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Practice practice. This was fun.

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Ratonhnhaké:ton Reeeeaalllly needs family! T_T Why his family always not to be happy? Dying, leaving… I’m tired of these shit.

So I separated him 3 version and make them as a family. lol They won’t die, or leave, anything. They’re strong. They’ll be happy ever after now.

Anyway, so, this is Ratonhnhaké:ton brothers living in Kanien'kehá:ka! They used to enjoy their adventure and now looking for the place to camp.

And they’re still not good at campfire. lol

During my break I watched some fanmade videos on YT and got this idea about a shapeshifter Connor (which is technically canon considering he can transform into a wolf in TOKW). The initial animation was supposed to be a bit different (aka better *cough*) , but I am still learning how After Effects works so (and the original quality dropped visibly, again o|-<)


@babelast I thought you might enjoy this video. :D

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Mohawk alphabet (Iewennonnià:tha)

Aa   Ee  Hh  Ii  Kk  Nn  Oo  Rr Ss  Tt  Ww Yy

[ a ][ e ][ h ][ i ][ k ][ n ][ o ][ r ][ s ][ t ][ w ][ y ]


  • ˋ: = a long vowel with a falling tone, e.g. à:
  • ´: = a long vowel with a high tone, e.g. á:
  • ´ = a stressed vowel with a rising tone, e.g. á
  • a glottal stop is indicated with an apostrophe (’)

Sample texts in Mohawk

Teiohonwa:ka ne'ni akhonwe:ia
Kon'tatieshon iohnekotatie
Wakkawehatie wakkawehatie.


The canoe is very fast. It is mine.
All day long I splash away.
I paddle along, I paddle along.

Okariata:ne tahotharatie
Tahsakohroria:ne ne tsi niho:ten
Ne se aonha:a thorihwaka:ion
Ne se aonha:a thorihwaka:ion


The mosquito is bringing a message
He’s coming to tell us how poor he is.
The truth of the matter is, that
He is so old fashioned and brings the same old message.

“Mother! What are you doing here?”

“Are you still dreaming? We came here together. Now we must go.”

“I thought… I thought I lost you. But you are here.”

“I am here. I have always been here.”

“Are you alright?”

“Better than alright.”

This scene actually melted my heart even more than the first time I saw it.