assassin's creed dlc


Dead Kings and Jack the Ripper


Practice practice. This was fun.

© Ubisoft

Ubisoft be like...
  • Fans: Black Flag's ending was so heart breaking. It never fails to bring me tears! TT__TT
  • Ubisoft: Awww
  • Ubisoft: *Creates Jack The Ripper DLC*

For twenty years, after the Assassins defeated the Templars in London, the city enjoyed a certain peace. Until the Autumn of Terror…
In 1888, London is plunged into shadow and fear, by a series of gruesome and unsolvable murders. The brothels of Whitechapel seem warm and safe by comparison to its streets…where prostitutes are being mutilated, and left on grotesque display for the world to ogle…
Jacob Frye hunts the elusive killer to bring an end to the Terror of Jack the Ripper.