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Sweater Weather (part II)

Connor x Reader fic

(Read part I here —–> ****Part I****)

Starring: You!! and Connor Kenway (also Ezio and Cristina, but they have a small participation)

Sum: After the confusion of the previous night, there’s a little light of hope to clear everything up with Connor, until things take an unexpected turn (sorry I suck at making summaries).

Setting: Present day AU

Author’s note: As I wrote on part I, this fic was inspired by the song Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood  (I often get inspired by songs :P). Feel free to reblog as you wish, just remember to credit!!! As always, my ask box is open for suggestions, requests, anything at all :D

daniellekenway22 puppykenway gottalovethekenways lovatic-3468 I really hope you guys like it <3 thanks for the support :D

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The next morning Y/N woke up early, but she stayed in bed some time. She was too nervous to face Connor. She didn’t know what to tell him. Or, most accurately, she didn’t know how to tell him he got it all wrong. She gave it a real thought while she got dressed. After all the confusions, it made perfect sense that Connor thought she didn’t like him at all. “But is exactly the opposite… I like him way too much” she said to herself as she grabbed her hair on a high messy bun.

Y/N left her room, with her heart racing. Connor wasn’t in the couch, and neither were his belongings. “He LEFT?” she thought, feeling as if her heart were being squeezed. She went to the kitchen, where Cristina and Ezio were making breakfast. 

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An Assassin Does My Makeup:

Connor would worry he’d poke my eye out by accident.

Connor: How do you do this everyday?

Edward would go a little overboard…

Edward: I did a pretty good job, eh lass?

Ezio: I’ll make you look like a pretty rose!


…would also get carried away.

Bonus: Haytham wouldn’t see the need to do this.

Haytham: You’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself.

Bonus bonus: If Leonardo Da Vinci did my makeup

Leo: You look like a masterpiece!