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Connor Kenway x Reader: I Wish For A Family

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The soft crackling of the fire and the steady sound of raindrops hitting the windows were the only sounds that were competing to fill the silence that seemed to hollow the house. You were accompanied by a collection of books; an intriguing series that you were determined to finish as the storm outside weakened. There wasn’t much conversation anymore. Your eyes departed from the words on the page to gaze over to the chair Achilles used to sit in. It was times like these where his absence was palpable in an almost painful manner. You wished that he was here to offer his advice on how future events should be handled, to defeat you in every board game you played and to argue with the Native Assassin who now carried an even bigger load of worries and responsibilities than he did before.

With a sigh, you gently closed the book and placed it in its rightful place atop of the others. The soft silk material of your skirt trailed behind you as you stepped into the kitchen and found the necessary ingredients to make a delicious stew to feed yourself and the man who had sealed himself in his room upstairs. It all felt strangely domestic as you placed the apron over your head and tied it firmly behind you. Being trained by the French Brotherhood as if you were one of their own, you were a fierce assassin; as deadly as you were sophisticated and graceful. George Washington knew you by name, Lafayette could give testimony of your skills and Haytham Kenway himself had surprised his son when Connor was in the middle of introducing you but the Grand Master already knew of you.

You cut the carrots, the meat, and everything else before adding it into the pot and stirring it as it heated. You wiped your hands on the apron and turned to ready the bowls and utensils. The American Revolution had been fought and the colonists earned their victory. The United States of America had been the title given to the liberated nation and though now the people could take a break and celebrate their success, the work of the Assassins was just getting started. The American Brotherhood needed to be built to ensure their presence in the states was firm and lasting for the war with the Templars was far from over. The threat of Templar Order had been almost completely eradicated, yes, but the Assassins needed to be established for the freedom of the people and their posterity.

Ratonhnhaké:ton had this weight on his shoulders as well as the burden of knowing his people were driven from their land. In his life he had lost countless people. His story was painful in so many ways that you only wished for happiness to finally find him.

You carefully placed the bowls of hot stew on a tray along with two glasses of water. You carried these across the threshold and into the dinning room where you placed the bowls across from each other in the seats that Connor and you usually sat in. You could not help but look at the head of the table where Achilles used to sit. You walked up the stairs and towards the room where Connor resided to knock on the door.

“Connor,” you called out as you heard movement in his room.

The door opened to reveal the assassin who was not wearing his trademark robes but a simple white shirt that reached his elbows and blue pants.

“Dinner is ready downstairs. I was hoping you’d join me.”

“Of course.”

The both of you made your way downstairs and towards your respective seats. Connor thanked you for the food and you assured him that it was nothing. The same silence that you were trying to escape returned as the two of you enjoyed the flavors of the stew and the refreshment of the water. You knew well that he took notice of the way you examined him with concerned eyes looking for something to let you know how he was feeling but he had become extremely proficient at hiding his emotions.

You knew well the incredible warrior Connor was, you knew that he had the strength to survive any hardship that life placed in front of him but you had been his partner for years and had hoped that the trust you both shared was enough for him to know that he didn’t have to do this along; that you were more than willing to help. But before you could aid him you had to know what was wrong.

After eating, you stood to pick up everything and return it to the kitchen but Connor stopped you with a gesture of his hand.

“Please, allow me.” He said, lightly taking the bowl and cup from your hands and gathering them with his own before he walked to the kitchen.

He was fully aware that you followed behind him; walking in that soft, graceful way that made it seem as if you were gliding with your long skirts trailing behind you. There were many things on his mind, some that he was willing to share and others that he wanted to keep to himself. Connor knew that it wasn’t fair to you. He knew that you spent your days recruiting and training new assassins, just as he did, chatting with the other women in the homestead that you had become close friends with and making sure that everything in this home and outside ran smoothly. He did these things as well, obviously, but when he was away strengthening relations between the Caribbean brotherhood and his own, you were placed in charge.

You were the person he most trusted, a woman he admired for your strength and intelligence. He was sure that you already began to formulate your theories as to why he had been so distant suddenly and Connor felt guilty for making you worry. With all the courage he possessed he suddenly vulnerable under your analyzing gaze and he didn’t know how to explain what had put him in such an isolated place.

He finished washing the dishes and moved to go somewhere but he was suddenly stopped by your small hand grabbing his. All movement halted as he felt the coolness of your hand invade the warmth of his. Connor wasn’t one for physical contact but he always welcomed yours. Whether it came in the form of hugs or the rare kiss on the cheek, the gravitational pull he felt towards you was something he could never explain when he was younger.

For some time he felt as if he would never feel the love of another, especially from such a beautiful and refined lady like you, because of his heritage. He learned from others that women did these actions, gave these hugs, as a sign of friendship and that is what he took them as. For such a long time that had been enough…but his mentality began to change as he grew older.

“Connor, do you trust me?”

The inquiry in her voice saddened him. This shouldn’t be a question that needed to be asked.

“You are one of the persons in this life that I trust most.” Connor reassured, the depth of his kind eyes meeting your own. “Never place in doubt my trust in you.”

“Then tell me what you are thinking. The house already feels empty without Achilles and without your presence it just becomes more hollow.”

Upon hearing your words his hand moved to grab your upper arm and hold it in sympathy; as a way to comfort you.

“That is not what I wanted…I am sorry, (Your Name). I…” He trailed off as he took his hand off you and moved around you and towards the living room. “The things that burden my mind are not what you expect.”

“Explain it to me.” You told him. “You’ve helped me dozens of times. I wish to do the same.”

He stopped walking once he reached a place near the window where he could survey the storm that thrashed the nature outside. He contemplated the words he wanted to say to her and how he was going to do so while she leaned against the archway giving him the time he needed.

“The war has ended and the tyranny of the English crown and the Templar Order have been warded off.” He began. “What do you wish to happen now?”

You crossed your arms and rested your head against the doorway. “Well, I wish for the our influence to grow stronger here in to make sure that future attempts from the Templars to rise up again can be stopped. I wish for there to be a strong connection between not only us and the Caribbean brotherhood, but also the ones in Europe and around the world. I wish for the homestead to thrive always as it has been-”

“No. What I had meant was…what do you wish to happen to you, personally.” Connor tried again, looking a bit flustered because he hadn’t been clear enough the first time.

“Oh, to me? Um, well, I wish to be of service for as long as I can and help mentor the new assassins under your leadership.”

Connor’s eyes left yours as he shook his head and looked down to the floor. You suddenly felt as if you had answered the wrong thing and you didn’t understand. After the death of your father and the abandonment of your mother, you were sent to a family friend in France where you were raised in the creed. You had been working for the assassins all your life and could not imagine doing anything else with the knowledge of the evil that was found in this world. Your thoughts wondered if Connor was thinking about leaving the assassins but you quickly dismissed the idea. That was not something Connor would ever do.

“Was that the wrong thing to say?” You asked as you moved into the room.

“No. It is an honorable thing to want.”

You waited a moment before asking.

“What do you want, Connor?”

He took a moment before answering.

“I wish for a family.”

You are not going to lie and say that you weren’t surprised, even shocked, at his answer. Years ago, the both of you had been on aboard the Aquila resting inside the captain’s cabin after defeating a number of ships that had been controlling the bay around a lighthouse that they shouldn’t have been in. During the battle you had been slightly injured and now sat in his chair bandaging the wound when conversation between you two started. You talked the war, the homestead, the past and what waited ahead of you. It was in that conversation that you learned that Connor did not have time for romance. Members of the homestead were always asking him when he was going to find a nice girl during the times where all of them gathered to eat and have a good time. He had told you that he had other priorities with his people that came first and they would always come first, as would the fight for freedom.

You had agreed with him and somehow convinced yourself that his mentality would never change.

“Two weeks ago we all gathered in welcoming the child of Myriam and Norris’s to this world. I had returned days later to ask if they had a sufficient amount of firewood for the night or meat, since Myriam is now too busy to hunt, and she asked me if I could hold him for a moment. She placed her child in my arms, her small baby boy and I was overtaken by a strong feeling in my chest.” He said as he tapped his chest for emphasis, trying to get you to understand . “I want that. I want to be able to hold a child of my own. I want to watch my little one grow, watch him learn to form words and take his first steps. I want a wife. A woman whom would love me just as much as I would love her.”

The emotions in his words were so strong they touched your heart. In the long time that you had known Connor, you had never heard him speak as he was now. His eyes were filled with such emotion as if his wishes were never going to be attained no matter how much he wanted it. It was the first time that you had seen him want something other than freedom for his people and the death of his enemies. This time he wanted something that everyone wanted to have but it seemed as if a part of him believed he would not achieve this.

“Connor you will have that.” You tried to reassure him. “You will find a woman who will you love immeasurably, you’ll see. You will also have children who will adore you and see you as their hero. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be a wonderful husband and an excellent father.”

Connor’s desperate eyes once more looked away from yours. He shook his head again, running a hand through his hair which had begun to grow back to how it used to be. You didn’t understand why this was causing him such anguish. You moved closer to him and placed a hand on his face so that he was once again looking at you. You held his gaze and looked deeply into his eyes so that she can find the source of his insecurities and extinguish it.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton, it will happen. You are such an exemplary person. You are brave beyond compare and never in my life have I met someone who can even come close to having the same amount of goodness that lives in you. Life may have been cruel to you like that storm outside but soon the storm will end and the sun will shine. And when the sun shines upon you, Connor, and it will, you will have everything that you want and more.”

Your words were so sincere that they softened his expression but not what burned in his eyes. You wrapped your arms around his neck and embraced him closely. He laid his head on your shoulder and after a bit he wrapped his arms around you to hold you as tightly as you were holding him. You could feel his breath on your neck as you rested your head on the side of his. You had never been this close to Connor. Yes, you had given him hugs before, but nothing like this. Your heart began to beat a little faster and you hoped he could not feel it.

Connor had not had the blessing of living that normal life that so many seemed to have. He did not grow up in a home where he had both his mother and his father. He had been denied both from an early age. He did not know what it was like for a family to be together and united because he had no example of it but after seeing the joy Norris and Myriam had…he wanted it. He wanted it badly.

“I want to have all of that with you.”

That’s when you were sure he wasn’t going to feel how fast your heart was beating because your heart stopped. You couldn’t believe what you had just heard.

In the years following you meeting the native, you had harbored feelings for him. Everything about him, to you, seemed perfect. You had fallen in love with the way he carefully enunciated every word to make sure that he was pronouncing it correctly, the way he would let his guard down around you sometimes and smile, the way his eyes held pride when he watched you in battle, with his morals and the way he would do anything to protect those he loved. You thought then, and now, that he was incredibly handsome but that conversation you both had on the Aquila made you hide your feelings and even try to ignore them.

Because you thought that he would never feel the same way.

He had held you but your silence was all he needed to confirm his doubts. He remembered the day that you had arrived to the homestead. You arrived wearing expensive clothing with your hair braided up and pearls pinned in the elaborate braid. Even in the city he had not seen a lady like you. Your eyes were bright and warm. Your smile was directed at him with no prejudice. He had not believed that someone that looked so delicate and elegant could be a skilled assassin. He was proved wrong many times over. Especially the time when you had been the first one to swing off the Aquila and attack that Man O’ War which surprised Mr. Faulkner who had first been against you boarding the ship (saying woman on board brought bad luck). After that his crew affectionally had nicknamed you the ‘Pirate Lass’.

He always sought to be near you. He wanted to be near you but you did not feel the same way.

“I should not have said that. I am sorry.” He said with fear and regret coating his words.

“No, wait, Connor-” He tried to slip away from you but you didn’t let him. “I…”

How were you supposed to explain how you felt for him for so many years? How you suppressed it in fear that you could lose his friendship? That you were so shocked and happy at his words that you didn’t know how to tell him?

He waited because you stopped him. His eyes urged you to go on even if it was to tell him the hard truth that you did not feel the same way.

“I’ve felt…I…” You sighed to shake off the sudden nervousness that now filled you. “I had feelings for you. I’ve always thought you were one of a kind, handsome and gallant. I had so many feelings I was afraid you would notice the way I smiled too widely. I always thought I was a bother to you. And then that night on your ship, after we defeated those ships that were controlling the lighthouse, you told me that you weren’t interested in a relationship and I respected that. You were right. I saw why you would want to make that decision and so I concealed my feelings.”

“I spoke those words while a war raged among us.” Connor clarified. “I could not allow my emotions to show. Our lives were threatened. At any moment anything could have happened to either of us.”

“I know,” you nodded.

He looked at you intently. You had taken small sections from the front of your hair and braided it so that it almost appeared as if you were wearing a crown; half up and half down. You didn’t have pearls pinned in your hair nor flowers but you looked no less radiant.

“I see things differently now.” The Master Assassin said with conviction. “The brotherhood is growing at a steady pace. All of our goals can and will be attained rather quickly. Perhaps it is time for the rain to cease and for the sun to shine.”

You turned to look outside and smiled when you saw that the storm had stopped. The only thing that remained from the brutal downpour was the crystal clear droplets that slid down the surface of the windows. It was only a matter of time before the sun broke through the clouds and basked everything in its golden light; you both knew that. Connor, still slightly timid, takes a hold of your hand.

“(Your Name)…I will do everything in my power to have the feelings you had for me return.”

“You already have them, Ratonhnhaké:ton.”

“But you said ’had’.” Connor said, his expression twisting in confusion.

You gave him a sweet smile before using both hands to bring him close enough to kiss. And kiss him you did. It had been Connor’s first kiss so despite not knowing that to do he followed your movements and kissed you back. It was that kiss that told him that your feelings had never left; they were only hidden but now, since the sun was going to shine, there is no need for them to hide from the storm any longer.

“You know, secretly, I’ve also always wanted to start a family.”

The joyful and hopeful grin he gave you was priceless.


{spring forest}
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Imagine being ripped from your timeline and thrown back into the years of your favourite assassin

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How the assassins would react to you bringing home a stray animal: <preference>

Altair ibn la Ahad

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At first he didn’t even notice that there was another presence in your home, until he heard something meow from under the table. He immediately unsheathed his hidden blade, ready to attack, but you threw yourself at him suddenly and the sudden impact sent you two tumbling to the ground. “No, Altair!” You shouted “It’s just a kitten!” He stared at you with confusion “A…kitten…?” He repeated with a raised eyebrow “How exactly did it come to this that a cat is in our home?” You looked at him pleadingly “It was outside…scared and lonely… I thought it would be a good idea to bring it inside…” You grinned “Can we keep it?!” Altair stood up and rubbed his temples with a groan. With all the work he has on his head, only caring for a cat wasn’t on his list.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

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You had hoped to sneak the small puppy in your and Ezio’s home and explain later, but Ezio suddenly came out of nowhere and stopped in his tracks when he saw what you were holding near your chest. He watched you with an expectant expression “I thought we should discuss things together before doing something, mi amore.” He said. You let out an awkward giggle and practically shoved the puppy in his face, hoping it would melt his heart and make him say yes to keeping it. “Ezio, look how cute it is!” You squealed and Ezio sighed in defeat. All his life he didn’t know defeat until now. And to no other but a puppy, which leagued up with his lover. “Ah…bene… I suppose a companion could do us good.”

Edward Kenway

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You ran towards the Jackdaw as fast as you could. You had taken a stray puppy in Edward’s cabin while he was away somewhere. And you decided to go buy some food from the market, where you saw Edward, who told you he will be waiting for you on the Jackdaw. You tried to stall him, but he didn’t fall for it and now you were running as fast as you could to catch up to him, even if you knew it was too late and you were afraid of what you might see. What you saw when you entered the captain’s cabin surprised you to no limits. Edward was laying on the bed with the puppy on his chest and he was stroking it gently, murmuring childish things to it.

Connor Kenway

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You had found a lost puppy in the forest. It was very cute, though it was a bit large for a baby and it had an unnatural grayish-white color and quite savage. But you didn’t care because you immediately fell in love with it. You thought Connor wouldn’t mind if you decided to bring home a pet, but the moment he saw you with it outside the Homestead, he immediately froze and stared with disbelief “Y/N, what are you doing?!” He asked, slight panic in his voice. You looked at him, surprised of his reaction “I was just playing with this puppy I found near the-” “Y/N, thats not a puppy, its a WOLF!”

Arno Dorian

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“Really? Again?” Arno scoffed when you appeared at the doorway, holding yet another cat in your arms. “Arno, you know better than me that animals are my weak spot.” You rolled your eyes and let your new pet wander around its new home and meet its new adoptive brothers and sisters. It was a miracle that Arno still doesn’t mind you bringing new cats in your home.

Jacob Frye

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“Y/N, I can explain…” Jacob said the second he opened the door to the train hideout, holding a wounded cat with one hand. Then he noticed an odd looking nest of paper pieces on his desk and a small bird, not yet rid of all its baby feathers lying in it and you watching over it like a mother eagle. You looked at him and then at the cat in his arms. He did the same. Looked at you, then at the bird, then back at you, with a raised eyebrow. “Oh, don’t even get me started, Mr. Frye of the Animal rescue squad.” You said sarcastically before he even said anything. “JACOB! Y/N!” Evie’s voice suddenly boomed through the train walls and you knew you two were in trouble and had ALOT of convincing to do. Evie probably saw the rest of the stray animals you and Jacob had brought in. And some of them MAY have ruined Evie’s favorite armchair and eaten some of her important documents.

Shay Cormac

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“Y/N, I said I MAY not have anything against having a pet dog.” Shay sighed, a bit irritated when he saw the new member of your family sitting on the floor next to your armchair in which you were comfortably seated. A tall, thin hound with long fur was staring back at Shay, panting and wagging its tail. You giggled “Oh, come on love, it might be of use to you when you go hunting!” You assured him cheerfully


               Steam rose from the claw-foot tub in clouds that smelled of soft lavender. Its scent was enticing, his body craved to be enveloped with the hot, soothing waters that rippled before him. As he impatiently waited for his bath to fill he began shedding his soiled clothing, allowing them to remain wherever they dropped. He paid no mind to the blood stains or the dirt smudged into the fabric, he desired nothing more than to melt away the ache in his body.

               At last the tub was full, almost to the brim and still steaming. A contented sigh escaped him as he lowered himself into the warmth and his tense muscles began to relax. He leaned his head back with his arms along the bath’s edge as he lay there on the edge of sleep.

               A soft knock came from the door before it slowly opened and allowed her to peek around, “Connor,” she smiled at him. The sight of it warming him just as much as his bath. “I brought you fresh towels and a drink.”

               “Thank you.” He took the drink from her, taking a brief sip of the hot liquid before placing it on the wooden floor.

               She smoothed his messy brown hair as she moved to stand behind him. “How are you feeling?”

               “Better now that you are here.” He leaned his head back to show her his smile. As he took in her beauty he traced a hand up her arm before coming to rest against her chin. “I have missed you.”

               “As I have you.” She kissed him then, relishing the taste of his lips and his touch as he held her there. As eager as they were it was gentle and it filled the longing the two had endured for the past weeks.

               “Join me.” He tugged her softly but she made no attempt.

               She chuckled instead. “We’ll flood the whole room if I were to do that. You filled your bath to the brim.”

               He leaned forward, “I will let some out.”

               “No.” She pulled him back towards her, slowly kneading her fingers into his shoulders as she spoke, “You deserve to relax after spending so much time away on business.”

               He let out a delighted sigh as she worked his sore muscles. “I wish to spend my time home with you.”

               “I know you do.” As did she. She longed for him more this time around. It had been a top priority mission and with that comes great risk. It was hard not only on her not knowing if he was okay but she knew it had been hard on him. Even if that wasn’t something he would let on. Seeing him now, having returned safe with only minor scrapes and bruises, relieved her of most of those worries.  

               She worked her way down his chest, her hands dipping below the water’s surface. His head leaned against her shoulder as she kneaded circles lower and lower. She came to a stop at his hips, taking a moment to look at Connor’s peaceful face; a smudge of a smile with the rest of his face stoic as ever. She pressed a quick kiss against his temple before continuing. Her movements slowed as she rubbed closer to his inner thighs. As she observed him a sly smile pressed its way onto her lips.

               Unable to resist any longer she began palming him, as soft grunt rumbled in his chest as she did. She could feel him stiffening beneath her touch, growing larger with every stroke until he could no more. Both hands wrapped around his large erection, drawing a throaty moan from within him, followed by her name. She smile against his neck, listening to his breath quicken and his moans ride up. She began biting his neck just the way he liked it, leaving soft bruises in her wake.

               She tightened her grip on his dick, letting it throb in her hands and rubbing the tip with her thumb. His moans echoed in her ears, tying heated knots in her stomach. Oh how she desired to feel him but she wanted to please him first. As much as she enjoyed him pleasuring her, it was almost as satisfying to see him in pure bliss. She loved the way his eyebrows furrowed together and how his lips parted just enough to let out his soft moans.

               “Y/N.” He pleaded. “Let me…”

               She quickened her pace, cutting off his train of thought and building the heat of his pleasure. Its intensity left him clutching the edge of the tub, his calloused fingertips digging into the cast iron and anchoring him to the spot. His desperate moans filled the air surrounding them as his climax reached, leaving his cock pumping fervently in her hands.

               He peppered her cheek with gracious pecks of his lips before leading her to stand to his side. She knew what he wanted, his eyes saying it as he watched her. Her fingers played with the white lace hem of her shirt, slowly sliding it up her torso and revealing her soft midriff. His hand reached for her but she denied him the satisfaction of touch, instead she continued to tease him. She bunched her shirt beneath her breasts and began to fuss with thin straps, taking her time sliding each one of her shoulders.

His deep brown eyes pleaded with her, desire still burning hot beneath the surface. She smirked at him then, deciding she would play nice. She pulled the lingerie over her head, her soft breasts bouncing gently as they fell. She stood there a moment, allowing him to look her over once more before she turned her back to him. He grumbled in frustration, growing tired of her play.

She chuckled quietly, “I can go slower if you wish.” He quickly grew silent, with only the sound water rippling as he fussed in the tub. Pleased with his submission she rewarded him by sliding her shorts off, bending over slightly as she dropped them to the floor and revealing her plump arse.

“Y/N…” He groaned.

She sashayed over to him, her breasts swaying with each strut. “What would you have me do?”

He grinned as he motioned her to sit on the side of the tub. She happily did as he wished, sliding a leg over his shoulder as he angled his mouth against her pussy and wrapped a strong arm around her for support. She chewed on her lip while anticipating the warmth of his tongue on her clit. Sliding her fingers through the brown tresses of his hair she guided him closer, beggingly bumping his lips against her. He obeyed, immediately sucking her nub between his lips and licking it with the tip of his tongue. She twitched in response, grabbing a handful of his hair as she did and biting her bottom lip harder.

“Connor…”she begged.

He smiled, his breath ghosting her exposed pussy. As he looked up at her, he slid his middle finger into her moist entrance, expertly pulling a dire moan from her chest. He watched her a moment more before lowering his mouth back to her clit. His rhythmic movements against her nub left her body tingling with the heat of pleasure. It crept up to the base of her neck, swirling its way into her head and left her moaning desperately. His fingers ruthlessly thrusting inside her built the heat in her stomach, making it almost unbearable. As it swelled she bucked her hips against him, looking for the dizzying relief her body craved. At last her orgasm came and her moans echoed in his ears. He continued to tease her clit, swirling his tongue in small circles until she wretched his head away and squirmed into the warm bath below.

               Seated between Connor’s legs she brushed her hair back with dampened fingers, the scent of lavender now swirling around her head. It was a welcomed smell, calming and leaving her feeling so very content.

He settled back against the tub, wrapping his arms around her waist and anchoring her to him. “I missed this.” He mumbled as he pressed a kiss into her hair.

               She smiled and played with his fingers as she spoke, “As did I. Perhaps we can enjoy more after supper.”

               He let out of a hushed chuckle, “I would like that very much.”