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Someone: Ubisoft should stop making Assassin’s Creed games, they are boring and there’s no innovation!


Keep playing Call Of Duty my friend…


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Relive Memories

Request: HI :) What about Ezio and reader being best friends ( in 2016) and going out together ( cinema, dinner, that stuff) Thanks! :) (anon)

A/N: I really like the way this turned out! J I apologise for not being as active as I had originally thought, but a lot of things happened in my personal life (not all of them were bad, promise). I am introducing Zachary Levi as a modern!day Ezio, tell me what you think! :) (Gotta love that man) 

Words: 764

Warnings: Cussing

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“And why exactly did I agree to come with you?” Y/N asked as she and her Italian best friend approached the mall of the town they stayed in. In all honesty she would have preferred a quiet night in one of their houses, with a lot of movies and food.

But that was not possible with Ezio fucking Auditore.

Ezio sighed quietly and replied to her question. “Because you have been spending too much time with your nose buried in a book, and as much as I love your quiet self, I also worry. You haven’t left your house in ages, Y/N.”

She gave him a sideways glance. “It’s only been five days, Ezio. And I just haven’t gone out for coffee, it’s not like a refuse to meet the eye of the world.”

Ezio rolled his brown eyes, and nodded to her, silently agreeing. Maybe he was exaggerating a bit but…

“It’s not bad to say that you missed my amazing, one-of-a-kind company, Auditore…”

He cut off her embarrassing speech by putting a handful of Doritos in her mouth, and she almost choked on them due to her laughter.

“I thought you were my friend, Y/N,” the brunet complained.

“I am your friend!”

“Well friends do not wound each other’s dignity!”

She glared up at him. “Says you who barged into my house-“

“-I have a key, remember?”

“-And threw me over your shoulders and got us out of my cozy home claiming that ‘I needed out but didn’t know it yet’ while my neighbors stared at us like we were crazy!”

“We are crazy, Y/N.”

“Well they didn’t have to know it!” She yelled at him and punched his back repeatedly, “Woah, woah, hey! You are carrying me like I am a sack of potatoes-again- and people are staring-again-so don’t you dare talk to me about lost dignity!”

She didn’t have to look at his face to see the grimace of mock hurt.

“Ouch, that actually hurt, right in the heart, amore.”

“Let me down and your heart will not be the only part of your body in pain!” The h/c female threatened and Ezio laughed loudly, unable to help it. He was bigger than her, how much didn’t matter, in both size and height. She couldn’t hurt him even if she tried.

Ezio’s grip around her frame was secure and firm, but not hurtful at all. He didn’t want to cause any kind of harm to his best friend and made sure it was as respectful as possible given the girl’s current position.

He shook his head when he felt her relax against him, prompting her defeat. His triumphant smile was there to accompany his words.

“We are at the diner.”

“Which diner?” She asked curiously. Ezio had taken them out to… eat?”

“Why don’t you see which yourself?” He set her down carefully and slowly, and made sure he was there when her eyes widened in realization.

“Oh my… Ezio!” She looked at him, her e/c eyes looking big and gleaming with excitement.

“What, do you want to leave?” He raised his eyebrows, feigning confusion.

“You and I both know I don’t. This is the diner we met when Federico introduced us! It’s been so many years since we last came here—“

He silenced her rumbling by kissing her cheek and giving her the greatest bear hug he could muster.

“Happy birthday, Y/N. I thought that you would like to relive a few memories…”He said in her hair, and she smiled despite him not being able to see. The poor man was actually nervous about taking her there, and even if he did it a little unorthodoxically, she knew she was grateful to have his company, even if he sometimes annoyed the hell out of her.

She pulled away from his embrace and gave him the brightest smile she had ever given to anyone for a long while.

“I don’t know if you are aware, but you are paying.” She opened the door to the small diner and stood there for a moment, enjoying the peace and quiet its few customers gave it. She let her nose take in all the lovely smells provided by all the delicious meals and she grinned.

“What? You eat too much for my wallet to handle, Y/N!”

“Oh well, it is your fault that I didn’t take my wallet with me! Now piss off and make this another good birthday!” And with those words she slapped the door to his face, ignoring the few cuss words that were said in italian behind her.

I’ve seen it’s a trend on creating ghostly(old horror movies) like titles/names and I thought to try it myself.
Truth be told, when I’ve seen the end result of the picture, it made me think of the assassins pictured as jedis, with lightsabers, laser pistols and a whole new style given to the hidden blade, not to mention the robes…. 
That would be a hell of a game/film!!

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