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I’m so tired of people silencing those who speak out against oppression under the guise of “love.” They really think they got the mic drop when they’re saying absolutely nothing helpful. It’s bad enough we have people actively speaking and acting out against our right to exist, let alone to marry. It’s bad enough we have those who oppress us pretending we’re oppressing them because we don’t sit idly by and accept their abuse with a smile. It’s bad enough we have people in our community who would rather die than to live with “attitudes, opinions, or beliefs” that convince them they are wrong, or worthless, or worse. But to have this nonsense coming from so-called “allies?” The others may stab us in the chest, but that’s truly a stab in the throat.

mooseman13579 asked:

I don't really care for slash ships, but I have to ask because I not-so-secretly adore rage duckling; since gay marriage is legal now, are Tony and tiny Steve going to get married?

I thought about it actually prior to the ruling, because it’s been legal in New York for a while. But I think the thing is, Steve and Tony haven’t actually been together a super long time – they dated just long enough for Steve to really get in deep, then Tony was kidnapped, then they lived together but on the understanding it was both temporary and recuperative, and then it wasn’t that long after they got back to New York that Tony started dying and Steve got sent to New Mexico. 

So I think – their relationship has withstood a lot, but they still need some time to rebuild trust, between Steve lying about his job earlier and Tony lying about his terminal heavy metal poisoning recently. So I intended (still do intend) to frame the events of Avengers as the thing that really allows them to stabilize their relationship. They’ll get there eventually, but right now Tony’s too emotionally stunted to propose and Steve’s too smart to say yes if asked. 

Sam and Bucky, on the other hand, have been together since before Steve and Tony met, and they’ve been living together since Steve and Tony started dating. And while Sam doesn’t want to pressure Bucky, Bucky is particularly incapable of direct action when feelings are involved.

So I figure Sam probably just like, wakes up with a fucking ring on his finger one morning and is like “The hell is this” and Bucky brings him breakfast and there happens to be a wedding invitation on the tray, which is how Sam was VERY CORDIALLY invited to his own damn wedding. 

Steve is obvs Bucky’s best man. I think Sam gets Peggy to be his, but she only agrees on condition she can go in full tuxedo drag. 

The Assassins High AF

Altair- suddenly fully aware of all his limbs “what sorcery is this?”

Malik- explaining in great detail why he thinks altair is a novice

Ezio- Breaks out into song and dance, not caring what the others think

Connor- sitting backwards in a chair, straight faced.. quietly observing everyone

Edward & Arno- getting emotional, talking about the loved ones they’ve lost

Jacob- laughing hysterically over any little thing

Evie- rolling her eyes in annoyance, cussing him out, begging him to shut up

andros27 asked:

How did Hera meet Chopper in the teen AU?

There’s probably a canon meeting that is vastly different from the AU idea below. But since this is AU, I can go totally full throttle into AU realm AU. AU Chopper, like all legendary monsters, was BUILT.

Hera, not having much money, decided to build her own astromech droid from third-hand parts.

I’m pretty sure someone installed a HK assassination protocol into Chopper. I don’t know how but I bet it happened. And Chopper is actually calling everyone “Meatbag”.

Kanan/Caleb = Jedi Meatbag

Hera = Captain Meatbag

Zeb = Smelly Meatbag

Sabine = Sabine Meatbag

Ezra = Baby Meatbag


Hey, fellow borderlands fan

Do you like Maya and Zero?

Did you know they’re asexual? Now you do! This is very important because just as there as Lesbians in our favorite games, there are also lovely aces!!

What is Asexual? One who does not participate in sexual activity as it doesn’t appeal to them. It’s natural and very important.

Please join me in defending these characters as they are VERY important, as a gray Ace I would very much appreciate your support!!!

Looking at you fans of Jathena or moonlesbians. You’re needed to back our cause, just as Athena’s sexual orientation is important, Maya and Zero’s are also.


the signs as ac4 characters
  • Aries:Woodes Rogers
  • Taurus:Mary Read
  • Gemini:Anne Bonny
  • Cancer:Benjamin Hornigold
  • Leo:Edward "Blackbeard" Thatch
  • Virgo:Ah Tabai
  • Libra:Governor Torres
  • Scorpio:Charles Vane
  • Sagittarius:Bartholomew Roberts
  • Capricorn:Adewale
  • Aquarius:Jack Rackham
  • Pisces:Edward Kenway