assassins creed 3 gifs

Can we all take a moment and appreciate this scene. 

“I forgot how a good sea battle could get my blood flowing! Sail around attacking ships. That’s the life.”
“I know that feeling. It seems to run in my family.”
“Your father was a seafarer, then?”
“My grandfather, Edward. He sailed with a rough crew, or so I am told.”
“For the king?”
“For himself. But that is a long tale for another day, Mr. Faulkner.”

The Templar Order: May the Father of Understanding Guide Us 

During my break I watched some fanmade videos on YT and got this idea about a shapeshifter Connor (which is technically canon considering he can transform into a wolf in TOKW). The initial animation was supposed to be a bit different (aka better *cough*) , but I am still learning how After Effects works so (and the original quality dropped visibly, again o|-<)