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Scars and cats

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Request: Can I have Altaïr with his best friend when they start talking about the scar on his lips? (anon)

A/N: Pretty hard to write…-Jinx

Type: Drabble

Y/N and Altair were relaxing in the bureau, keeping the place ‘guarded’ in case any templar found out about its existence while Malik was out getting some much-needed supplies. They offered to buy them themselves, but to be frank, the rafiq out-right refused, as the last time they bought anything for him, it was either spoiled or they came back slightly scratched by messing with some guards.

“Those happened just once, and no one got hurt!” Y/N had complained, and Malik’d turned to glare at her.

“For something bad to happen to you, or me, it can take just a second,” he told her sternly, before he exited the building.

She sighed, and then shifted her attention to the pillows on the floor. The master assassin was already laid onto them, smirking at her.

“Not in the mood for a pillow fight, Altair, so don’t challenge me into one,” she warned as she lay beside him. She could almost feel his eyebrows wiggle, but she continued gazing at the scar that started above his lips, and ended below them. It was a pretty large sign of battle, and she wondered how he got it. So she just asked him.

“Altair, how did you get that?” She motioned to his lips, and he understood what she meant. However, he stiffened, and that was pretty rare for him.
She waited patiently, until he spoke quietly, as if he was telling her a secret. “You won’t tell anyone, especially Malik!”

“I promise,” she placed her hand in front of him, and they shook hands. It was a while before he finally confessed the nature of that scar to her.

“Okay so… Malik, Kadar and I were training under Al Mualim’s supervision. You know me, confident, Malik determined and Kadar a bit scared for us, as we might get injured. Al Mualim started talking to a messenger, not sparing a glance at our fight, despite us doing everything we could to impress him, and above all, not get injured.”

She only nodded, before he continued his story.

“Kadar was holding a cat, clutching to it like it was a toy whenever we were striking against each other. It managed to jump out of his hold when I was thrown to the ground, and it unleashed its full rage on me…”

She couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. She saw Altair pout beneath his hood, and he buried his body deeper into the pillows.

“Alright, alright, I am sorry. But seriously, a cat did this to you? And how did you explain it to the others?”

“Kadar saw, so I couldn’t do much about him, however Malik and the Grand Master didn’t. In the end, I simply said that the sword flew out of my grasp and fell on the ground, and that I sadly landed at the sharp edge. Kadar was feeling guilty about me being wound, so he confirmed my excuse.”

“Pretty stupid I might add. Malik didn’t believe you, now did he?”

“Of course not. Al Mualim simply brushed it off and told me to get it cleaned, but Malik still has his doubts. So you’d better not tell him, or else…”

“Or else what? Are you going to bring an irritated kitten and place it on my face? So that’s why whenever you watch a cat you keep your distance!” She erupted to another fit of giggles, and he scowled as he pulled down his hood angrily.

“You promised!”

“And I always keep my promises!” She smiled at him, and chuckled once more, “You were such an idiot, and unsurprisingly, still are!”

“What was that? Badmouthing a Master Assassin, little one?”She barely had time to dodge a pillow that was thrown at her.

“Oh, you are on, ‘Master assassin’!” And just like that, a pillow fight broke out, which resulted to them getting scolded by Malik for destroying the whole place.


playing altairs chronicles is such a gift. you really get into his histrionic personality (he sets a dudes house on fire because why not, hes belligerent to everyone, he keeps none of his promises not a single one the damn lover you rescue is super wary about trusting your intentions in helping her escape AND SHES THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!!! like oh come on buddy). before this i always figured he was young and cocky but this prequel is super fun in proving the depths of his intransigence. ac1 opens with this portrait of a man who thinks the world owes him a great deal and he spends the game realizing hes the one with the damage. its gr8, i dont care, i love lame ds prequels


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So I saw some people who recommended to do a drawing of this, but I thought I would do something different :P…hope you like it

when you reunite with adha in altairs chronicles she makes you promise not to leave her. right after you separate with her in the sewers. when you reunite with maria in bloodlines she tells you that you ruined her life and she’ll kill you at her first opening. im so glad ubisoft made two handheld dating games to prove that my man altair is so smooth with the ladies


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“To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions, and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic.”


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