assassin's creed: the chain

One of my favorite Assassins is Nikolai Andreievich Orelov, mainly because he was forced to become an Assassin against his will, yet he was able to live a free life once he had a chance to get away before they returned and threatened to kill son after they kidnapped his wife and daughter. Resulting in his death by the hands of his own son so his son could survive when they sent several Assassins to kill him. All because he choose to be free, the Assassins hunted him down either way(the irony). He’s a tragic Assassin forced to be a crusader in a war he never wanted to be part of or die.

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Why i love Assassins’s Creed

By any means this series is far from perfect.But i consider that people overlook this franchise just because it got a yearly released.This collective of video games is more than needs the eyes it may have their glitches and bugs but the positive overcome the negative.First the main characters they are very human and down to earth they have their demons and problems but they struggle to become a better person just like everyone not a fight about good and evil is a fight for ideals and whats good for human kind.Having multiple main characters show us that they universe dosen’t turn around on person but is diverse is interesting and they are just people with they own unique a place where everything is run by fps . this franchise at least has the balls to give us a unique experience.this is just my opinion and i think it should be more appreciated