Hamju. (ep. 21)
  • In June, After the street battle in Gaegyung, the palace was taken by Yi Seong-Gye’s army. General Choi Young was arrested and sent into exile. (ep. 22)
  • Yi Seong-Gye and Jo Min-Soo became top 2 supreme power of the court.
  • King U led 80 armed eunuchs to kill the generals but his plan ended in failure. The king was deposed and confined in Ganghwa island.
  • Jo Min-Soo betrayed Yi Seong-Gye and joined forces with Yi Saek to enthrone King U’s 8-year-old son, King Chang. (ep. 22)
  • Jo Min-Soo tried to reinstate Yi In-Im to prime minister, but found out Yi In-Im was already dead while in exile. (ep. 23)
  • In July, Jo Joon submitted a petition for land reforms, and it became a big issue in the court. Jo Min-Soo objected to it. (ep. 23~24)
  • Jo Min-Soo was impeached by Jo Joon’s accusation of land plundering and corruption. (ep. 25~26 The bloody banquet)
  • In August, Jo Min-Soo was released from the exile on a special amnesty given on King Chang’s birthday.
  • In December, General Choi Young was executed.


  • In November, Kim Jeo’s rebellion
  • After meeting King U in exile, Kim Jeo and Jung Deuk-Hoo conspired to kill Yi Seong-Gye on the Palgwanhoe (팔관회) festival day for the restoration of King U. But their accomplice Gwak Chung-Bo informed Yi Seong-Gye of their assassination plot in advance. (ep. 28)
  • Jung Deuk-Hoo killed himself. Kim Jeo was arrested and confessed that Yi Saek’s party conspired together. Even though it was unclear whether it was true or not, all of those involved in the plot were ousted and exiled.
  • King Chang was also deposed under the accusation of communicating secretly with his father, King U.
  • Yi Seong-Gye enthroned Prince Jeongchang, the descendent of Goryeo’s 20th ruler King Shinjong. (* King Gongyang, the last king of Goryeo Dynasty)
  • In December, King U and his son King Chang were executed by beheading.


  • Jo Min-Soo was executed.
  • In September, Jo Joon’s land reforms had finally been carried out. The land registers of corrupt nobles, being piled mountain-high in the street of Gaegyung, had been burnt for about 7 days. People watching this scene shed tears of joy.
  • As a result, the conservative privileged nobles lost their economic power and collapsed. Meanwhile, the reformist Sadaebu scholars gained new economic foundation. The age of Sadaebu scholars had begun.


  • In September, Jung Do-Jeon was impeached by Jung Mong-Joo’s party. King Gongyang didn’t kill him and exiled to Naju.
  • The power struggle between Yi Seong-Gye’s party (revolutionists to found Joseon) and Jung Mong-Ju’s party (reformists to maintain Goryeo) became a tinderbox.


  • March 15, Yi Seong-Gye was injured from falling off a horse.
  • April 1, Yi Seong-Gye’s followers such as Jo Joon, Nam Eun, Jung Do-Joeon were ousted and exiled by Jung Mong-Joo’s faction. 
  • April 2~3, Yi Seong-Gye came back to the capital in the middle of the night by the help of his 5th son, Yi Bang-Won.
  • April 4, Jung Mong-Joo visited Yi Seong-Gye’s house. The last guardian of Goryeo Dynasty was killed on Seonji bridge by Yi Bang-Won‘s men on his way home.
  • April 6, Yi Seong-Gye’s faction was released from exile and came back to the government posts.
  • June 2, Jung Do-Jeon and Nam Eun returned from the exile.
  • June 8, Yi Seong-Gye’s faction took over the military forces all over the country.
  • July 1, King Gongyang proposed the alliance of sovereign and subject, but it was rejected by Yi Seong-Gye..
  • July 12, King Gongyang was deposed. (* The fall of Goryeo Dynasty)
  • July 17, Yi Seong-Gye ascended the throne. (King Taejo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty)
  • August 20, Yi Bang-Seok (Yi Seong-Gye’s 8th son by his second wife Queen Shindeok) was installed as Crown prince at the age of 10.
  • On the same day, the names of Yi Bang-Won and other princes were excluded from the list of founding contributors.
  • October 25, Jung Do-Jeon was sent to Ming China as an envoy to announce the establishment of the new Dynasty.


  • March 20, Jung Do-Jeon returned from Ming China. The name of the country was officially changed into Joseon.
  • May 23, Hongwu Emperor of Ming China blamed Joseon for appeasing about 500 Jurchens and naturalizing them as Joseon citizens. Many of them had been soldiers working for Ming China, but they were originally Goryeo refugees living with Jurchens. Joseon was forced to deport them to Liaodong. 
  • July 5, Jung Do-Jeon was appointed as a military commander of Northeast region. He visited Jurchen tribes there and made connections with their chiefs for the future Liadong expedition.
  • In October, Jung Do-Jeon composed formal court music by himself and played the songs in front of King Taejo.
  • In November, Jung Do-Jeon created various battle formations. King Taejo ordered to use them for military training.
  • December 13, Yi Bang-Woo (Yi Seong-Gye’s eldest son) died of illness. He refused to become the Crown Prince and secluded himself in a mountain hermitage. His anger at his father made him drink too much that he got sick and died.


  • In April, King Gongyang of Goryeo and his 2 sons were executed.
  • Around the same time, not only Goryeo’s royal family but also their collateral blood relatives with a sirname of Wang were all killed or buried at the sea of Samcheok, Ganghwa island, Geoje island. (* The massacre of Wang clan)
  • May 30, Jung Do-Jeon wrote a book titled Joseon Gyeonguk-jeon and offered it to the King. It was the first constitutional law of Joseon. 
  • In June, Yi Bang-Won volunteered to go to Ming China as an envoy (a.k.a. hostage) to solve the deteriorated diplomatic relationships between Joseon and Ming China.
  • In July, Crown Prince Yi Bang-Seok married Shim Hyo-Saeng’s daughter. Shim Hyo-Saeng was Jung Do-Jeon’s close colleague. 
  • October 28, the capital city was moved from Gaegyung to Hanyang (Today’s Seoul, the current capital city of South Korea).
  • In November, Yi Bang-Won returned from Ming China.
  • Yi Bang-Won’s first son, Yi Je / Prince Yangnyeng, was born.


  • January 9, Jo Young-Gyu died of an illness.
  • January 25, Jung Do-Jeon and Jung Chong co-wrote 37 volumes of Goryeosa (‘The history of Goryeo’) and offered it to the King.
  • October 7, King Taejo ordered Jung Do-Jeon to name every buildings of the new palace, Gyeongbokgung. It was also designed by Jung Do-Jeon.
  • December 11, Yi Bang-Won’s 2nd son, Yi Bo / Prince Hyoryeong, was born.


  • June 11, Hongwu Emperor of Ming China demanded the extradition of Jung Do-Jeon who was in charge of the diplomatic letter sent to the Emperor. 
  • August 13, Queen Shindeok (Yi Seong-Gye’s second wife) died of an illness.
  • Yi Saek died.


  • April 10, Yi Bang-Won’s 3rd son, Yi Do / Prince Chungnyeong / King Sejong the Great, was born.
  • April 17, Hongwu Emperor of Ming China blamed Jung Do-Jeon for the root of calamity, and threatened to go to war against Joseon unless Jung Do-Jeon stop the Liadong expedition plan.
  • June 14, Jung Do-Jeon and Nam Eun tried to raise the army toward the northern border, but Jo Joon vehemently opposed their military actions.. 


  • June 24, Hongwu Emperor of Ming China died. His grandson Jianwen Emperor ascended the throne. Joseon court didn’t know about it yet.
  • July 11, Jung Do-Jeon’s Liadong expedition plan brought him into severe conflict with Jo Joon. 
  • August 2, Ha Ryun was demoted to a local officer by Jung Do-Jeon. He secretly advised Yi Bang-Won to raise the army during his farewell party.
  • July to August, Yi Seong-Gye laid in his sickbed several times.
  • August 26, The first strife of Princes.
  • Yi Bang-Won killed Prime minister Jung Do-Jeon, his colleague Nam Eun, and Crown prince Yi Bang-Seok.
  • In September, King Taejo handed over the crown to his second son Yi Bang-Gwa (King Jeongjong, the 2nd king of the Joseon Dynasty), but the actual power was in Yi Bang-Won’s hand.
  • October 3, Hongwu Emperor’s death was delivered to the Joseon court.  


  • In March, King Jeongjong moved the capital back to Gaegyung.
  • Auguts 8, the civil war between the Jianwen Emperor and his uncle Zhu Di (Prince of Yan) broke out in Ming China. It lasted for about 4 years. (* Jingnan Rebellion 1399~1402)


  • January 28, The second strife of Princes.
  • Yi Bang-Gan (King Taejo’s 4th son) rebelled against his younger brother Yi Bang-Won but his coup ended in failure.
  • Yi Bang-Gan was exiled. Yi Bang-Won refused to execute his elder brother, so Bang-Gan had lived comfortably until he died of an illness in 1421. 
  • February 1, King Jeongjong accepted Ha Ryun’s petition and named Yi Bang-Won as his successor. 
  • In November, King Jeongjong abdicated and Yi Bang-Won finally ascended the throne. (King Taejong, the 3rd king of the Joseon Dynasty).


  • Jo Mal-Saeng passed the civil service exam, and became a government officer.


  • April 9, Yi Ji-Ran died.
  • Jo Sa-Eu’s rebellion : King Taejo (Yi Seong-Gye) incited his queen’s relative Jo Sa-Eu to raise an army in Hamju to avenge King Taejong (Yi Bang-Won) but it ended in a huge defeat. 
  • Zhu Di defeated his nephew and ascended the throne. (* Yongle Emperor,  the 3rd Emperor of Ming China)


  • In October, The capital city was moved back to Hanyang (Seoul) again.
  • Jo Joon died.


  • Queen Wongyeong (Lady Min)’s two brothers (Min Moo-Gu and Min Moo-Jil) were exiled.


  • Yi Seong-Gye (King Taejo, the founder of Joseon dynasty) died of old age.
  • Min Je (Yi Bang-Won’s father-in-law) died of an illness.


  • In March, Queen Wongyeong (Lady Min)’s two brothers (Min Moo-Gu and Min Moo-Jil) were forced to commit suicide in their exile places.


  • In December, King Taejong tried to depose his lawful wife Queen Wongyeong, but withdrew his decision because of his elder brother King Jeongjong (Bang-Gwa)’s dissuasion.


  • King Taejong ordered Min Moo-Hwae and Min Moo-Hyul to commit suicide in their exile places.
  • November 24, Ha Ryun died of old age.

Tree with Deep Roots (2011, SBS)


  • In August, King Taejong (Yi Bang-Won) abdicated the throne to his 3rd son King Sejong the Great (Yi Do). But he continued to rule with an iron fist. 
  • In December, Shim On, the father-in-law of King Sejong, was executed by former King Taejong’s political machinations. <- Tree with Deep Roots (2011) begins here!


  • In June, the Tsushima expedition. General Yi Jong-Moo eliminated Japanese pirates’ bases on Tsushima island, which brought peace to Joseon for over 100 years.
  • September 25, King Jeongjong (Yi Bang-Gwa) died.


  • March 26, King Sejong established the Hall of Worthies (집현전, 集賢殿), a group of elite scholars selected by the king which participated in various scholarly endeavors.
  • July 10, Queen Wongyeong (King Taejong’s wife, Lady Min) died.


  • March 9, Yi Bang-Gan died of an illness.


  • May 10, King Taejong (Yi Bang-Won) died.



  • September 29, King Sejong officially proclaimed the creation of Hangul.



  • February 17, King Sejong the Great died of an illness. His first son King Munjong ascended the throne.


  • May 14, King Munjong died of a malignant tumor. His 12-year-old son ascended the throne. (* King Danjong)


  • October 10, Grand Prince Suyang who was King Sejong’s 2nd son and King Danjong’s uncle staged a coup by the help of Han Myung-Hoi. (* He is Mr. Han of Milbon in TWDR)


  • In June, Grand Prince Suyang usurped the throne. (* King Sejo)


  • In June, Seong Sam-mun and Pak Paeng-nyeon were executed after being implicated in a plot to dethrone King Sejo and restore his predecessor King Danjong.

Imagine your OTP as top secret government assassins assigned to a case together. Person A is a lone wolf who doesn’t work well with others while Person B is extroverted and uses it to their advantage in many situations. Can they complete the mission without clashing too much? Bonus: one gets injured and the other gets very angsty about it.

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Do gou have any cool informant story ideas?

Informant like a person who rats on something, like a spy? First of all, I just wanted to share two other prompt requests about sassy assassins just in case they are useful to you 😉.

  • An employee at a huge business becomes concerned that there are some shady deals happening and starts working as an informant for the FBI (or similar agency of your choice). As they investigate they figure out they were very very wrong. But admitting this will make them look like an idiot and get them fired.
  • Someone who works a professional informant, kind of like a PI. They’re not a spy, they have no training, can’t throw a punch or shoot a gun to save their life, and has no connection to any three letter agency, but they are very good at snooping. If you need dirt, call 1-800-TATTLER and they’ll get themselves hired wherever you need them.
  • Someone is making all of the agency’s informants disappear. They find a new informant to dig into this.
  • An informant who double crosses the people who hired them to double cross their company. They figure out what is going wrong and decide they’d rather capitalize on this new information/realize this information is going to get them in trouble, so they hide it instead.
  • An informant who realizes they are on the wrong side of things.
  • Two informants snooping on the same company for different employers figure out what the other is doing. They get into a race of the informants to prove which one is the best.
hero; part one | jeon jungkook

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word count: there is a reason this is only part one

genre: for now it’s fluff

When Prince Jungkook comes for his first visit after many years, things have changed, especially your feelings. 

Part One; Part Two; Part Three

Ever since birth you had been raised to be fighter. So had your older brother, Taehyung. Your family was known all across the world as a strong family, who could easily defend themselves without their guards, though they were always by your side as well. The reason for this? As a royal, you were constantly under threat, especially as your kingdom was located right by rocky, cavernous mountains that hosted all kinds of threats, from dragons to grags (dwarf extremists that do not approve of humans).

From a young age you and your brother had, along with your usual lessons, been given combat and defense lessons. Both of you had flourished under that, and were considered good enough to defend yourselves. However, you still had to have a protector with you at all times, in case of assassins. In your case, it was Kahi, your best friend. The two of you had grown up together, and though she was meant to be your lady in waiting, the two of you had a bond.

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