assassins creed 3 dlc


Practice practice. This was fun.

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Ratonhnhaké:ton Reeeeaalllly needs family! T_T Why his family always not to be happy? Dying, leaving… I’m tired of these shit.

So I separated him 3 version and make them as a family. lol They won’t die, or leave, anything. They’re strong. They’ll be happy ever after now.

Anyway, so, this is Ratonhnhaké:ton brothers living in Kanien'kehá:ka! They used to enjoy their adventure and now looking for the place to camp.

And they’re still not good at campfire. lol

During my break I watched some fanmade videos on YT and got this idea about a shapeshifter Connor (which is technically canon considering he can transform into a wolf in TOKW). The initial animation was supposed to be a bit different (aka better *cough*) , but I am still learning how After Effects works so (and the original quality dropped visibly, again o|-<)